Document Sample
Angela Knight - Roseville

IGSSA Committee
Danebank, MLC, Ravenswood, Santa Sabina, Wenona, Pymble, Frensham, St
Catherine’s, Roseville, Queenwood.

Representative Team Officials
One representative from each school on the committee.

Development Team
Manager                          Coach
Roanne Hill, SCEGGS              Lia Fayle, Pymble

Open Team
Manager                          Coach
Claire Dalziel, Abbotsleigh      Alan Moore, Ravenswood

NSWCIS Representatives
Angela Knight, Roseville

IGSSA Conveners’ Seminar: - Wednesday February 8, IGSSA office, 6.30pm

IGSSA Registrations: - Tuesday February 14

IGSSA Representative Team Nominations: - Friday February 10

IGSSA Representative Team Trials: - Thursday February 16 & Tuesday
February 21, Pymble

NSWCIS Staff Nominations: - Wednesday February 15

NSWCIS Carnival: - Thursday March 2, St Ives Village Green

NSW All Schools: - Tuesday March 21, Blacktown

Australian All Schools: - TBC

Playing Saturdays
February 11, 18, 25, March 4, 11, 18
April 1 (semi’s), April 8 (Finals)
SOFTBALL GUIDELINES_____                               2. At any time after registration a girl may
                                                       play in a Grade or Division higher than the
SCHOOL DUTIES______________                            one in which she is registered (see following
                                                       table). Once she has played 3 games in the
1. A responsible adult - Convener must be in           higher Grade or Division she must remain in
charge at each venue each Saturday from                the higher Grade or Division.
7.30 am to finish of play.
                                                       3. Each school may drop one player per
2. The Convener must be able to provide Ice            team to the next lower team ( i.e. same or
and First Aid, access to toilets, access to            one lower division only ) than the one in
Telephone for emergencies, and will keep a             which she is registered once during the first
constant check on the progress of matches.             two weeks of play. This rule will still apply if
                                                       a team has a bye in the first 2 weeks. In the
3. The Convener will have result sheets for            event of continuous rain a special decision
games which should be signed by all girls              will be made for all schools. Once a girl is
before their game. At the completion of the            dropped she may remain in the lower team,
game captains and umpires to complete                  however, should she play in the team in
result details.                                        which she was originally registered at any
                                                       time during the remainder of the season, it is
4.The Convener must make a decision                    treated as her third game in the higher
concerning commencement of play, any                   grade, and she must remain up.
stoppages or cancellation due to inclement
weather. Any such decisions should be                  4. Where schools have teams in the same
made after consultation with any P.E. staff            Grade and Division they must nominate the
present, when the majority view should                 higher or lower team and rules relating to
prevail.                                               playing up or down will apply.

