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                                   Professional Hypnotherapy
                                   Practitioner Association
                                   Issue 2                            Winter 2007

Inside this issue:                 Happy New Year                      Build your own Web Presence
Build your own Web        1        Now that 2007 is here and        flair and know-how,             If you’d like to take
Presence                                                                                            advantage of this offer, here
                                   with Spring approaching,         however, getting them
                                   isn’t it a perfect time to set   picked up by the search         are some of the items of
Forthcoming Events        1
                                   goals and transform dreams       engines can take time, that’s   information we suggest that
                                   into reality.                    why, if you don’t already       you could include.
Confidence for            2                                         have one, we’re offering our
Hypnotherapists                    Is yours a thriving                                              •   Your training.
                                                                    members their very own
                                   hypnotherapy practice?
                                                                    free page at                    •   Specialties
Stopping Smoking with     3        Hopefully so. If you’re not
Hypnosis                           yet getting plenty of               •   Years in Practice

Hypnosis for Stroke       3        recommendations then                                             •   Testimonials
                                                                    You can include all the
Victims                            perhaps it’s time to revise
                                                                    relevant information and        •   Location, map or
                                   your marketing strategy.                                             directions
                                                                    photos that you need to
Dr Portner                3
                                   With more people looking for     promote your hypnotherapy       •   Opening Hours
                                   information online it’s          business by emailing us at:
                                                                                                    •   Questions & Answers
Driving to Success        4        essential to have a presence
                                                                     •   Fees or discounts
                                   on the Internet that you can
                                   point potential clients to,      Even if you already have a      •   Photograph of yourself
My Six Convicts           4                                                                             and/or your business
                                   from your business cards         web-site this information
                                                                    page can link to it,                premises
                                   and stationery.
Insurance                 4                                         increasing your chances of      •   Any other relevant
                                   Websites are relatively easy                                         information.
                                                                    gaining a higher page
                                   to build if you have a bit of

Book of the Month                  Forthcoming Events
.My Voice Will Go With You         The PHPA, together with          John Sellars is presenting      The event will take place on
                                   Hypnotic World are running       the Anxiety and Depression      Saturday 14 April 2007 at
The Teaching Tales of Milton H     a series of practical            Workshop in April. John has     the Doncaster Clinic,
Erickson. Edited by Sidney         workshops and seminars in        already written a book on       Sandringham Road,
Rosen                                                               this subject and is an expert   Doncaster and will run from
                                   Yorkshire this year.
This book is a classic amongst                                      in helping clients to           10 am until 4.30 pm.
                                   We have several new              overcome these problems.
hypnotherapy books. It is full                                                                      Refreshments and buffet
                                   presenters who have offered
of short teaching tales—the                                         John also runs practical        lunch are included and
                                   to give up their day to share
stories he told his patients and                                    hypnotherapy sessions for       tickets are £90 + VAT for
                                   their own techniques and
the stories he told the pilgrims                                    students of the Professional    non-PHPA members and £81
                                   secrets of success.
who came to sit at his feet                                         Hypnotherapy Course in          + VAT for paying members.
and is ingenious and               As usual, PHPA paid              Scotland and is a               Further details can be found
enchanting—a must for any          members are entitled to a        representative and a            at
Hypnotherapists bookshelf.         10% discount on the              preferred therapist of          seminar011.asp
                                   Attendance Fee.                  Hypnotic World.
Page 2                                                                               Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association

 The Worlds Most Comfortable       Confidence for Hypnotherapists
 Hypnotherapy Chair
                                   I still remember my very         else guide you through the          say what a success the
                                   first hypnotherapy client.       experience, however with a          session was and how much
                                   He was a distinguished man       little practice it can work         better they’re feeling or see
                                   in his mid 60s who wanted        very well.                          yourself taking referrals and
                                   help to overcome his             The first thing necessary is a      noticing how fully your
                                   tendency to procrastinate.       quiet state of mind during          appointment book is.
 The Sling Seat is the perfect
 chair for hypnotherapy,           This wasn’t an issue I’d         which you can focus on a            When you’re ready (and
 meditation or deep                actually covered during my       spot in the room.                   your internal clock will know
 relaxation.                       training so in a way I was       Decide what you want help           exactly when this is), allow
                                   plunged in at the deep end       with and how long you               yourself to return to normal
 Used successfully in              and consequently felt quite                                          conscious awareness.
                                                                    intend to remain in hypnosis
 numerous successful               nervous at the thought of        for, and begin to relax your        Don’t dwell on the
 hypnotherapy practices, the       how I would proceed. I left      body, bit by bit. Once you          experience afterwards, just
 sling seat aids relaxation,       him to fill in his consent       notice your eyes becoming           allow it to take effect at a
 supporting the back, neck         form whilst I went out of the    heavy just allow them to            deeper level and go about
 and head during induction         room to put the answering        close and take yourself to a        your everyday tasks.
 and hypnotic trance work.         machine on, and waited           deeper state, using a               Self hypnosis is most
 It is easily portable and fits    outside the door for a few       staircase or your preferred         effective when used on a
 into a handy carrying case        moments whilst taking some       visualization.                      regular basis. If you find it
 and is available in a choice of   very deep breaths and
                                                                    Trust your subconscious             difficult then we have the
 colours and fabric.               telling myself to relax and be
                                                                    mind to show you an                 perfect CD for you.—
 You can find more about this                                       experience of how you wish          ‘Confidence for
                                   The session went well and        to be and allow yourself to         Hypnotherapists’ - which will
 chair at
                                   he returned several times as     become really immersed in           gently guide you through the               his problem receded.             this experience. For                process. This is available on
                                   This led me to think how, as     example, if you want to             the PHPA website for £10.99
                                   a Hypnotherapist, we should      become a more confident             Including VAT and free
                                   all use this wonderful tool on   Hypnotherapist then see,            shipping worldwide.
                                   ourselves whenever we need       feel or sense yourself talking
                                   to.                              to clients in a very self-
 •   Are your details              Self hypnosis isn’t quite as     assured way. Imagine them
     in our Members                easy as having someone           phoning you afterwards to

