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					                                                                                       Bidding for Hope
                                                                             2.   $10,000 - CHANGE THE WORLD by
                                                                                  helping us store tumors
     Win a Trip to Peru (Winner                                                   SUB-ZERO FREEZER

     Drawn After Live Auction)                                                    Can $10,000 change the world? According to Time
                                                                                  Magazine, one of the 10 ideas of 2009 is biobanks and
                                                                                  Time came to HCI to learn more. I quote the article:
                                                                                  "Think of it as an organic bank account. You put your
1.     $100 Donation for Chance at Amazon
                                                                                  biomaterial in and earn medical interest in the form of
       and Machu Picchu Experience                                                knowledge and therapies that grow out of that
       Nine-Day PERU, Amazon and Machu Picchu                                     deposit."
                                                                                  You might not have thought $10,000 could change the
       $100 Donation for Drawing/400 Chances Available!                           world but it can. A donation of $10,000 pays for a
                                                                                  freezer to store specimens. Says HCI's own Dr.
       HCF is helping you check off a trip from your bucket                       Randall Burt, "The medical incentives are certainly
       list. We are taking up to 20 couples on an exclusive                       great. Scientists are convinced that only by mining the
       tour of Peru in 2010. Tonight is your chance to win                        riches of the human genome will we uncover the next
       two of those spots in this exclusive tour.                                 generation of treatments for disease."
                                                                                                                            Value: $10000
       Join us as we tour Cuzco, Machu Picchu and sail the
       Amazon River Tuesday, June 1, thru Thursday, June
       10, 2010.

       This tour will highlight Lima, the Sacred Valley of the
       Incas, hiking in Machu Picchu, the Gate of the Sun,
       and sailing down the Amazon River.

       Included in the tour:
       - Airfare for two on Continental Airlines round-trip
       from Salt Lake City to Lima, Peru
       - Accommodations                                                      3.   $5,000 - SAVE LIVES by Funding
       - Transportation and sightseeing with                                      Early Screenings
       English-speaking guide
       - Service of a tour manager and lecturer - Carlos L.                       500 FREE SKIN CANCER SCREENINGS IN 2010
       Fida, CTC
       - Meals as listed in the itinerary                                         Help HCI provide more than 500 people per year free
       - Tips to porters and drivers                                              skin cancer screenings. More than 600 people are
                                                                                  diagnosed with melanoma each year in Utah.
       Some meals are not included.                                               Melanoma is the leading cancer killer of women age
                                                                                  25-30, often growing in places like the backs of legs
       WREN AND FIDA REPRESENTATIVES ARE                                          that can be discovered in a routine check like this.
       AVAILABLE AT THE GALA REGISTRATION TO                                      Save lives by funding 500 people's skin cancer
       DISCUSS TRIP DETAILS. To book the trip or                                  screenings today.
       request information call: W & F (801) 364-4481. This                                                                 Value: $5000
       donation will be applied to your trip in the event you
       do not win the drawing.

       Restrictions: Donations given for a chance to win a prize are not
       tax deductible. Syndicate members need not be present to win. No
       purchase neccesary to win. Winning tickets will be drawn at the end
       of the Live Auction.
                                                         Value: $9400
       Continental Airlines
       Wren & Fida International and All Access, LLC
4.   $2,500 - FUND OUR CORE MISSION                             6.   $350 - Building Hope Brick by Brick
     by Covering the Cost of Cellular                                BRICK PAVER
     ONE CELL CLONING KIT                                            Join those dedicated to the cause on the Walk of Hope
                                                                     when you donate $350 for the "Building Hope Brick
     $2,500 covers the cost of one cell cloning kit, used by         by Brick" campaign. You will receive a personalized
     our scientists to better understand cellular processes          brick placed in the walkway connecting Huntsman
     involved in cancer development. Help us unlock more             Cancer Institute to the Hospital that you can
     mysteries on the cellular level by providing the tools          personalize with a message up to 40 characters. Honor
     that scientists use every day.                                  a loved one's fight today!
                                                Value: $2500                                                     Value: $350

5.   $1,000 - GIVE HOPE AND                                     7.   $50 - MAKE HCI's DAY EVERY DAY
     ASSURANCE in a Binder for Anxious                               Case by Case
     Patients                                                        ONE CASE OF PETRI DISHES
                                                                     $50 doesn't go very far these days, but it can buy an
                                                                     entire case of hope for researchers in our labs.
                                                                     Huntsman Cancer Institute researchers utilize an
     Each day 12 people walk through our doors and
                                                                     average of 100 petri dishes per lab per week-- petri
     receive the dreaded words: "You have cancer."
                                                                     dishes are used in experiments to better understand
     Huntsman Cancer Institute is often heralded for
                                                                     how and why cancer develops. Who will buy a case
     focusing on survivorship through our Cancer Learning
     Center. $1,000 provides 100 patient education binders
     to newly-diagnosed cancer patients, the first step to                                                         Value: $50
     understanding their disease and sorting out their future
     with cancer.
                                               Value: $1000
                                                               9.    Howard Clark Painting
                Live Auction                                         Howard Clark considers himself a "composer" who
                                                                     expresses his rhapsodic views in color rather than
                                                                     musical notes.The strong colors in his paintings reflect
8.   Mexico in Luxury: One Week in Cabo
                                                                     his upbringing in Utah, with the rugged purple-brown
     San Lucas Penthouse Condo with Four                             backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains, the electric
     Suites and Airfare for Two on                                   spring greens of nearby valleys, the deep blue of
     Continental Airlines                                            soaring skies, the incredible reds and oranges of
     Enjoy a one-week stay in a penthouse condo at Plaza             summer sunsets, and the red rock grandeur of nature's
     Nautica, the epicenter of Cabo San Lucas.                       monuments.
     - Best restaurants and bars, the elegant Puerto Paraiso
     Mall, marina boating/fishing charters, Medano Beach             This rhythmic composition reflects not merely the
     within walking distance                                         painter's surroundings but his soul-felt, positive, and
     - 4 bedrooms each with private baths                            enthusiastic feelings about life itself. Clark's work is
     - Penthouse condo sleeps 15                                     included in permanent collections at Salt Lake County
     - Comprises entire top floor (over 8,000 square feet)           Art Collection, University of Utah's Gardner Music
     with patios on all four sides                                   Hall, Huntsman Cancer Institute, The Country Club
     - Spectacular views of the ocean, harbor and city               (Salt Lake City) and now your home. "Opus for
     - Amenities include air conditioning, BBQ grill,                Hope."
     washer/dryer, linens, dishwasher, telephone,                                                                 Value: $7000
     microwave, toaster, coffee maker, dishes/utensils,              Howard Clark
     satellite TV, VCR, and condo's pool
     - Handicap accessible                                     10.   Join Tiger at His Tourney at the
     - Includes airfare for two from Salt Lake City to San           Chevron World Challenge, December
     Jose del Cabo on Continental Airlines (25 miles from            1-6, 2009 (Includes Airfare for Four)
     Cabo San Lucas)
                                                                     Here's your chance to bid on four tickets for the
     Restrictions: Can be booked any time except over                Chevron World Challenge, held December 1-6, 2009,
     Thanksgiving or Christmas week. No pets allowed.                hosted by none other than Tiger Woods at the Jack
     Successful bidder responsible for paying daily maid             Nicklaus-designed Sherwood Country Club in
     service.                                                        Thousand Oaks, California.
                                               Value: $8000
     Continental Airlines
                                                                     Here's who you'll see in the eighteen-man field--
     Swing for Life                                                  -The defending champion
                                                                     -The current four major winners
                                                                     -The top 11 available players from the Official World
                                                                     Golf Rankings
                                                                     -Two special invitees chosen by the Tiger Woods

