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A Message from Melita
“Airfares are going up, the dollar     a tremendous value. We have             Volume 17
is at an all-time low” that’s what     some very unique cruises to of-         SUMMER
we hear whenever we turn on            fer you for 2009 listed in this         2008
the news these days. Fortu-            newsletter.
nately, the travel industry has
                                       I recently returned from a trip to      Galapagos Islands
some great products with real
                                       the Dreams Resort Puerto Val-           anyone?…
value available and it is during
the current tough economic             larta. This is a great, all inclusive   Here is your chance.
times that travel consultants like     property, ideally located on a          We have limited
myself and my associate,               secluded beach 10 minutes               availability on a 10
Marilyn, can assist you to find        south of downtown. 5 different          day all inclusive
just the perfect cruise or tour for    gourmet restaurants to choose           cruise Nov. 29, 2009
you. By now our clients know           from, and never a bill, just a          aboard the 90 pas-
that we don’t just book tickets.       friendly smile from your waiter -       senger Expedition.
Just think of us as your advo-         tips and all drinks were also in-       Rates start at $3655
                                       cluded in one price. This is a          per person includes 3
cate, personal assistant, friend
                                       great place for couples and fami-       nights hotel in Quito
and more.
                                       lies. Please call me if you like        and transfers.
With today’s currency fluctua-         more information.
tions, especially the decline of
the value of the dollar against        “I haven’t been everywhere,
                                                                               Inside this issue:
the euro, European cruise vaca-        but it’s on my list” - quote from
tions prepaid in dollars become        Susan Sontag                            Viking River         2

                                                                               Companion Travels    2

No Air required………                                                             Insider’s travel

                                                                               Oceania Cruises-     3
As fall is getting closer, so is the   per person plus tax and fuel sur-       Worth a Try…...
next Mexico cruise season. Hol-        charges, 10 night Sea of Cortez
land America Line will again           and Mexican Riviera trips are           It’s time to go to   3
have several ships home based          offered from $799.00 per person.
right here in San Diego. Cruise        You can also chose a 15 day             Maximize your $$$.... 3
rates for a 7 day Mexican Rivi-        Hawaiian Islands cruise from
era Cruise start at only $499.00       $1499.00 per person.                    Summer Savings….     4
Page 2                                                                                         FLEETRIDGE TRAVELER

VIKING River Cruises-A Unique Experience:
If you read my newsletters regularly, you know                All rooms offer panoramic river views with a con-
that I love River Cruises. I have sailed on the               tinuous change of scenery. The ships are designed
Mighty Mississippi, the Rhine, Mosel, Rhone and               with a flat bottom which means that there is no roll-
Saone, the Danube and the Nile. The big attrac-               ing and pitching and therefore no worry about mo-
tion for me is that these ships are not only smaller          tion sickness.
and more intimate than the deep water cruise                  The itineraries offered blend capital cities with
ships, but the itineraries are very different as well.        charming towns as well as folkloric entertainment
A River Cruise vacation is all about the destina-             and chances to try local dishes. Viking River
tion. They go right into the heart of the city, dock-         Cruises also includes 95% of all shore excursions,
ing only steps away from the downtown attrac-                 3 wonderful meals per day and plenty of entertain-
tions. You step off the boat for a leisurely stroll or        ment.
some lines now provide you with a bike to ride                The new 2009 itineraries just arrived with up to
around town.                                                  $1200.00 early booking savings. So don’t delay
The ships themselves offer a casual atmosphere.               and call me for more information 619-275-6555.

