; Discussions on plant chromosomal evolution _1 credit point_ all
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Discussions on plant chromosomal evolution _1 credit point_ all


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									Discussions on plant chromosomal evolution (1 credit point, all scientists are welcome)

Dr. Kuniaki Watanabe, professor emeritus at Kobe University, is known as a master of
chromosomal observations. He provided beautiful photographs for the book "The Role of
Chromosomal Change in Plant Evolution" (Levin, Oxford Univ Press, 2002). Taking the
opportunity of his stay in Zurich, we plan "Discussions in plant chromosomal evolution", in
addition to the PSC PhD course "Chromosomal counting technique for the research of
polyploid species". We will discuss about chromosomal evolution based on the book, which
provides a brief summary of recent advances.

Students are asked to lead discussion on one of the following topics with a resume of the
relevant chapter if a credit point is required. Moreover, all researchers interested in the topic
are highly welcome to join any of the meetings.

The topics of the chapters are:

1: Heterogeneity in Genome Size

2: Chromosomal Rearrangements within Species

3: Euploid and Aneuploid Diversification within Genera

4: Chromosomal Barriers to Interspecific Gene Exchange

5: Permanent Translocation Heterozygosity

6: Polyploidy: Incidence, Types and Modes of Establishment

7: Phenotypic Consequences of Chromosome Doubling

8: Chromosomal and Genetic Consequences of Chromosome Doubling

9: The Evolution of Polyploid Lineages

Schedule (may be modified according to the attendants)

Tue 28 April, 15-17 (organization, and discussion on topics 1 & 2)

Thu 7 May, 15-17 (3 & 4)

Tue 12 May, 15-17 (5 & 6)

Mon 18 May, 15-17 (7 & 8)

Tue 19 May, 15-17 (9 & potentially a chapter from a Stebbins' book)

Place: On 28 April, P1-37 at the Institute of Plant Biology, Zollikerstrasse 107. All others in
ZOD F10.05, a seminar room on the first floor, Villa Rainhof (building ZOD) in the botanical
garden, Zollikerstrasse 137, Zurich.

If you need a credit point, contact me before the first meeting. One credit point of a PSC
course corresponds to approx. 25-30 hours of work.

Contact: Kentaro Shimizu, Assistant Professor,

        Institute of Plant Biology, University of Zurich


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