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					                             Job Description
1.   Job Details

Job title:                    Chief Executive

Directorate:                  Chief Executive’s

Post number:                  Z00001

Grade:                        Circa £85,000 per annum

Base:                         Interim headquarters at South Efford House, near

Accountable to:               Members of the New Forest National Park

Budget Responsible Officer    The New Forest National Park Authority will have
(BRO):                        a budget of approximately £5 million. Required
                              to ensure the Authority operates within stringent
                              national audit regulations and delivers financial
                              probity for the tax payer.

Responsible for:              Direct management responsibility for three
                              Directors, three Heads of Unit and one Personal
                              Assistant. As Head of Paid Service, the Chief
                              Executive is responsible for a staff establishment
                              of between 65 and 80 FTEs (full time

Politically restricted:       Yes

Membership of professional    No
body required:

Key liaisons:                     New Forest National Park Authority staff
                                  Chairman of Authority
                                  Authority members
                                  Government and other statutory bodies
                                   (including Defra, Natural England, Forestry
                                   Commission, Verderers of the New Forest,
                                   local government organisations, Port and
                                   Harbour Commissioners/Authorities, MPs and
                                  Association of National Park Authorities
                                  National Park Officers’ Group
                                  Landowners, farmers, commoners, other
                                  County, District and Parish Councils
                                  The public
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2       Job Purpose

        As the Chief Officer of the New Forest National Park Authority, an
        independent, free-standing body within the local government framework, to
        advise and act in accordance with the wishes of the members of the
        Authority and with legislative requirements in order to:

           conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage
            of the New Forest National Park
           promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the
            special qualities of the New Forest National Park by the public.

        In furthering these two National Park purposes, the Chief Executive will be
        expected to seek to foster the social and economic well-being of local

3       Role Summary

3.1     To provide high level managerial leadership of the Authority both internally
        and externally.
3.2     To act as the Authority’s principal policy adviser.
3.3     To ensure that the Authority’s objectives and priorities are achieved.
3.4     To ensure that the Authority carries out its activities efficiently and
3.5     To promote and participate in partnership working.

4       Main Duties and Responsibilities

4.1     Leadership

4.1.1   To act as an advocate for the Authority and its objectives.
4.1.2   To support the Chair and other members of the Authority in carrying out
        their community leadership role.
4.1.3   To lead the Senior Management Team and to ensure that members of the
        team work individually and collectively to meet the Authority’s objectives.
4.1.4   To develop and promote positive relationships between members and staff
        of the Authority.
4.1.5   To motivate staff and develop a positive culture in the Authority, which is
        focused on learning and continuous improvement in its services and
4.1.6   To be visible and accessible and act as a role model for the Authority’s
        vision and values.
4.1.7   To promote equality of opportunity in respect of the Authority’s employment
        practices, in service delivery and in the way it carries out its community
        leadership role.
4.1.8   To ensure that the Authority carries out its activities in a way that it
        contributes to the development of sustainable and cohesive local

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4.2     Strategy and policy

4.2.1   To maintain an overview of changes in the policy and legislative
        environment for the Authority and ensure that members of the Authority and
        other stakeholders are kept informed of relevant developments.
4.2.2   To ensure that members of the Authority are fully aware of their
        responsibilities and duties and of the legislative framework for the Authority.
4.2.3   To advise and work with members of the Authority on the development of
        the vision, strategy, policies and plans for the Authority.
4.2.4   To take the lead in the implementation of agreed vision, strategy, policies
        and plans and to make regular reports on progress in their achievement.

4.3     Managing the organisation and its resources

4.3.1   To act as Head of Paid Service for the Authority ensuring that it meets all
        relevant legislative requirements and carries out its functions in an ethical
        manner and with due regard to Health and Safety requirements.
4.3.2   To ensure that the human, financial and physical resources of the Authority
        are optimised and managed effectively to meet the Authority’s objectives.
4.3.3   To ensure that the Authority’s activities are regularly scrutinised and
4.3.4   To ensure that the Authority’s organisational arrangements and structures
        remain fit-for-purpose in achieving the Authority’s objectives.
4.3.5   To ensure that funding from the Department for Environment, Food and
        Rural Affairs (Defra) and other relevant sources is maximised. To lead the
        Authority’s approach to external funding opportunities and to represent the
        Authority on liaison and decision-making bodies connected with such
4.3.6   Manage the Financial Service Level Agreement. To maximise value for
        money and appropriate delivery of statutory and operational financial
4.3.7   Working in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure the
        Authority at all times operates within the rules of both the current audit and
        financial regulations.
4.3.8   To manage the budget and financial resources effectively to ensure that the
        purposes and duty of the Authority are delivered with probity.

4.4     Communication and consultation

4.4.1   To ensure that partner agencies, relevant stakeholders and local
        communities are involved in the development and implementation of the
        Authority’s strategies, plans and policies.
4.4.2   To continue to develop an outward customer focused ethos, representing
        the Authority and acting as an advocate and ambassador in its external
4.4.3   To communicate openly, regularly and effectively by using a variety of
        methods to ensure that both members of the Authority and its staff are kept

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        involved and informed of relevant developments and they are fully aware of
        the Authority’s vision and values.
4.4.4   To ensure that the Authority takes a strategic approach to communicating
        relevant information to the media, partners, key stakeholders and local
4.4.5   To promote the conservation of the New Forest locally, nationally and
        internationally and increase environmental awareness at all levels to ensure
        that the Authority’s prime statutory purpose is achieved.
4.4.6   To promote opportunities for enjoyment and understanding locally,
        regionally, nationally and internationally in order to develop a greater
        awareness at all levels of the possibilities, taking forward the second
        statutory purpose of the National Park.

