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					                            Jeffrey’s Corner
                                                                  Jeffrey’s Drive
                                                                       SK16 4BZ

                        WELCOME TO OUR NURSERY

Our promise to you

At Jeffrey’s Corner Private Day Nursery we will work in partnership with every
family to provide the highest quality childcare in a stimulating, safe and
nurturing environment.


The nursery is accommodated in a single storey building. It has been designed
to the highest standard to create a bright and stimulating environment in which
your child will be safely cared for.
Large securely enclosed outdoor play areas surround the building and admittance
to the nursery is strictly monitored.
Jeffrey’s Corner is readily accessible from Stalybridge, Hyde and Ashton. It is
within easy reach of the M60 and local motorway networks.

The Management Team

Jeffrey’s Corner has a highly qualified, experienced management team

The Nursery Manager- Suzanne Bradley is a NNEB qualified Nursery Nurse.
She has had many years of experience working in nursery settings. Her main
areas of expertise include Foundation Stage Learning for pre school children and
supporting children who have developmental delay to enable them to reach their
full potential.

The Deputy Manager- Eileen Smith is also a NNEB qualified Nursery Nurse. She
has had many years experience working in schools and in the NHS. Her main
areas of expertise are in relation to creative play, baby massage and supporting
children with Special Educational Needs.

The under two’s Manager- Eileen Sharma, has a background in Nursing,
Midwifery and Health Visiting. She also has a degree in Public Health.
Eileen is responsible for supporting the health and development of all of the
children within the nursery. She works with the parents of the younger children
to ensure that care between home and nursery is as seamless as possible.

Parental Involvement

At Jeffrey’s Corner we recognise that parents need to feel confident and
comfortable with the childcare that they choose. To ensure this we operate an
“open door” policy, this means that parents can discuss any aspect of their
child’s care or development at any time with staff or a manager.

Your child will have a key person who will act as a special person for your child
and will work with you to plan care and provide feedback about your child’s
activities at nursery.

We hold parents evenings and open days. We also have a Nursery Newsletter
and a parent’s display board that will keep parents up to date with nursery
issues. For parents who wish to become more involved in the nursery we have a
Parent committee.


In Nov 2004 OFSTED said

An aspect of outstanding practice:

“There is a professional and cohesive staff team who work well together to
provide an excellent balance of care, learning and play. They provide a wealth of
exciting and imaginative learning experiences for children in their care. They
have opportunities to explore and learn from their play, by constant involvement
in making decisions and investigating new experiences which enhances their


Play rooms.
The nursery is split into five playrooms these being:
Hippo’s catering for children aged 6 wks to 14mths.
Zebra’s catering for children aged 12 mths to 2 yrs.
Tiger’s catering for children aged 18 mths to 2.5 yrs.
Lion’s catering for children aged 2 yr to 4 yrs.
Croc’s the preschool room catering for children aged 3 yr – 5 yrs.

Children will progress through the rooms depending on age and developmental

The kitchen is designed to a high standard with stainless steel units. The food
provided is of the highest quality. Menus are planned carefully to ensure a good
nutritional balance for all children. We provide weaning foods, which are
prepared on site by experienced staff. We cater for all children with special
dietary requirements. We have been awarded a Healthy Eating Gold Award from
Tameside Hospital Dietetics Department and were very proud to be chosen as
one of the ten healthiest eating establishments in Tameside. We also hold a
Food Safety Award from Tameside Council. This is given for going beyond what
is necessary in ensuring that the kitchen is hygienic and food is safely prepared.

There are changing rooms and toilets at both ends of the nursery for easy
access from all rooms. All toilets have their own doors to offer privacy to your
child and promote independence. The sinks and toilets are all child height. We
work closely with parents to support and work together with toilet training we
also provide a toilet training information pack to all parents who want one.
We consider out door play to be vital for your child’s health, development and
education. We have three outdoor play areas. The play areas can be accessed
from all playrooms. The under two’s have separate play areas; so all children can
enjoy their time in the great outdoors.
The landscaped gardens offer both grassed and soft play to look after those
little knees. Part of our planned activities involves planting and growing flowers
and food, as well as preparing and eating the fruits of their labour. A high fence
around the play areas ensures high security.

Drop off/collection.
There is a lay by at the front of the nursery solely for the use of parents
dropping off and collecting children. We have a buzzer entry system and
strictly adhere to our security policy, offering you added reassurance.



This room is designed solely for the children 14 months and under. It has a nice
homely feel with soft lighting and comfy chairs for nursing your child. The room
has its own kitchen area for storage of bottles and sterilizers. There is a sleep
area in the room with cots and your child will be provided with their own
personalised bedding.