5. Other school duties are detailed later.             5. It is within the rules for a girl to play in a
                                                       MAXIMUM of TWO teams on one day
REGISTRATIONS_____________                             (within the general registration rules),
                                                       provided this causes no inconvenience to
All girls must be enrolled at the school they          the opposition.
represent and be registered with the AHIGS
OFFICE.                                                6. No player may take part in a semi-final or
                                                       final unless they have played 3 competition
FLOATING REGISTRATION Each school may                  round games. A girl registered in a team and
use up to 4 floating registrations during the          who has played a minimum 3 round games
season - i.e. where a girl is used for one game        with her registered team but is unable to
only no fee will be charged. The use of a floating     play in a semi-final shall not be deprived of
registration must be in line with other registration   the opportunity to play in a final. No girl may
rules.                                                 play in more than one grade/division or
                                                       different grade/divisions for the semi-finals
REGISTRATION RULES_________                            or finals. Special permission will be granted
1.All girls must be registered after they play their   in exceptional circumstances for a team to
first game                                             play a finals floater. This is a girl who has
                                                       not played during the season and is only for
                                                       use when a school has every team in the
semis/finals or an exceptional circumstance     5.Number of Players - A team must have at
where safety would be a consideration (for      least 7 players available throughout the
example : Grade 1A player required due to       game or a forfeit is declared.
injury – only team not in semis – Grade 5E
                                                6.The Infield Fly rule will not apply to Grade5
7. When submitting player profile lists prior
to the IGSSA grading meeting, please            7. The nine run rule ( per innings ) is to be
ensure that player positions are listed.        played in all Grades where applicable.( See
                                                also Rule 8. )
8.The minimum number of registrations per
team is 7. No maximum.                          8. The batting side may at any stage elect to
                                                declare their innings closed prior to nine
    THE PENALTY FOR PLAYING AN                  runs being achieved. This decision is taken
 ILLEGAL PLAYER IS FORFEITURE OF                at their own risk and is not reversible. The
            THE MATCH                           aim of this rule is to prevent the farcical
                                                situation (in a timed game) where to achieve
GROUND RULES______________                      the desired result batters are encouraged to
                                                get out.
1. Match Times - Grades 1-5 - One hour
NB: The score of a called regulation            9. Sliding Base Rule - do not chase the base
game shall be the score at the end of the       - maintain ground where base was originally.
last complete inning unless the team
second at bat has scored more runs than         10.Matches are to be played in accordance
the first team at bat in the incomplete         with the rules of Softball as recognised by
inning. In this case, the score shall be        the ASF (Australian Softball Federation )
that of the incomplete inning. Please           current rule book.
explain this rule to girls as this situation
happens      often   and     is,    through     11.Speed Up Rule - In the event of the
misunderstanding a cause of upset and           catcher being on base with 2 out, she may
concern.                                        be replaced by a runner ( any but the 4 next
                                                in line from the catcher in the batting order ).
2. Grades 1A & 3A will play 1hr 15mins in       This is to save time. If the catcher is
the semi’s and finals                           replaced she must immediately change into
                                                her catchers gear.
In the event of an innings not reaching nine
runs a team may declare the innings closed      12. Please encourage students to widen up
at their own risk                               the strike zone. Coaches should encourage
                                                students to hit the ball where possible as
3.Playing Field                                 opposed to being walked.
All games will be played on a 18.30m
diamond with a pitching distance of 12.19m      UNIFORM___________________
for Grades 1 & 3 and 10.66m for Grades 2,
4 & 5. A safety base is to be used for Grade    All girls must wear their nominated school
1-5 games.                                      Softball uniform whether this be all in
4.If unmarked, the pass ball line should be     Knickerbockers, or all in P.E. Uniform.
defined at the start of play.                   Players not in uniform will not be allowed to
                                                take the diamond. The uniform must be
correctly worn. If bike pants are worn they     participant in inter – school sport. Sport is
must not be visible below PE skirt line.        inherently dangerous. Participants are
                                                advised to assess their own needs and to
SAFETY____________________                      take out insurance appropriate to their
1. Helmets are mandatory for batters, on-
deck batters, batter-runners and all youth      CONVENERS__________________
age coaches (U18) who coach in the first or
third base coaches box. Any defensive           Conveners will be paid according to their
player may wear an approved helmet of           level of experience, expectation in respect of
identical colour to the team caps.              number of diamonds and competence in
                                                carrying out the required duties. This will
2. All Catchers must wear a helmet (or face     range from $20 - $25 per hour. Maximum
mask & skull cap), throat protector, body       hours per morning = 5 hrs (except in
protector and leggings. Catchers must be        exceptional circumstances). Conveners
fully protectively dressed when warming up.     may, where feasible, umpire in addition to
                                                convening providing convening at all times
3. Shin Pads must be worn by all players.       takes priority over umpiring. In this case no
                                                more than $20 per game may be claimed
4. Properly fitting mouth guards are strongly   for umpiring.
recommended for all players.
5. Caps are strongly recommended and girls
should be encouraged to use a 30+               Girls are to be reminded that the umpire is in
sunscreen.                                      full control of the game. Should this not be
                                                the case girls must nevertheless respect that
6. Soles of shoes may be either smooth or       this is the case and are never to argue with
have soft or hard rubber cleats. No metal       the umpire. If any query is to made of the
cleats or shoes with detachable cleats are      umpire, this must be performed in the proper
allowed.                                        manner - see Softball Rule Book and AHIGS
                                                Sporting Committee (IGSSA) Code of
7. Casts - plastic, metal or other hard         Conduct. If an umpire fails to arrive for any
substances may not be worn in a game.           game the teams are responsible for starting
                                                their own matches. No extra time is
8. No jewellery may be worn. Medical alert      allowed.
bracelets may be worn if taped to the body.
Any player refusing to remove jewellery will    Schools travelling to Frensham should
be excluded from the game.                      contact the PE Staff at Frensham a week
                                                prior to scheduled matches to ascertain if
9. All equipment must be approved by the        they will need to supply umpires.
Australian Softball Standards and be in
accordance with the current rule book.          AHIGS will pay "Outside Umpires" as
10.Girls are not to share drink bottles.
                                                Unqualified but competent - $20
11.AHIGS does not provide insurance for         NSW Level 1 Umpire Accreditation or 2
accidents or injuries sustained by any          Years IGSSA umpiring service - $22
NSW Level 2 Umpire Accreditation or 4              RUBBISH AND TOILET DUTIES FOR
Years IGSSA umpiring service - $23                 NON SCHOOL VENUES_________
NSW Level 3 Umpire Accreditation or 6              At each non school venue the two teams
Years IGSSA umpiring service - $25                 on Diamond 1 for the last time slot are
                                                   responsible for rubbish duty. This duty
Qualified schoolgirl umpires in Years 11           involves checking for and picking up any
& 12 may be paid.                                  rubbish and placing it in a bin or asking the
                                                   Convener for a rubbish bag in which to put it
Plate umpires must wear protective                 and disposing of it in a proper manner.
equipment - at minimum a mask, throat              At each non school venue the two teams
protector and body protector.                      on Diamond 2 for the last time slot are
                                                   responsible for toilet duty. This duty
SCHOOL DUTIES______________                        involves checking that the toilets are left free
                                                   of rubbish and leaving the area in a clean
Teams are required to supply base umpires          and reasonable state for use by others.
and assist with set up or pack up of
diamonds. Failure to do so will result in loss     Some Basic points for base umpires:
of points for the offending team.                  Base umpires should be familiar with the
                                                   rules relating to runners on a base.
8am: 1st named team to set up diamond,             Decisions must be visual and audible.
       including back nets and bases.
8am: 2nd named team to supply 2 base               For a call of out, raise right hand clearly
       umpires for 9:10am match.                   above the head with a clenched fist, and call
9:10am:1st named team to supply 2 base             "OUT"
       umpires for 8am match.                      For a call of safe, arms extended both
9:10am: 2nd named team to supply 2 base            hands over the base, calling " SAFE"
       umpires for 10:20am match.                  Assist the Plate umpire in moving teams on
10:20am: 1st named team to pack away               and off the diamond.
       diamond and back nets.                      Girls in Grade 1A will be expected to act as
         If 11:30am game is played: -              Plate umpire for some games. These duties
10:20am: 2nd named team to supply 2 base           will be noted in the draw.
       umpires for 11:30am
11:30am: 1st named team to pack away               DISCIPLINE - FOR BREACHES OF
       diamond and back nets                       CODE OF CONDUCT___________

