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									                                                             University of Phoenix
                                        Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (BSCJA)
                                                           Program Transfer Guide

Transfer to University of Phoenix is most efficient when an associate degree is earned – especially a transfer degree.
     •     without an associate degree, all courses transfer which are…
                o college-level or part of an associates degree
                o and earned with a grade of C- or better

 From Transfer Institution: Austin Community College Per 2006-2007 catalog, pg. 36-37 & 94-95
            Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice/Corrections
      To University of Phoenix: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

                           University of Phoenix Requirements                                            Semester                    Semester                    Semester
                                     BS/CJA Degree                                                     Credits Earned             Credits Applied            Credits Remaining
Lower Division
Liberal Arts General Education - 33 semester credits
Communication Arts                                                                          6                  6                          6                            0
Mathematics                                                                                 6                  3                          3                            3
                                                                                            6                  0                          0                            6
*Three (3) credits must be in Physical/Biological Science
Social Sciences                                                                             6                 33                          6                            0
Humanities                                                                                  6                  6                          6                            0
Additional Liberal Arts
                                                                                            3                  0                          3                            0
…additional credit taken from any of the above areas
Interdisciplinary – Credits include additional general education or
                                                                                           15                 15                         15                            0
elective/major coursework except for physical education.
Lower Division Electives                                                                    9                  0                          9                            0
Total Lower Division Credits                                                         57                 63                       48                        9
One (1) course in math, communication arts, and critical thinking is required to meet the proficiency requirement at University of Phoenix. Students who have earned
an Associate degree through an approved articulation agreement from a regionally or approved nationally accredited institution no more than two (2) years prior to
their application to the University that contain a comparable course (College Algebra; College Composition; or Critical Thinking) with a minimum of 2.67 semester
credits and achieved a minimum grade of “C-” will have demonstrated proficiency in that area.
Upper Division
BS/CJA Required Course of Study – version 3
GEN 300 Skills for Professional Development                                                                                                     3
CJA 303 Foundations of Criminal Justice                                                                                                         3
CJA 313 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice                                                                                                 3
CJA 323 Criminology                                                                                                                             3
CJA 333 Policing Theory and Practice                                                                                                            3
CJA 343 Criminal Law                                                                                                                            3
CJA 353 Criminal Procedure                                                                                                                      3
CJA 363 Interpersonal Communications                                                                                                            3
CJA 373 Criminal Court Systems                                                                                                                  3
CJA 383 Institutional and Community Corrections                                                                                                 3
CJA 393 Criminal Organizations                                                                                                                  3
CJA 403 Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes                                                                                                  3
CJA 413 Ethics in Criminal Justice                                                                                                              3
CJA 423 Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice                                                                                                  3
CJA 433 Research Methods in Criminal Justice                                                                                                    3
CJA 453 Criminal Justice Administration                                                                                                         3
CJA 463 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis                                                                                                        3
CJA 473 Managing Criminal Justice Personnel                                                                                                     3
CJA 483 Futures of Criminal Justice                                                                                                             3
GEN 480 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course                                                                                                       3

          Total Upper Division Credits                                                                                                                     63
          Total Lower and Upper Division Credits                                                                                                           120
**IMPORTANT** This summary is an estimation of credits based on the catalog program requirements and therefore does not include other electives or other coursework from additional
regionally or nationally accredited institutions. Students should always consult a University of Phoenix counselor with this form for an evaluation.

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