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I started to get a bit worried last week          It’s much like when your school friend’s         and an increasingly large chunk of state            they got a little over excited with the idea
that if we kept producing a paper of this         parents try to reprimand you for using           legislature.                                        of having our own potential suspect.
quality, the federal government might step        coarse language, as if it’s their place to
in and start writing it for us. This is despite   discipline you. And maybe you shouldn’t          Other than having our democracy sold off            If that’s maybe a bit cynical, you
the fact that we were elected by Sydney           be using coarse language, but in the             as part of someone’s election campaign,             can at least confirm that the Federal
University students as the ten editors of         parlance of the current opposition leader,       last week also saw quite a few people               Government is desperately in search of a
this paper so it is ours to fuck up. If you       those parents should be “respecting the          die bridge collapse in Minneapolis. This            good headline.
don’t like it, elect someone else.                process” of parenthood.                          prompted a chorus of panic in Australia,
                                                                                                   about potential bridge collapses here.              Fortunately for us though, taking over
Seriously, nominations for next year’s            The Government is framing themselves as                                                              this newspaper would not be a vote
Honi Soit editorial team will be due soon.        the “check” against the threat of a Labor        Calm the fuck down Australia!                       winning exercise for Howard so we are
                                                  monopoly on Australian governments                                                                   safe to continue writing drivel.
Having taken over the Northern Territory                                                           Are we so obsessed with ourselves that
                                                  and justifying these actions on the basis
and the Mersey Hospital in Tasmania, as                                                            every time something bad happens in the             (Gosh, I apologise for writing such a
                                                  of Labor-related impotency. Indeed the
well as acting completely lawlessly with                                                           UK or the US, we have to have our own               vitriolic editorial. I hadn’t realised I was
                                                  idea that one party would control all of
the detainment of Mohamed Haneef (p21),                                                            special disaster? Part of me thinks that            quite so angry. I assure you the rest of the
                                                  our governments is chilling, but still not
the Federal Government are turning into                                                            the Haneef saga was related to this me-             paper is much more fun.)
                                                  nearly as sinister as one man, in control of
the government to end all governments.                                                             too-ism complex: that the AFP have been
                                                  the Commonwealth (including the Senate)
                                                                                                   training so long for a terrorist attack that                                       Maggie Lloyd


                   CANANADA?                                                     AGAINST HONI’S
Dear Honi,
                                                                              FOR AND AGAINST
Oh, how I long for these lovely find-a-words on the inside of the        Dear Honi,
back page. When you asked us to recall and name all 50 states of
the USA, I didn’t complain, I found them all. So it was with glee        I write in response to your “For and Against” feature on the
that I took to the new find-a-word this week, searching for the most     Government intervention in the Northern Territory. This is somewhat
populous nations on Earth. But there we hit several issues. First,       late, partly because I was hoping to see someone else make this
Burma is now known as Myanmar, officially. Second, Yemen is more         observation.
populous than Romania (according to Wikipedia, that source of all
knowledge). And third, I don’t think the population of Cananda was       Neither article examined what it means to have mandatory
on any list I could find.                                                sexual health examinations on all Aboriginal children in affected
                                                                         communities. Sure, the “against” article pointed out the inherent
Thank you for providing the Chemical Engineering Computing Lab           racism in framing child sexual abuse as a black problem. This is an
with hours of entertainment as we argued over whether Canada was         argument I’ve seen posted on various activist elists and articles, and
in fact able to be found.                                                it’s one I agree with. However, this analysis neglects something which
                                                                         to me is painfully clear and deeply disturbing, but which has been
Yours et cetera,                                                         ignored in all but a handful of responses.