Babies are particularly vulnerable to changes. They learn to be independent by
having someone they can depend on. When your child is away from you it is
essential that your child develop a secure relationship with a key person. This is
why your child will have a named key person who will be responsible for working
with you to learn your baby’s routines, schedules and individual needs.

There is no set routine in the baby room. This does not mean that there is a
lack of activity. The first few months of life allows for the greatest amount of
learning. Your child will have lots of opportunities to explore the fun activities
set daily. Activities are planned using the “birth to three matters” framework.
All of our staff attends courses and in-service training to support them in the
implementation of the framework.

 Parents will be given a verbal and written hand over at the end of each day.
Support is given to parents in the transition back to work or education, this
includes a settling in period for baby, support with breastfeeding and returning
to work.


Your child will move into the toddler room when he/she is mobile and confident.
This room is again set out around the “birth to three matters” framework and
provides a nurturing environment for your child to grow and develop. Your child
will still have a named key worker who will be responsible for liaising with you
and sharing your child’s daily achievements.

The day has more of a set routine around breakfast, lunch and tea. The daily
activities are planned around the child’s individual needs to further develop
emerging skills and to develop self-help skills. All the children will have access
to their own outdoor play area away from the older children where they can
explore the environment in safety.

Your child will be able to have a sleep when s/he needs and there are cots and
sleep mats which ever they prefer. They will be provided with their own
personalised bedding and pump bag.


Tiger’s room is for children aged from 18mths to 2.5 years.

This room is again set out around the “birth to three matters” framework and
provides a nurturing environment for your child to grow and develop and very
much like Zebras. Your child will still have a named key worker who will be
responsible for liaising with you and sharing your child’s daily achievements.

The day has more of a set routine around breakfast, lunch and tea. The daily
activities are planned around the child’s individual needs to further develop
emerging skills and to develop self-help skills. All the children will have access
to their own outdoor play area away from the older children where they can
explore the environment in safety.

At this age children still need a sleep therefore the room doubles as a sleep
room with Lions at 12.30pm. They will be provided with their own personalised
bedding and pump bag.


The emphasis in this room is learning through play. All activities will be planned
through monitoring and assessing the children’s individual needs and emerging
skills. Your child will have the opportunity to make their mark, and construct to
their own design. Through the home corner and role-play they can be anyone
they choose to be. Emerging artists and architects will have opportunities to
develop their skills. If they wish to be a bit more scientific there is always the
sand and water available daily.

We operate a home link scheme, which encourages shared learning, and you can
see what themes we are covering in the nursery. The early years workers in
these rooms are familiar with the early learning goals and are trained in the
birth to three matters framework, to make the transition from here into the
pre-school as smooth as possible.
At this age children still need a sleep at 12.30pm Tigers doubles as the sleep
room so your child can have a sleep if they wish. They will be provided with
their own personalised bedding and pump bag.

(Achieved Tameside Quality Standards Framework for early years settings
June 2006)

Your child has now entered the Foundation Stage and is working towards Key
Stage 1. The nursery nurses and the Part time teacher in this room are trained
to implement the Foundation Stage Curriculum. This will help your child to
progress through the Early Learning Goals. We offer continuous provision and
children are encouraged to choose their own activities. The six areas of learning
are set out and the equipment available is easily accessible. Each area is set out
so your child will have the same learning experience whether s/he is modelling
clay or playing in the home corner, as your child will learn more doing something
they enjoy.
We have monthly themes and monthly planning meetings. Through monitoring
and assessing your child’s development and interests we can plan around each
child’s individual needs and abilities. We have a more structured routine in this
room whereby all children are encouraged to take part in music and movement
and art and craft. We all sit down for a story and we enjoy a sociable snack
time. We only tidy up at the end of each session so children can spend as much
time as they wish doing their work.


Information and Computer Technology: As your child gets older he/she will be
taught simple computer skills and be given the opportunity to use a variety of
age appropriate computer programmes.

Trips out: Your child will have the opportunity of getting out and about.
Where possible we will organise a visit around areas of interest that we are
covering in the room. This could be a trip to the local library or posting a letter
in the post office. Whatever the visit, we will always ask for your consent
before taking your child out of nursery grounds.

Baby massage: Within the staff team we have one staff trainer in baby
massage and three trained and experienced baby massage facilitators. Please
ask for more details.

Positive parenting: Within the staff team we have three trained and
experienced positive parenting facilitators. Please ask for more details.

