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									                     4 Festivals Not to Miss in Majorca

If you're planning your Majorca family holidays, be sure to have a look at the festival
calendar before you book. There are a number of fun and fabulous Majorcan festivals
happening all year round. Here are four of the best festivals that are well worth a look while
you're on holiday in Majorca.

Festa de Sant Sebastia

Celebrated on January 20th, this festival is held to celebrate Saint Sebastian who was
proclaimed a patron saint in the early 1500s. As the story goes, the ending of a violent
plague came about when a bone from the arm of this saint was transported from Rhodes
onto the island. On the eve of the festival, you will find concerts in squares across the island,
with a wonderfully eclectic mix of musical styles for you to enjoy. The kids will be entranced
by the processions of dancers, known as cavellats, who are mounted on wooden horses. A
fun festival for all involved, this is definitely one to see whilst on your Majorca family

Sa Rua

The chances are, when told that this year's Majorca family holidays were going to coincide
with Pancake Day, your children were not overly impressed. But fortunately, the Sa Rua
carnival, held on the final day before Lent starts, should dispel any misgivings they might
have had. One of the most spectacular festivals held in Majorca, this carnival includes
enormous bonfires, fancy dress, and processions of decorated floats. This is a real treat for
all the family, allowing you to see the island's inhabitants at their most festive.

Festa de Nostra Sanyora de la Victoria

One of the more entertaining festivals you'll see on Majorca family holidays, the Festa de
Nostra Sanyora de la Victoria, is held on the second Sunday of May. Held annually to mark
the invasion of a band of Turkish pirates, this is a celebration of an occasion when all the
townsfolk, including the local women, rallied together in a battle to defeat the invaders. The
real attraction of this festival is the mock battles staged between the 'heroes' and the

Festival of Chinese Lanterns

This festival may not be the most reminiscent of life in Majorca. Family holidays are however
unlikely to be forgotten once a child has taken part in this procession. The festival of the
Chinese Lanterns is held on August 24th, and sees the youngest members of the towns
parading through the streets. They will sing old Mallorcan songs and carry Chinese lanterns
made out of watermelons. Tourists may not know the words to the songs, but they are
welcome to join the procession and carry a lantern.

There are numerous festivals held in Majorca throughout the year, so the chances are that
whatever time of year you book your Majorca family holidays, you will be able to witness the
celebrations first hand. Majorcan festivals have a great deal of spirit and tenacity to them,
and you cannot fail to be impressed by the stunning costumes, props and parades that are
put together for each occasion.
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