John Nowakowski, Engineering IV                                          “Mandatory” means parents and children are unable to choose not to
                                                                         have an examination. Or, rather, they can say “no”, but their decision
                                                                         won’t be respected. Therefore, the examinations are done without
                                                                         consent. If they’re anything like my last sexual health checkup, these
          NANNY THIS!                                                    examinations include taking swabs of the inside of the vagina and/or
                                                                         anus, which was scary and invasive even though I’d made a completely
                                                                         free decision to get tested.
Dear Honi Editors,
                                                                         This is non-consensual interference with sexual organs. This is
We agree with Mr Wodak that the notion and widespread development        State-enforced sexual abuse of every Aboriginal child in these
of the Nanny State is both offensive and disturbing. Whilst Daniel’s
attention to first year Philosophy is commendable - we were at the
pub for the quoted lecture - we question the absolutist tone he has      I had a friend once who had been sexually assaulted as a child. She
brought to the debate.                                                   told me that when her parents found out, she was forced, against her
                                                                         wishes, to recount everything to police and undergo a medical exam.
Seatbelts, the scourge of paternalism according to Daniel, prevent
                                                                         This was more traumatic for her than the original abuse. Obviously,
horrific injuries to car crash victims. Do people consciously and
                                                                         not everyone will have the same experiences in a similar situation. It
rationally choose to subject themselves to such harm? We suggest
                                                                         does mean, though, that when I say “State-enforced sexual abuse”,
that they’re probably just lazy - but who cares what they want? The
                                                                         I don’t mean something airy-fairy and theoretical, I mean something
cost of rehabilitating those who chose to not take steps to avoid
                                                                         that’s real and brutal.
being thrown through a windscreen is borne by others through
hospital bills and the unnecessary occupation of a hospital bed. The     The Federal government has retreated from this original plan and now
unnecessary consumption of societal resources - at the expense of        says all sexual health examinations need to be agreed to by parents.
another who needs those resources through no fault of their own          I am unconvinced this will do any good. If you’re a parent whose
- represents a great harm indeed.                                        community has been taken over by the military, saying “No, I don’t
                                                                         want my child examined for signs of sexual abuse” will probably
What was truly disappointing about Daniel’s article was not that it
                                                                         be taken as grounds for suspicion. Agreement under these pressured
picked on the easiest examples of a nanny state - btw chewing gum
has been legal in Singapore since 2006 - but that he failed to ask the   conditions isn’t true consent, it’s duress.
real question about how we’ve come to a point where the state can        Only about a quarter of Australians think the Government is acting
monitor persons of interest with no judicial oversight, arrest but not   out of concern for Aboriginal children. The rest have seen through
charge them and question them without representation - all under         the lies, and recognise it as being an election ploy, a land grab for
the justification of “we’re protecting you from the [insert favoured     uranium, part of what Tony Abbott has called “New Paternalism”,
political bogey man here]”. This is a view readily absorbed by the       or all of the above. However, many still believe that even though it is
public - 84% of whom would deny Mohammed Haneef a visa to                militaristic and high-handed, it will do some good in stopping child
return to this country - despite having had no charges laid against      abuse. Is it because people have fucked-up views on what counts as
him, nor any proven evidence of his guilt.                               consent? Or do people think that when violence/physical interference
These despicable infringements on our civil liberties are hardly         is carried out by the State, it’s somehow legitimate?
unexpected. After a decade of litigious devolution married to an
                                                                         Lastly, a question for certain people in the left (which I don’t intend
environment of fear and apathy, Australians are less and less inclined
                                                                         as a sectarian snipe, or as a denial of the hard work people have
to take responsibility for their activities when they can unthinkingly
                                                                         done). When communicating why you oppose the invasion, had this
surrender to the decisions of a government who ‘knows best’.
                                                                         issue not occurred to you, or did you just deprioritise it in favour of
Perhaps Daniel ought to have attempted to answer why this is so,
rather than taking free kicks at stupid laws in foreign countries.       the ‘more important’ arguments?

                                                                         With love and grief,
Tom Robertson, Economics and              Social   Sciences   IV   &
Lauren Hendry Parsons, Arts (Adv) IV                                     Harrison Swift

Dear Honi,

I would like to extend my congratulations to the Cityrail guard unit
for the restraint they have displayed this semester. The otherwise
skilled terrorist-threat-busters have reduced the Redfern concession-
                                                                           Season 07
                                                                               Honi wants you!
catcher squad to a mere six from last semester’s army of twelve!         Honi is looking for a gaggle of reviewers for the upcoming revue
Three cheers!
                                                                         season, including the law revue Shred, Med revue R*A*S*H and
                                                                         more. Contact us at the SRC for information and tickets by Friday
Primrose Riordan, Arts/Global I                                          10th August.

