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Thrift Town Facts...
• We put out over 4,000 items onto the retail floor every day (average) in each one of our stores!
• Per store, we purchase an average of 22 carts of merchandise each week. One cart is equal to 108 cubic feet
  6’x6’x3’, which amounts to over 2,376 cubic feet of used merchandise each week. This does not include fur-
  niture or hard goods. If you do the math, chain wide, we purchase a whopping average of almost two million
  cubic feet of used merchandise annually!
• Across the chain, we average over 2,800 customer transactions every week! This increases to 3,250 during
  the month of October! The average transaction count varies from store to store.
• It takes at least seven people to turn someone’s unwanted “stuff” into someone else’s desired “treasure”!
  These people consist of: non-profit partner donor services representative and route driver, store expediter,
  store sorter, store pricer, store floor crew, and store cashier. This does not even include the various managers
  and supervisors overseeing the entire process!
• Thrift Town is open seven days a week! Monday-Friday 9:00a.m-.8:00p.m., Saturday 10:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
  and Sunday 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
• For current and other valuable information visit our website at

Thrift Town’s most popular shopping times during the year...
•   Halloween- Our busiest time of the year!
•   Back to School
•   Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Earth Day, 4th of July, etc.)
•   During the change of seasons

Shopping Secondhand...
• Thrift Town provides affordable alternatives to regular retail shopping. Great GREEN bargains can be found
  everyday on top-quality secondhand merchandise.
• Thrift store shopping is gaining incredible popularity among people who traditionally shop expensive retail
  stores because it is good for the environment and because of the unique one-of-a-kind items available. The
  rising popularity of vintage and retro fashions, and home furnishings, have caused a big boom in the thrift
  industry. Even major retailers that do not traditionally sell secondhand are trying out real “vintage” products
  mixed-in with their new merchandise.
• It’s fun! Regular thrift store shoppers have even named their habit - THRIFTIN’!

• Earth Day is a natural time to think of featuring stories on thrift shopping. The thrift industry celebrates the
  eco-minded philosophy EVERY DAY. Breathing new life into things that might otherwise be tossed away!
• Shopping secondhand is good for the environment and saves our landfills from filling up with perfectly usable
  items. Reducing waste is not only socially responsible, it has become a governmental priority. Many waste
  management companies are faced with new restrictions and mandates on reducing the amount of waste
  they collect. The thrift industry continues to play a vital role in helping waste management companies face
  these new challenges.

Our non-profit partners...
• Our non-profit partners provide the community with a FREE household recycling program pick-up service.
• Thrift Town/NSC provides our non-profit partners a way to raise much needed money. Over 72 million dollars
  in profits for the charities have been raised to date.
                                                        “quotable quotes”...

“                     Quotes from our founders & non-profit partners...
Norquist Salvage Corporation: “Since 1972, we have operated our business based on good, honest business ethics. It is
because of our organization’s commitment to these basic values that we have earned our position as an industry leader,
both as a retailer and as a business partner with non-profit organizations.”
Bud Norquist, founder of Norquist Salvage Corporation

Norquist Salvage Corporation: “The thrift industry has gone through so many changes over the years. We used to provide
alternative shopping primarily for people with limited available income. Now “secondhand” has become so socially
acceptable and fashionable that we cater to people from all demographics. From the product to the people, thrift store
retailing is always exciting. It continually challenges us to meet the demands of an ever-changing and dynamic market-
place.” Steve Moore, founder of Norquist Salvage Corporation

Community Assistance for the Retarded and Handicapped (C.A.R.H): “No one can measure the Thank You’s for the ben-
efits the retarded and elderly of our community have received because of Norquist Salvage Corporation’s affiliation with
C.A.R.H. Their interest and generosity toward helping the “Special People” we serve has been an inspiration to us all.”
Community Assistance for the Retarded and Handicapped

