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					                                     Budget Request Form
                                         Experimental College

Course Title:

Instructor Name(s):

ExCo has a limited amount of funds to distribute among the courses needing supplies, copying,
materials, etc. Indicate the amounts you are requesting in each of the following areas. See the back of
this page before filling this out, and PLEASE ITEMIZE THOROUGHLY. Attach additional
sheets if necessary.

  CATEGORY                                  DESCRIPTION                                 REQUEST ($)
Copies (number
of pages at 7
cents a copy)

Movie &
Equipment Rental

Books & Movies

Reusable Supplies


Outside Funding

                                                                     Total Request:

Signature                                                                        Date
                                           Budget Information
                                              Experimental College

Each semester ExCo has a limited amount of money budgeted for use by instructors to cover necessary course
expenses. If you will need to purchase materials for your course, please read this sheet carefully (you may want
to photocopy this page for future reference). Budget requests have no impact on the likelihood of a class being
approved or rejected.

Research: Preparing a budget is an important step in the course proposal process. Please make sure to
research the costs, locations, and availability of the materials you wish to purchase. As instructor, you are
entirely responsible for this aspect of your class.

Request Process: Have at least a rough budget worked out by the time of your interview. You will need to
submit a final, itemized budget by the end of the semester. The ExCo treasurer will notify you of your final
allocation at the ExCo Fair. (If you need to know your allocation before this time, make sure to tell the ExCo
treasurer, and s/he will do what s/he can.)

Course Fee: An instructor cannot collect money from students without prior knowledge and approval by the
ExCo committee, and such a fee must be noted on the finalized course syllabus. Students may pay for non-
reusable materials necessary for your class through a course fee.

Outside Funding: Classes affiliated with funded organizations will receive a maximum of $20 unless there are
special circumstances. The instructor should contact the ExCo treasurer with questions. Any course fee you
collect from your students should also be included in this part of the budget.

Things ExCo generally pays for:
Copies: ExCo will allocate up to $20 for copying class syllabi and handouts. If your course is paper-intensive,
however, consider using the Reserve Room and ERes (there are instructions on our website). To be reimbursed
for copies, you must have a receipt. You can get one by copying your materials at the Main Office Copy Shop,
Ben Franklin, Mail Boxes Etc., or Wilder Desk.
Books: ExCo will usually purchase one copy of each text that Mudd does not own (check OBIS) and will not
purchase (you MUST check with Eric Carpenter, the head of the Collections Department in Mudd – just stop in
and ask for a book request form), to be placed on reserve.
Movies: Similarly to books, you must check to see if a copy of the video is available in A/V, the public library,
or Campus Video. If it is not, ask A/V to purchase it. If they will not, then ExCo will pay for one copy to be
placed in the Reserve Room.
Other Stuff: Budget permitting, we will try to cover any other reusable materials of important educational value
to your course (e.g. knitting needles, boxing helmets).
WHAT EXCO BUYS, EXCO OWNS. Materials that ExCo pays for must be returned by the end of the
semester, or your term bill may be changed. Do not ask ExCo to pay for something if you want to keep

Things ExCo hardly ever (or never) pays for: instructor time or training, non-reusable items (e.g.
transportation or food), educationally non-essential or purely recreational items.

Reimbursement Process: The College works on a reimbursement process. Exco does not give you money to
spend, only reimbursements for what you have already spent. After you have bought your materials, SAVE
THE RECEIPT. Turn in your receipts to the ExCo office by the announced deadline with a Reimbursement
Form (available outside the office). You well receive a check in the mail or be instructed to pick up the money
at the Cashier’s office. ExCo doe not guarantee reimbursement for items not approved on the Budget Request

Warnings: If you miss the budget request submission deadline, it is extremely unlikely that you will get any
money from the ExCo committee.
Have fun and good luck! Check our website for info (, and e-mail
                                            with questions.
                                                                                             Revised 3/04