                                                                     Includes airfare for four courtesy of Southwest
                                                                     Airlines and Delta Airlines (two from Southwest and
                                                                     two from Delta to be used for this trip or anywhere
                                                                     these airlines fly).
                                                                                                                Value: $3580
                                                                     Delta Airlines
                                                                     Southwest Airlines
                                                                     Tiger Woods Foundation
11.   Distinctive White Gold Bracelet with                       14.     Superbowl XLIV Tickets, Sunday,
      Diamonds from Payne Anthony                                        February 7, 2010 and Airfare for Two
      14 Karat white gold diamond bracelet designed by                   on jetBlue Airways
      Paschal Lacroix. The diamonds are all round,                       Forget HD and see this one live. A once-in-a-lifetime
      brilliant-cut gems and have a total weight of just over            football experience is every fan's dream. Includes
      one carat. The color of the diamonds is F and the                  airfare for two on jetBlue Airways to Fort Lauderdale
      clarity is VVS1. Bracelet features an invisible clasp.             (25 miles from Miami). Sit where the NFL players do
                                                 Value: $6270            with two player tickets to the Superbowl. The
      Payne Anthony Creative Jewelers                                    memories are waiting to be made. New York Jets
                                                                         player Sione Po'uha shares his tickets with Huntsman
                                                                         Cancer Foundation because he believes in the cause
                                                                         and he believes that you'll have an experience of a
                                                                                                                    Value: $7796
                                                                         jetBlue Airways
                                                                         Sione Po'uha

12.   Electric Golf Car
      EZ-GO TXT golf cars are designed to provide the
      comfortable, quiet ride you want and the proven
      efficiency and reliability you demand. This car features
      a best-in-class DC motor, the patented precision drive
      system, and a sleek body. The electric EZ-GO PDS in
      hunter green has a horn, energy gauge, and folding
      windshield. Use it for your business or home!                     Dining and Entertainment
                                                Value: $5000
      Plaza Cycles

                                                                 101.    Dinner for Ten prepared by Valter
                                                                         Nassi of Cucina Toscana
                                                                         Valter Nassi of the luscious Cucina Toscana takes care
                                                                         of most celebrities as they seek out the best Italian
                                                                         cuisine in Salt Lake City. Host 10 people in his
                                                                         restaurant for an exciting night of food and friends.
                                                                         Alcoholic beverages and gratuity not included. Valter,
                                                                         the consummate host, will prepare the menu and
                                                                         dazzle you with an authentic Italian meal that you will
                                                                         remember for a long time.
13.   Stunning Diamond Teardrop Necklace                                 Restrictions: Please redeem between 9/1/09 and 11/30/09.
      ARI Diamonds presents the Stunning Diamond                                                                            Value: $650
                                                                         Cucina Toscana
      Teardrop Necklace custom-made for Huntsman
      Cancer Foundation. This one-of-a-kind piece is made
      with all F, VS stones and is set in 18 karat white gold.
                                                 Value: $5300
      Ari Diamonds
102.   Kirby Heyborne's Spectacular Offering                             105.   Co-Host "Good Things Utah" for a Day
       of Marvelous Stuff!                                                      Here's your chance to co-host with the ladies on ABC
       The original "Kirby's Spectacular Offering of                            4's "Good Things Utah." Seen every weekday at 10
       Marvelous Stuff!" is now available! Includes one tie                     a.m., Nicea Degering, Angie Larsen, Marti Skold, and
       out of Kirby Heyborne's own closet, a personal song                      Reagan Leadbetter inform viewers on the hottest
       about/for you posted on YouTube, a private concert, a                    fashion trends, make-up ideas, cost-saving coupons,
       signed copy of "The Elm Tree" CD, a Kirby-made                           fitness strategies, cooking lessons, and more. You will
       T-shirt and a basket of the films that made Kirby                        sit side by side with the ladies and help host the show
       famous.                                                                  -- a once in a lifetime experience!
                                                 Value: $2150                                                               Value: $1000
       Kirby Heyborne                                                           "Good Things Utah" ABC 4

                                                                         106.   The Thrill of the Grill!
                                                                                This three-burner, stainless steel grill is perfect for all
                                                                                of your outdoor grilling. Also included is a chef's hat,
                                                                                apron, steak knife set, and some great cooking utensils
                                                                                to use with your new grill. Grill will be delivered
                                                                                within a week to successful bidder's residence along
                                                                                the Wasatch Front (from Ogden to Provo) by Orson
                                                                                Gygi Company. Whet your BBQ appetite with a
                                                                                Goodwood gift basket with sauce, utensils, and a $40
                                                                                dollar gift certificate to Goodwood BBQ Company.
103.   A Musical Evening with Jon Schmidt
                                                                                                                              Value: $1070
       Enjoy an evening with the world-famous piano                             Goodwood BBQ Company
       sensation Jon Schmidt. Currently the number one                          Orson Gygi, Bintz Restaurant Supply
       video on YouTube, Jon's hit combines Taylor Swift's
       "Love Story" with Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and is                107.   Kitchen Resource -- A VitalMill Grain
       just one of his amazing songs proving what a musical                     Mill
       genius he is. More than three million downloaded
       songs, seven highly-popular albums, seven volumes of                     The VitalMill mills wheat and a long list of whole
       original piano scores that fly off the shelves, and a                    grains and beans into fresh, nutritious flour quickly
       highly-rated television special, Jon's music has proven                  and easily. Twelve cups of wheat become 20 cups of
       a hit.                                                                   fine flour in less than four minutes! The fineness of the
                                                                                VitalMill's flour will enable you to make the light
       Jon Schmidt's music and performance will astonish                        textured baked goods you and your family enjoy. Also
       you.                                                                     included is six bags of wheat.
       Restrictions: Event must be in home, on a weeknight, and not in                                                       Value: $450
       December. Home must have piano. Valid until August 2010.                 Kitchen Resource
                                                          Value: $1300
       Jon Schmidt                                                       108.   Spoons 'n Spice and Everything Nice...
                                                                                Like a Bosch Mixer!
                                                                                This package includes a Bosch Universal Plus mixer,
                                                                                Waring blender, 11" stainless steel frying pan, chafer,
                                                                                two angled serving bowls, a Dexter-Russell knife, and
                                                                                a $50 Spoons 'n Spice gift certificate to get even more
                                                                                great things for your kitchen.
                                                                                                                             Value: $805
                                                                                Bintz Restaurant Supply, Kitchen Resource, Spoons 'n Spice

104.   Sing with the Mormon Tabernacle
       Here is your chance to sing with America's Choir and
       one of the most well-known choirs in the world. Spend
       one night practicing with the Mormon Tabernacle
       Choir. The choir’s professional photographer will take
       your picture to document this once-in-a-lifetime
       experience. Date subject to choir rehearsal schedule -
       a Thursday night from 7:15-9:30 pm.
                                                  Value: $500
       Mormon Tabernacle Choir
109.   Pine Wine Rack, Wine and Utah                               113.   Ballet West Backstage -- VIP Tour and
       Truffles                                                           Tickets for Two
       Perfect for any cellar or wine storage need, this                  This Ballet West package includes two complimentary
       table-top wine rack is made of high-quality ponderosa              tickets, signed pointe shoes from Ballet West's own
       pine and holds up to 24 bottles. Four bottles of wine              ballerina, Jennifer Robinson, and a VIP backstage tour
       and two boxes of truffles also are included.                       of Ballet West. Enjoy a look inside Utah's Premiere
                                                   Value: $435            Ballet Company. From "Balanchine" to "Bournonville"
       Wine Racks America, Utah Truffles                                  and "Petipa" to "Tharp," Ballet West boasts a rich and
                                                                          varied repertoire, elegant and versatile artists, and an
110.   Family Entertainment Package with 26"                              American style and legacy that is as dynamic,
                                                                          expansive and unexpected as the Rocky Mountain
       Flat Screen HDTV, Blu-Ray and
                                                                          region it represents. Ballet West has toured the world
       Coupons Galore!                                                    several times over presenting the very best in
       This awesome family entertainment package includes a               American classical ballet.
       26" flat screen HDTV, Blu-Ray Disc player, a $50                                                                 Value: $261
       Walmart gift card, and munchies. Also includes an                  Ballet West
       annual family pass and four coupons for free ice
       skating at the Utah Olympic Oval, a voucher good for
       four tickets to any Utah Grizzlies game in 2009-2010,
       and 10 VIP passes to the Living Planet Aquarium.
                                                  Value: $860
       Walmart, Utah Olympic Oval, E Center, The Living Planet
       Furniture Warehouse