Lifehouse: “Fees for services do not come to close to covering our costs. Because of our relationship with Thrift Town/
NSC, we are able to maintain high quality services for which Lifehouse is known.” Lifehouse, formerly MARC

The Arc of New Mexico: “Since 1972 the partnership between The Arc of New Mexico and Norquist Salvage Corporation
has brought literally millions of dollars into the advocacy for persons with developmental disabilities and their families.”
The Arc of New Mexico

The Arc San Francisco: “The decision made by The Arc San Francisco back in 1973 to bring together a joint venture with
Norquist Salvage Corporation was a momentous one. That decision has generated millions of unrestricted dollars for
The Arc San Francisco without using valuable staff or volunteer time.” The Arc San Francisco

The Arc of Texas: “Since 1975 The Arc of Texas/NSC partnership has benefitted Texans with mental retardation by pro-
viding funding support to Arc programs at both state and local levels and educating hundreds of thousands of Texans
about the mission and vision of the Arc.” The Arc of Texas

                                                                charIty relatIonshIp...

                  YCLE                           About the relationship with our non-profit partners...
            REC              SH

        �                     O   Thrift Town/Norquist Salvage Corporation is a for-profit business that works exclusively

                                   with several non-profit organizations, most of which benefit people with mental retar-
                                      TH R

                                    dation and other developmental disabilities. The relationships we have established over
                                       IFT TOW

                                      the years are mutually beneficial to both Thrift Town/NSC and our non-profit partners.

                                       Since 1972 Thrift Town/NSC has generated over $75 million dollars in total profits

                                     for its non-profit partners in California, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. Most all of our


                                  !contracts not only guarantee a majority of profits to the non-profit partner, but have of-

                                 ten averaged over 62% of total profits to our charity partners. This is something unheard
                                of in our industry. This is something unheard of in our industry. In most cases, these funds
                               represent between 70-90 percent (or more) of our non-profit partner’s overall operating
            budget. Without these funds, most of our non-profit partners would be unable to provide their much-needed
            programs and services. We are proud to be part of such a meaningful and worthwhile fund-raising effort.

                                                             Here’s How It Works...
                                      The local non-profit partner makes phone calls, or solicits by mail, to nearby
                                      residents for donations of gently used clothing, furniture, toys, and housewares. The
                                      residents then place their donations out to be picked up by the non-profit organization.

                            All donations of merchandise collected by our non-profit partners by a FREE
                            home pick-up or by a neighborhood drop box are brought to a local Thrift
             Town store and unloaded from the truck onto “carts”. This household recycling service is
             FREE to the community and keeps unnecessary waste out of our landfills.

                                        Thrift Town/NSC buys ALL the donated merchandise
                                        by the cart (a way to measure merchandise by the cubic foot) from
                                        our non-profit partners. The cart price is negotiated every six months
                                        to ensure fair market value.

                                After the merchandise is purchased from our non-profit partner, Thrift
             Town crew members sort, price and place merchandise onto the retail floor for sale, of-
             fering people top quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Any merchandise not suit-
             able for sale at Thrift Town is sold to outside companies who either use the material to
             manufacture other products and/or distribute the clothing to Third World countries.
             Our non-profit partners also benefit from these sales.
                                                           where to FInd us...

       Store Locations                                                       Phone & Fax Numbers

1972   Corporate Office- 2151 Professional Dr. #200 Roseville, CA 95661      ph 916.787.1070   fax 916.787.6226

1972   San Leandro - 16160 E. 14th St. San Leandro, CA 94578                 ph 510.278.1766   fax 510.278.0668

1973   San Francisco- 2101 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110               ph 415.861.1132   fax 415.861.3528

1973   Albuquerque - 3900 Menaul Blvd. N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87110            ph 505.872.0647   fax 505.884.8297

