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                                              MØTE REF.     2004-05                                        date          Ref:

Saipem & SEA                                                Protocol                                    Møte sted
                                                                                                    Location of Meeting
                                                                                                  Saipem house Stavanger
                                               Møte dato
                                               Date of meeting    6/5-04                   Data

Månedlig møte mellom Saipem SpA, Norwegian branch og S.E.A
Monthly meeting between Saipem SpA, Norwegian Branch and S.E.A.

              SEA                                                      SAIPEM

              Robert de Vries                                          Mauro Giovannetti
              Erling A. Klausen                                        Åse Flatjord
              Roar Johansen                                            Hilmar Holmen

                 All the above
                 SEA Shop stewards
                 NOPEF board on Scarabeo 5


                                                           Next meeting:
                                                       24th August

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                                            MØTE REF.        2004-05                                            date          Ref:

                                                    New topics.
2004/5                                                                                                                        SEA

         Reopened items.
2004/1   Substitutes contracts:                                                                                               SEA
  1      Recently, substitutes never get their contract prior to start work, and often not even to                            1730
         traveling home.
         The contracts that are given often lack the information on whom the substitute is covering for.
         According to “arbeidsmiljøloven” § 55 B, an employment contract should be given to the
         employee immediately (which means prior to work starting).
         The temporary employment contract shall also state who the substitute is covering for.
         It was also previously agreed between the parties that personnel dept. is to notify SEA prior to
         sending out substitutes / new employees

                   SEA claim:
         SEA claim that a practice of issuing substitutes’ contract prior to traveling out on the rig, and
         that it contains the name of the one the substitute is covering for is implemented immediately.
         SEA also claim that the agreed practice with notifying SEA of new employment is to be
         followed strictly.
                   Discussion / conclusion:
         Saipem SpA informed that their intention is that the substitutes will be given the contract
         immediately, prior to start work onboard.
         Several solutions were discussed.
         How to do this in practice will be evaluated by the company.
         SEA will be notified of which practice Saipem decides to implement.

         SEA chairman will be informed about all substitutes and new employees prior to their travel
         onboard by the personnel coordinator, or as soon as practically possible.
                  Meeting 2004/02:
         Saipem have as per today presented only 1 information of people going onboard, some of the
         names on the list were due home just a couple of days after the notification.
                  Discussion / conclusion:
         Åse informed that the personnel dept. will give the issue priority and comply with last
         meetings agreement.
         Evaluation of functionality of agreed practice will be evaluated at next meeting.                      closed
                  Meeting 2004/03:
         Mr. Giovannetti will stress / remind the personnel dept. in order to follow the agreement.
         The practise will be re evaluated at next meeting.
                  Meeting 2004/04:
         Parties agreed that the personnel dept. sends the employment contract by fax to SEA at the
         same time as they send it to the rig.
                  Meeting 2004/05:
         Will be stressed.
2004/1   Assistant CROP:                                                                                                      SEA
  1      Saipem wasn’t able to make the afterpayment on May salary due to sickness.                                           1271
         Afterpayment will hopefully be done on June salary.

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                                           MØTE REF.        2004-05                                          date          Ref:

         Open items from previous meetings.
2004/4   Purchase of PC-glasses.                                                                             3/6-04        SEA
  1      Understanding of onshore personnel handbook’s point regarding the issue.                                          1722
                  Discussion / conclusion:                                                                                 handbok
         Saipem will make a proposal for changes of the text in the handbook.
         Proposal will be presented no later than next meeting.
                  Meeting 2004/05:
         Issue will be closed within June.
2004/4   Extra personnel onboard.                                                                                          SEA
  2      SEA wishes Saipem SpA’s neglect of discussing plans of using extra personnel onboard.                             1769
                  Discussion / conclusion:                                                                                 mail
         Parties agreed to postpone the issue until next meeting. SEA requested that Mr. Croatto and
         Solbakken are present during this points, since it would regulate the day to day operation of
         Saipem SpA, Norwegian branch.
                  Meeting 2004/05:
         Postponed to next meeting.
2004/4   Basic agreement / authorities legislation (AML and regulations).                                                  SEA
  3      SEA claim that Saipem SpA is neglecting to follow the basic agreement chapter 5 and 6.
                  Discussion / conclusion:
         Parties agreed to postpone the issue until next meeting. SEA requested that Mr. Croatto and
         Solbakken are present during this points, since it would regulate the day to day operation of
         Saipem SpA, Norwegian branch.
                  Meeting 2004/05:
         Postponed to next meeting.
2004/3   Pension contribution for foreigners employed with Saipem SpA, Norwegian branch.                                   SEA
  1      Issue will be postponed until after the tariff negotiations.                                                      1719

