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      Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Sunday, 3 March 2002 at The Greswolde
                              Arms Hotel, High Street, Knowle

    Brian Edwards             Chairman, Wiltshire OS
    Steve Manning             Hon. Secretary, Pleurothallid Alliance
    Walter Howey*             Hon Treasurer, South East OS
    Bill Allwood              Minutes Secretary, Scottish OS

Pat Allwood    Scottish OS                                      Christine Cook    Thames Valley OS
Joyce Stewart    President & RHS                                Barry Cook           Thames Valley OS
Zigis Urdzins  Solihull & District                              Michael Potter Lea Valley OS
Bill Bond      Solihull & District                              J. Jones         Central OS
Eric Hodgkins Birmingham & Midlands OS                          John Spires      Central OS
Brian Taylor   Birmingham & Midlands OS                         D. Belcher       OSGB
Derek Mills    Worcestershire OS                                Gillian Howey South East OS
Sue Lane            Devon OS/Somerset OS                        David Beasley Hinckley & District OS
Hazel Edwards Wiltshire OS                                      Keith Bates      Hinckley & District OS
Denys Morton     Cheshire and N Wales OS                        Ken Russell      North of England OS
Iain Wright        Cheshire & N Wales OS                        Alan Gregg          South Wales OS
Johan Hermans* Judging sub-committee ch                         Ian Plested        BOGA
Clare Hermans* Judging sub-committee ch.                        Janet Newson      Cotswold OS
Joy Eng                 Bournemouth OS                          Ian Parsons Communications sub-committee Ch.
Graham Smith     Bournemouth OS                                 Bristol& West OS & South West OS
Phil Seaton    OSG (guest)                                      * Members of the judging sub-committee

The names recorded as present have been taken from the          Each delegate is asked to sign clearly so that an accurate
attendance list circulated during the meeting.                  record can be achieved.

1. Apologies
Mrs. Pat. Mills      Worcester OS                               Kit Lindsay         West Cornwall OS
Ramala Bakaya        North of England OS                        Ron Lindsay         West Cornwall OS
Ray Buxton              North of England OS                     Alec Burt            North East of England OS
Max Hopkinson       East Midlands OS                            Mary Burt            North East of England OS
Celia Hopkinson     East Midlands OS                            C. Kovac             Wessex OS
David Townsend      Southern Counties OS                        Mary Smallman     Pleurothallid Alliance
Val Micklewright    Sussex Orchid Group                         Northern Ireland OS
Cedric Maunder*     Sheffiield OS                               Jack Fine             South Wales OS
Sylvia Maunder*     Sheffield OS                                G. Westmore         Wessex OS
Alan Rowntree         Cumbria OS                                Gordon Nash         Harrogate OS
T. Britten               Cumbria OS

2. Chairman's remarks
Brian Edwards thanked members for trusting him to be Chairman. He noted that he
can always be contacted by telephone on 01373 812008 – not as written in the Golden
Guide. He thanked Graham Smith for the amount of work done in the previous year
and fully understood his reasons for standing down. He noted that Graham had
offered his time and experience to BOC in the future and it was very likely that he
would be utilised within the communications sub-committee.

3. Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held 2 December 2001

The minutes were approved after two minor amendments, Pat & Kit Lindsay (West
Cornwall) were marked as present and the Pleurothallid 'Society' was corrected to
Pleurothallid Alliance.

4. Matters Arising

The Chairman noted that the new venue for our meetings looked promising and hoped
that this would alter delegates' awareness, as where we met before somewhat dented
the view of BOC meetings. These days, everyone was looking for value for his or her
money and time and he was keen to reflect that view. For most growers, 'potting day'
was Sunday and he appreciated that people took time to come to the meetings and
should have value for that time.

The question of contact details for the secretary was important as BOC was still
getting correspondence addressed to John Hainsworth and Peter Hunt, previous
secretaries. Peter Hunt had suggested that a permanent address would help to solve
the problem. Ian Parsons noted that it was possible to purchase a P.O. Box number or
use a mailing service address provider. Several other suggestions were made and it
was decided that Steve Manning would explore the possibilities and report at the next

The Chairman referred to the item relating to Phil Seaton's request for website
funding. It transpired that this was a request from the Orchid Specialist Group (OSG).
This item was discussed later in the meeting (see para 5. Correspondence).

 5. Correspondence

The Hon. Secretary had received the following information:

Kit Lindsay (West Cornwall OS) had held a four-day orchid workshop at the Eden
Project in Cornwall. They noted that many visitors came from all over the UK and
would be happy to advertise Society Shows given dates and posters when they next
have a workshop.