                                                                                                                         HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

                                                                                  Nicole Cini reports on Re O-Week

Last week the University of Sydney        stall were stalls run by the most       Society also graced the stage with
Union hosted Re O-Week. This is           active clubs and societies on campus.   some impressive stand up, the Med
when clubs and societies come out         Newly elected Union president           Revue crowd, (R*A*S*H) also gave
and talk to students about their          Rose Khalilizadeh was happy with        a stellar performance of ‘Cut A Hole
activities, while the union provides a    the turn, especially given the new      In A Box’ and Leroy Lee played
selection of food and entertainment.      pressures on clubs and societies to     an entertaining set. With such an
This was the first year it has been run   increase ACCESS membership under        incredible showcase of talent and
under VSU so it was interesting to        VSU.                                    enthusiasm from clubs and societies
see how the day turned out. Unlike                                                Re O-Week demonstrated the Union’s
last year, Re O-Week was alloted a        This year, MTV came                     ability to hold its own. Thursday
full week to facilitate events instead                                            night hosted the Goldmember party
of only one day.                          along to campus to                      which pulled in minimal number,
Wednesday was a day of food,              promote their new                       however, was a fantastic night.
                                                                                  Re O-Week was another positive
entertainment, stalls and many other
peculiar events. MTV came along
                                          TV show, Meet or                        indication that even with VSU we can
                                                                                  still expect a lot from union events,
to campus to promote their new TV         Delete                                  not discounting the upcoming Verge
show Meet or Delete which involves                                                Arts Festival.
people going through each others          There were some great performances
software (for example, iPod or USB        throughout the day from different       This year’s Verge theme will be
stick) in Room Raiders style. As          artists. The Magical Society was one    ‘Pushing the Limits’ and will
good an idea as it seems, there didn’t    of the earlier acts, chorusing songs    showcase a great variety of students
seem to be too many students taking       to the mingling crowds of people.       art projects, including a low budget,
up the offer. Surrounding the MTV         The Sydney University Comedy            Zombie short film.

From last week Sydney Uni has been        the body to produce its own             How does it work?
host to a free clinic providing female    protection against HPV types.
students with Gardasil, the cervical                                              The vaccine is given as 3 doses
cancer vaccine. This vaccine is free to   Does HPV lead to any other              over 6 months, given via injection
students with a Medicare card and is      diseases?                               into the muscle in the upper arm or
located in the Wentworth Building at                                              thigh. The vaccine was shown to be
                                          Yes, as the cancerous abnormalities     well tolerated during large clinical
University Health Services.               spread it can lead to cancer in the     trials. The most common side effects
                                          vulva, vagina and ovaries.              are redness, swelling or pain at the
                                          What is the cause?                      injection site, and mild fever.
What is Cervical Cancer?                  Cervical cancer is caused by
                                          an infection by HPV, there are
                                                                                  Clinics will run
Cervical cancer develops in the
lower part of the uterus and the risk     approximately       thirty     types.   Tuesdays 1-5pm,
                                          Contraction of HPV is increased with
of contraction generally increases
                                          sexual activity and abnormalities       Wednesdays 1-5pm
with age. Young women now have
the power to take precautionary           caused by the contraction can usually   and Fridays 9am-
prevention before the risk becomes        be detected by a pap smear.
too high. The new cervical cancer
                                                                                  1pm. Phone the
                                          Who is eligible?
vaccine, Gardasil, is now available                                               health services on
on campus and young women are             Anyone between 9 and 26 years
encouraged to take advantage of this      old with a current Medicare card        93513484.
service.                                  is eligible for a free injection of
                                          Gardasil. However, be aware that
What is Gardasil?                         even with the vaccination you still     Further information
Gardasil immunises against four           need to get a pap smear every two
                                          years.                                  Your GP can answer any other
types of HPV (human papillomavirus)
                                                                                  questions you may have and further
that account for 70 percent of            Even if you have had an abnormal        information is available at:
cervical cancer and 90 percent of         pap smear of are sexually active you
genital warts cases. In Australia, 230    should still be vaccinated because        or
women die of cervical cancer each         there are so many types of HPV.
year. Gardasil works by catalysing

                                                                                                                                      REGULAR IRREGULARS

                                  between addicts
                                    & princesses
 Nina Funnell wonders why it’s so hard to find a decent female role-model in the Australian media.