111.   Nights at the Theatre with a Side of
       Hale Centre Theatre, Utah's premiere family theatre,        114.   Hale Centre Theatre and the Porcupine
       invites you to enjoy three of their shows with family              Grille
       and friends. This package includes 16 tickets: six pairs           Enjoy a night out with your sweetheart! Enjoy a
       of tickets to "Curtains" on 10/14/09, and two                      delicious meal for two at Porcupine Grille ($40
       additional pairs - one pair for both of the following              voucher) and an evening of culture at the Hale Centre
       shows: "The Importance of Being Earnest" on                        Theatre with two tickets to "Curtains" on 10/21/09.
       1/05/10, and "A Christmas Carol" on 12/01/09. Add a                                                             Value: $84
       box of Utah Truffles to sweeten the deal!                          Canyon Culinary
                                                     Value: $480          Hale Centre Theatre
       Hale Centre Theatre
                                                                   115.   Eat, See a Play, Repeat
                                                                          Enjoy some of Salt Lake City's finest with a $25 gift
                                                                          certificate to Famous Dave's and $40 at the Dodo.
                                                                          Then tack on two tickets to "A Christmas Story" at
                                                                          Pioneer Theatre Company good December 7-17,
                                                                                                                     Value: $133
                                                                          Pioneer Theater Company
                                                                          Canyon Culinary
                                                                          Famous Dave's

112.   Return of the Date Night
       Enjoy a performance for two at Hale Centre Theatre's
       perfomance of "Curtains" on 10/21/09 and the two
       tickets to Repertory Dance Theatre's "Elements" from
       October 1-3, 2009 as well as dinner at a Salt Lake
       classic, Lamb's Grill ($50 gift card).
                                                  Value: $198
       Lamb's Grill Café
       Repertory Dance Theater
       Hale Centre Theatre
116.   A Smattering of Salt Lake City's Treats
       Enjoy romantic dinners or fun get togethers while you
                                                                      Pamper Yourself and Your
       spend time with family and friends at some of the                      Home
       finest restaurants in Salt Lake City. From local haunts
       like the Fiddler's Elbow to the deliciousness that is the
       Cheesecake Factory, you'll please your palate in these      200.   Black & Decker 18 Volt Lawn-Care
       places. (Cheescake Factory value is $50; Cucina
                                                                          Center with Charging and Storage
       Toscana value is $100; Desert Edge Pub value is
       $100; Fiddler's Elbow value is $100; P.F. Chang's                  This lawn care package with charging and storage
       value is $200; and Z' Tejas' value is $100!)                       includes - NST2018 18V Cordless String Trimmer,
                                                                          NHT518 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer, NS118 18V
                                                    Value: $650
       P.F. Chang's                                                       Hard Surface Sweeper.
       Cheesecake Factory                                                                                          Value: $380
       Cucina Toscana                                                     Black & Decker
       Desert Edge Pub
       Z' Tejas, The Gateway
       Fiddler's Elbow / Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta

117.   Film, Fun, and Food
       We've got your weekends covered with four screening
       passes to a film at either the Broadway Theatre or the
       Tower Theatre, four tickets to Hale Centre Theatre's
       "Curtains" on 10/21/09 and $50 gift certificates to
       both the Cheesecake Factory and Chin Wah
                                                  Value: $220      201.   A Scrapbooker's Paradise
       Cheesecake Factory
                                                                          Scrapbooker's Paradise includes more than $1500 in
       Chin Wah
       Salt Lake Film Society                                             supplies and products from such companies as Die
       Hale Centre Theatre                                                Cuts With a View, Stampin' Up!, Crate Paper Inc.,
                                                                          Doodlebug Designs, Pebbles in My Pocket, Making
118.   Culture Trifecta                                                   Memories and the ever-useful Cricut!
       With this package you will have three months of                                                            Value: $1536
                                                                          Robert's Arts and Crafts
       entertainment covered with three pairs of Hale Centre              Doodlebug Designs
       Theatre performances of "Curtains" on 10/21/09, "A                 Crate Paper Inc.
       Christmas Carol" on 12/02/09 and, "The Importance                  Making Memories
       of Being Earnest" on 1/06/10 and three $25 gift                    Pebbles in My Pocket
                                                                          Stampin' Up!
       certificates to Chin Wah Restaurant.                               Die Cuts With a View
                                                  Value: $207
       Chin Wah
       Hale Centre Theatre                                         202.   Limited Edition Framed Tuscany
                                                                          Canvas Giclée by Jerry Nelson
119.   I See Chinese Food and a Night at the                              Gracing the Huntsman Cancer Hospital hallways, Jerry
       Opera in Your Future                                               Nelson's canvas prints have brightened many patients'
                                                                          days. This print is a limited edition giclée of original
       Enjoy two tickets to one Utah Symphony / Utah
                                                                          photographic artwork. Framed, on canvas (30"x 30")
       Opera performance valid through December 31, 2009
                                                                          depicting scene at Pienza, Tuscany, Italy. (1 of 4)
       and a $50 gift certificate to Chin Wah Restaurant.
                                                                                                                        Value: $600
                                                  Value: $130             Jerry Nelson
       Chin Wah
       Utah Symphony / Utah Opera
                                                                   203.   Limited Edition Framed Venice Canvas
                                                                          Giclée by Jerry Nelson
                                                                          Gracing the Huntsman Cancer Hospital hallways, Jerry
                                                                          Nelson's canvas prints have brightened many patients'
                                                                          days. This print is a limited edition giclée of original
                                                                          photographic artwork. Framed, on canvas (30"x 30")
                                                                          depicting a scene in Venice, Italy. (1 of 4)
                                                                                                                        Value: $600
                                                                          Jerry Nelson
204.   HP Home Office                                             208.   Couple's Day at the Sanctuary
       All that you will need for your home or                           Enjoy a relaxing couple's day at the Sanctuary Day
       work-from-home office. Includes HP P1006 printer,                 Spa. Day includes a 60-minute relaxation massage
       HP 6735s laptop and Targus bag. Perfect for students,             followed by a relaxing soak in one of their unique
       too!                                                              soaking tubs while enjoying refreshments. Also
                                               Value: $1960              includes luxurious bathrobes and spa products to take
       Valcom                                                            home.
                                                                                                                   Value: $1000
205.   Extreme Landscape Makeover                                        Sanctuary Day Spa

       Have you ever wanted the yard of your dreams? Well
       here is your chance - English country, formal garden,      209.   Princess Tea Party for Five
       or arid desert landscape - whatever your choice, the              Do you need party ideas for your little girl's next
       experts at Down the Garden Path will make your                    party? Tea and princess parties are unbelievably
       dreams a reality. Includes landscape design for your              popular. Every little girl will enjoy this princess tea
       yard worth $1000.                                                 party in a box, including tutus, sets of wings, wands
                                                 Value: $1000            and crowns (for five). Also includes a tea set,
       Down the Garden Path                                              hand-painted box, stationery, pens and a dozen
                                                                         cupcakes from So Cupcake!
206.   Modern Art by Kate Mooth                                                                                         Value: $313
                                                                         Love Boxes
       A mixed-media painting by Kate Mooth. This                        Essentials
       contemporary piece measures 58 inches high by 48                  So Cupcake
       inches wide. Kate Mooth's work explores people and
       their interaction with objects, environment,
       accumulation and memory. Most of her subject matter
       is of friends and family and the objects they surround
       themselves with.
       Kate now works where she began, at the Visual Art
       Institute in Salt Lake City. Kate received her BFA
       from Brigham Young University and her MFA from
       Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. She has been a
       working professional artist from the time of her
       graduation from Brigham Young University in 2001
       with works in several private and corporate                210.   Kate Spade New York Stevie Handbag
       collections.                                                      in Gold
                                                   Value: $1800          It all started in 1993, when Kate Brosnahan, a former
       Kate Mooth
                                                                         accessories editor at "Mademoiselle," set out to design
                                                                         the sleek, utilitarian handbag she'd been craving for
                                                                         years. Along with her husband, Andy Spade, they
                                                                         launched kate spade new york and so began a
                                                                         revolution in the accessories market. Utility, wit and
                                                                         playful sophistication are the hallmarks of kate spade
                                                                         new york--everything to be found in this classic bag.
                                                                                                                      Value: $325
                                                                         Kate Spade New York