Members who are expecting the WOC Vancouver proceedings should have had a
letter asking them to confirm their address. If not please contact the BOC Hon.
Secretary. The proceedings are being printed in Asia and should be available soon!

Details relating to Plant Hunter Fairs, organised by Acorn Events (01246 569698)
have been received. Rare and unusual plants will be available at 8 venues in Cheshire,
Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and North Yorkshire.

Plant Talk issues a magazine on-line relating to plant conservation

'CITES NEWS' – Plants Issue 8, has been received. RBG KEW produces this
newsletter. It notes that the CITES orchid checklist Volume 3 is now available from
Kew Enterprises, RBG Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB.

An international orchid workshop in Cuba will take place in late November 2002 –
see diary of events.

Brian Edwards then invited Phil Seaton to give a short presentation about the Orchid
Specialist Group now chaired by Phil Cribb.
The OSG mission is 'to assist in international efforts to conserve plant diversity, by
providing technical support for the development and execution of programmes to
study, document, save, restore and manage wisely orchids and their habitats'.
A short presentation was given and copies of Orchid Conservation News distributed.
OSG are looking for a one-off cash donation of up to a total of £5,500 in three areas,
website production, International Conservation News publication and Secretarial
support. Phil said his highest priority was production of a website.
Copies of the proposal will be sent to delegates for discussion within their Societies.
In the brief discussion that followed, Ian Parsons offered his professional help to get
the OSG website started. Individual Societies were free to contribute and Phil Seaton
was willing to give talks – fees towards the OSG fund.
The OSG request will be discussed at the May meeting of BOC.

6. CITES - Max Hopkinson (not present)

A letter from DEFRA was circulated to members revealing a possible change of
direction. They were thinking of pursuing a policy of only part recovery of costs. The
Chairman thought that it was still not too late to write in. The Hon Sec mentioned that
Spain and the USA governments actually contributed money to CITES work whilst
the UK government was just bent on extracting money from orchidists.
Ian Plested (BOGA) mentioned that there was a current delay in issuing CITES
permits at DEFRA in Bristol. He suggested that if members wanted to bring back
plants from WOC in Malaysia they should apply now.
Ian Parsons suggested that he put information, on how to obtain CITES permits, onto
the BOC website. This was agreed.

6. Treasurer's Report - W. Howey

Over half the subscriptions had been received from member societies. Everything was
going well. He stated that our reserves were £24,000, £5000 had been advanced to
EOC and the remaining £19000 was cash reserve.
He asked Council to consider the approval of sponsorship of the EOC medals to a
value of £1,000. He further explained, as Treasurer, that this was self-financing as
it improved the profit (or loss) by this amount, and the Council would benefit. In

addition the BOC 'logo' would be on each medal thus enhancing publicity. The
Chairman asked delegates to consider this for a decision at the next meeting.

7. Congresses

The Chairman thought that it was an excellent idea to have a sub committee for
Congresses. This would enable the experience and expertise of Council members to
be fully utilised. He would be making soundings regarding membership.

17th World Orchid Conference, Malaysia, 24 April - 2 May 2002
 Nothing to report except those who were going were looking forward to it.

13th European Orchid Congress, London, 12 - 16th March 2003
This event will be held at the Royal Horticultural Society Halls in London from the 12
until the 16 March. Setting up will be partly on the 10th of March and on the 11th of
March. The 12th of March will be devoted to judging and we shall also have the
official opening and preview evening.
Regular meetings have been held by the core organising committee throughout the
year. Several other people have also volunteered their services for specific tasks. A
great number of leaflets were distributed throughout the world to make orchid people
aware of the event. The registration brochure has now been completed and will be
posted to people who have expressed an interest; it will also be available at the
London Orchid Show where one will be able to register on the spot. A publicity
stand will be set up at the Newbury Show and the 'Last Drop Village' event later in the
year. Advertisements and editorials will appear in the American Orchid Society
‘Orchids’ and The Orchid Review. The website has now been
        The lecture programme looks very promising, with excellent lecturers from all
over the world. It is going to be an outstanding Show with lots of amateur and
professional exhibitors, tours during the conference and afterwards, a splendid Gala
dinner at the Houses of Parliament etc.
Registration is highly recommended, prices have been kept low so that the Congress
will be accessible to as many people as possible, early registration is advisable. Day
registration will not be available.

Registration Fees
    Early             By 31st May 2002          £30 Single        £45 Double.
   Standard         June-December 2002          £40 Single        £55 Double.
     Late           January 2003or later        £50 Single        £65 Double.

A single registration will provide:
 Access to the Official Opening and Preview Evening, which includes a glass of
 Access to lectures
 Unlimited access to the Show including Registrant only sessions
 The right to book for Events, Tours and Gala Dinner – all subject to space.
 A Registrant’s pack including a commemorative badge and Conference Guide
 At a later date a copy of the Proceedings, printed in full colour.
A double registration will provide access for two people as above but only one
registrants pack and one copy of the Proceedings.

