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No Problem is permanent .No problem affects my entire life.

If we haven't got any confidence in ourselves , how in the world can we expect anyone
else to have confidence in us.

Faith in yourself , faith in others ,faith in "abilities" , faith in today , faith in future. If
you dont have it , who will have it in you?

Confidence breeds confidence

Refuse to listen every negative thought or word that come your way

Go ahead, be confident , you can do it , do it now

Face your self doubts squarely and say "Am I bigger than they are (or) are they bigger
than I" ? then jam them back in your packet.
Be the captian of your ship.

The first step of turning your life around is getting rid of the negative belief that you
cannot do anything (or) that you are helpless

Never indulge in feelings of being defeated (or) depressed again

God's delays are not God's denails

The only way to change your life is to make a real decision

Start each day earlier and with a better attitude than the other day

Beliefs are very powerful, so you have got to be careful about what you choose ,
especially about "yourself"

There is always a way to turn things around if I'm committed

In any moment,I can change my entire life by making a new decision

                                          Five Rules to get rid of fear

Believe in yourself
Associate with confident people

Turnup your confidence machine

Be the master of your ship

Keep busy

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