2004/3   Wage group motorman.                                                                                              SEA
  3      Saipem have qualification requirement that exceeds the requirement for mentioned positions in                     1741
         other companies in the NR-area.
         Our motormen have more responsibility and the job content closer to a mechanic or an
                  SEA claim:
         Discuss an eventual upgrade of position with regards to the wage matrix.
                  Discussion / conclusion:
         Issue will be re discussed at next meeting, after Saipem SpA have had the possibility to do
         some inquiries.
                  Meeting 2004/04:
         Will be postponed until after the tariff negotiations
2004/3   Salary negotiations onshore employees.                                                                            SEA
  4      An overview of salaries is required prior to starting salary negotiations.                                        1762
                  Discussion / conclusion:
         Overview will be sent as per SEA request tomorrow
                  Meeting 2004/04:
         Negotiation will start in August.
2004/3   Salary negotiations individually paid offshore employees.                                                         SEA
  5      An overview of salaries is required prior to starting salary negotiations.                                        1763
                  Discussion / conclusion:
         Overview have been issued as per SEA request.
                  Meeting 2004/04:
         Negotiation will start in August.

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                                              MØTE REF.          2004-05                                             date          Ref:

2004/1   PC offer, Saipem Employees:                                                                                               SEA
  5      It have been over 3 years since Saipem issued the last PC-offer.                                                          1727
         This means that the PC’s have been paid for.
         A new “deal” should be evaluated.
                  Discussion / conclusion:
         Saipem SpA will ask their IT-dept. to evaluate offers from their PC-vendors.
         SEA will ask for an offer from Dell Computers.
                  Meeting 2004/2:
         The offer from Dell have been forwarded to Saipem SpA.
                  Discussion / conclusion:
         Saipem SpA informed that they will most likely use another company; Nicator.
         (The same as Statoil used for their PC-agreement.)
                  Meeting 2004/03:
         Saipem is waiting for translation of offer from Nicator.
                  Meeting 2004/04:
         Saipem is waiting for translation of offer from Nicator.
2004/1   Course/ school-contracts:                                                                                                 SEA
  8      Saipem SpA have, to SEA knowledge a variety, or at least a few different formats on the                                   1462
         above mentioned contracts.
         SEA have not been involved in preparing any of the different standard contract.
                  SEA claim:
         The different contract should be gone through, in order to agree on a standardized contract.
                   Discussion / conclusion:
         Saipem SpA confirmed that several formats have been used in the past, but only one form has
         been used lately.
         Parties agree that SEA will make proposal for a new, more usable form.

