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					Paintball is SAFE,FUN, and a
GREAT Tool for Organizations
            What is Paintball?
• Paintball has moved away from it’s military-
  themed past and has changed in to a fast paced,
  team oriented sport enjoyed by millions across
  the globe
• Players wearing protective safety goggles use gas
  powered paintball markers to play a variety of
  different games in a fun and safe environment
• Players are considered “out” when a paintball hits
  and leaves a splat of paint on them
• Paintball can be played indoors, in the woods, or
  on netted off fields called speedball
             Paintball is: SAFE
• Little known fact:
  – Paintball is one of the safest sports. Period.
  – When proper safety is practiced and enforced,
    paintball is statistically safer than bowling!
• Children as little as 12 years old can play!
• Referees are constantly monitoring the safety
  of all paintball games being played
• All rules and safety procedures are explained
  upon arrival to the field
    Ohio University and Paintball
• The OU Paintball Club is currently the #2 ranked
  college paintball team in the USA (2009)
• The team has been featured on TV on the Fox
  College Sports channel, magazines (FACEFULL,
  Action Pursuit Games, PBX3), www.Hulu.com,
  and is currently sponsored by JT Sports and
  Procaps Paintballs.
• The club consists of highly skilled tournament
  players all the way down to first time players
• The club participates in fund raising activities,
  community service, and helps promote, employ,
  and practices at the Ohio Paintball™ field.
    A GREAT Team Building Exercise
• Paintball puts all participants, especially first
  timers, in a very competitive and high pressure
• In order to win a game of paintball, your teams
  must work together, communicate, and be willing
  to take risks, all great attributes to instill.
• Everyone will remember their first day of
  paintball, and sharing that moment with team
  members can create a bond that will stay for life
• Superiors, look out! This game is a great
  opportunity for all parts of an organization to
  compete on the same level
          Cost to Play Paintball
• Paintball is not cheap, but the memories and
  opportunities the sport presents are worth every
• Prices will include paintballs, rental equipment
  (gun, tank, mask), and refills of CO2
• An average day of paintball costs around $20 per
  player (same price as a movie date or a bar tab)
• GOOD NEWS! Ohio Paintball™ offers a
  discounted rate for groups, students, and special
        Tips For Your First Time
• Take risks! Don’t just stay in the back and hide!
  Run down the field and be a hero!
• Wear old clothing. Paintballs don’t stain but you
  may get muddy or get some wear and tear
  running through the different courses
• Bring extra cash! You may like the sport so much
  you’ll want to stay and buy more paintballs!
• Don’t be scared! Paintball is 100% safe and you
  will have a lot more fun once you put the fear
  behind you!
• Bring friends, enemies, and whoever else you
  would like to see covered up in your paintballs!