207.   The Original Miche Handbag
       The genius Miche Bag (pronounced "MEE-chee")
       allows you to change your bag each day to match your
       outfits without the hassle of transferring the contents
       of your purse. Includes the original Miche bag and
       shells-- something to match any outfit, style or mood.
                                                    Value: $700
       Miche Bag
211.   The Miche "Hobo" Bag                                         215.   Al Rounds Limited Edition Giclée
       The genius Miche Bag (pronounced "MEE-chee")                        “Murray-Holladay Road” features a majestic winter
       allows you to change your bag each day to match your                view of Mt. Olympus from the vantage point of 4800
       outfits without the hassle of transferring the contents             South (also called Murray-Holladay Road) in
       of your purse. Includes the new Hobo bag and shells,                Holladay, Utah. Framed giclée, limited edition (2/350).
       not yet available in stores. Something to match any                                                            Value: $800
       outfit, style or mood.                                              Al Rounds
                                                    Value: $600
       Miche Bag                                                    216.   Keep Your Family Safe with an APX
                                                                           Alarm System #1
212.   Massage and Movies                                                  One 10-Point Alarm System with three years of free
       Combine two of your favorite things - massage and                   monitoring. Includes free professional installation and
       movies! This package includes two gift certificates for             free service for the life of the agreement. Extremely
       a one-hour massage at the Shirodhara Day Spa, a gift                user friendly and easy to install, the two-way voice
       basket with a wide assortment of munchies, two boxes                compatible APX32EN features built-in speakers for
       of truffles, two scented candles, and LDS-themed                    status announcements and zone descriptions.
       DVDs. DVDs include "Singles Ward," "Singles 2nd
                                                                                                                       Value: $1600
       Ward," "Church Ball," "Mobsters and Mormons,"                       APX Alarm
       "Suits on the Loose," "The RM," "The Best Two
       Years," and "Sons of Provo."
                                                                    217.   Keep Your Family Safe with an APX
                                                  Value: $450              Alarm System #2
       Dave Hunter, Shirodhara Day Spa, Salt City Candle Company,
       Utah Truffles                                                       One 10-Point Alarm System with three years of free
                                                                           monitoring. Includes free professional installation and
213.   American Doll Chrissa and Accessories                               free service for the life of the agreement. Extremely
       Ten-year-old Chrissa is a creative, friendly girl who               user friendly and easy to install, the two-way voice
       has just moved with her family to Minnesota to live                 compatible APX32EN features built-in speakers for
       with her grandmother, affectionately called “Nana.”                 status announcements and zone descriptions.
       Chrissa is the 2009 American Doll and this package                                                              Value: $1600
       includes the Chrissa doll, outfits, accessories, her pet            APX Alarm
       llama, and an adorable bed set.
                                                    Value: $500     218.   Keep Your Family Safe with an APX
       The Reynolds Family                                                 Alarm System #3
                                                                           One 10-Point Alarm System with three years of free
                                                                           monitoring. Includes free professional installation and
                                                                           free service for the life of the agreement. Extremely
                                                                           user friendly and easy to install, the two-way voice
                                                                           compatible APX32EN features built-in speakers for
                                                                           status announcements and zone descriptions.
                                                                                                                       Value: $1600
                                                                           APX Alarm

214.   DeWalt Heavy-duty 6" Right Angle
       Random Orbit Sander
       DeWalt heavy-duty 6" right-angle random orbit sander
       with electronic variable speed.
                                               Value: $279
       Black & Decker
219.   Keep Your Family Safe with an APX                           223.   Family Portrait by JayLynn Studios
       Alarm System #4                                                    Family sitting with 11x14 color print by JayLynn
       One 10-Point Alarm System with three years of free                 Photography. JayLynn Studios takes a unique
       monitoring. Includes free professional installation and            approach in all their photography. Their studio has
       free service for the life of the agreement. Extremely              been around since 1906. That’s four generations of
       user friendly and easy to install, the two-way voice               photography experience! Traditional, casual, elegant,
       compatible APX32EN features built-in speakers for                  specialty, group, business, unusual, outrageous or
       status announcements and zone descriptions.                        adorable; they'll capture you at your finest!
                                                   Value: $1600                                                        Value: $225
       APX Alarm                                                          JayLynn Photography

                                                                   224.   DeWalt Heavy Duty XRP 18V Cordless
                                                                          Jig Saw Kit
                                                                          DeWalt heavy-duty Black & Decker XRP 18V
                                                                          cordless jig saw kit with keyless blade change.
                                                                                                                      Value: $457
                                                                          Black & Decker

                                                                   225.   Memory Making with Jolley
                                                                          Photography and La Caille
220.   Say "Cheese" with Barrus Photography                               Celebrate your anniversary or other special occasion
       Is it time for a new family portrait? Have Barrus                  with a photo session and 11x14 portrait from Jolley
       Photography create a beautiful family portrait that you            Photography. Afterwards, enjoy a romantic dinner for
       will cherish. A family sitting and one 16x20 portrait is           two at La Caille. A box of truffles and two Salt City
       included.                                                          Candles also are included.
                                                   Value: $275                                                       Value: $240
       Barrus Photography                                                 La Caille, Jolley Photography

                                                                   226.   Upgrade that Old TV with a 52" Sony
                                                                          Flat Screen
                                                                          The best way to watch movies and TV. Ever. Skip the
                                                                          comparison shopping and just bid here! Enjoy the
                                                                          sleek look of a new 52" Sony flat screen TV.
                                                                          Successful bidder is responsible for pickup of TV.
                                                                                                                    Value: $2800
                                                                          Air & Sea Intl. Inc., Freightlink

221.   Keep "Kool" with a Kool-Span Patio                          227.   "Winter at Valley Forge" by Arnold
       Umbrella                                                           Friberg
       Beat the heat with this large, tilting patio umbrella,             Arnold Friberg's "Winter at Valley Forge." This is a
       perfect for your backyard patio.                                   signed and numbered limited edition (38/1000) giclée
                                                     Value: $500          on canvas with certificate.
       Kool-Span Home Center                                                                                       Value: $1500
                                                                          Arnold Friberg
222.   The CoverLook! Makeover and Photo
       Have a fabulous makeover and CoverLook photo
       session at JayLynn Photography Studios! Includes an
       11X14 portrait.
                                                Value: $225
       JayLynn Photography
228.   Kate Holland Styles Celebrities, Now                      231.   Wash Those Wheels and Tune It Up
       You!                                                             Forget about washing your own car...take it to
       Enjoy this potpourri of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted              Firehouse Car Wash for their full-service wash and
       jewelry from celebrity designer Kate Holland.                    then to Midas for $200 in services, and turn heads
                                                                        with your spotless wheels!
       Necklaces:                                                                                                  Value: $500
       - Twisted black silk cord necklace with smooth                   Midas
       carnelian drop                                                   Firehouse Car Wash
       - Hand-crocheted chocolate silk necklace with pink
       oval shell                                                232.   Little Giant
       - Twisted tan silk cord necklace with three smooth               As seen on TV, Little Giant is the strongest, safest,
       labradorite nuggets                                              most versatile ladder in the industry. This ladder is the
       - Smooth aquamarine drop necklace on sterling chain              original. That's why millions worldwide have chosen
       - Pale pink circle shell wire-wrapped on 14kt chain              the Little Giant.
       - Faceted pink chalcedony drop sterling necklace                                                              Value: $420
       - Faceted smoky quartz disc on 14kt triple rope chain            Little Giant Solutions

