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    Tamil Nadu


I am interested in obtaining a full-time position in the content translation domain where I can fully utilize
my management skills and translation experience.


     Content Translator/Project Management
      1994 – present
       Preparing estimates ~ Client liaison ~ Preparing translator POs ~ Translator briefing/liaison ~
         Client invoice preparation ~ Translator invoice sign-off ~ File preparation ~ Proof checking ~
         Translation management administration.
       Specialise in translating software resource files/technical documentation, user manuals and
         computer-based training material.
       Have wide-ranging translation experience in domains such as but not limited to: public
         administration, business, banking, marketing, medicine, tourism, travel and science/technology.
       Experience translating between the following language-pairs: English/Tamil (both ways),
         Hindi/English, and Hindi/Tamil.
       Have successfully completed more than 50 major translation projects ranging from an average of
         1500 words to as large as 135250 words. Besides, I have been associated with many minor
         projects. Till date the total translated materials consist of 3, 87,940 words.
       I have earned kudos from for helping them in building their glossaries.

     Deputy Chief Manager (Last position held)                                     May 1973 - May 1992
      Hindustan Steelworks Construction Ltd., Kolkata
       Worked at various levels of management dealing with different kinds of large-scale construction
         projects at different geographical locations.
       Was mainly involved in Project Planning & Scheduling, Client Communication, Team
         Coordination, Cost Control, Project Tracking and Reporting, Change Management,
         Troubleshooting & Problem solving and Project Wrap, mostly with respect to whatever projects
         the company handled and the ones I was assigned in my functional areas.
       Was also responsible for studying and analysing policy matters, formulating rules & regulations,
         setting correct systems, procedures/practices for effective implementation and discharging
         assigned responsibilities/functions efficiently/smoothly, designing proper formats to get timely
         feedback, reviewing and revamping above based on feedback, and maintaining overall standards.
       Coordinated the successful execution of large national projects by working with managerial as
         well as technical (engineering) staff.
       I have more than a decade of corporate management experience as well as comparable experience
        in the project and industrial management domains.
       In a nutshell, I played the roles of a planner, policy maker, advisor, motivator, faculty, negotiator,
        administrator and trouble shooter during my long stint with them.

   Assistant Chemist                                                       August 1965 – May 1973
    National Tobacco Company Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
     Gained experience in materials handling, manufacturing processes, testing, storage, Research &
        Development and Quality Assurance.

Professional organisations

   Honorary member, International Institute of Personnel Management, UK, 1989-92
   Corporate member, National Institute of Personnel Management, India, 1982-92

   Master of Arts in Public Administration, Ravishankar University, Chattisgarh, June 1961.
   Bachelor of General Law, University of Mysore, Karnataka, June 1977
   PG Diploma in Labour Laws and Administrative Law, Annamalai University, June 1982
   PG Diploma in Social Work (Labour Welfare), Institute of Social Welfare & Business
    Management, University of Calcutta, West Bengal, May 1984
   Bachelor of Science, Hislop College, Nagpur University, April1965

1. Meritoriously completed a three-month long program for Senior Managers in the Commonwealth
   region in the areas of HRD, HRM, and IR, conducted by Templeton College, Oxford, UK in
   December 1989.
2. I have a certificate issued by the Tamil Testing Body for passing their examination in Tamil in I class.

My rates are as detailed below and are negotiable, depending on the nature, volume and necessity:

Standard Translation (per word) : US$ 0.10 to 0.20
Minimum charge                  : US$25.00
Charge per hour                 : US$25.00
Volume discount (per word)      : US$ 0.05 (Number of minimum words qualifying for discount: 2500)
Editing (per hour)              : US$ 8 to 10
Proof reading (per hour)        : US$ 6 to 8
Rush fee (per word)             : US$0.075

I have been associated with a number of projects, in the private sectors and public sectors. Though many
of them were classified, there were non classified ones. One of such projects was translation of entire
Callan Method of Teaching English into Tamil (more than 45000 words in one stroke). The other one was
BSCI Management Manual in 4 volumes. My clients are mostly in the UK and EU.

1. Timmy Anderson of Applied Language Solutions          
2. Krisztina Bitvai of Eurideas Lingustic Services, Breussels