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									                                                     Worming Your

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                                                     North Devon District Council

                                                         Dog Information
           Why Worm?                                   Puppies                                    Treatment

Worming is a very important part of     When you buy a new puppy, check before       It is normally advisable to worm as
your dog’s life. It keeps him or her    you take it home that it has been wormed.    follows:-
healthy and prevents the spread of      Most reputable breeders/suppliers will
disease through your dog’s faeces.      issue you with a certificate of dates on     •   Puppies - fortnightly until 12 weeks
Very occasionally, worms from dog’s     which the puppy has been wormed and a            old, monthly until 6 months old
faeces may cause illness in children.   supply of the worming tablets or                 then at 6 monthly intervals for the
                                        suspension together with instructions on         rest of it’s life.
                                        future worming. If this information is not
                                        supplied, you should contact your vet        •   Newly acquired adults - worm
                                        immediately and have the puppy                   fortnightly on 3 occasions and then
          Adult Dogs                    examined thoroughly and ask him for a            at 6 monthly intervals for the rest
                                        course of treatment. If you have other           of it’s life.
                                        dogs you will need treatment for them too.
                                                                                     The above precautions will help to
If your dog has never been wormed                                                    keep our parks and recreation
start immediately by consulting your                                                 grounds free from Toxocara canis and
vet and he will prescribe a course of                                                ensure your dog's continued good
treatment. All dogs in the household                                                 health.
must be treated at the same time.
Pregnant bitches must undergo a
course of treatment to prevent her
pups from acquiring worms through

                                                                                         Remember that cats also need to
                                                                                                be wormed!

                                                                                          Further information can be ob-
                                                                                         tained from your local veterinary

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