                                                                 233.   Utah in Pictures
       - Triple marquis-shaped garnets on sterling chain
       - Tiny freshwater pearl sterling earrings                        A beautiful, framed photograph of scenic Utah by Jeff
                                                                        Beck. For more than a decade, his passion has been
       Bracelets:                                                       producing stunning images of Utah's Wasatch
       - Multicolored aquamarine nugget bracelet                        Mountains, red rock canyons, and wilderness areas
       - Mother of pearl shell, stacked with sterling cut-out           across the American west.
       charm and topped with calcite drop on sterling cable                                                       Value: $500
                                                                        Jeff Beck Photograph
                                                  Value: $1078
       Kate Holland
                                                                 234.   Life is Beautiful with Ethan Allen,
229.   New Yorker Style for a Night of Fine                             Orchids/Flowers and Great Harvest
       Cuisine                                                          Bread
       A day at the spa and a night on the town. Includes a             Beautify your home with a $200 gift certificate to
       $200 gift certificate to Gastronomy and $200 of                  Ethan Allen and a full year with a new floral
       services at Images Hair Studio. Look your best when              arrangement each month. Each month alternates--
       you treat yourself at one of Gastronomy's famed                  orchids one month, then other assortments of flowers
       restaurants--Marketstreet, Marketstreet Broiler, or the          the next--for a year. The orchids and other gorgeous
       New Yorker.                                                      flowers will brighten your home and give it the
                                                  Value: $400           designer's touch you've been yearning for. Includes a
       Gastronomy                                                       wonderful gift basket from Great Harvest - Holladay
       Images Hair Studio                                                                                           Value: $575
                                                                        Ethan Allen
230.   Concrete Jungle--Concrete Planters                               Great Harvest - Holladay
                                                                        Orchid Dynasty
       Plus Cactus and Tropicals
       Enjoy an assortment of concrete planters and pieces       235.   A Younger You with a Whiter Smile
       for your home and garden as well as one European
                                                                        Dr. Richard Parkin, DDS, offers a teeth whitening
       basket (mixed floral/orchid arrangement) from Cactus
                                                                        treatment that will shave years off of your overall look
       and Tropicals.
                                                                        and leave you with a dazzling, award-winning smile.
                                                Value: $1250
       Cactus and Tropicals                                                                                         Value: $300
       Home & Yard Pottery                                              Dr. Parkin
236.   DeWalt Heavy Duty XRP 1/2" 18V
       Cordless Drill/Driver Kit
                                                                         Sports, Fitness, and Travel
       DeWalt heavy-duty XRP 1/2" 18V cordless drill/driver
       kit.                                                       300.     The Red Rocks and You
                                             Value: $517                   Join us for a getaway in Moab at the luxurious
       Black & Decker
                                                                           Sunflower Hill Inn, Moab's premiere luxury lodging
                                                                           establishment. Along with your certificate for a
                                                                           one-night getaway at the Inn, enjoy a $300 shopping
                                                                           spree on, the premier online provider
                                                                           of national and neighborhood gift cards.
                                                                                                                       Value: $542
                                                                 , Sunflower Hill Inn

                                                                  301.     Up! Up! And Away to Park City
                                                                           Enjoy a fabulous, private hot-air balloon experience
                                                                           for two!! Betty Brown, a twenty-year pilot, has flown
237.   Scentsy--The Hottest New Thing in                                   all over the world and was the first female pilot to fly a
       Candles                                                             balloon in Israel! Includes breakfast or dinner at the
       Using a low-watt lightbulb to melt scented wax, this                Stein Eriksen Lodge.
       simple system is easy and safe to use. Simply plug it in            Restrictions: Flight is subject to weather conditions and scheduling
                                                                           considerations. Expires June 30, 2010
       and turn it on! When finished, pour the liquid wax
       back into the original container. Includes two                                                                           Value: $450
                                                                           Betty Brown
       countertop warmers, one outlet warmer, five candle                  Stein Eriksen Lodge
       blocks, and four air freshener sprays.
                                                   Value: $150

238.   Candle Lover's Delight
       If you love candles, you will be delighted by this
       wonderful assortment of sumptuously scented,
       high-quality candles crafted by the Salt City Candle
                                                   Value: $240
       Salt City Candle Company
                                                                  302.     Napa Area Yoga Retreat for Two
                                                                           Host a much-needed girls getaway or couple's zen
239.   Discover Your Splendor with Beauty
                                                                           retreat for a two-night stay and yoga retreat at
       Products and Sundance Jewelry!                                      Mayacamas Ranch. Mayacamas Ranch is an 80-acre
       Splurge on this package of glamour that includes                    property with spectacular views, set on a hilltop
       salon-quality Kerastase moisturizing shampoo--the                   ridgeline above the town of Calistoga, CA.
       best on the market. Fill your Derin make-up bag with                Restrictions: The retreats are for a Friday and Saturday night stay
       products from Splendor Beauty including Smashbox                    and the dates will be mutually agreeable.
       body lite glowing lotions, Smashbox O Bronze, and                                                                       Value: $1000
       Cuadalie gentle buffing cream, then top off your look               Mayacamas Ranch
       with hand-crafted, unique jewelry.

       You'll love the Karma Necklace/Card, Good Luck
       Necklace/Card (both by Three Rings for Rooster
       Blue), lapis and silver bracelet, turquoise and silver
       bracelet with hammered silver charm,and multi-strand
       turquoise and sterling silver bracelet by Sundance
       jewelry designer Sherilee Hill for Rooster Blue.
                                                    Value: $954
       Lunatic Fringe Park City
       Sherilee Hill
       Splendor Park City
303.   Magnificent Mile Chicago Weekend                              306.   Stay and Play #1
       Enjoy all that Chicago has to offer with this "Second                Enjoy two rounds of golf at Wolf Creek (Mesquite)
       City" getaway. Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers                       and two rounds of golf at The Ledges (St. George).
       welcomes you to the heart of the city. Overlooking the               Golf includes greens fees, carts, range fees, and taxes
       Chicago River, the hotel puts you within walking                     and two nights lodging and two dinner buffets at
       distance of Lake Shore Drive, Navy Pier, Magnificent                 Eureka Resort & Casino.
       Mile, Millennium Park, Art Institute, and the Loop                                                               Value: $640
       District. Each beautifully-appointed guest room and                  Wolf Creek Golf Club-Mesquite
       suite features Chicago River, Lake Michigan or city                  The Ledges
       skyline views.                                                       Eureka Resort & Casino

       Complimentary four-night stay for two guests.                 307.   Stay and Play #2
       Restrictions: Hotel Expires August 1, 2010                           Enjoy two rounds of golf at Wolf Creek (Mesquite)
                                                    Value: $1480            and two rounds of golf at Entrada (St. George). Golf
       Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers                                      includes greens fees, carts, range fees, and taxes and
                                                                            two nights lodging and two dinner buffets at Eureka
                                                                            Resort & Casino.
                                                                                                                         Value: $750
                                                                            Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club
                                                                            Wolf Creek Golf Club-Mesquite
                                                                            Eureka Resort & Casino

