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                                  Anchor Operating Manual

Register yourself, your profession, your business, shop or service FREE.
Simply send a sms as shown below to the number indicated. This is free. You can register your
details from any where. Details will be added on the web site almost immediately. If
you are a paid member of the you will receive confirmation of the registration
immediately by sms.
Very Important : Carefully not loginword and password of your account when you receive them.

   To register yourself, your profession, your          To register your business, shop, hotel etc.
   personal services etc. send sms in this format       send sms in this format :
   pincode MYNAME xxxxxxxxxx CONAME                     pincode MYNAME xxxx xxx xxx CONAME xxx
   xxxxxxx ADDR xxxxxxxxxx PHONES                       xxxx xxxx xxx ADDR xxx xxxx x xxxx
   xxxxxxxxxxx INFO xxxxxxxxxx.                         PHONES xxx xxx xxx xxxx INFO
   Send to .    9821847541                              Send to      9821847541
   Text         400057 MYAME madhav joshi               Text         400057 MYNAME S. Rajan
   example      CONAME ADDR                example      CONAME Hotel Satkar ADDR
                2-43,hanuman ramanand, sant                          32 Hanuman Rd, santacruz
                janabai rd, vileparle east,                          west. PHONES 02226434561
                mumbai PHONES 9821835920                             INFO bar and rest. veg and non
                INFO software consultant,                            veg food. Free home delivery
                marketing manager, CEO.                              call 02226125432 9812345678
   In reply you will receive your login name and        In reply you will receive your login name and
   passowrd. Please carefully note these details.       passowrd. Please carefully note these details.

Note : You can register several names or businesses using same mobile phone. Your login name
will be your mobile number from which you have sent the registration message. However you will
receive different password for each business registered by you using same mobile number.

Editing or Changing or Replacing your registered information.
If you discontinue the cell phone number :

   To receive contact details of local agents       If you do not know correct postal pin code number
   of in any pin code area             of the place you can find it out by sending sms to
   send an sms to number given below with           number given below . In the text of sms send first
   a six digit pin code number of the area of       few letters of the name of the area. Type only
   your interest in the text.                       those first letters of the name about which you are
                                                    sure. Leave out the remaining letters.

   Send to      9821847541                          Send to           9821847541
   Text         400057                              Text example      vileparle

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   In reply you will receive names and phone          In reply you will receive full names of areas and
   numbers of Bizbysms anchor persons in              their correct pin code numbers of places which
   the pincode area specified by you. You             match the name in your query. Note down the
   can contact any one them for assistance            correct pin code from this list. Use it for your
   for our paid services.                             search queries.
                                                          To check balance amount to your account
                                                          with : sms letters bala

   Send to .    9821847541                                Send to        9821847541
   Text         400057                                    Text           pincode LN your_login_name
                                                                         PW your_password_ bala
                                                          In reply you will receive amount balance to
                                                          your account.

In case you change your phone number :
    Delist by sending sms : pincode password delist

   Refund Policy :
   If you discontinue the phone number :
   If you loose or misplace your mobile phone :
   If you wish to delist your registration :
   If you wish to use internet to access your registration : your mobile number is the login name and the
   password you used while registering will be your password for the web site access.

                       Your balance : It will be remain with the old cell phone number. You can collect it from the
                       new owner of your old phone number. No refund is offerred.
   Free listing : Simplest and fastest way to list yourself free is by sending sms from your own cell phone. See
   details below. Another way is to visit our web site and list yourself. If you want to do this
   in a professional way and wish to expand your business or profession, call our local Anchor person on phone.
   For getting their contact numbers simply sms : six digit pincode of your area to 1234567890.
            list your profession, business or personal details free by sms :
            send sms to 9821847541 in following format. Do not use () brackets. Use words name, addr and info
            as shown in the format . (six digit postal pincode number of your area) space name (Type your or
            your business name here) addr (type your address in short here) info (type your personal or business
            information here.)
            Total length should not exceed beyond 170 characters.
            Lower or upper case does not matter. Finally all details will appear in upper case.
            Words name, addr and info must not be repeated elsewhere in the sms text.
            Also see an example.

           example 1 : For personal registration

           Send to :

           Text :

                         Text :
                       400057 abc12d name
                       Madhav Joshi addr 2-43,
                                        Page 2 of
                       Hanuman Ramanand,Sant 4
                       Janabai Rd, VileparleEast,
                       Mumbai. info
                       02226144826 B.Tech,
                       Marketing Expert,
                       Software Consultanat.
        example 2 : For business registation

        how to change your details : send new sms as if you are listing new. Old details will be replaced by
        new details.

check your listing by sms : This will work only once if you are not a member of

check your balance

USER : How to use our services.
       Visit our website All the information is available free of cost thru proper
       searches. You can get the desired information by postal pin code numbers, business categories,
       names and many other ways.
       You can make a verbal enquiry to our service number and ask for information. However this service
       is for limited hours in a day and is not guaranteed to be available as we receive huge number of calls
       on this number.
       To get the local information at any place any time you can use our sms service. This is a paid
       service. For a minimum deposit of Rs.50 you can start using this service. You can directly pay this
       amount to us by transfer to our bank account or pay cash to our local Anchor person. To get the
       contact numbers of our local Anchor person just sms the six digit pin code number to 9821847541
       like shown here. 98218359

        Send to :        Text :
        Text :

        You will receive a reply sms showing contact numbers of local Anchors in pin code area 400057.

        Every sms query sent by you to our number will be charged by your service provider as 1 sms. Every
        reply sms from us will cost you 1 Rs. Depending on the nature of your query and the amount of
        information available, you may get one or more smss in reply to your query.

        How to send query :
        Suppose you want to get contact details of residential hotels in pin code area 400057, send sms as

        Send to : 9821847541

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                    400057 hotel residential
Text :
You will receive a reply sms showing names and contact numbers of residential hotels in pin code
area 400057.

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