Family support: Parents claiming family tax credit/child tax credit will be given
support in filling in forms and offered advice around other sources of funding.
At Jeffrey’s corner we are more than just a childcare facility, we recognise
that bringing up a family is not always easy and we will try to offer practical
advice and support to parents accessing the nursery.
General information.

Opening times:                  7:30am             --   6:00pm

Morning session:                8:00am             --   12:30pm

Afternoon session:              1:00pm             --   5:30pm

Full day:                       7:30am             --   5:45pm

Meal Times.

Breakfast:                        --   8:30am
Morning Snack:                  9:45am             --   10:00am
Dinner:                         11:30am            --   12:00pm
Afternoon Snack:                2:00pm             --   2:15pm
Tea:                            3:45pm             --   4.15pm

Water will be available for your child to drink throughout the day.

Staffing Ratios.

Hippos:       6 wks   –    12 mths     1   :   3        Maximum 9 children
Zebra’s:      12 mths -   2 yrs        1   :   3                9 children
Tiger’s:      18mths -    2 yrs        1   :   3               12 children
              2 yrs -     2.5 yrs      1   :   4
Lion’s:       2 yrs -     3 yrs        1   :   4                  21 children
              3 yrs -     4 yrs        1   :   8
Croc’s        3 yrs -     5 yrs        1   :   8                  16 children

In each of the five rooms there will be a qualified NNEB/BTEC ND or LEVEL 3
equivalent member of staff responsible for the smooth running of each of these
Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like, as this is one of the
biggest and most important decision you will make for your child.

We also offer works experience placements for local school aged children and
we offer placement opportunities for the local colleges for students training in
childcare and education. Students can be easily identified in their yellow


Fees are payable in advance either weekly or monthly by direct debit. The
nursery is closed for all bank holidays and for one week between Christmas and
New Year. Fees are calculated taking into account the bank holidays and divided
over the fifty-two weeks giving a fixed amount.
There will be no charge for the week closure at Christmas.
All holidays and illness will be charged at the usual rate.
Four weeks written notice is required if you no longer require your place.

Child Tax credit / Child care element of tax credit

You can now claim for up to 70% of your childcare cost if you work sixteen hours
or more and family income is less than £58000.00.
There is a helpline No – 0845 300 3900 – for more details or you can ask one of
the nursery managers for more support.

FEE’S              AGE                        DAY                WEEK

Full Day           under 2                    £30.75             £143.00
                   2 – 3 yrs                  £29.50             £135.00
                   3 – 5 yrs                  £28.50             £133.50

Sessions           under 2                    £21.00             £92.00
                   2 – 3 yrs                  £20.00             £90.00
                   3 – 5 yrs                  £19.00             £85.00

Hourly rate        All ages                   £5.00

Nursery Education Grant

Children are eligible for this grant from the term following their 3rd birthday.
Jeffrey’s Corner will claim the grant on your behalf to fund the places. The
amount you can claim will be deducted off your fees as follows.

NEG grant          3 – 5 yrs                  £6.51 per 2.5 hr session
(04/07 – 03/08)                               (Term-time only 38 wks)

We have a flexible approach to meet parent’s needs. If you have any
queries please discuss these with the nursery managers.

Equal Opportunities

We have an active equal opportunity and inclusion policy at Jeffreys Corner. All
staff are given training on equal opportunities to ensure that anybody who comes
into contact with our nursery are made to feel valued and treated with respect.
Our Staff are also very valuable to us and we expect that they too be treated
with respect. We will not tolerate abuse of any kind towards our staff and will
support our staff if they are ever made to feel intimidated or threatened.
Child protection

We have a child protection policy at the nursery. The aim of this policy is to
ensure the protection of all of the children in our care. We have a statutory
duty to ask you about any injuries your child may have when they attend nursery
and keep a written record, we will also record any concerns and if necessary pass
these concerns on to the Social Service Child Protection Department. In line
with our policy we will inform parents about any information we are keeping on
their child or passing on to Social Services.

Complaints procedure

At Jeffrey’s Corner we aim to provide an excellent service to both parent’s
children and staff. It is important to us that we maintain the highest standards
of care for you and your family.
If you have any cause for complaint, please discuss this with your child’s key
person if you feel able to do so.
If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is dealt with, please speak
to one of the managers. If you still feel dissatisfied, you can write a letter of
complaint to the Board of Directors. You will receive a written response within
28 days. If you are still not satisfied you have a right to voice your complaint
further with our Registering body:-

Office for Standards in Education Department
Early Years Directorate
Alexandra House, 33 Kingsway, London WC2B 6SE.
Tel 0845 601 4771

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