Equipment needed for each venue:                   PE Staff and officials as decreed in the
                                                   AHIGS Sporting Committee (IGSSA) Code
safety base, 3 bases, home plate, pitchers plate   of Conduct are requested to issue cards as
& back nets (where required)                       appropriate. Please read the Code of
                                                   Conduct issued to all schools. A copy is
                                                   contained in this handbook. Please make all
                                                   players, coaches and umpires aware of the
                                                   green, yellow and red card system.
SCORE SHEETS______________                        players understand the seriousness of
                                                  forging a signature.
Each team is responsible for providing their
own score sheets. A score sheet for copying       PROTESTS___________________
is found later in this information.
                                                  If a coach is not satisfied with an umpiring
RESULT SHEETS______________                       decision, she/he is entitled to lodge a
                                                  protest. The following procedure will apply.
Every game requires a result sheet. Please        The Coach will call "Time" and the Plate
do not take these away from the Convener’s        umpire will hear the protest. A decision will
table, pack them in the kits or take them         be given to the protesting Coach and if
home or to school - they must be returned to      necessary the situation will be explained to
the Convener at the ground. If by chance a        the opposing coach. The game then
result sheet is taken from the ground make        continues. If the protesting Coach is not
sure it is taken to the PE Staff first thing on   satisfied the Coach will lodge a protest in
the Monday following the game.                    the following way. The protest is noted in
                                                  both scorebooks and the following
The Result sheets should remain at the            information must be shown:
Convener’s table and be signed by players         exact time of protest
before the game. After the game Captains          rule involved
and Umpires return to the Convener’s table        number out
to complete details of the game.                  position of runners on bases
                                                  count on the batter
At venues where this is not feasible the          The game will continue. The protest must be
Captain of the first named team is                lodged with the Convener immediately after
responsible for collecting this sheet from        the game. The protest will be heard as soon
the Convener. The Captain of the winning          as possible after the game by 3 members of
team is responsible for returning it to the       the Protest Committee, the Convener and
Convener after the game.                          Plate umpire. Each school will have a
                                                  representative on the protest committee and
Captains of both teams should check the           should such case arise the committee will be
details on the sheet before handing it in, as     comprised of any three representatives not
once signed, it will be regarded as the           involved in the protest. The coaches of the
official record of the game. Sheets not           teams concerned must attend the meeting.
received by the AHIGS Sports Director             Should it not be practical to hold a meeting,
before the next round will result in a forfeit    all parties will be consulted by
for the teams concerned.                          phone/facsimile.