                                                                     308.   Stay and Play #3
                                                                            Enjoy four rounds of golf at Sand Hollow (St. George)
                                                                            and four rounds of golf at Sky Mountain (St. George).
                                                                            Golf includes greens fees, carts, range fees, and taxes
304.   A Romantic Weekend Away                                              and two nights lodging and two dinner buffets at
       Enjoy a romantic getaway package for two at Stein                    Eureka Resort & Casino.
       Eriksen. Comes with a beautiful, sterling silver locket                                                          Value: $950
       for her, a gift certificate for flowers, a box of truffles,          Sky Mountain
       two scented candles, and a massage for both of you at                Eureka Resort & Casino
       Shirodhara Day Spa.                                                  Sand Hollow Resort

                                                      Value: $660
       Blake Brothers, Shirodhara Day Spa, A Perfect Arrangement,    309.   Stay and Play #4
       Utah Truffles, Salt City Candle Company
       Stein Eriksen Lodge
                                                                            A golf getaway for FORE (four guests)! Enjoy
                                                                            accommodations for two nights and three days in the
                                                                            double eagle suite at the Eureka Resort & Casino.
305.   Week's Stay in Jackson Hole                                          Golf for FORE at Wolfcreek (Mesquite) and FORE
       Week's stay November 28 - December 5, 2009 in                        rounds of golf at the Arnold Palmer Oasis Course
       Jackson Hole at Wyoming Spring Creek                                 (Mesquite). Also, enjoy dinner for FORE at Gregory's
       Condominiums. Spring Creek Ranch is a year-round                     Steak House and a bottle of wine from owner Greg
       luxury resort located on a wildlife sanctuary almost                 Lee's private reserve.
       1,000 feet above the town of Jackson with spectacular                                                         Value: $1000
       views of the Teton Mountain Range. Whether                           Eureka Resort & Casino
       exploring Grand Teton, Yellowstone National Parks,
       or experiencing Jackson Hole's countless recreational
       opportunities, Spring Creek Ranch is a destination
       resort for any type of guest and is the proud recipient
       of the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Gold List
                                                  Value: $5000
       Swing for Life
310.   Preview Teton Valley's Huntsman                             313.   Primarily Promontory
       Springs                                                            Enjoy hosting a foursome at Promontory in Park City
       Spoil yourself with a two-night stay and two days of               on the Pete Dye Canyon Course. Includes greens fees,
       golf for one foursome at the brand-new David McLay                 carts, range fees, and taxes.
       Kidd-designed, 1,350-acre course in the heart of                                                            Value: $850
       Teton Valley in Driggs, ID--35 miles northwest of                  Promontory - Park City
       Jackson Hole, 93 miles from Yellowstone National                   Stein Eriksen Lodge
       Park, and 45 miles from Grand Teton National Park.
       Huntsman Springs is a charming mountain community           314.   Thanksgiving Point Golf
       that offers activities designed to keep family and                 Enjoy four rounds of golf at Thanksgiving Point and
       friends active, including fly fishing, mountain biking,            four rounds of golf at The Ranches. Includes four
       swimming, skiing, and golfing. Proceeds from home                  Nike shoe bags.
       sales will support Huntsman Cancer Foundation.                                                               Value: $740
                                                   Value: $1600           Thanksgiving Point
       Huntsman Springs                                                   Nike
                                                                          The Ranches

                                                                   315.   Golf the Homestead
                                                                          Hit the links and sink the putts with four rounds of
                                                                          18-hole golf with a cart to enjoy the Homestead
                                                                          Resort Golf Course. Requires seven days advance
                                                                          notice. Excludes holidays.
                                                                                                                       Value: $300
                                                                          Homestead Resort

311.   Best of Uinta Golf                                          316.   Stay and Golf in the Canyons
       This deluxe TaylorMade right-handed golf set                       Spend three nights in a three-bedroom, two-bath
       includes: TaylorMade Burner 10.5 driver; TaylorMade                condominium in Hidden Creek located at the base of
       R9 adjustable fairway club; TaylorMade Burner irons                the Canyons Resort in Park City. Includes one Jeremy
       4-9 P, A; a Rossa putter; and TaylorMade golf bag.                 Ranch golf foursome.
       Take all your news clubs out for a spin with a round of            Restrictions: Not valid during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sundance
                                                                          Film Festival, or President's Day weekend.
       golf at Soldier Hollow Golf Course at Wasatch
       Mountain State Park. Fore!                                                                                             Value: $1600
                                                                          Tom Dischmann
                                                 Value: $1440
       Soldier Hollow Golf Course at Wasatch Mountain State Park
       Uinta Golf                                                  317.   Teton Lodge Stay with Fishing for Two
                                                                          World class fly fishing on the three greatest rivers of
312.   Johnny Miller Golf Club and Soldier                                the Mountain West! Enjoy a two-night, one-day stay
       Hollow Golf                                                        at Teton Valley Lodge with fishing for two.
                                                                          Restrictions: All meals, lodging, and fishing included. Rod rental,
       This golf club was used by Johnny Miller in the 2008               licenses, and gratuities not included. Expires October 2010.
       Champions Challenge. Also includes a round of golf at                                                                  Value: $1750
       Soldier Hollow Golf Course at Wasatch Mountain                     Teton Valley Lodge
       State Park.
                                                  Value: $420      318.   Have Fun and Get "Wii Fit"
       Johnny Miller
       Soldier Hollow Golf Course at Wasatch Mountain State Park          The new Wii and Wii Fit can be yours and a one-year
                                                                          basic membership to the Holladay-Lion's Fitness and
                                                                          Recreation Club.
                                                                                                                   Value: $830
                                                                          Holladay-Lions Fitness and Recreation Center
319.   Miller Mustang Experience                                 324.   Redfish Lake Lodge Stay and Half-Day
       The complete Miller Mustang Driving Experience!                  River Trip Plus Marine Products
       Here's your chance to experience life in the very fast           Enjoy a one-night stay at Redfish Lodge - truly one of
       lane behind the wheel of a track-prepared Ford                   the most beautiful lakes in the West. Built in 1929,
       Mustang GT. This two-hour experience includes a                  Redfish Lake Lodge sits on the north shore of this
       brief classroom session teaching basic driver                    five-mile long glacial lake in the lap of the Sawtooth
       instruction, 10 laps behind the wheel, and two hot laps          Mountains. Your accommodations include a stay in
       with a professional driver.                                      the rustic cabins or equivalent, breakfast and dinner
                                                   Value: $300          for two, and a free Lady of the Lake tour for two.
       Miller Motorsports Park                                          Enjoy a half-day class III river trip for two people.
                                                                        Prepare for your adventure with a $50 gift certificate
                                                                        to Marine Products.
                                                                        Restrictions: Valid June 20-August 20, 2010. Advance reservations
                                                                        are required.
                                                                                                                             Value: $500
                                                                        Marine Products
                                                                        Redfish Lake Lodge
                                                                        Sawtooth Adventure Company

                                                                 325.   Mountain Retreat at The Canyons
                                                                        Enjoy a three-night stay at a beautiful Canyons Red
320.   Karl Malone Autographed Basketball                               Pine townhouse in Park City. Your townhouse has five
       Basketball signed by Karl Malone. You've got to love             bedrooms and four bathrooms and accommodates up
       it, baby!                                                        to 10 people.
                                                Value: $300                                                        Value: $1235
       Karl Malone Toyota                                               Dennis Burbidge, Rosemary Burbidge

321.   Homestead Golf and Gear                                   326.   Helmet Signed by the New York Jets
       Enjoy a round of golf for four at the Homestead.                 Prior to being selected by the NY Jets in the 2005
       Includes a Mizuno golf bag, hat and towel, an Ogio               NFL Draft, Sione Po'uha played for the University of
       straight jacket, a Nike duffle bag, and two dozen                Utah where he earned All-Mountain West Conference
       Callaway Big Bertha golf balls.                                  First Team honors and was named USA Today
                                                   Value: $710          All-America Honorable Mention as a Utah senior. He
       Callaway                                                         helped lead the Utes to the 2005 Fiesta Bowl. This
       Homestead                                                        New York Jets helmet is signed by Po'uha and his
       Mizuno                                                           teammates, and includes a signed Sione Po'uha rookie
                                                                                                                    Value: $750
                                                                        Sione Po'uha
322.   Park Meadows Golf Experience
       Enjoy a round of golf for a foursome at Park              327.   Solitude Bliss
       Meadows in Park City. Golf includes greens fees,
       carts, range fees, and taxes.                                    Enjoy a luxury two-bedroom condo for two nights and
                                                                        three days at Solitude Mountain Resort.
                                                 Value: $720
       Park Meadows                                                                                             Value: $900
                                                                        Solitude Mountain Resort

