INTERNSHIP CREDIT
                    Department of Economics
                       Effective April, 2009

 This form must be completed by any student asking for authorization
 to receive credit from the Economics Department for an internship.
 Transcripts will be checked to make sure student meets the academic
 requirements of the internship program. All information on this form
 must be filled out completely. All internships are set up for one credit
 only as a Credit/No Credit basis as Economics 299, upon approval.

NAME:____________________________________Campus ID _________________

Campus E-mail: ____________________         Econ GPA: ________

Are you a declared Economics major?        Yes       No

1) List four Economics courses you will have completed at UW-Madison
before the beginning of this internship. They must include at least one
intermediate theory class (Econ 301, 311, 302 or 312).





Please sign and date this form and submit it to the Econ Undergraduate
Office, along with the Offer Letter from your proposed internship
supervisor. You will be contacted by e-mail regarding enrollment once your
proposal and qualifications have been evaluated by the Department.

Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ___________

                                        Departmental Approval:_____________

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