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									Hi my name's Kate Andrews,

If you've been suffering with chronic Urticaria for any length of time there's a good chance
you've heard of me, and If you haven't heard of me, I'm the author of the best selling
Urticaria report.. Natural Urticaria Relief.

I know what it is to suffer with chronic Urticaria, I put up with it day in day out for nearly 25
years, & If your anything like I was your probably running out of options, you see until you
actually suffer with something you really have no idea how bad things can get. So that's
why I decided to publish my findings.

As I am sure you are aware there are lots of creams and positions on the market to treat
Urticaria/Hives, I know as I tried lots of them myself.

While these methods may very well work for some (acute Urticaria) I can say that they had
no affect on me, but after some research I did find things that do work, in fact I stumbled
on to a natural and cheap method which eventually helped me completely conquer my

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The list below offers help for those who suffer with acute and chronic Urticaria. These
methods won't cure your Urticaria condition but they may offer some well needed relief.

                   10 Tips for Treating and Avoiding Chronic Urticaria.

1. When nothing else works, fast yourself on mineral water (or filtered water). This will
flush the toxins from the body and is one of the quickest ways of recovering from an
attack. It should be noted that tap water should not be used unfiltered due to it's heavy
metal content which you may or may not know can cause chronic Urticaria
2. Stop drinking tea and coffee (caffeine products) as they will raise adrenaline levels
which can raise histamine levels in the body, and as sufferers of Urticaria already have to
much histamine caffeine stimulants are not a wise beverage.

3. Use Vitamin D3, Sunlight is great but we're not all blessed with good whether, normal
Vitamin D is not sufficient you will need to use D3 preferably in powder form as opposed to
capsule or tablet, the recommended amount set in the USA is around 400 IU (international
units per day), the UK offers no IU guidance at the time of writing. I take 1000 IU per day
which helps.

3. Avoid anything containing 'Trans fatty acids' or 'Hydrogenated fat'

4. For those looking for quick relief from an attack I can tell you that a substance called
Niacin/ Niacinamide. Niacin and niacinamide are vitamins of the Vitamin-B group having
equivalent vitamin activity. Both are precursors in the synthesis of the pyridine coenzymes
NAD and NADP involved in cell metabolism.

Taking B-Complex containing it, or Niacin/ Niacinimide by itself will remove histamine from
your body fast. Those of you who experience acute and or severe attacks may want to
consider this method.

Taking Niacin/ Niacinimidemay will cause you to have a Niacin "Flush". A flush can occur
within a few minutes of taking Niacin, although it may not occur every time. A mild flush will
cause your skin to turn red and become itchy. It starts at the top of your head and travels
quickly down the entire length of your body.

If you have a very high histamine level, the flushes can be significantly more "painful"
depending on the quantity of Niacin you ingest. A flush can last from 10 to 30 minutes and
while possibly painful, are not harmful and cause no "long term" damage. A flush can be
made worse by drinking water or bathing while you are having one.
A little severe perhaps but with the histamine flushed from your body it can bring almost
instant relief. Search for Niacin/ Niacinimidemay on line or find it in your health food shop.

5. Chewing a clove once a day can kill intestinal parasites and act as an anti-microbial
agent against fungi and bacteria which in many cases may contribute towards chronic
hives (chronic Urticaria).

6. Try adjusting your diet to remove obvious allergy triggers such as strawberries, and
citrus fruit

7. To relieve pain and swelling, apply a cold towel or cool pack to the affected area.

8. Natural Ginger has been used for as long back as anyone can remember for treating
upset stomachs, however it is also especially good for immune disorders.
9. Stop Smoking, if you are a smoker and you suffer with chronic hives (urticaria) your
smoking will hinder any of your efforts, annoying I know but unfortunately that's the way it

10. Cats Claw (root)
Cats claw has been used for over 2000 years in the treatment of intestinal and immune

While these methods can really help they seldom offer a long term option for
treating urticaria.

Now you can have my personal urticaria relief
method and cure yourself from the inside out,
this way you won't have to worry about when the
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My best regards

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