323.   Two Nights in Bryce Canyon
                                                                 328.   Party at the Sports Mall
       Stone Canyon Inn proudly invites you to experience
       the unsurpassed accommodations and unbelievable                  Gather your closest 40 friends for a private party at
       beauty of Bryce Canyon. Join us for a two-night stay             the Sports Mall. Includes casual catering. Facilities
       in a private cabin. Open year-round. No expiration               include sand volleyball courts, outdoor pool,
       date.                                                            racquetball courts, tennis courts, and more. The best
                                                                        party spot ever!!
                                                 Value: $580
       Stone Canyon Inn                                                 Restrictions: Valid either Friday or Saturday from 10 p.m. to 1
                                                                        a.m., or Sunday from 6 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Not valid on holidays.
                                                                        Three weeks advanced notice required.
                                                                                                                           Value: $1000
                                                                        Sports Mall
329.   Kyle Whittingham-signed University of                      333.   How 'Bout Them Jazz?
       Utah Football Helmet                                              Go, Jazz, go! And watch from the seventh row! Enjoy
       University of Utah trophy football helmet, signed by              two seventh row Jazz tickets to any Jazz game during
       Kyle Whittingham, and your very own U of U banana                 the 2009-2010 season.
       chair.                                                                                                      Value: $650
                                                                         Cal Johnson
                                                  Value: $300
       Furniture Warehouse
       Kyle Wittingham

330.   Grizzly Hackle Fly-Fishing Trip
       A two-day guided fly-fishing float trip for two awaits
       you in Montana. The trip includes a two-night stay at a
       local hotel, snacks, and lunch during the day.
       Successful bidder is responsible for own transportation
       to and from the Grizzly Hackle fly-fishing shop in
       Missoula, Montana. Must bring own fishing licenses,
       equipment and leaders. All flies will be provided.
                                                                  334.   Get Jazzed!
       Prepare for your fly-fishing getaway with a $50 gift
       certificate to Marine Products to get you outfitted in            Enjoy two lower-bowl tickets to a 2009/2010
       style!                                                            basketball game, a team-signed basketball that sits on
                                                                         a hand-carved wooden basketball stand and a
                                                  Value: $1370
       Grizzly Hackle
                                                                         custom-framed and signed photograph of Carlos
       Marine Products                                                   Boozer and Deron Williams.
                                                                                                                    Value: $700
                                                                         Alpine Custom Framing & Art
                                                                         Jacobsen Restoration
                                                                         The Jazz

                                                                  335.   Snowbird Winter Weekend!
                                                                         Ski your way through Snowbird with two all-day lift
                                                                         passes and live it up after with dinner for two, spa
                                                                         package for two, and one-night stay at The Cliff
                                                                                                                      Value: $450
331.   Utah Jazz - Game On!                                              Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort
       Basketball autographed by your two favorite Utah
       Jazz players - Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams.           336.   Spend a Crisp Fall Day in Park City
                                                Value: $300              Park City Mountain Resort offers a day for two in
       Karl Malone Toyota                                                summer or fall. Park City Mountain Resort is the heart
                                                                         of Park City's summer alpine adventure. Test your
332.   Couple's Fitness Package                                          heart rate on the Alpine Coaster, race down the Alpine
       Have fun working out together! This package includes              Slide and fly through the air on the exhilarating
       two one-year memberships to Xcel Spa & Fitness, and               ZipRider™. Experience the cool alpine beauty and
       a $50 gift certificate to Bountiful Nutrition.                    excitement of Park City Mountain Resort.
                                                    Value: $870
       Xcel Spa & Fitness, Bountiful Nutrition                           Follow up your day enjoying unlimited rides on your
                                                                         favorite activities with a wonderful meal at
                                                                         award-winning Stein Eriksen Lodge.
                                                                         Restrictions: PCMR expires 10/10/09. This includes Alpine Coaster,
                                                                         Alpine Slide, ZipRider, chairlift rides and all other activities in the
                                                                         base area.
                                                                                                                                Value: $170
                                                                         Park City Mountain Resort
                                                                         Stein Eriksen Lodge
337.   Bronco Mendenhall-signed BYU                                        339.   Private Ski Lesson with Rachael
       Football Helmet                                                            Hodson
       Brigham Young University football helmet, signed by                        One-day private ski lesson for adult or child with
       Bronco Mendenhall, and a BYU banana chair.                                 Rachael Hodson. Rachael has competed on the
                                               Value: $400                        International Free Skiing Association (IFSA) Tour as
       Furniture Warehouse                                                        well as in several skier-cross competitions. She has
       Bronco Mendenhall                                                          filmed with many professional photographers including
                                                                                  world-renowned Gary Nate from Warren Miller and
338.   The Jay Leno Show Invites YOU to the                                       has been a certified PSIA instructor at both Alta and
       New Show                                                                   Solitude. Rachael currently freelances for several local
                                                                                  outdoor publications as well as
       Huntsman Cancer Foundation golf shirts, towels and
                                                                                  and and continues skiing with
       bag signed by Jay Leno and four tickets to his new
                                                                                  clients all over North America.
       show in September. Also includes backstage
                                                                                  Restrictions: Valid at Alta from 10:00am until 3:00pm with a break
       experience to meet Mr. Leno.
                                                                                  for lunch. Certain dates already booked, needs two weeks advance
       Jay Leno is gearing up for a new adventure in                                                                                  Value: $400
       television with the fall premiere of "The Jay Leno                         Rachael Hodson
       Show." The show will be the first-ever entertainment
       program to be primetime on broadcast network                        340.   His and Hers Puma Package
       television and will showcase many of the features that
                                                                                  She will enjoy her Puma Golf special edition travel bag
       made Leno America's late-night leader for more than a
                                                                                  whether going to the gym or away for the weekend.
       dozen years.
                                                                                  Sport a stylish Puma Golf polo signed by rising golf
                                                                                  star Geoff Ogilvy.
       Leno, recently named America’s Favorite TV
       Personality by the 2009 Harris Poll, continues to keep                                                                Value: $270
                                                                                  Puma Golf
       in touch with people by shaking hands and getting
       “one-on-one” time with audiences all over the country,
       whether he takes the stage at a small club or at his                341.   Out Under the Stars
       weekly shows in Vegas. Perhaps this is why he                              This camping package includes two dome tents, three
       continues to exude the "everyman" style and                                sleeping bags, a backpacking frame, a portable butane
       personality that have helped him earn millions of fans                     stove, LED lantern, two flashlights, candles and more.
       worldwide.                                                                 Just add the food and fun!
       Restrictions: Need 10 days advance notice to facilitate. Does not                                                     Value: $720
       include travel to Burbank, CA.                                             Salt City Candle Company
                                                          Value: $1000            Anonymous, Recreation Outlet
       Jeff Holm

                                                                           342.   Go Cougs! Tailgating Basket and
                                                                                  Coach-Signed Football
                                                                                  This package includes an autographed football signed
                                                                                  by LaVell Edwards and Tommy Hudspeth, two
                                                                                  legendary football coaches at Brigham Young
                                                                                  University. Tommy Hudspeth was Brigham Young
                                                                                  head football coach 1964-1971 and former head coach
                                                                                  of Detroit Lions, and LaVell Edwards was Brigham
                                                                                  Young head football coach from 1972-2000. Includes
                                                                                  an autographed picture of LaVell and Tommy to be
                                                                                  personalized and delivered to recipient following the

