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									                                   MJHS PTSO NEWS
Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                         November 22, 2004

                        Information From
 3565 N. Mt. Juliet Guidance_______________________
     Mt. Juliet, TN                 The next test date for the ACT is February 12, and the deadline for registering is
         37122             January 7. The next test date for the SAT is January 22, and the deadline for registering for this is
                           December 20. Please come by Guidance for more information on these tests.
  Office: 758-5606                  Each counselor serves all students grades 9-12 in their section of the alphabet. They are
 Guidance: 758-5646        assigned as follows: A-Delo: Christy Walker; Delp-Kenn: Sara Scott; Kent-S.Richardson: Donna
                           Matthews; W.Richardson-Z: Arlene Barlow
      PTSO Officers
  1st Pres: Bill Hoover
        (758-4851)           TN Scholars Program
 2nd Pres: Leah Martin
    1st VP: Patty Hill                The Tennessee Scholars Program is a joint effort of school disctricts, local chambers of
 2nd VP: Melissa Kibler      commerce, and the business community. The goal is to help students become stronger
    Rec. Sec’y: Judy         candidates for certain types of financial aid and scholarships and to be better prepared both for
         Marudas             college or the work place. Students with stronger academic backgrounds are preferred by
 Correspondence Sec’y:       employers because they are more likely to have learned sound decision making and critical-
      Shauna Mack            thinking skills needed.
Treasurer: Denise White               Students who complete the Tennessee Scholars Course of Study will be recognized by
 Parliamentarian: Mike
                             teachers, parents, and community leaders. They will be honored at graduation, and they will
 Historian: Kim Gaines
                             receive incentives from the business community at various stages of completion of the Scholars
 Ways & Means: Open          Program.
                                      Parents, you can be very helpful by encouraging your teen to take these courses and
                             complete the requirements. If you would like more information, you can come by the Guidance
                             Department. You may also visit the website at www.tnchamber.org and click on the
                             ―Education‖ tab.
***Inaugural Car & Motorcycle
          We had a very successful Car & Motorcycle Show last month. If you missed it, we hope you will watch for the next one
and come out to see all the fine cars. This was our first attempt at a major fundraiser, and we had 25 cars, trucks, and motorcycles
come be a part of it. We also had quite a few booths participate—some affiliated with our school and some from the community.
Quite a few parents came out and volunteered their time to help make the day a success!
          We want to make this an annual event, and we would like to have your input with ideas to help it to grow and increase
the attendance. Our net profit from this event was just under $700. We hope to make it one of the most popular events in Mt.
Juliet as well as to increase the profits each year. Every dollar we raise will go right back in to MJHS, so let us know if you have
any ideas. You can contact Bill Hoover at 758-4851 or whoover.tn@juno.com with any ideas you may have.
          Thanks for all of you who gave of your time and skills to help make this a successful day!

PTSO Donation
           Please continue to send in items to be used for rewards for our teachers in the “Gotcha” system. Teachers are greatly
encouraged to be recognized by their peers when they are going ―above and beyond‖ the call of duty. Everyone has been pleased
by your response, but we will continue to need items throughout the year. At this time of year, we often run across some
outstanding sales; so if you see that perfect item on sale, pick one up for this and bring it to Coach Bell. (Of course, gift
certificates are always a hit, too.)
          Mr. Brown is planning on adding another recognition program next semester. This one is going to be for our
students. We will be looking for rewards in the $5-$10 range (food &/or movie rental gift certificates are examples of very
popular ideas) that can be given to students who have a successful 9 weeks’ grading period. This will begin in January, so Coach
Bell could use some help with collecting these items now. Our hope is to be overwhelmed with a need for rewards, so be thinking
of items for this, too.
           If every family bought one ―Gotcha‖ award and 1-2 student awards each year, we would be overwhelmed with supplies.
If you can do more, that would be awesome! The PTSO will be able to help in a small way now that we have some funds, but we
will still need a good deal of help from individuals to make this a success.

Wish List
          The Special Ed Transition Team is in need of a computer. In this program, students work on independent living
skills such as buying groceries, paying bills, keeping a budget, etc. Students also train for jobs in the community. They have
access to a lot of software; however a computer is needed to use the software to incorporate the training skills into their class.
          If you have a computer or know of someone who could help provide one for this class, please contact Ms. Ellen Earheart
either by calling the school at 758-5606 or by emailing her at earhearte@wcschools.com.

         Congratulations to the winners of the Special Olympic Bowling that took place on September 29. The following
placed 1st – 3rd in the Wilson County Tournaments: Lucas Ellithorpe, Scott Webster, Faith Underwood, Ben Dassau, Landon
Brown, Melissa Oslin, Steven Mackey, Jeffrey Woodall, Brad Bugg, Chase Cummings, Ian Terry, Allen Hammock,
William Lambert, and Scotty Twyman.
         Congratulations to Ms. Beverly Sharpe- November's Teacher of the Month!! FTA awarded her a Certificate of
Recognition and a Cracker Barrel gift card.

