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        State Rep. Scott Boyd  43rd Legislative District  Spring 2010

                                      Please plan to attend my

      Spring Business Breakfast Roundtable
                                Thursday, April 15, 8 a.m.
    Bird-in-Hand Restaurant (Gibbons Room) | 2760 Old Philadelphia Pike in Bird-in-Hand

    Unemployment compensation issues are on the forefront for nearly every business leader. I’ve invited two
Pennsylvania authorities on that subject, as well as work-share programs, to join us for what will certainly be
a lively discussion:
    Geoffrey D. Moomaw, president of Interstate Tax Service Inc. Geoff’s firm represents more than 1,700
different Pennsylvania employers for unemployment matters. In addition, he’s served on the Commonwealth’s
UC Advisory Council since 2005.
    Sam Denisco, director of government affairs for the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.
    Please R.S.V.P. by Tuesday, April 13. Make your reservations by contacting the district office at (717) 464-
5285 or e-mailing with your name and phone number.

    ● Distribute applications for higher education grants.
    ● Assist in arranging community improvement programs through state assistance.
    ● Act as a liaison between state agencies and constituents.
    ● Provide contacts for state agencies and arrange meetings with State officials.
    ● Distribute Pennsylvania informational publications.
    ● Provide various State forms and/or submit them to proper departments:
    ● Processing of citations for various honors and celebrations.
    ● Prepare and introduce legislation based upon the needs of constituents.
    ● Obtain copies of birth and death certificates.
    ● Provide assistance with motor vehicle registrations and drivers licenses.
 DISTRICT OFFICE: 852 Village Road, P.O. Box 268, Lampeter, PA 17537-0268 Phone: (717) 464-5285
           Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Evenings and Saturday hours by appointment)
    HARRISBURG OFFICE: 111 Ryan Office Building, P.O. Box 202043, Harrisburg, PA 17120-2043
                    Phone: (717) 783-6422        E-mail:
                                  ON THE WEB at
  What’s Happening with Industry
     Partnership Legislation
    There are few tangible examples of current govern-          Movement Toward the Creation of
mental enhancements of Pennsylvania’s business environ-          an Independent Budget Office
ment, but one positive move is momentum in codifying
industry partnerships in the Commonwealth’s Workforce               Pennsylvania is one of only 14 states that does
Investment Act.                                                 not have any type of non-partisan fiscal office. The
    The House Labor Relations Committee, of which I’m           absence of this office underscores a painful issue that
a member, recently voted unanimously to bring House Bill        has cropped up in each of the budget negotiations
2230, a bill formally putting in statute the criteria for the   under Gov. Ed Rendell: under the current system, the
creation of “industry partnerships,” to the full House for      governor is the only one who can certify the Common-
consideration. I am a co-sponsor of the bill.                   wealth’s revenue numbers. A major component of the
    Industry partnerships are employer/worker consor-           bogged-down budget negotiations in recent years is
tiums that bring together companies to address workforce        the governor’s failure to certify a revenue number in
development and career enhancement issues such as com-          a timely fashion, or his certification of an amount that
mon human resource challenges, use of technology, best          is wildly higher than estimations provided by either
practices, etc. They are typically organized by industry        the House or Senate...a move that consistently leads
sector based on an analysis of where regions appear to          to even more wrangling.
have a competitive advantage.                                       In the fiscal code passed with last year’s state bud-
    As of late February, 72 active industry partnerships        get, language was included to create an independent
exist in Pennsylvania. However, no legislative action           budget office. State Senate Finance Committee Chair-
has been taken to make the current program a permanent          man Pat Browne (R-Lehigh/Monroe/Northampton
part of the Commonwealth’s workforce development                counties) has introduced legislation to further define
system.                                                         the creation of such an office. Specifically, the legisla-
    The southcentral Pennsylvania region has received           tion directs the creation of a non-partisan, bicameral,
nearly $8 million in state funding to support industry          legislative arm to research and provide information on
partnership and related work training programs, allowing        fiscal matters.
the industry partners to facilitate training for more than          I’m hopeful that the institution of such an office
7,000 workers, and benefitting more than 400 companies           will help to fend off at least a few of the endless stick-
in our area of the state.                                       ing points that can make state budget negotiations so

                                                                     Harrisburg, PA 17120-2043
     PAID                                                            PO Box 202043
 U.S. POSTAGE                                                                Scott W. Boyd
  PRSRT STD                                                                  State Representative

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