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Tempting designer jewellery for Christmas….

Welcome to the Christmas edition of our quarterly brochure,
showcasing some of the gorgeous jewellery available from
fabulous this season.

You can buy all the pieces from:

    •    our beautiful jewellery shops, in Touchwood,
         Solihull or the Royal Priors Centre,
         Leamington Spa

    •    on-line at www.fabulouscollections.co.uk

    •    or simply call us on 0845 4509334 to buy over
         the phone

If you would like to find out more about any of our
jewellery, or would like some advice on choosing presents,
just give one of our friendly team a call at either shop
– 01926 430934 for Leamington Spa, or 0121 7090585
for Solihull.

Enjoy browsing, and have a fabulous


And girls! – we’ve included a handy ‘Wish List’ at the back, so you
can drop subtle hints to you-know-who about some of the pretty
things you’d love to see under the tree……..

Don’t forget we also sell a range of stylish cufflinks, from designers
including Ian Flaherty and denisonboston, which make perfect
stocking fillers.

Front cover: Marco Bicego Confetti Single Strand 18ct Gold Necklace,
£1600, Confetti Triple Strand 18ct Gold Bracelet, £708
                                9ct Gold Plated
                                Kyoto Earrings,
                                £106, Necklace,
                                £140, Ring, £111

Kenzo has created a new, more opulent version of the classic
Kyoto design this season. Choose from warm gold plate with
rich red enamel detail, or striking sterling silver studded with
diamonds; perfect for the festive season!

         Diamond Kyoto Necklace, £285, Earrings, £375, Ring, £265   Xx
Indulge in the warmth and beauty of gold this Christmas with Pandora, the
stunning modern charm bracelet which you create yourself. Why not choose
a gold bead for that special someone this year, or for the ultimate luxury -
start an all-gold bracelet. 14ct gold snake chain bracelet £714.99. 14ct gold
beads start at £89.99, or for a more subtle hint choose a silver bead with gold
detail, starting at £17.99

Silver beads start at £11.99, silver bracelets £32.99.

 Swallow Ring, £130

                                                22ct Gold-Plated Calabria Leaf
                                                Ring, £148, 22ct Gold-Plated
                                                Calabria Necklace, £135
                                                  Calabria Ring, £148
                                                  Calabria Necklace, £135
Alex Monroe creates achingly beautiful and
delicate jewellery inspired by his love of
nature. All his pieces are hand-crafted in
London in sterling silver, plated with 22ct
gold and accented with semi-precious stones
or small diamonds. Look for necklaces and
bracelets beautifully adorned with seed pods,
leaves and garlands of birds and flowers.

                       Double Flower
                       Earrings, £175

Meadowgrass Charm Bracelet, £250
                                          Rainforest Pearl Necklace, £265

Rainforest Earrings, £98

Our Winter collection from Dower & Hall is a sumptuous fairytale wonderland. The
passion of the white rose is captured in silver and suspended from entwined strings
of amethyst and pearls in an intensely romantic collection. Delicate strands of
tiny shimmering leaves accented with cool creamy pearls form an enchanting elfin
collection, and sparkling faceted semi-precious stones in rich exotic colours provide
a glimpse of spicy Arabian nights.

  Briolette Earrings, from £125

 White Rose on Amethyst Necklace, £645, Large
 White Rose Ring, £320, White Rose Cuff, £495
                                                18ct Gold ‘Confetti’
                                                Necklace, £1600

      18ct Gold Long Pearl
      ‘Paradise’ Necklace,

Feast your eyes on the elegantly luxurious and deliciously sumptuous jewellery
of young Italian designer, Marco Bicego. Choose between the new ‘Confetti’
collection, with nuggets of 18 carat gold or rich pink tourmalines and amethyst,
or the exotic ‘Paradise’ collection with its myriad of richly coloured stones.

 ‘Paradise’ Earrings, £163   18ct Gold ‘Confetti’ Earrings, £339, Bracelet, £708

                  Opposite page: Confetti Triple Strand 18ct Gold
                 Necklace in Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline, £2895
                                                                       Stainless Steel Black
                                                                       Daisy Pendant, £108

18ct Gold and Diamond Earrings, £675, Pendant, £348

Effortlessly stylish, yet wonderfully light-hearted, Aprile’s Margherita daisy is a
timeless design classic. A large black enamelled stainless steel and 18ct gold pendant
(£108) creates a striking statement, while the delicate 18ct white and yellow gold
necklace and earrings with diamond-encrusted petals make a truly special gift.

                                                                 3 Row Bloc Bracelet, £315

                                     Bloc Studs, £43       3 Row Bloc Pendant, £188

                                The bold geometric shapes used in Rocha’s Bloc collection
                                are gently softened by the brushed finish of the sterling
                                silver, creating sensual and tactile pieces with a raw,
                                natural character. As with all his designs, this collection
Bloc Necklet, £225              is perfect for a casual or smart occasion.
                                                            Orb Cufflinks, £65

Fiercely stylish and beautifully made in pewter with Swarovski crystal, Ian Flaherty’s
cufflinks make exceptional gifts for the men in your life, with a style to suit every
personality from the wildly flamboyant to the classically understated.

  Multi-Coloured Skyline      Red Heart Cufflinks, £45       Montana Cufflinks, £65
      Cuffflinks, £45

                            Erinite Square Cufflinks, £65
                                           Complete Charm Bracelet, £56

   For girls with style and personality,
   how about the new Swatch charm

Secret Necklace, £45

                                               Or for something out of the
                                               ordinary, choose a reversible
                                               pendant from cult brand Foxy
                                               Originals, beloved by Sienna
                                               Miller and Paris Hilton. Made
                                               from pewter and powder-coated
                                               in silver, the different design
                                               on each side gives two great
                                               looks in one.

  Fun and fabulous . . .

Base Bracelet, £5.75                           Or let her create her own, with
Links from £12                                 the cult composeable bracelet
                                               from Nomination. Stainless steel
                                               with 18ct gold, enamel and
                                               semi-precious stones, with over
                                               1000 links to choose from. Base
                                               bracelet £5.75, links from £12.
Lola Rose
Baby Faceted
Heart Bracelet, £60

                                                                          Collar, £105

Now is the time to sparkle!
Steal the show in stunning   party jewellery from some of our best designers.
You won’t fail to be noticed in this dazzling collar in rich purple shades from
Azuni’s exciting Fairtrade costume jewellery collection.

Lola Rose’s Winter collection in magnificent twinkling midnight blue sandstone
is moody and seductive, with a luxuriant sparkle. Perfect party pieces!

Alex Monroe creates a glittering Winter scene fit for a snow queen with
an icy collection of silver leaves with droplets of faceted blue topaz. Utterly

                                            Alex Monroe Silver and Blue Topaz
                                            Earrings, £96, Bracelet, £156
Dear Santa,

If you’re looking for ideas this Christmas,

here are a few things I love.

My wish list. . .

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4. ----------------------------------------------------

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6. ----------------------------------------------------

Ps    : fabulous offers free gift-wrapping, gift
vouchers, exchanges and refunds, and lots of

friendly advice.
    Royal Priors, Leamington Spa                   Touchwood, Solihull

     Choose from over 30 leading designers of contemporary jewellery,


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        fabulous 9 Poplar Arcade Touchwood Solihull B91 3GH T 0121 7090585
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