         MJHS PTSO wishes to thank:                                            MJHS PTSO thanks:

               Michael T. Gaines
               State Farm Agent


                                                                        Please say thank you by supporting our
      Mike is our first PTSO Charter Sponsor.                                          sponsors!

Did You
         Many parents ask how sports are funded. There are no tax dollars that pay for any of the sports at our schools. The only
supplements that occur are for teachers who are contracted to be coaches. The additional supplement to their income comes from
tax revenues and is negotiated between the school board and the teacher’s union.
         The monies raised from ticket sales at football and basketball games are used to pay for all of the TSSAA sports at
MJHS. These two sports are the only sports that have enough income to support their basic costs and is able to help pay for the
costs of others. Any other funding of sports comes from the booster groups fundraising efforts for their individual teams. This
would include basic needs for some sports and extras (such as the beautiful custom lockers begin made with funds raised by the
Quarterback Club) for others.
          If you have a question you would like answered for this section, please call Leah Martin at 754-9898 or email @

         Mu Alpha Theta continues to offer free math tutoring on Monday afternoons in Rm 231. This started the Monday after
fall break. Students just need to show up—no appointment is necessary.
         The Guidance office usually keeps a list of people who are willing to tutor for a fee as well. If your student needs
assistance in a subject, you or your teen can contact guidance for information on who to contact.
Programs Aimed at Keeping Students In
         Mrs. Hockett is asking for your input in providing programs to help students stay in school. If you have an interest in
this subject, or are available as a resource to offer a program, please contact Mrs. Hockett or Mr. Brown.
         Programs can be arranged after school in the library or at other locations. A number of area teachers, as well as Mrs.
Linda Cummings at the Teacher Center in Lebanon, are working on this. They would also like ideas and/or help (i.e. grants) from
parents & the community regarding assistance with counseling, tutoring, and day-care issues for students.

                                MJHS Activities 11/22/04 – 01/08/05
Sunday                Monday               Tuesday              Wednesday           Thursday            Friday              Saturday
21                    22                   23                   24                  25                  26                  27
**On Fri., 11/19,     Midterms Home        Basketball           Thanksgiving        Break               No School! 
there will be a       by today (PTSO       Tourn. 11/22-26
Black/Gold B-all      Newsletters, too!)   (Hunters Lane)                           Happy
                                                                Boys Tourn.Gm                           Girls Tourn.Gm
Scrimmage Game                             (Girls play today)                       Thanksgiving!
                                                                Today (see 11/23)                       Today (see 11/23)
6:30p girls/boys to   Fr.Basketball
                                                                Time TBA                                Time TBA
follow (all b-ball    @ home 6:30          Bowling 3:30 p.m.
games will have       Boys Tourn.Gm        @ Cumberland Ln
girls’ times listed   5:30p (see 11/23)    Wrestling @
w/ boys’ games to     Hockey 9p @          home 6p
follow)               Sportsplex B
28                    29                   30                   1 December          2                   3                   4
                      Fr.Basketball        Basketball @                             Fr.Basketball       Senior Night        Wrestling @
                      @ home 6:30          Shelbyville 6:30p    Hockey 8:30 p.m.    @home 6:30 p.m.     7 p.m./$3           Lebanon (WC
                                           Wrestling @          @ Sportsplex B      Wrestling @                             Duals) 9p
                      Hockey 9p @          Maplewood 5:30p                          Antioch 5:30p       Hockey 10p @
                      Sportsplex B                                                  Bowling @ Herm      Sportsplex B
                                                                                    Lns. 3:30 p.m.
5                     6                    7                    8                   9                   10                  11
                      Fr.Basketball @      Basketball @         Happy Hanukkah      Swim Meet @         Basketball @        ACT Test
                      home 6:30p           Home (Smyrna)                            Gallatin 5 p.m.     Hendersonville
                      Bowling Dist. @      6:30p                Hockey 7:30p @                          6:30p
                                                                                                                            Fr.Basketball @
                      Pla-Mor Lns.3:30p                         Sportsplex B        Band Concert        Wrestling @
                                                                                                                            Lebanon 6 p.m.
                      Hockey 9p @                                                   7 p.m. Aud.         McGavock Inv.
                                                                                                                            Hockey 3:15p @
                      Sportsplex B                                                                      TBA 12/10-11
                                                                                                                            Southern Ice 2
                                                                                                        Hockey 8:30p @
                                                                                                        Sportsplex B
12                    13                   14                   15                  16                  17                  18
                      Basketball @         Wrestling @                              PTSO MTG.           Choir Concert       Basketball @
                      Home 6:30p           Beech 6p                                 6:30 in Rm. 130     7 p.m./$3           Lebanon 6:30p
                      Fr. Basketball @     Swim Meet @                                                  Basketball @        (vs.Oakland)
                      Beech 6 p.m.         Col.Central 5p                           Fr. Basketball @    Lebanon             Wrestling @
                      Hockey 9p @          Hockey 8:10p @                           Home 6:30           Hockey 6:40p @      Dickson Cty Inv.
                      Sportsplex B         Southern Ice 1                                               Southern Ice 1      8:30 p
19                    20                   21                   22                  23                  24                  25
                      First Day of         Basketball @                                                                     Merry Christmas
                      Christmas Break!     home (Maplewd)
                                           6:30 p.m.