Henry Oakley's exhibitor status report was issued to the meeting.

d) Future BOC Congresses
Although the OSGB had offered to hold the 21st BOC Congress, it was not as
clear-cut as it seemed. They have been looking for venues but finding them very
expensive. For example Sandown Park was £20000 for 3 days and Imperial College,
London not far short of that. Walter Howey reminded delegates that he had
undertaken to find two venues in Kent at the last meeting. It took him 15 days to do
so, one in Folkestone and one in Margate both costing around £5000. He simply
phoned the local council and obtained a brochure for Kent listing the Conference
venues available. Walter reiterated his suggestion that each Society does this and the
chairman challenged members to bring their county brochure next time. Walter also
added that when you view the premises you get refreshments free!

8. Sub-Committee Reports

a) Judging sub committee - Clare & Johan Hermans
A very successful Symposium was held at the RHS Garden, Wisley on 17 th February
with over 70 people attending. Five classes were successfully judged and discussed.
There was a lecture by Lucinda Lachelin on the RHS and Orchids plus a briefing and
general discussion on judging schedules for the forthcoming European Orchid

One new Trainee has joined since the last BOC meeting:
Nicola Wakley, of the Devon Orchid Society, Sue Lane will be her mentor.

The following people passed the requirements to become BOC judges:
Kenneth Bruyninckx of the Sheffield & District Orchid Society.
Thomas Houghton of the N. E. of England Orchid Society.
John Goff of the S.E. Orchid Society.
Bill Haldene of the Devon Orchid Society.
Theo Eng of the Wessex Orchid Society.

Harold Jepson and Jack Whitehouse have unfortunately retired as BOC judges.
We have written to them personally and would to thank them here for their many
years of dedication to the Judging scheme.

Barbara Robinson a trainee judge for the Orchid Society of Great Britain and Peter
Robinson a trainee judge for the Sussex Orchid Society have been withdrawn from the
Scheme. Neither has responded to our letters and we assume they have lost interest
in continuing.

b) Lecturers panel - Val Mickelwright (not present)
Nothing further to report

b) Slide Collection – Tina Stagg (not present)
Tina would welcome contributions to the library. To this end she proposes to write to
each society and organisation in turn so that she will be able to keep up to date with
the processing. Also, as the library increases, she will have a better idea of the genera
in which it is weaker and will be able to make suggestions accordingly.

To be considered for inclusion in the library slides should be labelled, or numbered
with a corresponding list of names. As the library is an important archive she would
prefer not to have unlabelled slides given an estimated 'pedigree'.
The library currently offers 1884 slides in 126 genera and is open for business.
(Tel: 01492 583219 or

c) Communication sub- committee - Ian Parsons
Ian has produced a draft terms of reference for the executive committee and these will
be discussed at the next meeting. They are included in the minutes and comments
would be welcome. The Chairman said that the committee would be reviewing the
sub committee membership as well.

As yet there has been no official response from BOGA regarding the Golden Guide.
Ian Plested mentioned that BOGA was having great difficulty in getting next year's
editor and may be asking BOC for help. It was suggested that if BOC prepared its (8
pages) copy in a print ready format, it would be a great help. Both Ians would
investigate this possibility. Ian Plested emphasised that the last date for copy was 1st
June this year and Steve Manning added that all Society details should go to him as he
collates them to send on to Claudia Whales.
Steve Manning also requested that any changes in numbers of copies required be
notified to him as soon as possible.

9. Any other business

The chairman referred to a 'lost' item namely the idea of an annual award for the best
orchid(s). This was not a photographic competition but winning plants at Society
Shows would be photographed and judged once a year. Walter proposed that we try it
for a year from 1 July 2002 to 30 June 2003. A photocopy of the Australian scheme
was handed to members for consideration. Each plant is nominated for the award e.g.
best species and the nomination accompanied by three 35mm slides – the whole plant,
the front view of a flower and one inflorescence showing some flowers in profile. If
delegates agree this could be set up at the next meeting.
        It had been pointed out that the date of the next meeting (2 June) clashed
with the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. After a brief discussion and vote, it was
decided to change the date of the next meeting to 26 May 2002.
        The Minutes Secretary requested that items for the diary of events be
submitted as he had noticed that some Shows were not being included. This diary
forms the basis for the Golden Guide and the Orchid Review list so the publicity is
The meeting closed at 4.40pm

Minutes Secretary
Bill Allwood, 17 John Gresty Drive, Willaston, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6RH
Tel/Fax 01270 560 585