     section? If not,
     please email us
     for information               If you’re not already a          practice for
                                   member of Hypnotic World         years and
     on how to list
                                   you could be missing out on      come across
     your practice.                hundreds of valuable             unusual
                                   resources.                       problems
                                                                    with their
                                   The site now boasts over
                                   600 quality hypnotherapy
                                   scripts with new ones added      You can also
                                   on a weekly basis, hundreds      read the
                                   of MP3s, a request a script      ‘Complete
                                   service, free advertising for    Guide to
                                   members, case histories,         Self
                                   hypnosis forum and much          Hypnosis’, and articles such as how to help your clients to
   Thought for the Day             more.                            stop smoking in one hour and dealing with fears and
  We are what we make                                               phobias. Hypnotic World also negotiates discounts for
                                   The site is ideal for newly
 ourselves and not what                                             members for attendance at certain seminars and
                                   qualified Hypnotherapists
 circumstances make us.                                             workshops.
                                   and those who have been in
         Emile Coué
Issue 2                                                                                                                       Page 3

Stopping Smoking with Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is great for       How many sessions to offer       technique.
helping people to overcome      varies from therapist to
                                                                 The smoking aversion
addictions, and smoking is      therapist. Some will offer a
                                                                 approach is often used. This
still one of the most popular   series of sessions, giving the
                                                                 is a very powerful script
issues that clients will seek   suggestions to cut down
                                                                 where the client imagines
help with through this          before actually quitting.
                                                                 that they are dying from the
                                We prefer the one session        effects of smoking and that
Several years ago we            approach (however it is an       their loved ones are around
participated in a TV program    individual choice).              them.
run by the BBC called Kick
                                Most people, having made         However, they don’t actually
the Habit.
                                the decision to quit, have       die in the visualization, at
Four subjects each tried a      already stopped smoking          the end, they realize that         Dr Portner recently gained
different method to             when they walk through the       they have a choice and the         her PhD at Leeds
overcome the habit. One         door of your office (but they    outcome doesn’t have to be         University, UK. Here she
used nicotine patches,          don’t realize it yet).           like that.                         is, just before the award
another tried going cold                                                                            ceremony. Daniella is our
                                We like to use positive          Finally there are clients who
turkey, one tried                                                                                   Company Secretary as
                                suggestions as they work         will not stop, simply because
acupuncture and our subject                                                                         well as one of our valued
                                best for most people,            they don’t really want to.
volunteered for                                                                                     script writers.
                                however, should they fail to     You will use your experience
                                stop smoking after that one      to decide which method to          We have representatives
I am pleased to report that     session then we are happy        use.                               in Australia, the
the subject using hypnosis      to see them again and often                                         Mediterranean, USA,
was the only one to succeed.    use a completely different                                          various areas in the UK
                                                                                                    (including London &
                                                                                                    Scotland) and teach
                                                                                                    hypnotherapy through
Hypnosis for Stroke Victims                                                                         Hypnotic World to a
We naturally become more        Under hypnosis, the patient        processes does not have an       worldwide audience via
vulnerable to diseases such     was guided through imagery         end point.                       our distance learning
as high blood pressure,         that recalled memories of                                           course and practical
                                                                   Visualization works on the       trainers.
heart disease and stroke as     previous abilities, including
                                                                   mind in a way that is not yet
we get older. But an            swimming as a child.
                                                                   fully understood. But, as
interesting case study by
                                In addition to the hypnosis        these results show, the
two Los Angeles researchers
                                sessions, the woman was            ability of imagery to push
sheds doubt on traditional
                                given hypnosis cassettes to        back traditional limits of
views about the chances for
                                practice with at home.             effective therapy holds
recovery from at least one of
                                                                   exciting possibilities, and it
these dreaded diseases -        Follow-up one-year post-
                                                                   is an area that needs further
stroke.                         stroke showed noticeable
                                improvement in her physical
Medical opinion is that all
                                capabilities.                      As an interesting side note,
recovery from a stroke will
                                                                   the Hypnotherapy was
halt at about six months        The two researchers, Jean
                                                                   requested by the patient,
after the occurrence of the     Holroyd of the University of
                                                                   after a neurologist had
vascular accident. However,     California at Los Angeles and
                                                                   concluded that she was
using hypnosis, researchers     Alexi; Hill of Permanente
                                                                   unlikely to gain any further
helped a 66-year-old woman      Center in Lomita, California
                                                                   improvement in her physical
regain several physical         speculated that even though
capacities, including limited   therapy for strokes is
use of a disabled arm and       traditionally viewed as not        It seems that the patient
the ability to walk unaided.    being useful beyond six            knows best.                                  Caption describing
Hypnotherapy began six          months post-stroke, the                                                         picture or graphic.
                                                                   Adapted from Applied
months after her stroke and     capacity of the mind to learn      Behavioural Healthcare.
lasted for six months.          new information and
                                                     Driving to Success—With Hypnotherapy
 PHPA                                                Driving exam nerves can easily be overcome with Hypnotherapy.
 24 St David’s Drive                                 Clients who have repeatedly failed their driving test have found
 Scawsby                                             that after experiencing their success in hypnotherapy, they are far
 Doncaster                                           more prepared to experience success in real life.
 DN5 8NF                                             If you have experience in this field, why not write to a few driving
                                                     schools and offer your services to help the more nervous would-be
 Phone: 01302 786977
 Email:                        Most driving instructors want their clients to pass as it improves
                                                     their own reputation with the general public.

