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									                                                                        National Festival & Boat Show 2010
                                                                                       Beale Park on the River Thames
                                                                                                                  28th—30th August
                                                                                                                    Boat Entry
                                                                                      Non Commercial / Private
            Title    Initials       Surname                    Craft Name
                                                               Type of Craft          Barge             Widebeam
Address                                                                               Cruiser           Narrow boat Cruiser Style
                                                                                      Dinghy            Narrow boat Traditional

                                                               Craft Construction               GRP            Wood
                                                                                                Iron           Other

                                                               What is the safest access for boaters moored alongside?
            Postcode                                             Bow        Stern     Cruiser with easy access across back/
                                                                                      centre of sun deck
Daytime                                                        What is your safest access to your craft?
                                                                 Bow          Stern       Cruiser with easy access across back/
                                                                                          centre of sun deck
Tel.                                                           Dimensions (including fenders, outboards, davits etc)
                                                               Length                   Beam                   Draught
                                                                                 m                         m                  m
                                                               Additional Information
                                                                 Please tick if anyone on your craft is registered as disabled
                                                                 (see condition 14)
                                                                 Please tick if this is a block booking (see condition 11)
Are you a member of IWA?                   Yes            No
                                                                 Please tick if you are willing to help at the festival
Will you have any pets onboard? If so, please specify            EA Thames licence 31days or 15 days (33% discount ).
number and type
                                                                 Application form will be sent when available please include
                                                                 an SAE
Cats           Dogs             Other

Entry Fees                                                     Important: All entries received by 1st November will be
 Boat Entry                 £30 inc VAT                        allocated moorings in an order determined by a lottery.
                                                               Entries received after that date will be allocated subsequent
 Adult 3 day pass                                              mooring space until the site is declared full. Every effort will
 (includes entry to the     If paid before 31/7/10 £15.00
                                                               be made to meet your individual requirements (see overleaf).
 festival and evening       If paid after 1/8/10
                                                                                          Official Use Only
For instance, a boat with 2 adult occupants booked
before 31st July is £60. Children under 16 are free.            Entry No.                           Date

       1     Boat Entry                       £30.00
                                                                Mooring No.                         Receipt No.
             Adults @ £15.00

             Adults @ £25.00                                    Please send to:
                                  Total                         The Entries Officer             Tel:    01785 824 012
                                                                38 Waterside Court              Mobile: 07947 337 491
Please make cheques payable to IWA Festivals                    GNOSALL                         E-mail:
In making this entry I agree to abide by the terms &            STAFFS                
conditions (as stated overleaf) and understand that the         ST20 0AR
entry fee is non refundable

