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zhou-group2 by chenshu


									Group Assignment for the class: Develop Chinese Collections in Digital Era
Group #2

Topic of the Discussion:
2. Criterion and factors to be considered when purchasing Chinese electronic resources:

      Budgetary/Funding
          o Allocation of funds – subject funds, e-resources funds, friends of libraries
             funds, etc.
          o Consider consortium purchase – cost sharing model (where each member
             of the consortium should pay less than what would be paid if the member
             goes alone)
          o Annual subscription or one-time purchase
          o Ongoing commitment of the (and increasing) annual cost
          o Possibility to use one-time fund to buy a multi-year subscription (for
             example, pay three year subscription up front and wait to see if money is
             available then and if the product is worth continuing paying for)

      Selection
           o Content
                  Content quality – initial evaluation from trials
                  In alignment with the curriculum (directly in support of the
                     teaching and research needs of the target customer user groups of
                     the institutions; not just a nice thing to add)
                  Percentage of the overlap between the candidate e-resource and
                     existing resources (such as electronic collections and print
           o Searching functions
                  Basic and Advanced Search
                  Equivalent searching capability between Chinese Traditional and
                     Simplified Characters; Pinyin and Characters as well as English
                     and Chinese if English abstracts are provided.
                  Federated search , Open URL
           o User friendliness of interface
           o English translation for abstract, title, author and key words.
           o The reputation/authority of the information provider

      Legal: Negotiating and Licensing
          o Copyright issues
          o Fair Use: any restriction on e-reserves, ILL, course packs, walk-in users,
              scholarly sharing
          o Perpetual access rights
          o Jurisdiction, “State law is your friend”

      Sustainability, including Storage and Access
       o Perpetual access rights
       o Digital preservation (the institution will continue having the access to the
         paid content even after the subscription ceases)
       o Be sustainable (safe operation)
       o Unicode font that supports Chinese language (traditional and simplified)
       o Intuitive interface

   Sustainability, including Management and Maintenance
       o Sustainable support from library systems (IT) unit of the library
       o How its processing might affect staffing, work flow, or task coordination

   Services/Support (from vendors)
       o Availability of vendors’ service representatives in North America
       o Availability of vendor mirror site in U.S. (too many challenges with
           vendor directly service model, such as different time zone, different
           vacation schedule, language barrier and cultural differences)
       o How often is the update/upgrade of the content?
       o Availability of collection analysis statistics (usage data)

   Technical
       o Metadata search
       o Interoperability: integrate with other electronic resources in your libraries.
       o Without extra propriety viewer/plug-ins/software
       o Security: authenticated off-campus access
       o Browsers: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari?

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