Unsigned sheets will be considered a forfeit,     FORFEITS___________________
unless the sign on sheets are unavailable
from the convener.                                A team which finds it necessary to forfeit
                                                  must notify -
Any girl found forging another girl's             a. their opponents
signature on a result sheet will be barred        b. AHIGS Sports Director, and when
from playing for a period decided by the          requested, the ground Convener concerned,
IGSSA Softball Committee and her team will        no later than 12 noon on the day prior to the
suffer a loss of points. Please ensure all        game.
Please consider when forfeiting the effect        NB: No girl may play in a semi-final or final
this has on all other schools in the              unless they have played 3 competition
Division.                                         matches with that team or as defined in
                                                  table for playing up. No girl may play in more
Teams more than 5 minutes late taking the         than one Grade/Division or different
diamond will be deemed to have forfeited          Grade/Divisions for the semi-finals or finals.
their match, however, in this case the            Special permission may be granted in
opponents may choose to play the game for         exceptional circumstances for a team to play
points, provided this decision is made prior      a finals floater. This is a girl who has not
to the start of the match, and cannot be          played during the season and is only when a
reversed. In this case the forfeit no longer      school has every team in the semis/finals or
stands, nor is extra time allowed.                a safety issue is raised.

In the case of a team failing to have             WET WEATHER______________
necessary equipment available, the non
offending team may choose to lend their           NB: All players are requested to go to their
gear. This decision must be made prior to         venues where a decision will then be made
the start of the game. In the interests of        concerning play for each time slot.
inter – school sport it is hoped the game will
be played. However, where lack of                 If play at any venue is cancelled and the
equipment involves a safety risk, no play         AHIGS Sports Director is notified, a
should take place and a forfeit will be           message will be put on the AHIGS wet
awarded to the non offending team.                weather sports line. Players and parents
                                                  may check this line by ringing:
                                                  1900 922 834
                                                  PARENTS AND PLAYERS SHOULD BE
The format of these matches will be as in         NOTIFIED IN WRITING OF THIS
earlier rounds, with the following exception:     ARRANGEMENT BY EACH SCHOOL.

