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911 Call Patrol Response


									                                       911 Call & Patrol Response
                                                                                                     • Misdemeanor police report
                                      • Felony Arrest                • Felony police report               made but no arrest
  • Misdemeanor
      Arrest                            LINK TO INFO                  made but no arrest                       LINK TO INFO

   LINK FOR INFO                                                          LINK TO INFO

                                    Suspect transported                                                    Case reviewed by
                                  to jail; Bail is set; Case                                            prosecutor at DASC &
                                                                     Case Investigated by
                                   investigated by police                                             assigned for investigation if
                                                                      police department
                                         department                                                          appropriate

transported to jail                After investigation or review is completed, investigator or prosecutor decides whether
& bail is set; police                                   allegations rise to the level of criminal charges
  charge suspect
    with crime
                                                                        If misdemeanor                     If criminal charges
                                   If felony allegations
                                                                         allegations are                        cannot be
                                    are found, case is
                                                                      found, case is sent                  supported, case is
                                     sent to HCAO for
                                                                      to MCAO for review                    not charged & no
                                                                                                          criminal charges will
                                                                                                                  be filed
                                                                        If no criminal
                                   If case is charged, a
                                                                       charges can be
                                    complaint is issued
                                                                      supported, case is
                                                                         not charged
                                    (First Appearance)                               Court process
                                                                                  continues until plea
                                     Pre-Trial / PCPT                               entered or case
                                    (Omnibus Hearing)                                  dismissed


          If case is dismissed or defendant found not guilty                    If defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty after a trial,
        after a trial, no further action will be taken in criminal                defendant will be sentenced by the Judge & in some
              court regarding the domestic violence call                                       cases placed on probation

                                                                                                         Diagram of the Judicial Process Provided by:
                                                                                         Michelle M. Jacobson, Assistant Minneapois City Attornrey

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