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					                               COLORADO DIVISION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE (DCJ)
                                 LLEBG, NCHIP, METH, PSN and DCSIP Programs
                             DCJ FORM 2E - SUBGRANT NARRATIVE REPORT - FINAL

       Program Purpose Areas 7a, 08, 15a, 15b, 19 and 20
SUBGRANTEE:                                                              GRANT NUMBER:

PROJECT TITLE:                                                                                  PROJECT DURATION
                                                                                       FROM:                              TO:

PREPARED BY:                                                              DATE:                        PHONE: (       )

FINAL REPORT - Report covers project activity during entire grant project duration.

NOTE: Prepare this report according to the instructions on the reverse side. Requests for funds may be denied unless this report is complete
and filed on time as required by the Division of Criminal Justice.

SECTION I. Complete based on numbers and activities during the entire grant duration listed above.

1. Was training a specific budget item for this project? (Yes/No) _________ . If yes, complete all that apply:

Training was provided by:                   Hours of Training Number of Persons Trained
___ Peer assistance/experienced practitioners                 _________________        _________________________
___ Outside professional instructor/consultant                _________________        _________________________
___ Project staff                                           _________________          _________________________
___ State training staff                                      _________________        _________________________
___ Other (specify) __________________________________ _________________               _________________________

2. What type of evaluation/assessment of this project was done? (Check all that apply.)

   ___ Administrative oversight/progress reports          ___ Project staff-produced report ___ Outside Independent Agency

3. What was the evaluation/assessment's funding source? (Check all that apply.)       ___ Project     ___ Non project

4. If the evaluation is completed, please attach a copy of the report. ___ Copy attached; ___ Copy to follow by (date) ___________

5. Do you anticipate a continuation of this project? (Yes/No) _________ If yes, from what sources are you requesting funds for
   future support? (Check all that apply)

___ BJA Federal grant      ___ State general fund    ___ Local government general fund        ___ Asset forfeitures

___ Other Federal funding ___ Private funding        ___ Other (specify) ______________________________________________

SECTION II. FINAL NARRATIVE On a separate sheet(s), complete the narrative section. Include a final analysis of the project's impact on
the problem statement addressed in the application. See instructions on reverse for more detail.

       Typed Name and Title of Project Director                                   Signature of Project Director / Date
Rev. 11/94         SUBMIT TWO FORMS WITH ORIGINAL SIGNATURES TO DCJ                                                dcj2F-7.frm


(Two copies of this form, each with an original signature, must be submitted within 30 days after the closing date of the grant.)

Subgrantee: This is the agency to which the federal grant award was made.

Grant Number: This is the grant number assigned to the project by DCJ. It can be found on the Statement of Grant Award.

Project Title: This is the name of the project which is identified on the Statement of Grant Award.

Project Duration: This is the period of the grant award indicated by the beginning and ending dates found on the Statement of
Grant Award. It can be changed only if the project requests and receives a grant extension as explained in the Administrative

Prepared By: This is the name of the person who actually prepared the report.      Date: This is the date the form is completed.

Phone: This is the phone number of the person who actually prepared the report. Please include the area code.

The purpose of this report is to provide DCJ with sufficient information to review the degree of success achieved by this project in
grant implementation and attainment of goals. Refer to the Administrative Guide or contact DCJ for clarification of any item.

SECTION I. FINAL DATA ELEMENTS AND PROJECT STATUS Report on activity during the entire project duration on this
form. The data presented in Section I of the final narrative report may reflect specific project activity toward stated goals and

Questions 1. Self-explanatory.

Question 2. Administrative oversight/progress reports refers to an evaluation done by the parent agency under which the project
     Project staff-produced report refers to a report done by personnel working directly with the project. Outside independent
     agency refers to a report done by a contracted and unrelated agency.

Question 3 - 5. Self-explanatory.

SECTION II. FINAL NARRATIVE (Use as many separate sheets as necessary and include the Grant Number and date in the
heading of each.) Include an analysis of the project's impact on the problem statement addressed in the application. The analysis
should identify the specific ways in which the project has had an impact (i.e., reduction of crime, improvement of the criminal
justice system, or cost savings to law enforcement or other government agencies). This analysis should focus on the most recently
completed grant year but if the project is a continuation, it may be appropriate to include a discussion of the previous grant years.

If you have not done so in the fourth quarter narrative section, indicate whether or not each of the grant objectives have been
accomplished, and if not, why.

If the project has a direct impact upon another agency or activity it should be discussed. For example, if your project has
encouraged a school to start a special program, or the police to change a procedure, it should be noted.

You may also add any other comments. Note any aspects of your community, or process tools you developed, that may serve as
guidelines or models for others.

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