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									                  UNIV Teaching Assistant Application

                        Due to Cole Field House, Room 1102
                          No later than Friday February 25, 2010
The UNIV Teaching Assistant (UTA) experience is an opportunity for upperclassmen to view
the classroom from a different perspective. Students are paired with an instructor and placed in
either a UNIV100 or 101 section. UTAs work with their assigned instructors in creating the
class syllabus, activities, and assignments. This is not a traditional TA position; UTAs are active
participants in all aspects of the course - from leading class discussions, to reading journal
assignments, from explaining the honor code, to attending the First Look Fair. UTAs are
representatives of the Office of Orientation and of the University of Maryland.

UTAs begin their commitment at the end of August with a one-day training and remain in their
position through the Fall semester. Given that this is a credit-bearing experience, students must
feel secure that they can balance the responsibilities associated with being a UTA with the rest of
their academic classes. Eligible candidates must be of Junior or Senior standing by the Fall 2010
semester and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. It is NOT required that you have taken UNIV100 or
101. A written application and an unofficial copy of applicant’s transcript must be submitted by
Thursday, February 25th and a one-on-one interview must be completed in order to be fully
eligible for this experience.

UTAs spend, on average, 8 hours a week fulfilling the responsibilities associated with this
        Prior to the Fall semester:
        Before the course begins UTAs are required to attend one day of training at the end of
        August. Multiple dates are arranged to provide flexibility in attendance. In addition,
        UTAs will be provided with the name and contact information of the instructor with
        whom they are paired. It is the responsibility of the UTA to initiate contact. The earlier
        this is done, the more input the UTA will have with course planning.

       During the Fall semester:
       The UTA experience is composed of two parts:
             1. EDUC388 – This is a three-credit seminar course taken by the UTA in order
                 to prepare for, and deal with, the challenges of teaching college freshmen.
                 This classroom time provides an environment for a peer network, as well as
                 instructor support and feedback. UTAs use weekly journals to reflect on
                 course readings as well as their experiences.
             2. EDCI498 – This is the one-credit received for the experiential aspect of the
                 UTA experience. The instructor with whom the UTA is paired submits mid-
                 term and final evaluations, thereby providing the grade for this credit. The
                 minimum expectation is that UTAs lead 3 to 5 activities on their own, as well
                 as multiple other activities in conjunction with the instructor.
                 UNIV Teaching Assistant Application
                                Fall 2010
                                PLESASE WRITE LEGIBLY!

Name: ______________________________             Class Standing (Fall 2010): Junior Senior
                                                                               (circle one)
Student ID#: _________________________

Local Address:                                   Permanent Address (if different from local):

___________________________________              ____________________________________

___________________________________              ____________________________________

Local Phone Number:                              Permanent Phone Number:

___________________________________              ____________________________________

Email Address:                                   Major:

___________________________________              ____________________________________

Did you take a UNIV class? Yes No                (If yes) who was your instructor/UTA?

___________________________________              ____________________________________

Is your cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher? Yes No     What is the best way to contact you?
Cumulative GPA (optional): ____________          ______________________________

***NOTE: You must submit an unofficial copy of your undergraduate transcript with
your application. You can download and print this from TESTUDO.

Please provide typewritten responses to the following questions on a separate sheet of
    1.) What do you believe is the purpose of UNIV? What do you think that you can add
        to the students’ experience with this course as a UTA?
    2.) Describe the characteristics that you believe will help you to be a successful UTA.
    3.) What are your commitments outside of class? What types of activities have you
        been involved with in the past? What types of leadership/teaching experiences have
        you had?
***In addition to submitting this written application you must also complete a one-on-one
interview to take place during the week of March 1-10, 2010. You can arrange an
interview time when you drop off this application or you can call Lindsay Throne at x40403
or send an email to If you are unavailable during the interview dates
please contact Lindsay ASAP.

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