4.5     Partnership working

4.5.1   To build, maintain and develop effective relationships with national, regional
        and local partners, local communities and key stakeholders.
4.5.2   To support members of the Authority in developing and maintaining
        effective partnership relationships.

5       Problem Solving

        The Chief Executive will work in a complex political environment with many
        different national, regional and local stakeholders. An understanding of the
        structural and political workings of these bodies will be essential to identify
        the key relationships and the actions required to get things done.

6       Decision Making

        The Chief Executive will deal with a wide range of situations, many involving
        complex political issues. In order to best deal with them, he/she will need to
        reason through all of the information available, and generate one-off, unique
        solutions. The Chief Executive will have to think in depth about a range of
        issues, analyse information and generate complex action plans. This
        requires analytical, conceptual and critical reasoning capabilities as well as
        the capability to think innovatively.

7       Working Conditions

        The majority of the work is office-based, though there will be travel for
        meetings and work outside normal office hours will be required on occasions.

8       General

        The post holder must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due
        regard to Authority policy and procedures.

        All staff have a responsibility to participate in the Authority Appraisal Scheme
        and to contribute to their own development, and the development of any staff
        they appraise or are responsible for.

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9    Confidentiality

     In the course of your employment you will have access to confidential
     information relating to Authority business. At all times you are required to
     exercise due consideration in the way you use such information and should
     not act in any way prejudicial to the Authority’s interests. Information which
     may be included in the category which requires extra consideration covers
     both access to and the general business of the Authority and information
     regarding individuals. If you are in any doubt regarding the use of
     information in the pursuit of your duties you should seek advice from
     members before communicating such information to any third party.

10   Health and Safety

     Staff must be aware of the responsibility placed on them under the Health
     and Safety at Work Act (1974) to maintain a healthy and safe working
     environment for both staff and visitors. Staff also have a duty to observe
     obligation under the Authority and departmental Health and Safety policies,
     and to maintain awareness of safe practices and risk assessment.

11   Financial Regulations

     All staff are responsible for security of the property of the Authority, avoiding
     loss or damage of property, and being economical and efficient in the use of
     resources. Staff should conform with the requirements of the Authority
     financial procedures.

12   Job Description Agreement

     The above Job Description is not intended to be exhaustive, the duties and
     responsibilities may therefore vary over time according to the changing
     needs of the service.

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                       Person Specification
                               Chief Executive

No   Criteria                                                           Assessed
                                                Essential   Desirable
     Education / qualifications

     A degree in a relevant discipline or          Y                        A
     appropriate professional qualification.


     Management and leadership
     experience at a senior level, including
     the management of change,                     Y                      A/I
     empowerment, team-building and the
     development of a corporate culture.

     Negotiation and working with partner
     organisations and representative              Y                     A/I/T
     bodies from the public, private and/or
     voluntary sectors.

     Strategy development, planning and            Y                      A/I

     Working with others at the most senior
     level in organisations. Experience of
     working with non-executive directors,         Y                      A/I
     local authority members, elected
     representatives or Government

     Business planning and budget                  Y                      A/I

     Understanding of some of the key
     environmental, social and/or economic
     issues affecting National Parks and the                   Y          A/I
     principles of sustainable development
     as they apply to protected landscapes.

     Knowledge and understanding of local          Y                      A/I
     government culture and processes

     Understanding of the Government’s                         Y         A / I /T
     plans for rural delivery.

     Knowledge and understanding of New                        Y         A / I/ T
     Forest issues.

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No   Criteria                                                           Assessed
                                                Essential   Desirable

     Proven ability to influence, negotiate
     and represent an organisation at a            Y                     A/I/T
     local and national level.

     Demonstrates leadership within an             Y                      A/I

     Can inspire and motivate others to
     grasp the vision and translate it into        Y                     A/I/T
     excellent service delivery.

     Demonstrates leadership in                    Y                      A/I
     partnership working.

     Demonstrates strong written and oral          Y                     A/I/T
     communication skills.

     Demonstrates analytical and
     conceptual reasoning applied at both          Y                     A/I/T
     strategic and operational levels.

     Established track record in financial,
     human resources and other                     Y                      A/I
     operational business resource

     Experience of delivering effective PR,
     media-handling and promotion of               Y                      A/I
     public awareness and understanding.

     Experience of acting as a senior              Y                     A/I/T
     organisation ambassador.

     Experience of embedding a customer            Y                     A/I/T
     focus in an organisation.

     Proven ability to persuade, convince,
     influence or impress others in order to       Y                     A/I/T
     get them to support a course of action.

     IT literate.                                  Y                       A

     Demonstrates ability to maximise
     income potential and to manage                Y                     A/I/T
     budgets effectively.

     Delivers entrepreneurial solutions to         Y                     A/I/T
     operational and business challenges.

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No     Criteria                                                              Assessed
                                                     Essential   Desirable
       Impact and attributes

       Political sensitivity/skills.                    Y                      A/I

       Demonstrates an affinity for
       special/protected landscapes and the             Y                      A/I

       High degree of probity, integrity and            Y                      A/I
       tenacity in dealing with issues.

Evidence assessed by key:
 A     =    Application form / CV
 I     =    Interview
 T     =    Testing / assessment

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