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					                                                       What You Can ExpECt
                                                         study with master teachers homprang
                                                         chaleekanha and pichest boonthumme

                                                         receive traditional thai massage and ancient
                                                         village healing sessions

                                                         learn to prepare and apply herbal compresses

                                                         learn rasidaton (ancient thai yogic exercises)

                                                         live in traditional spa-style guest home

                                                         eat locally grown and prepared food

                                                         daily herbal steam baths

                                                         visit local herb, food & craft markets

                                                         thai cooking class

                                                         whitewater rafting in hill tribe village

                                                         daily meditation and mindfulness practices

                                                         bicycle through local village &
                                                         surrounding area

                                                         visit buddhist temples and caves

                                                                 Homprang CHaleekanHa Also known as Maw
                                                                 Sumanphrai (“Herbal Medicine Doctor”), Homprang is
                                                                 a Traditional Doctor, herbal pharmacologist, and teach-

                                                                 er of Thai Massage. She is one of the first teachers in
                                                                 Thailand to receive the ‘Nuad Boran’ (Traditonal Thai
                                                                 Massage) government accreditation. She learned heal-
                                                                 ing as a child from her grandmother, the local herbalist
                                                                 in a small village. She currently runs Baan Hom with
                                                                 her husband and family.

    a Learning                                                   piCHest boontHumme Pichest has been practic-
                                                                 ing Thai Massage and teaching for more than 25 years.
    Experience                                                   He is considered to be the “Master Teacher” of Thai
                                                                 Massage teachers and practioners worldwide. Pischet

thailand   Jan. 7–31, 2009                                       teaches students to pray and listen deeply in order to
                                                                 know how, when and where to apply techniques. Pich-
                                                                 est has helped thousands overcome their suffering. He
                                                                 offers gratitude to his spiritual teachers, parents, God
                                                                 and “Earth Mother.”

                                                                 D’voraH swarzman, D’vorah is founder of Thai
                                                                 Therapeutics and co-founder of the Thai Healing
                                                                 Alliance ( She will guide
                                                                 and support the group throughout the tour and will
                                                                 serve as assistant in the classes. D’vorah has been
                                                                 practicing Thai Massage since 1993 and teaching since
                                                                 2001. She travels to Thailand regularly to deepen her
                                                                 understanding of Thai Massage. She gives thanks for
                            an exciting opportunity              the opportunity to learn, grow and share. For more info:
                        created by thai therapeutics
                                                                 541.488.4006 or
J    oin us for an amazing opportunity to experience
     Thailand’s master Thai Massage practitioners, and
village healers of Traditonal Thai Folk Medicine.

For two weeks we will live at Baan Hom, “ The House
of sweet smelling Herbs,” a residential retreat just
outside of Chiang Mai. Baan Hom has a swimming pool,
traditional steam bath, herb and flower gardens, local
(mostly) vegetarian food and beautiful guest rooms.

at baan hom we’ll attend 10 full days of class. using a
unique style, instructor Homprang Chaleekanha teaches
the principles of Thai Massage, herbal compresses and
Rasidaton—ancient yogic exercises to prepare our bod-                                   sign up soon!
ies as healers.                                                 tour is limited to   8 participants and
                                                                    is encouraged for students with
The remaining days of our stay at Baan Hom will be
                                                                       some thai massage experience.
dedicated to exploration, shopping, massages, rest and
relaxation. There will be visits to local village healers for
personal healing sessions. We will travel to the medici-           100 continuing education credits
nal herbal market of Chang Dao, visit Buddhist                  will be given as well as a certificate
caves and spend a night in a mountain guest                                     of hours completed.
house. The following night we’ll sleep at an
organic farm where we begin a river raft trip.
on our return to Baan Hom we’ll stop at an
elephant rehabilitation camp.
D    uRing THe TRansiTion week-
     end you’ll have the opportunity to take a
cooking class and a tour of the temples of Chiang
                                                                                     $200 discount if
Mai. You can also explore the infamous sunday                                           registered by
night Market and the Wawarot Day Market.                                                   july 1, 2008

For our third week we’ll move to a classic                                    $1000 deposit required
Thai-style guest house in the city. each                                                 to hold space
day we’ll commute to Hang Dong                                                 ($500 non-refundable
to study with Master Pichest                                                        after october 1).
                                                                                 includes all lodging,
Master Pichest is a rare treasure                                                 group meals, classes,
in Thai Massage. With him we’ll                                                daily steam baths (first
practice skillful application of                                                2 weeks), group travel
advanced techniques, explore our                                                including airport pick-
intuition, develop sensitivity, and                                              up and group outings.
learn to free ourselves from the
confines of formal training. Pichest                                            price does not include
is revolutionary in his approach,                                               airfare, hired massage,
guiding students to transcend                                                         or any additional
mediocrity and reach mastery.                                                        personal activities.