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     Right-of-Way, Easements
M•E Companies, Ohio's leading provider of land acquisition services, offers a comprehensive
range of services and a proven ability to complete right-of-way acquisition on time and with a low
percentage of appropriations.
As the leading provider of right-of-way acquisition services in the Midwest, M•E acquires some
800 - 1,000 parcels annually for public and private clients in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West
Virginia. Our expert staff, composed of 30 real estate specialists, is among the largest acquisition
groups in the region. In fact, our competitive edge lies in our ability to perform all functions in-
house, without the loss of project control, project delays, and costs associated with hiring several
consultants and subconsultants.
                                             SELECTED           COUNTIES
STAFF COMPOSITION                             CLIENTS
                                                                Allen County Engineer’s Office
M•E has a permanent                                             Butler County Engineer’s Office
staff of 30 right-of-way
                              MUNICIPALITIES                    Clark County Engineer’s Office
professionals. Most
                              City of Berea, Ohio               Clermont County Engineer’s Office
members are cross-
                              City of Cincinnati, Ohio          Defiance County Engineer’s Office
trained in several right-
of-way functions, for         City of Defiance, Ohio            Delaware County Commissioners
example: relocation           City of Delphos, Ohio             Fairfield County Engineer’s Office
counseling and                City of Dublin, Ohio              Hancock County Engineer’s Office
negotiations. Experience      City of Englewood, Ohio           Jefferson County Engineer’s Office
has shown this cross-         City of Gahanna, Ohio             Montgomery County Engineer’s Office
functional approach           City of Hilliard, Ohio            Paulding County Engineer’s Office
is most efficient and         City of Lebanon, Ohio             Stark County Engineer’s Office
allows the M•E team           City of Lima, Ohio                Summit County Engineer’s Office
to mobilize quickly and
                              City of Middletown, Ohio          Warren County Engineer’s Office
offer ongoing availability
                              City of New Albany, Ohio          Washington County Engineer’s Office
of our highly-qualified
                              City of North Canton, Ohio        Wayne County Engineer’s Office
staff and resources as
needed for the duration       City of Oregon, Ohio
of the project. M•E           City of Reynoldsburg, Ohio
also has an extensive         City of Rossford, Ohio              STATE AGENCIES
network of independent        City of Salem, Ohio                 Ohio Department of Transportation
contractors, who are          City of Steubenville, Ohio          Kentucky Transportation Council
utilized on an as-needed      City of Toledo, Ohio                West Virginia Department of
basis to augment our          City of Trotwood, Ohio              Transportation
staffing capabilities.        City of Westerville, Ohio
                              Colerain Township, Hamilton Co., Ohio
TYPES OF                      Jackson Township, Stark County, Ohio
ACQUISITION                   Plain Township, Stark Co., Ohio
• Transportation              Village of Marble Cliff, Ohio
                                                                   American Electric Power
  Improvements                Village of Shawnee, Ohio
                                                                   Butler County TID
• Airport Protection                                               Columbus Municipal Airport Authority
  Zones                                                            Muskingum County TID
• Electric Transmission                                            Stark County Metropolitan Sewer
• Water and Sewer Improvements                                     District
• Facility Site Acquisition

Proper planning and fact-finding are critical to meeting project land needs. Even
the most carefully designed project will lose time and money without accurate
title work. M•E performs comprehensive title searches, including determining
boundaries and easements, confirming ownerships, and reviewing existing right-
of-way plans. Closings are performed in a timely manner using ODOT-approved
forms and procedures.

The fair market value estimate is the basis for reaching a settlement with property
owners. A carefully-prepared appraisal is the best assurance of reaching a
satisfactory settlement early in the process. M•E maintains a staff of state-certified
appraisers and appraisal reviewers to secure and/or perform appraisals and
determine fair market value estimates for all targeted properties, as defined by
federal and state law.

M•E begins negotiations with property owners with the goal of reaching a
satisfactory settlement. Honest communication and the open exchange of opinions
are essential during this phase of the acquisition process. The staff of M•E has
many years of experience working with property owners to give them a better
understanding of the project and the process by which their land is being acquired
by a private developer or public agency.

If any persons or businesses are to be displaced as a result of a project under state
or federal jurisdiction, M•E will provide the necessary relocation services to ensure
full compliance with state and federal statutes. Those statutes include the Uniform
Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 and
49CFR, Part 24, providing relocation assistance services for the fair and equitable
treatment of displaced persons or businesses.

At the client’s request, M•E will manage properties as they are acquired. Property
management services include: securing rental agreements, preparing required sale
or demolition contracts, and performing maintenance on land and structures to
discourage vandalism and promote proper public appearance. Superior property
management can help reduce project costs while positively affecting safety and
public opinion.

M•E works diligently with property owners to reach a fair and amicable
settlement. However, in the event an agreement cannot be reached, M•E has the
knowledge, the experience, and the resources to assist the client with the land
appropriation process, including preparation of Appropriation Ordinances,
updating and reviewing additional appraisals for court purposes, sending final
letters to property owners, securing expert witnesses and initiating litigation. As
circumstances dictate, M•E will team with local attorneys to facilitate the actual
M•E Companies’ range of management and engineering services
assists clients with planning, design, and implementation of
public and private infrastructure and building projects. M•E
specializes in these primary areas:

   •   Transportation & Community Planning
   •   Transportation Design (road, bridge, traffic)
   •   Site Development (utilities, layout, grading, permitting)
   •   Water/Wastewater (distribution, collection, treatment)
   •   Survey
   •   Right-of-Way Acquisition (including easements)
   •   Construction Management
   •   Value-Added Services
       (environmental & utility coordination, funding
       administration, public involvement)

M•E Companies is not a traditional engineering firm. M•E
integrates both standard and value-added services in all of
these areas to provide clients with a “total project approach”—
one that focuses on all elements that may affect the success of
the project, from funding to utilities to public involvement.

M•E employees aren’t just book-smart professionals. Among us
are people who have operated city traffic systems, spent weeks
on construction sites, run local governments, and developed
statewide policies. They have knocked on residents’ doors and
addressed public meetings. Their hands-on experience adds
real-life insight to the decisions we make and the work we

Our 135-member staff includes:
   • engineers, surveyors, planners
   • funding & communication specialists
   • construction engineers & inspectors
   • 25-member right-of-way acquisition team
   • former local and state government officials and staff

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