                                                                                  Don't forget to tailgate. Also includes an incredible
                                                                                  basket full of everything you will need for a big game
                                                                                  to see the Cougars! Hot chocolate, IBC root beer,
                                                                                  Nathan’s Hotdogs and buns, toppings, Angela’s
                                                                                  homemade chili, potato salad, fresh fruit, assorted
                                                                                  game-winning desserts, plates, cups, utensils, napkins,
                                                                                  and a warm blanket – for a party of six people.
                                                                                                                               Value: $850
                                                                                  Angela's Catering
                                                                                  LaVell Edwards
                                                                                  Tommy Hudspeth
343.   Greatest Snow on Earth at The Canyons                         348.   Grand America Getaway
       Resort                                                               One-night stay at the Grand America Hotel. Expires
       Whether you ski or snowboard, you and a friend will                  9/2010
       have the time of your lives at The Canyons Resort in                                                          Value: $312
       Park City. You will receive two booklets with five                   Grand America Hotel
       all-day lift tickets - a total of 10 all-day passes.
                                                       Value: $800   349.   Shape Up for Ski Season!
       The Canyons Resort                                                   Prep yourself for ski season with four one-month basic
                                                                            passes to Holladay-Lions Fitness and Recreation
                                                                            Center. Reward yourself with the best snow on earth
                                                                            with ski passes for two at Brighton, Deer Valley, Alta,
                                                                            and Solitude.
                                                                                                                       Value: $634
                                                                            Brighton Ski Resort
                                                                            Holladay-Lions Fitness and Recreation Center
                                                                            Alta Ski Resort
                                                                            Solitude Mountain Resort
                                                                            Deer Valley

344.   Indy Experience                                               350.   Go Hog Wild to the Extreme with
       Start your engines! Autographed team photo and shirt                 Harley and Utah Olympic Park
       by 2000-2001 Champ Car Champion and 2003 Indy                        Learn to ride through the Harley Davidson Rider's
       500 winner Gil de Ferran and French sports car star                  Edge course. Plus receive four gold packages at the
       Simon Pagenaud.                                                      Utah Olympic Park which include: one bobsled ride,
                                                                            one extreme zipline, one ultra zipline, and one
       Photo at Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, Utah, of                   quicksilver alpine slide!
       Team de Ferran Racing's ACCURA P1 car which took                                                                 Value: $740
       Pole Position, never gave up the lead and established a              Harley Davidson
       new track record that day.                                           Utah Olympic Park
                                                  Value: $400
       Wilson Sahara Motorsports                                     351.   FC Dallas Team Autographed Ball and
                                                                            Four Tickets
345.   Got Sole?                                                            FC Dallas is the third winningest team in MLS history
       Own the best exercise equipment around! Your new                     and the winner of the 1997 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open
       elliptical trainer from Sole Fitness is sure to get you in           Cup. Now in its 14th season, you can enjoy this ball
       shape before you know it!                                            signed by the 2009 team and redeem this voucher for
                                                    Value: $1500            tickets for a 2009 season game.
       Sole Fitness                                                                                                    Value: $270
                                                                            FC Dallas
346.   Dream Vacation Destination
       Stay at a WorldMark by Wyndham resort of your                 352.   Cleveland Browns Sports Fanatic
       choice for five days and four nights! Whether its scuba              Any Cleveland Browns fan will enjoy watching the
       diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, surfing in               game surrounded by Browns memorabilia.
       Hawaii, or exploring America, it's at your fingertips.                                                         Value: $70
       You choose!                                                          Cleveland Browns
                                                 Value: $2500
       WorldMark by Wyndham                                          353.   Carolina Panthers Mini Helmet Signed
                                                                            by Steve Smith
347.   "Muss"t Have                                                         Steve Smith, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, has
       Enjoy an assortment of U of U paraphernalia including                emerged as one of the NFL's most productive wide
       two football tickets as well as a signed Sugar Bowl                  receivers, leading the league in catches, receiving
       football on a hand-carved stand and a custom-framed                  yards, and touchdowns. Display this mini helmet with
       U of U jersey.                                                       pride while watching "Monday Night Football" with
                                                   Value: $600              your friends.
       Alpine Custom Framing & Art
       Jacobsen Restoration
                                                                                                                         Value: $100
                                                                            Carolina Panthers
       University of Utah
354.   Colorado Rockies Sports Pack                              358.   Cincinnati Reds Signed Baseball and
       Dress for the game in a Colorado Rockies shirt and               Bobblehead
       cap. Enjoy a signed MLB baseball and pin from third              Autographed ball signed by outfielder Jonnie B.
       baseman Garrett Atkins. Atkins was drafted by the                "Dusty" Baker Jr., former player, now manager of the
       New York Mets out of high school, but turned it down             Cincinnati Reds. Drafted right out of high school for
       to attend college. He was later drafted by the Rockies           the Atlanta Braves, he played 19 years for the Braves,
       from UCLA in 2000.                                               San Francisco Giants, and the Oakland A's.
                                                   Value: $125
       Colorado Rockies                                                 Brandon Phillips bobblehead 30/30 doll. Second
                                                                        baseman for the Cincinnati Reds became the second
                                                                        2nd baseman in Major League history to reach the
                                                                        30/30 club with 30 home runs and 32 stolen bases in
                                                                        2007. Phillips won his first golden glove in 2008, as
                                                                        leading National League 2nd baseman with a .990
                                                                        fielding percentage.
                                                                                                                      Value: $45
                                                                        Cincinnati Reds

                                                                 359.   Angels Signed Baseball
355.   Philadelphia Eagles Signed Football                              Signed baseball by Los Angeles Angels pitcher (former
                                                                        Salt Lake Bees pitcher) Jered David Weaver. Weaver
       Cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, Asante T.
                                                                        was drafted in the first round by the Angels in the
       Samuel, was originally drafted by the New England
                                                                        2004 Major League Baseball Draft and has 467
       Patriots in the fourth round and was an All-Pro and
       Pro-Bowl selection in 2007 and Pro-Bowl selection in
       2008. He has won two Super Bowl rings with the                                                                Value: $70
                                                                        Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
                                                  Value: $100
       Philadelphia Eagles

356.   Florida Marlins Autographed Baseball
       Autographed baseball from Brett Carroll, #25 with the
       Florida Marlins. Known for having an excellent
       outfielding arm, Carroll had 27 assists during the 2006
                                                    Value: $80
       Florida Marlins
                                                                 360.   Green Bay Packers Signed Football
357.   Arizona Cardinals Autographed                                    Football signed by Green Bay Packers' #25 Ryan
       Football                                                         Grant with certificate of authenticity. Grant emerged
                                                                        as one of the most productive backs in the league.
       Football autographed by Arizona Cardinals'
                                                                        Since taking over as the Packers' feature back, Ryan
       quaterback Kurt Warner. Warner is a two-time NFL
                                                                        has rushed for 2,132 yards, the third-most rushing
       Most Valuable Player and the "MVP" of Super Bowl
                                                                        yards in the NFL.
                                                                                                                    Value: $100
                                                Value: $100             Green Bay Packers
       Arizona Cardinals

                                                                 361.   New York Islanders Signed Jersey
                                                                        New York Islanders signed jersey by #45 center Nate
                                                                        Thompson. Thompson was a product of the Seattle
                                                                        Thunderbirds of the Western Hockey League, and
                                                                        made his professional debut with the Providence
                                                                        Bruins. He was signed by the New York Rangers in
                                                                        October 2008.
                                                                                                                  Value: $100
                                                                        New York Islanders
362.   RSL Kidmania
       Give your kids the chance of a lifetime! Get an
       autographed ReAL Salt Lake mini-ball plus the chance
       to be a ball kid for a game. Available for ages 14-19
       years old. Top it off with a birthday party at the Little
       Gym in Sandy for up to 15 kids.
                                                    Value: $510
       ReAL Salt Lake
       Little Gym - Sandy

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