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									Changing your mind

You can change your mind at any time and choose to receive a
blood transfusion. This choice will also be respected and docu-
mented in your maternity notes.

Further questions

If you have any questions about blood transfusions and refus-
ing blood transfusions please speak to your midwife or doctor.
                                                                  Declining Blood Products or a
                                                                      Blood Transfusion in
                                                                  Pregnancy or after Childbirth

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       another language or format please
       contact the:

       Servcie Equality Manager
                                                                  Maternity Services Information for Patients
Introduction                                                        Minimising the need for a blood transfusion (cont)

This leaflet has been written for pregnant women who know           To minimise the chance of heavy bleeding during labour you
they want to decline a blood transfusion.                           are advised to opt for ‘active management’ to deliver your pla-
For detailed information about blood transfusions please see        centa (afterbirth). Your midwife or doctor will discuss this in
the leaflet prodcuced by the National Blood Service - ’Will I       more detail with you.
need a blood transfusion?’
                                                                    Having your baby
Telling your midwife or doctor
                                                                    The care you receive during labour will not be affected by your
You may choose to decline treatment with blood or blood prod-       decision to decline a blood transfusion.
ucts but it is important that you tell your midwife or doctor as    To ensure that any problems with bleeding are dealt with
soon a possible, either at booking or during early pregnancy.       promptly you are advised to give birth in the consultant led units
This will allow enough time to discuss the potential implications   at either City Hospital or Sandwell General Hospital rather than
in a relaxed and unhurried environment.                             midwifery led care.

Following discussion with your midwife or doctor you will be        If you require a caesarean section (either planned or emer-
asked to sign the following forms, which will be kept in your ma-   gency) you are advised o have an epidural (regional anaes-
ternity notes:                                                      thetic) to minimise any risks during surgery. Senior medical
•     General Consent Form excluding blood transfusion              staff will also be available during surgery to identify and man-
•     Health-Care Advance Directive                                 age problems quickly.

                                                                    If you need a blood transfusion
Minimising the need for a blood transfusion
                                                                    If your doctor feels that you need a blood transfusion to treat
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and           sever bleeding or anaemia they will discuss the reasons with
this Trust have developed ‘a care plan for women in labour re-      you in detail to allow you to make an informed decision.
fusing a blood transfusion’ and when your midwife or doctor are
discussing your care with you they will be guided by this plan.     Should the situation worsen without treatment with blood prod-
You may be able to reduce the chance of needing a blood             ucts your doctor will discuss this with you in detail to ensure
transfusion by ensuring that you are not anaemic ( low iron lev-    you are aware of any possible consequences. Your choices
els) during pregnancy. You will be offered regular blood tests      will be respected if you still wish to decline a blood transfusion,
to check your iron levels and if they are low you will be offered   even when the outcome may be very grave.
tablets to increase your iron levels.

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