Twitter vs. Facebook For Business: A Social Media Marketing Strategy Comparison

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					Twitter vs. Facebook For Business: A Social Media
Marketing Strategy Comparison

Social Media Optimization firm analyzes Twitter and Facebook to determine which offers a Social Media
Marketing strategy that's best for businesses and online marketers. This study focuses on Twitter and
Facebook strategies from a viral marketing and Social Media interactivity perspective.

This comparison represents part two of a wider study by Social Media Optimization and Internet Market
research firm Irbtrax. What follows is a condensed version of part two of the original analysis. According to
Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "This study took months and involved multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts
created for market research purposes. I was not only surprised at the findings. I was surprised at the number
of companies that haven't optimized their Social Media campaigns for maximum potential results."

To view part one of Facebook verse Twitter for Business visit the below link:


The 1st category refocuses on updated Traffic and User metrics including but not limited to the following:

Facebook US and Global traffic ranking: 2 7 day Average daily time on Site by Users: 32.1 minutes Online
since March 29, 1997 Sites linking in: 776,492 Twitter US and Global traffic ranking: 12 7 day Average daily
time on Site by Users: 7.9 minutes Online since January 21, 2000 Sites linking in: 681,415

Facebook was declared to have the advantage due to its sheer size, traffic volume and external metrics such
as sites linking in. However, Twitter has surpassed 10 billion Tweets and is rapidly closing in on the 20 Billion
Tweet bench mark. A significant rate of growth.

Comparison of Twitter verse Facebook as an effective Social Media intimacy platform:

Social Media Intimacy is a buzzword for direct audience communication and participation. Also known as

Facebook was declared to have the advantage because it's a naturally interactive community due to the 'wall'
feature. A feature where Facebook users can publish updates and important news or offers which allow for
direct commentary. This information, and the related comments, remain visible for long periods of time
depending on the activity level. Or they can be reposted at a later date if archived.

The level of intimacy (interactivity) on Twitter is far lower due to Tweet 'turnover'. Which makes interactive
dialogue very difficult especially if you have a large following or a high Tweet Volume.

Comparison of Viral Marketing benefits for breaking news or creative content:

Twitter was declared to have the advantage because creative or newsworthy tweets can take on the
characteristics of a rapidly spreading Press Release. When retransmitted by followers they are then picked
up by their followers resulting in extensive exposure. And it's not even required to have a large amount of
followers to get results. Additionally, Google's 'Real Time' search feature streams live Tweets for various

keyword search phrases at different times. Lastly, you can directly measure the viral effectiveness of your
Tweets using a variety of effective third party sources.

Facebook is more limited in this area partially due to Facebook being a more closed community at the
moment. A follower has the option to comment, share, or do both. Because of these options Facebook's
share results can be diminished by followers who prefer to comment. However, given that it's much easier to
build a large following on Facebook due to the sheer volume of users- Unique, creative or newsworthy
information posted on your 'wall' can spread virally within this community. However, at this time it's much
more difficult to measure the extent of the viral benefit of the content or important news published on your
Facebook wall.

The larger study concludes that in order to maximize your Social Media Internet marketing results it's best to
create a presence on both. However, if trying to decide which one you want to engage first, or where to
spend the most amount of your available time. It's important to perform basic Internet Market research, apply
the findings to your Target Audience, and weigh the strengths of each platform.

To learn how Irbtrax can assist in developing a results oriented customized Social Media or optimizing your
existing campaign browse the fully displayed website attached below the ‘Media’ section of this release.

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