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Statement of Purpose - Download Now DOC


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									                                                                                 Alan Grage
                                                                                 Sep 27
                                                                                 Section 1
                                                                                 Exercise #4

                               Statement of Purpose

       Deciding to take criminal justice classes in college was just a start of what turned

into a good career field. Taking these classes ties into my professional background also.

I first started to take criminal justice classes after I returned from being deployed to

Kosovo. I joined the National Guard to help pay for my college and receive job training.

I found out I was being deployed to Kosovo to provide law enforcement for the country.

After working as a military police officer for almost a year, I was excited to get back to

the states and take actual criminal justice classes. As I started to take criminal justice

classes, I spoke with many teachers who used to be officers. Most of them have told me

they went a lot farther on the force after they received a master’s degree. I would like to

be able to go as far as I can on the force. I don’t want to have a limit on what job I can

have in the police department. After all of my experiences, I would like to apply to

graduate school.

       I want to experience a lot of criminal justice at St. Cloud State University. I have

almost acquired my associates in criminal justice from Kirkwood Community College. I

would like to extend all the knowledge that I have learned there to what I can learn with

SCSU. I would like to contribute to the amount of knowledge I possess in the field. I am

positive SCSU can help contribute to my understanding of criminal justice. SCSU is a

well-known graduate program in the criminal justice field.

       My plans after graduate school are to apply to many police departments. I plan on

living in the Chicago suburbs, so this is where I will be applying. I am also applying to

the DEA and the FBI. Having masters in criminal justice will help put me above the rest
                                                                                 Alan Grage
                                                                                 Sep 27
                                                                                 Section 1
                                                                                 Exercise #4

of the applicants. I am applying for SCSU because I fit in the program. I have a lot of

experience in the criminal justice field already. With the knowledge I have and the

knowledge I gain from your graduate program, I should be proficient at being a law

enforcement officer. After I get accepted to one of the departments I apply for, I will be

able to advance as far as I want. I could end up being Chief of Police if I wanted to.

Having my master’s degree will allow me to achieve goals that were almost impossible

for me.

          Having my master’s degree will also help me achieve better jobs when I graduate.

I will be able to have a better starting out job. Instead of an entry-level job, I will be able

to obtain a higher paying job with my master’s. This is important if I get hired in one of

the Federal jobs I apply for. My starting out job should be better when I have my

master’s. Overall, my goal is to obtain my master’s degree, apply for a job, and obtain a

great starting out job. This can all be accomplished with my acceptance to SCSU.
                                                                          Alan Grage
                                                                          Sep 27
                                                                          Section 1
                                                                          Exercise #4

St. Cloud State University

Master of Science Criminal Justice

   1. Possess at least an overall 2.75 GPA in your previous undergraduate and graduate
   2. Possess a GPA pf at least 2.75 in the last half of your undergraduate work.
   3. Achieve a 480 or higher verbal score on the GRE examination.
   4. Achieve a 520 or higher quantitative score on the GRE examination.
   5. Achieve a 470 or higher on the GMAT examination. (The GMAT is required of
       all MBA applicants.)
   6. The GRE is required of all applicants except for those applying to the MBA

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