; Re Request for the 911 call and related documents
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Re Request for the 911 call and related documents


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									                         ATTORNEY GENERAL OF TEXAS
                                         GREG           ABBOTT

February 23, 2009

Ms. Evelyn Njuguna
Assistant City Attomey
City of Houston
Legal Department
P. O. Box 368
Houston, Texas 77001-0368


Re:     Request for the 911 call and related documents pertaining to accident report

Dear Ms. Njuguna:

The Office ofthe Attomey General has received your request for a ruling and assigned your
request ID# 339938.                                                            '

After reviewing your arguments and the submitted information, we have determined your
request does not present a novel or complex issue. Thus, we are addressing your claims in
a memorandum opinion. You claim the submitted information may be withheld from the
requestor pursuant to section 552.1 08(a)(1 ) ofthe Govemment Code. We have considered
your arguments and the submitted information and have determined that in accordance with
section 552.l08(a)(1) you may withhold the submitted information.

For more information on the cited exception, as well as information on the rights and
obligations of governmental bodies and requestors, please refer to open govemment
information contained on the Office ofthe Attorney General website at www.oag.state.tx.us.
You may also contact our Open Govemment Hotline at 1-877-OPENTEX.

Ene:    Submitted documents

cc:     Requestor
        (w/o enclosures)

       POST OFFICE Box 12548, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78711-2548 TEL:(512)463-2100 WWW.OAG.STATE.TX.US
                         An Eqnal Employmen' Oppor",ni'y Employer. Printed on Recycled Paper

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