01/10    Insurance Scheme’s (injury/death):                                                                          20/9-02       SEA
         SEA request that we go through all insurances for employees, and that copies of policies are presented to
  2      SEA both for Italian, British and Norwegian employees.                                                                    1383
         Saipem will ask Zurich office for an overview of insurances that the British employees are covered by.                    1424
              Meeting 01/11:
         Saipem expect and info leaflet from Gjensidige concerning the Norwegians.
         A request will be done to get the same for Zurich employees.
         Saipem will also get verification that the ones employed via Italy are covered in accordance with
         requirements for the Norwegian shelf.
                    Meeting 02/1:
         SEA received an information leaflet concerning the insurances for the employees of Saipem Norway,
         and informed that they are still waiting for information for other employees.
                    Meeting 02/2:
         SEA have tried to get in contact with GPS, but have not gotten any reply what so ever.
         This seem unprofessional and not at all acceptable.
         Guidelines should be set when it comes to contact person etc. within GPS.
         These guidelines should be acknowledged also by whom it may concern within GPS.
         Saipem informed that they are experiencing problems getting the proper information from GPS. This
         issue will anyhow be given high priority.
                    Meeting 02/3:
         Saipem stated that they have not gotten any information yet.
         A new attempt will be done.
         SEA states that it is totally unacceptable that a branch office does not get information from the others.
         Not getting it in due time would be a violation of the obligation to inform the local union.
                    Meeting 2002/4:
         Parties are reviewing the policies to verify that they are in compliance with Norwegian rules and
                    Meeting 2002/5:
         SEA informed that Tore Nilsen ,which is the insurance shop steward, need at least 84 hours off duty
         either the rest of this trip or next trip.
         Saipem is obliged to get replacement for him in accordance with the basic agreement and the NPD

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                                               MØTE REF.          2004-05                                              date          Ref:

                    Meeting 2002/06:
         Parties agreed on Saipem’s proposal to let a consultant / insurance specialist look into the insurances and
         report to Saipem and SEA. Hopefully this may be done prior to next meeting.
                    Meeting 2002/8:
         Due to the summer holiday, no consultant have yet been contacted. Saipem will contact their insurance
         partner shortly.
         Hopefully, they are able to present a report prior to next meeting.
                    Meeting 2002/9:
         Saipem is still waiting for feedback from their consultant.
                    Meeting 2002/10:
         Saipem is still waiting for feedback from their consultant.
                    Meeting 2002/11:
         Saipem SpA informed that their contact person at Gjensidige is Mr. Birkeland.
         SEA informed that they may contact Gjensidige at a later stage.
                    Meeting 2002/12:
         SEA was informed that Saipem now is in dialog with the “foreign affair’s” expert in Gjensidige.
                    Meeting 2003-1:
         Saipem have received a report from Gjensidige, this will be issued to SEA after a clarification meeting
         concerning the report.
                    Meeting 2003-2:
         Saipem promised that they will be ready to go through the report with SEA at next meeting
                    Meeting 2003-2:
         Saipem have entered all GPS employees on Saipems rigs on the Norwegian continental shelf in the
         “Trygghetsforsikring” in Norway.
                    Meeting 2003-05:
         Saipem SpA, Norwegian branch will contact Saipem Italy in order to get the insurance policy for
         employees in Italy, working on the Norwegian shelf.
                    Meeting 2003-07:
         Ref. Meeting 2003-02: SEA expect to receive documentation that substantiate the statement that GPS-
         employees are covered by “trygghetsforsikringen”.
         SEA also request an overview of which insurances that will remain in Switzerland and which that will be
         cancelled in connection with the above transition.
         Insurance policy for Saipem SpA (Italy) is also expected (translated to Norwegian) ASAP.
         SEA is still waiting for the electronic version of the pamphlet regarding personnel insurances for
         Parts of the pamphlet needs to be translated to English due to the fact that English speaking employees
         also are covered by it.
                    Meeting 2003-09:
         Saipem SpA excuses the delays. The issue will be given high priority, and hopefully closed first quarter
                    Meeting 2004-02:
         Saipem informed that they through the Saipem-Corporate have an insurance that gives them coverage of
         any mandatory insurances in whichever region of the world that they operate.
         Saipem SpA will request a confirmation of this from the Corporate’s insurance company.
         SEA will receive verification ASAP.
                   Meeting 2004/03:
         Mr. Giovannetti informed that he need to visit the insurance company physically, in order to get the
         He informed that he’s going to Italy in April, and will try getting a statement then.
         Unfortunatelu, Mr. Giovannetti haven’t been in Milan since last meeting. He informed that he will most
         probably visit Milan prior to next meeting, and will retrieve it then.