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					                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

      Job Title                               Club Captain
      Accountable To                          Athletic Union via Club Committee
      Time Commitment                         At least 3 hours per week
      Term of Appointment                     Varies from club to club but should
                                              always include a hand over period with
                                              current post holder.

Job Purpose

To facilitate the development of (sport) through effective club leadership,
working in partnership with Club Coaches to deliver a high quality winning
performance both on and off the field of play. (may like to tailor this to be more
participation rather than performance led depending on the club or sport)

Main Duties

1.0      Club Management
1.1      To chair Club meetings including Executive and AGMs and that action points
         are agreed and delegated and minutes are taken and distributed to all club
         members and the coaching team.

1.2      Through effective delegation to the Club Treasurer, ensure that Club finances
         are efficiently managed and remain within budget including submission of
         annual budget application to the AU.

1.3      To work with the USB team to recruit and monitor the performance of coaches.

1.4      Through effective delegation to team captains, ensure that pre, post and match
         day preparations are carried out efficiently and in accordance with
         BUSA/Relevant regulations.

1.5      To deal promptly with any disciplinary issues which may occur within the Club,
         informing the AU Executive of causes of action taken.

1.6      Through effective delegation to Committee members, ensure that the Club is
         represented at all meetings as requested by USB & AU Executive such as Mini
         Forums, Club Committee training, first aid training, Club 121s, etc
1.7   To ensure effective handover of all Club Committee positions.

2.0   Communication
2.1   To communicate all decisions made by AU Exec and USB to all club members b
      through appropriate channels of communication established within the club.

2.2   To ensure that requests for information by AU/USB staff are responded to in
      prompt manner either directly or through effective delegation.

2.3   To regularly liaise with the Club Coaches to keep them informed of
      Committee decisions, or ensure effective delegation for communication
      Team Captains.

2.4   To support Club Coaches in the development of sessions, players, coaching
      programmes and the Club.

2.5   Via USB, liaise with key agencies such as Governing Bodies of Sport and the
      Birmingham Sports Partnership where appropriate.

2.6   To ensure the Club liaises with the Athletic Union Coordinator on health and
      safety issues and risk assessments, advising on equipment maintenance and

2.7   To work with Club Coaches to identify, recruit, support and develop young
      athletes with excellent academic qualifications and high performance potential.

2.8   To act as Club spokesman and deal with public relations issues in partnership
      with the USB Marketing team.

3.0   Leadership
3.1   To lead the Club by acting professionally on and off the field of play, displaying
      good conduct at all times promoting an inclusive, respectful and winning
      atmosphere within the Club.

3.2   To lead the Club Committee and Coaches in creating a highly committed and
      motivated club culture, whilst providing encouragement and support for the
      development of players at all levels.

3.3   To be aware of relevant/BUSA rules and regulations, keeping up to date on any
      changes to rulings and ensuring that all relevant members of the club
      (especially team captains) have the same important level of knowledge.

3.4   To support the incoming Club Captain during hand over period.

3.5   To ensure accurate records are maintained and handed over to replacement
                              SUPPORTING INFORMATION

The job is likely to provide the holder with the following opportunities:
1. Gain management and leadership experience.
2. Have an impact upon the direction, development & operation of the club.
3. Develop a wide range of contacts within the sport at all levels.
4. Represent the club at a high level.
5. See how other clubs operate.
6. Develop a high profile both within the club & the University.
7. Gain understanding of sports administration and development.

The job is likely to involve the following challenges:
1. Not everyone will agree with all decisions made & the post holder will be expected
   to defend the decisions & actions of the AU, USB and the Management
2. Disciplinary committee duties may involve making very difficult decisions,
   particularly where friends are involved.

The following support will be available:
1. The Athletic Union Executive; Vice President -Sport, AU Executive Team and
   Individual Sports Representatives, AU Development Officer (Rachel Hares), and
   AU Union Coordinator (Ade Scriven).
2. USB Management Team (Director of Sport and four senior managers).
3. National Governing Body Officers.
4. Club Committee.
5. Use of office space & equipment in the Sports Development Office.
6. Access to Training courses.
7. During the first month in post support from the retiring Club Captain to learn the

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