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					First Science Advisory Meeting

                  Faculty of Science
   Dean:
    Professor Michael J. Kennedy
   Associate Dean for First Science Students:
    Dr Joe Carthy
   Associate Dean for Undergraduate Students:
    Mr Hubert Fuller

   Faculty of Science Office Staff:
    Gillian Goodbody, Sue Philpott & Kieran Moloney

   Student Advisors:
    Aoife FitzGerald, Rev Tony Coote & Owen Fallon (Computer
    Largest Faculty of Science in Ireland
    Approximately 1,570 undergraduate students
    610 postgraduate students

    170 academic staff
    22 administrative staff
    86 technical staff

    13 Departments teach the students of the Faculty of Science
               List of Departments

   Biochemistry                 Mathematics
   Botany                       Mathematical Physics
   Chemistry                    Pharmacology
   Computer Science             Physiology
   Experimental Physics         Statistics & Acturarial
   Geology                       Science
   Industrial Microbiology      Zoology
      List of First Science Subjects
   Biology
   Chemistry
   Computer Science
   Experimental Physics/Biophysics
   Geology
   Mathematics
   Mathematical Physics

    Students take Mathematics and three other subjects
    (see page 26 in the Faculty Booklet )
            Denominated Entries
   DN030 (Computer Science) students take Computer Science
    1001 and 1002, Pass Mathematics and one of Biology,
    Chemistry, Experimental Physics/Biophysics or Mathematical
   DN031 (Theoretical Physics) students take Honours
    Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Experimental Physics
    and either Chemistry, Computer Science 1001 or Geology
   DN032 (Mathematical Science) students take Honours
    Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Computer Science 1001
    and either Experimental Physics or Geology
Note:   Students taking DN031 and DN032 may not select
   Consult the Departmental Representatives and your Mentor on your
    choice of subjects
   Faculty of Science Office will provide you with advice and guidance on
    all matters, academic or otherwise - Gillian Goodbody,Sue Philpott &
    Kieran Moloney
   Joe Carthy, Associate Dean for First Science Students, is there to help
    you with particular problems - academic or otherwise (Room A1.16,
    Computer Science Department)
   Meet and get to know Aoife FitzGerald, Tony Coote and Owen
   Attend all lectures and practical classes/tutorials. Statistics show that
    poor attendance commonly leads to failure at the end of the year.

Staff are here to help you. If you don’t understand ask!
           Honours or Pass Mathematics?
   Mathematics may be studied at either Honours or Pass level in First
   Students who have attained grade B2 or better in Leaving Certificate
    Higher Mathematics may prefer to study Honours Mathematics in First
   The Honours Course is essential for those enrolled in Mathematical
    Science and Theoretical Physics, and should also be taken by those
    considering the possibility of pursuing an honours degree involving
   Although the Honours Course is not required for those pursuing an
    honours degree in other disciplines, it offers the following advantages:
         (a) greater options in later years for development of specialized
             mathematical skills;
         (b) a more interesting and challenging course
   Students who wish to sample the Honours Course for a while may revert
    at any time to the Pass Course without difficulty - most of the Pass
    Course is covered in the Honours Course
                        Maths Support

   A Mathematics Support Centre is available to all Science Students
   website:
   e-mail:
   Location: Arts Block D209
   Opening hours: From Monday 27th September:
      Monday to Thursday 1-5pm.

        LIBRARY – New Students Desk
   There is a Library stand set up outside for you to visit
   There is also a New Students Desk in the Main Library
    located on:
       Level 1, right of the Library entrance
       Monday, 13 September 2004 to Friday, 24 September
       Opening hours:
            10.00am to 4.00pm and 5.00pm to 7.00pm
             (Monday to Friday)
Careers & Appointments Office
       Careers Advisory service
       Located beside Campus Bookshop
       Mark Cumisky

       First Year Careers Seminar
         5-6   October
             What you must do to pass!
   In general:
     Pass   mark: 40%
     Compensation   allowed in one subject only and if mark is
      between 35 and 40% and other subjects have excess
      marks to equal or exceed this deficiency, you pass by
     Marks  in subjects that are passed are exempt from
      further examination in those subjects
     Repeat   examinations are held in autumn
              What you must do to pass!
   Students must pass First Science within two years of entering

    There are special requirements for students in Computer Science,
    Mathematical Science and Theoretical Physics to continue in these
    programmes in Second Science
    Students who are particularly weak in an area of the subject, i.e.
    practicals, may not be passed in that subject and will have to re-
    attend in the following year.
                        Second Science
   Some subjects start in Second Science and you need the following
    subjects in First Science:

        Biochemistry               Biology and Chemistry and Maths
        Botany                     Biology and Chemistry and Maths
        Industrial Microbiology Biology and Chemistry and Maths
        Pharmacology               Biology and Chemistry and Maths
        Physiology                 Biology and Chemistry and Maths
        Zoology                    Biology and Chemistry and Maths
        For Statistics you just need Mathematics in First Science

   Subjects which continue from First to Second Science require the First
    Science course
                        What to do Now!
   Collect subject choice forms and talk to Departmental Representatives
    on the concourse
   Attend as many of the sample lectures in all subjects as you can in the
    first week of term.
   Mathematics is a mandatory subject in First Science and all students
    must therefore attend Mathematics from the first lecture
                        What to do Now!

   Take note of your Mentor’s name (see notice boards) and when
    and where you are scheduled to meet with them before the end of
    next week
   It is VITAL that you make arrangements to meet your mentor
   This will be your first mentor meeting “Getting Started”
   Discuss your choice with your mentor and get him/her to sign your
    subject choice form
   Register your course choice online using UCD Connect
     Subject Choice/Course Registration
   Decide on your subject choice with your mentor
   Your mentor must sign your Subject Choice Form
   Register your course choice online using UCD CONNECT
   Follow the instructions for using UCD Connect that you were given
    this morning. The instructions are on the back of your Subject Choice
   Online course registration must be completed by Friday 24th
Note:    To use UCD Connect you must have your UCD Connect
         Log-in ID
   Afterwards, return your completed form to the Faculty of Science
              Students with Mentors in
                 Conway Building

   For those who will be attending their mentoring meetings in the
    Conway Building, it is very important to turn up on time, as you will
    be calling to the main reception area and your mentor will have to
    come down to meet you.
    Theoretical Physics Students
   Please remain here at the end of the Advisory Meeting and
    members of the teaching staff will speak to you briefly

    Mathematical Science Students
   Please go to Mathematical Sciences Teaching Room
    immediately after this meeting to meet with your Course
   Exit by Top Door of this Theatre and Proceed to Room at
    opposite end of concourse