26                    27                   28                   29                  30                  31                  1 January
                      Lady Bears Bball
                      Tourn. in Green-                                                                                      Happy New Year!
                      ville 12/27-30

2                     3                    4 First Day Back/    5                   6                   7                   8
                      Teacher Work         *Report Cards &      Hockey 7:30p @      Fr.Basketball @     Basketball @
                      Day—No School        PTSO Newsletter      Sportsplex B        Hendersonville 6p   Beech 6:30 p.m.
                                           Home Today*                                                  Wrestling @
                      Hockey 9p @                                                                       Father Ryan Inv.
                      Sportsplex B         Basketball @                                                 TBA 1/7 & 8
                                           Home 6:30 p.m.                                               Hockey 10p @
                                           Hockey 9p @                                                  Sportsplex B
                                           Sportsplex B
Upcoming Events—Please Take
         The Choir Christmas Program will be Friday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m. The admission is $3.00 and the choirs
will present a wonderful program as well as offer Christmas goodies and holiday sweets. The Band of Gold Christmas Concert
will be Thursday, December 9 at 7 p.m. Come celebrate the end of the semester and the season.
          Senior Night this year is December 3rd at 7PM. Admission at the door is $3. MJHS Seniors with a Senior pass are
admitted free. Seating is at a premium for this event, as it is every year, and the only way to insure you get a seat (any seat) is to
get there as early as you possibly can. Doors open at 6:30. Senior Night is when the MJHS Senior class recognizes each other,
their accomplishments, and celebrates their lives as seniors.
                Club News & More Continued on Page 4—behind Calendar

Club & Activity
        Prom Committee has formed. For those of you who like plenty of advance notice, Prom this year is
back at Opryland Hotel. It will be on May 14th starting at 8PM. The Prom Committee is comprised of
Juniors. They plan the Prom Fashion Show and all the activities that surround Prom.
        KET sleepover was the weekend of November 12th at Celebration Life Lutheran Church. KET
hoodies and sweatpants went on sale recently and are still available in various sizes. KET will also cook
and serve dinner to the families at Ronald McDonald House December 10th.
        KEY Club is collecting printer ink cartridges and cell phone in their recycle program. Bring
ink and/or toner cartridges and cell phones to Mr. B’s room. They do not need the cell phone chargers.
        KEY Club and MJ Kiwanis Club join forces to cook for the families at Ronald McDonald
House on December 13th. KEY club is also wrapping presents again this year at MJHS on December
15, 16, and 17.
         Channel 9 (BNN) continues to evolve with daily schools announcements twice a day, community
and school slides that run 24 hours a day, a videos three or four times a week featuring student interviews,
academic awards, sports, and the arts. You've got to have the channel on to see what's happening at MJHS -
- and as a plus you can listen to NPR in the background.

Charter Sponsorships Available for
         One of the ways the PTSO plans on underwriting our expenses is to have charter sponsors of our organization. If you
would like to be a sponsor and help us support MJHS, please contact Bill Hoover for more details (758-4851).

***Office Announcement—Important
        As we approach final exams, parents are reminded that students MUST have a note from you
in order to leave early or with someone other than yourself. Telephone calls ARE NOT allowed. If
you do not send a note, you MUST come in to the office yourself and sign out your teen.
       This policy is for the benefit of student safety! Please, help us in this important issue.
***Kroger Cares—Don’t Forget to
         If you joined the PTSO this year, please do not forget to keep reloading and using your Kroger
Cares Card any time you shop at Kroger. By taking the time to do this, Kroger will make a 5% donation
of all of your purchases to our PTSO—without costing you any additional funds! If all of our members
loaded $10/week onto their cards, we would receive $3,640 over a year’s time. This is HUGE opportunity!
Please remember us each time you shop.
         If you have not already joined the PTSO, you can do so at any time by going to the school website,
clicking on the PTSO page and printing out a membership form to send in to school. Parents who have
joined also receive weekly emails with up-to-date announcements. If you don’t have Internet, you can join
by calling Denise White—see # below.
         If you did not receive your Kroger Cares Card, please check first with your teen’s 1st block teacher.
All cards were sent home by the students through their 1st block classes. If you still do not receive your
cards, please contact Denise White @ 758-2090.

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