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					 Emergency Operations / 911 Call Centers
    Freeaxez USATM – A new paradigm for raised access flooring
The FreeAxez low profile, all steel, access floor is the optimal wire management solution for
the emergency management environment:

         • High Strength All Steel –high load-bearing, long-lasting.

         • Ease of Installation - 1000 square feet per installer per day.

         • Simplicity of Use – 5-second access to power, voice and data cabling.

         • Lowest Profile - of any raised floor available (1.6”, 2.75”).

         • Immediate ROI – instant payback realized during turnover and re-configurations.

         • Sustainable Design – the first low profile system listed in GreenSpec.

            FreeAxez has high capacity for any wire intensive environment.

  Switchboards may have several hundred phone lines
  coming into one console. Plasma screens, audio/
  visual equipment, computers, processors, recorders,
  security check-points, and badge readers require
  power and data wiring. FreeAxez provides a flexible
  and high capacity solution for console wiring.

    Personnel, equipment, furniture and cabling are undergoing constant changes!

  In traditional construction environments, each new or relocated piece of equipment and furniture
  require excessive time and effort! FreeAxez can eliminate the need for drilling, running new wires
  behind walls, above drop ceilings, and down power poles, all of which can cause disruption and incur
  expenses. FreeAxez replaces wired furniture systems, avoiding the narrow wire raceways, that quickly
  become over-crowded and inflexible.
        FreeAxez provides “5-second no-tool access” to wire channels.
                                  Simply remove the floor tile and lift the channel plates; new
                                  wires are installed in seconds instead of hours! Consider
                                  installing FreeAxez in offices, conference rooms, training
                                  rooms, surveillance / dispatch areas, lobby areas, server
                                  rooms, call centers, etc. FreeAxez will pay for itself over
                                  and over again in any space with audio-visual, telecom and
                                  computing equipment.

   FreeAxez is the best choice for both renovation and new construction.

 FreeAxez has superior performance for the fit-out of existing space. The
 gravity-held, quick-connect components are rapidly installed without
 glues, screws or fasteners. Open areas are installed at a rate of 1000
 SF per installer per day and the border components fill the gaps quickly
 without the need to cut metal. FreeAxez provides for the efficient fit-out
 of irregular areas, including round rooms, curved walls, angled walls, col-
 umns, transitions, door jams, and vents.

 FreeAxez is equally valuable when planning for new buildings. In new
 construction projects, the slab is often suppressed to accommodate the
 floor; no are ramps required and flexibility occurs from day one! FreeAxez
 does not attach to the building, your investment can be depreciable in only
 seven years – further savings!

      FreeAxez is adaptable and flexible for moves, adds and changes.

                                                                        Low ceilings can make the space feel
                                                                        small and cramped. The FreeAxez
                                                                        system is the lowest available in the
                                                                        world…only 1.6” high and still main-
                                                                        tains high cable capacity! To put this
                                                                        into perspective, it is approximately the
                                                                        height of two sheets of ¾” plywood

 FreeAxez - every emergency operations / 911 call center deserves this floor!
Top organizations like Department of Homeland Security, US Coast Guard, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed
Martin, Vicksburg 911, Columbiana County 911, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) Johnson
& Johnson, Siemens, and all branches of the US Military (to name a few!) have installed FreeAxez in varied
and critical applications.

FreeAxez has quality representives in your area who are available to briefly demonstrate the FreeAxez floor-
ing system at your facility. Feel free to contact FreeAxez at 888-747-8515 to discuss how we might assist your
organization in joining the growing family of clients who have made FreeAxez their wire management solution.