On VIKING Your Companion Travels Free……..
If you act quickly you can take advantage of spe-              Burgundy & Provence 8 days with 7 guided
cial savings on selected 2008 European sailings                tours from $2680.00 per couple. 7 departures
with Viking River Cruises:                                     available.
Paris and the Heart of Normandy 8 days with 7                  Remember that all meals are included. Don’t de-
guided tours from $2480.00 per couple. There                   lay, offer expires July 10, 2008 and availability is
are 7 departure to choose from.                                limited.
Paris to Prague 12 days with 11 guided tours                     Interesting web sites: The ultimate source for
from $3980.00 per couple. 4 departures in Au-                    airplane seating, in-flight services and airline
gust, 1 in September and 2 in November.
                                                                 information check out: www.seatguru.com

Insider’s Travel Tips …...
I found these 5 tips for finding hidden treasures when         3-Have a conversation. The best way to find out what
traveling in the spring addition of “Bon Vivant”               life is like in a country is just to ask. Even if you don’t
                                                               speak the language, there are many ways to commu-
1-Get up early! It’s often the best time to see local life.
As the sun is rising, the world is getting ready for an-       nicate.
other day.                                                     4-Take a walk. Get off the beaten path and explore.
2-Visit a Market. You’ll learn so much about how a             5-Keep your eyes open. Often the most memorable
community lives just by strolling through the local mar-       experiences are found where least expected. Always
ket. And you might discover a new favorite fruit.              be ready for the extraordinary and you’ll often find it!
Volume 17                                                                                            Page 3

OCEANIA CRUISES…….worth a try!
Oceania was founded in 2002 and is now consid-        costs. All itineraries are designed to showcase
ered by many the world’s largest upper premium        some of the most rewarding and enriching desti-
cruise line. Currently they operate 3 intimate        nation experiences possible.
ships with a maximum passenger capacity of 684        The “foodies” among you will appreciate the gour-
passengers. The 400 staff members guarantee           met cuisine offered aboard. There are 4 restau-
personalized service unmatched by any other           rants to choose from, all offering open seating
line. The ships are refurbished every 2 years to      where you can dine when and with whom you
keep them looking new without wear and tear.          wish. The menus are designed by renowned
Oceania offers fabulous itineraries visiting ports    master chef Jacques Pepin who is the Executive
all over the world and can often dock at piers the    Culinary Director of Oceania Cruises. There are
larger vessels cannot access. You will also find      no cover charges at any of these restaurants.
many overnight stops in popular cities where you      Please check out our special group departures
will overnight aboard ship and avoid pricey hotel     for 2009 below:

OCEANIA is ready to take you to Europe:
Sail the INSIGNIA and experience some new             the sites where gods and goddesses ruled over
ports. Cruise along the Dalmatian Coast visiting      ancient civilizations of Greece and the Mediterra-
Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece,       nean . Start your 12 day exploration with a 2 day
Malta, Italy and France. This 16 day cruise starts    visit of Venice on October 17, 2009. Rates for
on May 15, 2009 in Venice and ends on May 31st        this cruise start at $3499.00 per person includ-
in Rome. Just imagine enjoying a cocktail on          ing airfare. In addition to these special rates all
deck or on your private veranda while watching        our group members will also receive a welcome
the glittering lights of Venice….                     bottle of champagne, prepaid gratuities and
Rates start at $4299.00 per person and include        shipboard credits.
airfare from over 100 departure cities in the US.     Space is selling fast so please call me now for
Or you can hop aboard the NAUTICA and visit           more information at 619-275-6555!

Maximize your $$$$ :

Do you have Dreams about traveling to warm            world-class spas and great bars. Rooms feature
destinations and to experience Unlimited Luxury?      daily maid service, fully stocked mini-bars and
If yes, I can make those a reality for you and your   more. Value options include free wedding and
family and they are surprisingly affordable.          anniversary packages as well as kids stay
Dreams Resorts are located in Mexico and the          free programs from September 1 to mid Dec 16.
Dominican Republic. All of these resorts feature      If you are looking for a relaxing vacation where
gourmet dining, nightly entertainment and super-      virtually everything is included in one price, a trip
vised children’s programs. You can enjoy shim-        to one of the Dreams Resorts is perfect. Call me
mering pools, and fully-equipped fitness centers,     and I will share my personal experience with you.
 Fleetridge Travel

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