10 Reasons to Visit Majorca

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					                        10 Reasons to Visit Majorca

If you're looking for a great summer holiday destination, or a couple of days in the sun, then
Majorca, or Mallorca in Spanish, could be just the place you're looking for. With plenty to see
and do for everyone, no matter what time of year you come, you're sure to have a great

Here's why you should come.

1. The weather is better than in the UK, so if you visit in the depths of winter, it's warmer
here than in the UK, and the summer is much warmer too. With lots of sunshine, and warm
temperatures, Majorca is ideal for a summer or winter holiday.

2. Majorca is well known for its nightlife, and there are many restaurants and clubs to
choose from, especially in and around Magalluf and Palma.

3. Palma offers plenty to see and do. Why not explore the old city during the day, and then
eat in a restaurant before relaxing in one of the many bars? Don't forget the impressive
Gothic cathedral and the Arab Quarter whilst you're here.

4. One of the most popular activities is to take the vintage electric train to Soller, through
the mountains. This way offers spectacular views and Soller itself has lots to offer and isn't
as popular as some destinations on the island.

5. Why not take a boat trip around the cove, and experience much more of the island and
the area? You'll be able to see much more than if you journeyed by car.

6. Shopping facilities on Majorca are excellent, especially in Palma. Whether you're looking
for something in particular, want to sample the local produce, or want a souvenir of your
time here, you'll have plenty to choose from.

7. Many people come to Majorca for the beaches, and with excellent weather, it's not hard to
see why. For others, the golf courses are the main attraction, and with 11 standard golf
courses, it's not hard to understand why. If golf isn't your thing, you might want to build up
some miles by cycling round the island. With excellent training facilities, and good roads, it's
not surprising that many keen amateurs as well as professional cycling teams do some of
their training here.

8. Like in mainland Spain, the food in Majorca is fantastic, and consists of a lot of locally
produced dishes, including lots of fish, pork and vegetables. You'll want to sample the local
dishes, as well as the wine in order to experience the real flavour of Majorca.

9. Majorca is a real mixture of old and new, and it's easy to see why so many people come
here each year. With lots to see and do, as well as the chance to just get away from it all
and do nothing, there's something that will appeal to everyone, from those looking for a
weekend away, to those after the perfect summer holiday.

10. Mallorca isn't very far away, so you won't spend most of your time travelling. If you
want to arrive at your sunny destination in just a few short hours, then you'll certainly want
to book flights to Majorca soon.
Now you know more about Majorca, and what there is to see and do here, why don't you
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