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					Introduction of SOA Standard

                Yuan Yuan
        Internet Standard Open Lab
               April 18,2008
Introduction——About ISOL
     Established by CESI on March 2007,supported by China National Information
      Technology Standardization Technical Committee
     Objective :To fully integrate the power of China Internet technology in terms of
      industries, universities, research institutes and users, Focus on the establishment
      of authoritative standardization system. To lead and support the development of
      Internet industry system in China.
                                                - Market-Oriented Standardization Work -

                Government                      1.   To become the coordination and service
                 Agencies                            platform among various parts in the
                                                     standardization work
    Users                      Research
                               Institutes       2.   To become the public research
                Internet                             environment for standards research,
             Standard Open                           validation and testing
                                                3.   To become a bridge between state
                                                     standard organizations and home
                companies                       4.   To become the focus to impulse
                                                     promotion and application of standards
Introduction——Research Scopes of ISOL
   Research Background

   Objective and Content

   Next Task
SOA-The Leading Thinking of China IT
System Construction
IBM, MS, SUN, Oracle, SAP, Tibco etc             Primeton , Tongtech, Inspur, Chinasoft, Ufida,
 SOA—Important strategic direction
                                                    Kingdee etc
                                                  Late start,More publicity on SOA
 Lead SOA concept, technology, products,
   markets in China                               Domestic SOA products , platform , Solutions

 Gradually mature product line , begin to        Part of them became partners of multinational
   expand industry application                      vendor
 Technologies to international standards         Gradually concern standards

                                                   Government, enterprises,Individual users
ICT, Beihang University, Beijing University
                                                    Have a cognitive concept of SOA
 concern SOA、Web Service Earlier
                                                    Be part of business leaders’ policy areas
 Come up with some research results,
                                                    Exist risks、Cost concerns,Little practical
   Insufficient for industry application
 Began to actively cooperate with enterprises
                                                    Finance, telecom, tobacco, auditing,
                                                     manufacturing, and other fields first
However, Standard Problems Plagued the
Popularization and Application of SOA
Technology    involve too many technology ,many of them are in development(such as
   itself       Transaction , Security, Governance)make key Standard Immature

  Existing    Existing standards are complicated, some are duplicated and inconsistent,
 standards       Standards are formulated independently.

 Products\    adulterate private standards ,products and projects are difficult to interconnect
 Projects     , Does not reflect the value of SOA

  User        Concepts, standards are not uniform. Manufacturers are split, The user has no
Application      criteria for judgment, impact popularizing of SOA.

   China      China SOA standardization work was just begun , The overall SOA technology
 Industry        research and standards development is weak , need industry Application
                 standards in line with China's national conditions urgently.
Standard Problems are mainly from the
inconsistency of International standards
                            3. Official standards organizations are in preliminary study stage

                                                                ISO/IEC JTC1
                                                              Web Services Study Group
                                                   Inventory of Web Service-Related Standard N037

                           2. Industry standards have not integrated with technology deeply
           FSTC                          CIDX                           OGC                             PIDX                         ACORD
Financial Services Technology    Chemical Industry Data       Open Geospatial Consortium       Petroleum Industry Data
          Consortium                  Exchange                                                        Exchange
   Financial Industry             Chemical Industry             Geospatial Standards           Petroleum Industry               Insurance Industry

                1. A number of basic technologies standard organizations are the main
                                OASIS                                                                         OSOA
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards                                   Open SOA Collaboration
           Integration & Interoperability(ebXML,SOA-RM)                                    Language-Neutral SOA Standards(SCA,SDO)

                                 W3C                                                                           JCP
                        Wold Wide Web Consortium                                                       Java Community Process
                   Infrastructure (HTTP,SOAP,SSL)                                            Java Technology Specification(J2EE)

                                WS-I                                                                           OMG
               Web Service Interoperability Organization                                              Object Management Group
                      Web Service(WS-BP,WS-BSP)                                                     Methodology(UML,CORBA,BPM)
General Idea of China SOA
Standardization Work

    Industry      
                                                                              Medical        Audit
                             Finance               Telecom      manufacture

  Application                                                                 insurance      supervision

  Products                       Basic   Open-source           IntegrationApplication