1978   Dallas- 1516 S. Westmoreland Dr. Dallas, TX 75211                     ph 214.337.8979   fax 214.331.2741

1975   Fort Worth - 2444 Jacksboro Hwy. Fort Worth, TX 76114                 ph 817.625.2864   fax 817.626.5221

1976   N. Richland Hills - 6601 Grapevine Hwy. N. Richland Hills, TX 76180   ph 817.284.5120   fax 817.284.6442

1979   Arlington - 1517 E. Abram St. Arlington, TX 76010                     ph 817.861.5588   fax 817.861.9283

1981   Salt Lake City - 3330 S. 1300 East Salt Lake City, UT 84106           ph 801.486.4944   fax 801.486.4968

1987   El Sobrante - 3645 San Pablo Dam Rd. El Sobrante, CA 94803            ph 510.222.8696   fax 510.222.2108

1988   San Antonio - 12247 Nacogdoches San Antonio, TX 78217                 ph 210.656.8696   fax 210.656.3151

1991   Sacramento - 5005 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95820                 ph 916.454.0435   fax 916.454.2296

1991   Sacramento - 410 El Camino Sacramento, CA 95815                       ph 916.922.9942   fax 916.922.0321

1993   Austin - 5726 Manchaca Rd. Suite #240 Austin, TX 78745                ph 512.442.7200   fax 512.707.0154

1997   Fremont - 41200 Blacow Rd. #E. Fremont, CA 94538                      ph 510.661.9150   fax 510.661.0910

2006   Carmichael - 6328 Fair Oaks Blvd.. Carmichael, CA 95608               ph 480.480.0312   fax 916.480.0370
                     about norquIst salvage corp...

     THRIFT ToWN VISIoN: Committed to Making a Difference Every Day
  THRIFT ToWN MISSIoN: Unifying Crew, Charity and Community to Enrich the World
THRIFT ToWN VALUES: Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Work-Life Balance, Growth
Thrift Town/Norquist Salvage Corporation (NSC) was founded by Bud Norquist and Steve Moore in 1972. They
knew that there was room in the thrift industry for stores that sold top-quality used merchandise in an orga-
nized, bright, clean, and comfortable environment. They were right! The first store was a success. The company
has grown to 15 Thrift Town stores in four western states, with plans for expansion.

Bud and Steve also wanted Thrift Town/NSC to be a leader in the industry when it came to working with the
non-profit organizations that provide each Thrift Town store with merchandise. Since the beginning, Thrift
Town/NSC has always made its non-profit partners a high priority. That’s why Thrift Town/NSC pays top dollar
for merchandise from its non-profit partners.

Thrift Town/NSC is proud to have spent over a quarter century dedicated to socially responsible recycling. If the
merchandise we sell wasn’t in stores like ours, much of it would end up in our landfills. Buying used instead of
new saves time, energy and raw materials that would have been spent making a new item. Thrift Town/NSC is
proud to be part of the solution for the country’s waste management problems.

Thrift Town/NSC knows that the business is only as good as its crew members. We have built our company on
providing a relaxed, informal, and safe work atmosphere, competitive wages, and excellent benefits for our
crew members.

        All of us at Thrift Town/NSC are committed to our vision, mission and
          values statements by practicing our unique “Four C’s” philosophy.
 Four C’s Philosophy:
 Customer- We offer top-quality gently-used merchandise at bargain prices to our customers. Our customers are
 promised a clean, organized and friendly shopping environment.

 Crew- We value and recognize all crew members, as individuals and as team players, for their commitment to
 the overall mission. We have high regard for both safety and fun in the workplace.

 Charity- We seek partnerships with non-profit organizations with proven track records of providing real benefits
 to people in our communities. We make a sincere commitment to our non-profit partners, and take great pride
 in our ability to help them generate funding.

 Community- We practice socially responsible recycling and continuously promote our “Reuse, Resale, Recycle”
 message. We provide an alternative to mainstream retail shopping, as well as provide an opportunity to greatly
 decrease the amount of waste piling up in landfills throughout our communities.