       Grades 1A and 3A will play for 1hr        If a whole round is washed out it will be
        15mins in both the semi’s and finals.     declared a wet weather day and draw points
       In the event of a tie at time in a        will be awarded. In the case of a partial
        semi-final, a tie-break rule will apply   wash out completed games shall retain their
        with a runner (last batter out from       points and washed out matches will be
        previous innings) on 3rd base and 2       awarded draw points.
       In the event of a draw at time in a       POINT SCORE_____________
        final the teams will be declared Co-
        Premiers.                                 Win:      5 Points
       The draw for the semi-finals will be      Draw: abandoned or wash out:      3 Points
        decided on the results of the             Loss: 1 Point
        pointscore table and played as 1 v 4      Forfeit: -1 Point
        and 2 v 3                                 Forfeit Score For/Against: 7/0
REQUIREMENTS___________                               LORETO NORMANHURST
                                                      Mt Pleasant Avenue, NORMANHURST
All Schools are requested to supply
equipment for home school venues. AHIGS               PYMBLE LADIES' COLLEGE
will provide the equipment for ‘outside’              Rear entrance - off Avon Road, PYMBLE
venues. See first Newsletter for areas you
are required to supply equipment.                     RAVENSWOOD
                                                      Ravenswood Avenue/Henry               Street,
While all care will be taken, Conveners are           GORDON
not responsible for loss or damage.
                                                      SANTA SABINA
Please name all school equipment clearly.             Jersey Road, STRATHFIELD

Please provide proper home and pitchers               ST IVES PARK PRIMARY
plates                                                Acron Rd, ST IVES

Please arrange for your equipment to be at the        SYDNEY UNIVERSITY
venue for the first match - 8.00am. If you will not   Women’s Square entrance western end
be there please make arrangements with                Parramatta Road or Carillon Avenue,
another school to transport it for you, so it is      CAMPERDOWN
there in time for the game.
VENUES____________________                            Masons Drive, NORTH PARRAMATTA

Please respect the wishes of the Conveners            IGSSA SOFTBALL UMPIRES &
at each venue concerning parking                      SCORERS BADGES_________
restrictions, use of facilities and out of
bounds areas, dogs etc.                               Level 1, 2 and 3 Umpiring Badges and a
                                                      Scoring Badge will be awarded to girls who
ABBOTSLEIGH                                           successfully complete requirements for
Pacific Highway         /    Ada      Avenue,         these awards.
                                                      This will involve a theoretical examination
CUMBERLAND COLLEGE OF HEALTH                          and practical umpiring under supervision at
SCIENCES                                              IGSSA Saturday matches.
East Street LIDCOMBE. Parking within the
college costs $2.70. Must have correct                Details may be found in the IGSSA Officials
change. Free parking in East St.                      Badging Booklet.

FRENSHAM                                              Please encourage girls to achieve these
Take MITTAGONG turn off Freeway.                      awards. To be eligible to enter the following
Turn left opposite Melrose Motel - sign "             year’s competition, each school must have
Frensham "                                            a minimum of 2 girls achieve either an
Cross railway Bridge to Range Road                    umpiring or scoring badge.
Grounds are located through entrance on
SOFTBALL TEAM___________

Girls wishing to be considered for these
teams must be nominated on the form in the
entries booklet.

Representative Team - any girl nominated
must play a minimum of 3 Saturday IGSSA
Term 1 Softball or Tennis matches, with the
exception of nominees from Calrossy,
NEGS and PLC Armidale and any other
member school not participating in the
Saturday competition. Check availability for
CIS Trials and CHS, CCC games before
Nomination fee - $5
IGSSA Rep. Team cost - approximately $60
SCORING SYMBOLS                            AS allowed steal

___ one base hit                           IF infield fly

=== two base hit                           F caught fly

     three base hit                        FF caught foul fly

     home run                              MF muffed fly

BB base on balls                           E error

WP wild pitch                              WT wild throw

PB passed ball                             MB missed base

IP illegal pitch                           LB left base before pitch
                                           released - also when out for
BOO batting out of order                   not advancing/returning
                                           immediately with pitcher
HBB hit by batted ball                     and ball in 8' circle

HPB hit by pitched ball                    PO put out

B bunt                                     6-3 assist

INT interference                           K2 strike out ( 3rd strike caught by catcher)

OBS obstruction                            KE2 Strike out
                                           (3rd strike dropped by catcher and batter
S steal                                    advances safely to first.)