    R&D                         platform   products              Platform   System

                                                                                           



  platform     SOA National Standard                              Improve       Environment of testing,
 of Industry SOA Industry Standard                                               Verification ,popularizing
Work Contents of SOA Standardization

      3. System construction of SOA                4. Environment building forSOA standard
          testing and certification                              promotion
       Products             Program                     Int’l Standard       Training/
      Certification         Evaluation                       Forum         Counseling
                                                     User Communication   Website & Demo
      Platform for Testing and Validation                Conference           Center

                          2. Development Related to SOA standards

                            Standard Application     Series of National    Open Source
   Standard Framework
                                  Guidance               Standards          Realization

                          1.SOA standards related basic researches

      International             Test Principals          Technology
                                                                            Typical Cases
    Standards Trends            and Measures             & Products

   Research Background

   Objective and Content

   Next Task
  《SOA Standards Framework》 Summary

   1. Research Objects
               Providing foundations for planning and searching of China's SOA standards
               Providing a full range of standard references for employees of China's IT industry
   2. Features
               Free and Open
               Update the research objectives with the development of international standards

                        Research Phrase for 《 SOA Standards Framework》

Investigate and Plan  Draft V0.6            V0.6 Inter check  Draft V0.8         V0.8 Solicit Opinions
  •Before ISOL Setting up   •ISOL              •ISOL &Microsoft   •ISOL               •ISOL& All Partners
  •2006.9—2007.3            •2007.3—2007.9     •2007.10—2007.11   •2007.12—2008.2     •2008.2—2008.4
《SOA Standard Framework 》 Part 1

         •Meeting the requirements of specific industries or
         specific types of application

                                                                       13 parts, 81 standards
         •Kernel of SOA Standard4Framework                4
         •Including the main technical standards which support
         the4building of SOA system
         •Concerning the main steps of building SOA system, 1
                                      3     12   11     4
         such as design, development, composition, testing,
         deployment, government and so on.

         •Foundation of the other SOA technical standards 2

   The corresponding standards of each kind of requirement composite
 Each part works together, which support the effective building of
   the SOA Standard framework.
 SOA system!
     《SOA Standard Framework 》 Part 2
                           Basic                              Available                     Controllable             Implementation

Foundation Standards, such as data transport,
  Message delivery, service description……

                   standards of security and transaction progressed

                                                        Standards of each parts progressed much,
                  WS-Transaction                especially service management, reliability related standards

                                                WSDM                          Emerge the standard of implement SOA


   Research Background

   Objective and Content

   Next Task
  Next research of SOA standards
2008-4                  2008-6                          2009-6                  2010-6                         2012-12

       SOA Standards Related Research                                 SOA National standards and industry
                                                                            standards development
《SOA Standard Framework》       《SOA Reference System
  revise and publish V1.0        for Implementing》
                                                                   《SOA Terminology 》
                                                                                                            Serial of
                              Deep-                                                                  Standards Interoperating
    《SOA Standards:
Analysis of Interoperation》   ening                                   《SOA Overall         Subdividing
                                                          Extr-    Tech Requirements》
                                   《SOA Standards          act
   《SOA User's Guide》             Application Guide 》
                                                                    《SOA Standardizing
                                                                        Guide》                                  Serial of
                                                                                                         Industry Implementing

     Foundation Technology Developing
           for National Standards
  《Web Service Description    《WS Interoperation
                                                                         Developing Platform for SOA
   Language (WSDL)》             Framework》                Sup-
                                                                             Testing and verifying
                                                          port    Standards Implementing   Perfe-        SOA Testing and
 《Simple Object Access            《WS Reliable                         Open Project        cting         Verifying Platform
  Protocol(SOAP)》                 Messaging》
   Next promotion of SOA standards

                   Mar. 25     Apr.18 Mid-May Mid-Jun.                                End of Oct.

2008-1                                                                                              2008-12

   SOA National Standard
    Investigation Meeting

  SOA International Standard Seminar

                  Release Website

         1.SOA Standard Framework 2.SOA User Guide

                                        Annual international SOA conference of 2008
                                ( Planning to be jointly organized by W3C、OASIS、WS-I)
Introduction of China SOA Standards Service Website

     The End
    Thank you!
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