                                                     You could offer a small discount as an incentive to anyone who is
                                                     referred to you from an instructor that has agreed to recommend

                                          My Six Convicts
Bringing Hypnotherapists Together
                                                                          about his reasons for his
                                         In his book, My Six                                             and the others in
                                                                          action, Hadad stated that
                                         Convicts, Donald Powell                                         appropriate places.
                                                                          he had wanted to draw
                                         Wilson, an American
                                                                          the doctors' attention to      Shortly after going into
                                         professor of psychology tells
                                                                          him, and he would give         trance Hadad's body
          We’re on the Web
                                         how, whilst carrying out
                                                                          an even more startling         displayed hive-like
                                         research in an American
                                                                          demonstration of his           patches which were
                                         prison, he came across a                                                  strange powers.                clearly recognizable as
                                         convict who, as well as
                                                                                                         the signs of the zodiac in
                                         being a master hypnotist,        In the hospital's
                                                                                                         the predicted places.
                                         could also influence groups      psychopathic ward were a
                                         of people with telepathy.        large number of                One doctor, after
                                                                          epileptics, some of whom       examining Hadad, said
                                         Hadad was part Hindu and
                                                                          were hopeless cases and        that all the tests showed
                                         part Senegalese and was
                                                                          through severe brain           him to be dead and even
                                         regarded by prison staff and
                                                                          deterioration suffered         when a vein was
                                         fellow prisoners as being a
                                                                          frequent seizures. Hadad       punctured there was no
                                         magician and an escapist.
                                                                          asked to be locked in a        flow of blood.
                                         He came to Wilson's
                                                                          solitary cell and predicted
                                         attention when he was                                           However, on mentioning
                                                                          that there would be no
                                         found hanging by a belt in                                      that some of the Zodiacal
                                                                          seizures for three days
                                         his cell.                                                       signs were not clear,
                                                                          whilst he performed
                                                                                                         Hadad 'awoke' and
                                         The doctor who was called        distant healing telepathy.
 If you aren’t already covered for                                                                       instructed them to bring a
                                         in, pronounced Hadad dead        He was carefully observed
 Professional Indemnity Insurance                                                                        magnifying glass to
                                         and he was taken to the          and, as predicted, all
 then the PHPA have negotiated a                                                                         detect them more clearly.
                                         prison mortuary. Three           seizures ceased for the
 special discount with Balens Ltd.,
                                         days later when an autopsy       duration of his                Hadad re-entered trance
 for up to one million pounds in
                                         was about to be performed,       confinement, after which       and remained until a
                                         Hadad's muscles began to         time they recommenced.         magnifying glass was
 The PHPA are now regulated by the       ripple and he sat up saying                                     brought and the signs
                                                                          Hadad produced other
 Financial Services Act and our regis-   'Gentlemen, I would rather                                      verified. On being
                                                                          astonishing phenomena -
 tration number can be found at the      not; if you don't mind'.                                        questioned when he
                                                                          he undressed and
 top of this page.                                                                                       awoke, Hadad replied
                                         Apparently Hadad had             announced that after
                                                                                                         'Suspended animation,
 Members must agree to abide by          hypnotized a prison warden, going into trance he
                                                                                                         Doctor; it is simple'.
 our Code of Ethics, which can be        removed his belt, then gave would cause the twelve
 found by visiting our website,          him a post hypnotic                                             Courtesy of
                                                                          signs of the Zodiac to—or telephone        suggestion that he would         appear on his body, with
 us on 01302 786977 and we’ll post       not remember or realize          Aries on the forehead,
 a copy out to you.                      that the belt had been   Cancer on the breast,
                                         removed. When questioned Sagittarius on the thighs

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