The Art of Traditional Thai Massage

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					The Art of Traditional Thai Massage
       Part two of the Thai Massage Series

                                        Sat. & Sun., October 17 & 18
                                               Mazama Studio
                                               $199 (CEU + $5)

  Learn how to give a Traditional Thai massage in this informative, fun,
hands-on class! Find out how to help others naturally improve,
balance, flexibility and overall health. Use body mechanics to
perform Thai Massage techniques with ease. This powerful,
yet gentle bodywork is perfomed clothed on a warm soft
mat on the floor. It incorporates stretching and
rocking with rhythmic compressions along Sen
(energy) lines that lengthen and balance the body.
You will learn supine, prone, side-lying and seated postion
for a complete one and a half hour session.

This workshop is open to everyone. Be prepared to work on soft
mats on the floor. Wear loose comfortable clothes. (14 contact hours).
Please bring materials listed here to class.

                Register online here or call
         Community Learning at 383-7270.