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					                              National Chao Tung University
                            Common Courses General Regulations

                                     Revised at the fourth Academic Affairs Meeting, Academic Year 2008, dated 9 June 2009
                                     Revised at the fourth Academic Affairs Meeting, Academic Year 2006, dated 7 June 2007
                                        Revised at the 4 th Academic Affairs Meeting, Academic Year 2005, dated 1 June 2005
                                           Revised at the 2 nd Curriculum Committee, Academic Year 1998, dated 6 May 1999
                                     Revised at the 3 rd Academic Affairs Meeting, Academic Year 1996, dated 26 March 1997

1.   These Regulations are provided by the National Chao Tung University (NCTU) as a reference for
     planning and studying common courses.

2.   The following education goals of the common courses are established for the well and balanced
     education development of NCTU.
         (1)to let students understand the meaning and the value of life, to ensure the healthy mental
            and physical development of students, and to promote the well-being of the society;
         (2)to develop the critical thinking and communication skills of students;
         (3)to broaden the vision of students and thereby to improve the collective understanding of
            liberal arts, social science and natural sciences of students; and
         (4)to improve knowledge in areas other than the field of specialization of students.

3.   The common courses are made up of two categories: general education courses and foreign
     language courses.
     General Education courses include required and selective courses. Courses in each field are as
          (1)Required General Education courses: Include courses of the contemporary world.
          (2)Selective General Education courses: Include Basic courses, Advanced Selective courses
             and Topic Specific courses. Basic courses are further divided into 5 subcategories namely:
             classic cultures and aesthetic sense; history, world civilization and globalization; civics and
             economics; ethics and group theory; natural science and logical reasoning.
          (3)Foreign Languages: Include Basic and Advanced English courses as well as other foreign
            language courses.

4.   The minimum credit requirement of common courses is 28 credits and the structure is shown
         (1)Required General Education: 2 credits
         (2)Selective General Education Courses: 18~20 credits, with a minimum of one selective
            course for every sub-category.
         (3)Foreign Languages: 6 credits, min.
             a) Basic English: 4 credits
             b) Advanced English or other foreign languages: 2 credits, min. However, students are to
                abide by the various credit requirements according to their individual department
             c) A student who has not yet satisfactorily passed General English Proficiency Test,
                medium and high levels, shall attend and satisfactorily complete “Remedial English” (I)
                and (II) before graduation, one credit for every course. A student who fails to
                satisfactorily pass it shall repeat and satisfactorily pass all the required courses before
                graduation. Credits earned in “Remedial English” (I) and (II) shall not be counted as
                credits for graduation.
5.   The Center of General Education and the Language Teaching and Research Center will be
     responsible for the employment of teachers, planning of courses and arrangement of schedule of
     common courses.

6.   These Regulations will be effective on students enrolled to the NCTU as of academic year 2007
     after being passed at the Curriculum Committee Meeting and Academic Affairs Meeting.
                                           List of Required Common Courses

1.    Students enrolling at the NCTU by and before academic year 2004 must take general common
      courses according to the Required Common Courses for academic year 2004.
2.    Students enrolling at the NCTU by and before academic year 2005, 2006 must take general
      common courses according to the Required Common Courses for academic year 2005.
3.    Students must obtain at least 28 credits of required general common courses for graduation.
      Description of courses and their credits are listed below.(Equally applicable to students who were
      admitted in Academic Years 2007 and 2008):
         Required Common Course for Students enrolling at the NCTU academic year 2009
                           Fields                                                                             Remarks
                                                  Subtotal          Total

           Basic English                             4                      1.   Basic English is a required common course for freshmen (total of 4
                                                                                 credits, 2 credits for each semester)
                                                                            2.   Students must select either the Remedial English or a foreign
           1.Advanced English
 Foreign                                                                         language course (Japanese, German or French etc.) for no less than 2
           2.Other Foreign Languages (selective                     6 min
Language                                          2 min.                         credits after sophomores.
           among Japanese, German and French                                3.   Students of College of Electical & Computer Engineering and College

           etc.)                                                                 of Computer Science enrolled after Academic Year 1998 require 8
                                                                                 credits of foreign languages.
                                                                            1.   Each dimension course includes a Fundamental Core Course, an
           Required: The Contemporary World          2
                                                                                 Advanced Selective Course and a Special Program Course. In
                     Classic Cultures/                                           selective courses, one selective course shall be taken as minimum for

                     Aesthetic Sense                                             every dimension.
                                                                            2.   See Instructions for Selecting General Education Courses and
                     History/ World
                                                                                 timetable for details about the determination of general education
                                                                                 courses and their subcategories
 General             Globalization                                          3.   Students selecting interschool or distant learning courses that fall
Education Selective Civics/ Economics              18-20                         within the category and fields of the general education must be
                                                                                 determined by the Center of General Education before the credits of
                     Ethics/                                                     theses courses will be recognized by the NCTU.
                     Group Theory                                           4.   Students of College of Electical & Computer Engineering and College
                                                                                 of Computer Science shall take and satisfactorily complete a
                     Natural Science/ Logical                                    minimum of general knowledge courses for twenty credits. Students

                     Reasoning                                                   of other colleges shall take and satisfactorily complete a minimum of
                                                                                 general knowledge courses for twenty-two credits.
                                                                            1.   The minimum credit requirement of common courses for
                                                                                 undergraduate students is 28 credits, including at least 6 credits of
                                                                                 English or foreign language courses and 20 credits of general
                                                                                 education courses.
            Total Credits                                    28             2.   Unless otherwise specified by the department, only 40 credits from
                                                                                 common courses will be considered in the minimum credit
                                                                                 requirement for graduation when a student obtains more than 28
                                                                                 credits from common courses.

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