 Signed                                    Date                          Unsigned forms will not be accepted
                                                                  Important - please read conditions of entry overleaf
                                                            Conditions of Entry
1.        All information given on this form should be complete and
          correct at the time the entry is submitted. You should advise        11.     Block bookings will only be accepted for bookings received by
          any changes to the Organisers, in writing, as soon as possible.              post in the same envelope together with full payment. A
          This entry covers the named boat only and no transfers can be                separate entry form should be completed for each boat.
          permitted without the Organisers’ written agreement. Refunds
          will not be made if you cancel your attendance.                      12.     All information provided by you will be stored in accordance
                                                                                       with current legislation. A copy of this information can be made
2.        IWA Festivals (‘the Organisers’) reserve the right to refuse any             available to you on request to the Entries Officer, address as
          entry without giving any reason. If you wish to receive an early             overleaf. The Organisers promise not to sell your details to
          advice that your entry has been received and accepted before                 anyone else.
          June 2009, please enclose a stamped and self-addressed
          envelope with your entry.                                            13.     You agree not to undertake any trading whatsoever, including
                                                                                       the advertisement of boats for sale, from the boat covered by
3.        You confirm that you will hold third party insurance to a                    this entry. Exhibition entry forms are available on request. You
          minimum amount of £1,000,000 for at least the period that the                agree not to invite any news, or other media (including
          craft is to be moored at the Festival.                                       television companies) to report or film without the written
                                                                                       agreement of the Organisers.
4.        You agree to abide by all relevant bye-laws and licensing
          requirements of the navigation authority whilst the craft is         14.     A limited number of moorings near the main Festival site may
          moored at the Festival. This includes displaying the correct                 be available for boats with registered disabled people on board.
          craft licence and satisfying the requirements of The Boat Safety             Applications for these moorings must be accompanied by proof
          Scheme.                                                                      of the registered disability (e.g. copy of document issued by a
                                                                                       local authority for vehicle parking). The Organisers will try to
5.        You agree not leave any litter, or cause pollution to the                    satisfy reasonable requests for mooring requirements, but
          waterway, the towing path, the Festival site or the surrounding              cannot undertake to honour any request beyond those made
          area. This includes not discharging any toilets into the                     available to all entrants.
          waterway and not leaving excrement from pets on the towing
          path or surrounding area.                                            15.     Entry prices shown overleaf include VAT at the prevailing rate..
                                                                                       The Organisers reserve the right to amend these prices as a
6.        You agree not to store any equipment on the towing path or                   result of any changes to VAT. The tax point is the date of
          adjacent to it, and not to cause any obstruction to other users of           receipt of this form by the Entries Officer.
          the towing path. You also agree not to cause a nuisance to           16.     Data Protection. We promise not to sell your details to anyone
          other people near by, whether by excessive noise or any other                else. IWA and Inland Waterways Enterprises Ltd would like to
          activity. Engines should only be run to charge electrical                    send you information about our activities from time to time. If
          systems at times specified by the Waterspace Manager.                        you would prefer us not to use your details in this way, please
                                                                                       let us know.
7.        You agree not to store on your boat any article of an                Notes
          inflammable or explosive character (for example, fireworks)
          other than fuel and lubricants, as allowed for under the Boat        1.      Packs containing information about the Festival, details of
          Safety Scheme. This is for everyone’s safety in the unlikely                 Festival awards and mooring locations will be posted out by
          event of a fire.                                                             about mid-June 2010. If you have not received your pack by
                                                                                       7th July 2010 please contact the Entries Officer.
8.        You agree to comply with the directions of the Organisers,
          including from the Waterspace Manager and his or her team.           2.      A plaque will be made available for each craft entering and
          The decision of the Organisers as to the allocation of moorings              attending the Festival. Plaques are not provided for boats that
          and other arrangements is final. The Organisers reserve the                  enter but do not attend the Festival.
          right to move any boat from any mooring at any time before,
          during or after the Festival, and to moor boats in any               3.      Entry may be refused to any boater not wearing a properly
          appropriate design or arrangement. You agree not to change                   fitted wrist band.
          the mooring designated to you without the agreement of the           4.      To obtain a Thames 15 or 31 day licence at the special rate.
          Waterspace Manager.                                                          A special discounted licence will be available covering the
                                                                                       period of the festival at a 33% discount on either a 15 day or 31
9.        You accept that you are responsible for the conduct of all                   day licence. Application forms will be sent to those who have
          members of the crew of your boat (i.e. those people that this                requested them overleaf as soon as they are available (around
          entry covers overleaf), including any children and pets at all
                                                                                       December 2009). The application will have to be returned to the
          times and in all places.                                                     Entries Officer along with payment in full made payable to
                                                                                       Environment Agency, not later than 1st June 2010
10.       The Organisers will not be held responsible for any loss or
          damage, other than that to which the Organisers are legally
          liable as a result of their negligence. You should ensure that
          you have adequate insurance to cover any accidents or other
          losses. The Organisers will not be liable for any default due to
          any act of God, war, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other event

Special Requests and Other Information

     IWA Festivals is a division of Inland Waterways Enterprises Ltd, which is a private limited company (Registered in England no 4305322), wholly
       owned by The Inland Waterways Association (registered as a charity no 212342), to whom all profits are given. VAT no GB 788 9425 54.

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