DP double play                             K2-3 3rd strike dropped but
                                           batter thrown out at first
FC fielders choice
                                           K2-E3 3rd strike dropped, ball thrown to first
PPR passed a preceding runner              who errors

RXL running more than 3 feet off line to
avoid a tag

B3S bunting foul on third strike

DH designated hitter

RE re-entry
LEGAL PLAYING UP________                        2C   1A-2B
Some examples of legal and illegal plays -      2D   1A-2C
girl plays 2 games in one day - LEGAL           2E   1A-2D
                                                2F   1A-2E
girl from 3A plays in 2 - ILLEGAL & FORFEIT     2G   1A-2F
                                                2H   1A-2G
girl plays less than 3 round games OR plays 3   2I   1A-2H
but fails to sign on, NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SEMIS    2J   1A-2I
OR FINALS                                       2K   1A-2J
                                                2L   1A-2K
girl in 2A plays down in 2B in Week 2 -         2M   1A-2L
LEGAL provided she then remains in 2B for       3A   1A-1D
remainder of season OR if she plays up she      3B   1A-1F    3A
is automatically re registered in the higher    3C   1A-1L    3A-3B
Grade.                                          3D   1A-1L    3A-3C
                                                3E   1A-3D
girl in 2A plays down in 2C - FORFEIT           3F   1A-3E
                                                3G   1A-3F
girl in 2A plays down in 2B in Week 3-FORFEIT   3H   1A-3G
                                                3I   1A-3H
girl from 3A plays up -                         3J   1A-3I
Week 1 - 1A,Week 2 - 1C,Week 3 - 1B             3K   1A-3J
the lowest she may now play.                    4A   1A-3E
                                                4B   1A-4A
a school has 2 teams in Grade 3A Team 11 & 12   4C   1A-4B
- RULES for playing up apply similarly to       4D   1A-4C
team numbers.                                   4E   1A-4D
                                                4F   1A-4E
LEGAL GRADES FOR PLAYING UP FOR                 4G   1A-4F
ROUND GAMES SEMI FINALS & FINALS                4H   1A-4G
                                                41   1A-4H
                                                4J   1A-4I
1B         1A
                                                4K   1A-4J
1C         1A-1B
                                                5A   1A-1D    3A-3D
1D         1A-1C
                                                5B   1A-1F    3A-3L 5A
1E         1A-1D
                                                5C   1A-5B
1F         1A-1E
                                                5D   1A-5C
1G         1A -1F
                                                5E   1A-5D
1H         1A-1G
                                                5F   1A-5E
1I         1A-1H
                                                5G   1A-5F
1J         1A-1I
                                                5H   1A-5G
1K         1A-1J
                                                5I   1A-5H
1L         1A-1K
                                                5J   1A- 5I
1M         1A-1L
                                                5K   1A- 5J
2A         1A-1L
2B         1A-2A
                     AHIGS WET WEATHER

Due to the short season for all IGSSA Sports, every attempt is made to play the
inter-school matches and cancellations of Saturday Sport are rarely made before
Saturday morning, unless a venue notifies IGSSA that the facilities will not be
playable prior to this.

There are two means gaining information concerning play: -
IGSSA Wet Weather Line
1900 922 834       AND/OR
If play has been cancelled for the entire morning, you have no further
If play has not been cancelled, go to your venue and assess its suitability for play.
Advise Alison Gowan of the outcome by calling 0418 491 521. If necessary,
continue to liaise with Alison throughout the morning and obtain updates from the
wet weather line for later fixtures.

Play should not commence under any circumstance if there is a risk of injury to
those involved. If conditions deteriorate during the course of the game/match
such that it becomes unsafe to continue, play must cease immediately.

If an outside venue (non school) is closed by the local council concerned, play
must not commence.

All participants must be aware that in the event of lightning – play must not
resume until 30mins after the last lightning strike.

All play must cease immediately if there is hail. All students, officials and
spectators should seek cover immediately.

Care should also be taken in the event of extreme heat. If there are any concerns
or doubt, contact the AHIGS Sports Director immediately. After consultation with
coaches, players and umpires, extra drinks breaks or cancellation of play should
be considered.

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