Last week Bindi Irwin turned nine before a        young male celebrities take drugs and do       media attention you are likely to enjoy is                necessarily a woman I can relate to. A
public audience at her family’s Crocoseum.        stupid things. Not only has Prince Harry       if you suffer some terrible, unjust ordeal                mother in her thirties, she never has a
If in ten years time the child star is still in   been busted with weed but he also made         at the hand of a violent criminal. Last                   hair out of place, never has a ladder in
the public eye, chances are it will be for        the social gaff of wearing a Nazi costume      week Nicole Miller rose to unfortunate                    her stocking and never speaks out of turn.
drug addiction, excessive drinking and            to a party in 2005. Call me crazy, but I       fame following a tragic incident where she                She doesn’t inspire me, she makes me feel
falling pregnant to a string of different         find that a lot more offensive than Britney    suffered severe head injury after a rock                  defective, and worse, she makes me feel
men. Apparently that’s just what ‘young           getting about minus a pair of knickers. So     was thrown through a car window. A year                   like I should flirt shamelessly with rich
ladies’ do these days. Going by the recent        why the double standard? And how does          and a half prior Lauren Huxley suffered a                 men in the hope that they might whisk me
arrests and rehab stints of celebrities like      the double standard fuel the moral panic       similar head trauma after being viciously                 off to their Eastern suburbs mansion via
Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney              around young girls as vulnerable and           attacked in her Northmead family home.                    their daddy’s yacht.
Spears and Nicole Richie, it seems that           highly susceptible to negative influences?     These women are incredibly inspiring and
young women are simply out of control.            More to the point, are paternalistic offers    I applaud them in their efforts to overcome               Perhaps in the seventeenth century Mary
                                                                                                 such adversity. Nonetheless, the range of                 would have embodied the ambitions of
    The problem is not that young women are                                                      role models my age on offer should not be
                                                                                                 restricted to comatose victims of crime.
                                                                                                                                                           passive young women dreaming of social
                                                                                                                                                           elevation through marriage, but these
     irresponsible, but that the media is only                                                   Surely there are young women making a
                                                                                                                                                           days girls like me would rather smash
                                                                                                                                                           through the glass ceiling than trot about
           interested in the few that are.                                                       name for themselves as something other
                                                                                                 than victims turned survivor. Princess
                                                                                                                                                           after a prince wearing glass slippers three
                                                                                                                                                           sizes too small for me. I want to be a Lara
                                                                                                 Mary may be a case in point. But Princess                 Croft, not a Cinderella.
Never mind that teenage girls are                 of protection really just offers to control    Mary, in all her polished glory, is not
considered more mature than their male            young women in disguise?
counterparts. Never mind that girls

                                                                                                               Put the
continue to out-perform boys in the HSC.          Associate Professor Catharine Lumby of
Never mind that girls aged 16 to 24 are           Sydney University’s Media department
safer drivers and have higher tertiary            suggests that the sexuality of teenage girls

enrolment rates than boys in the same             produces a cultural anxiety which results
age group. And don’t even consider the            in the social scrutiny of young women’s
drastically lower incarceration rates of          bodies and behaviors. When teenage girls
young women compared to young men.                develop curvy bodies and active libidos

                                                                                                           in your career.
                                                  they can no longer be neatly categorized
The problem is not that young women are           as innocent asexual beings.
irresponsible, but that the media is only
interested in the few that are. The moral         This unsettles others, especially older
panic around young celebrity females is           men, who find themselves disturbingly
so intense that many people forget that           attracted to girls young enough to be               Green Steps is a special training program aimed
young men are actually more ‘at risk’ than        their daughters. These men then deal with
young women, yet curiously there is no            their anxiety by projecting it back onto
                                                                                                      to give university students experience and
moral panic surrounding young boys.               the bodies and actions of young women               opportunities in modern environmental practice.
                                                  through extreme regulation and control,
As a 23-year-old woman, I have very
                                                  Lumby says. Old men police young
few female role models my age to look
                                                  women as a way of policing their own
up to. It’s not that they’re not out there.
                                                  uncomfortable desire for them.
Young women are doing great things. The
problem is one of visibility. The media           Similarly, some older women, who
very rarely reports on young women                are threatened by younger women’s
in an affirmative, empowering way. In             sexualities, deal with this anxiety through
between the prepubescent Bindi Irwin and          scrutiny and insult. That’s not to say that
the equally saccharine, equally asexual           the Hollywood ‘rat pack’ should be let off
Nicole Kidman, there is surprisingly little       the hook simply because they have been              Green Steps gives you:
on offer.                                         subjected to such intense scrutiny. If they
                                                  have done the crime, they should do the             • A respected certicate in Environmental Change Management
It’s not exactly empowering to have a             time.                                               • Fee-free study
precocious nine year old as my most                                                                   • Understanding of current environmental issues in the workplace
accessible role model. As a young woman,          Driving under the influence or driving on           • Paid work experience
unless you fit the category of innocent           a suspended license, as Paris Hilton has            • Environmental auditing, strategy evaluation, and other skills
virgin, vulnerable victim, self-sacrificing       done, is a criminal offence. These women
mother or polite seasoned actress, chances        have acted with an error of judgment.                Sydney Region Semester 2 course open for enrolment now.
are the media will vilify you. In the past,       But this error of judgment is comparable            Information:
being a female celebrity in your twenties         to that demonstrated by Australia’s legal 
attracted epithets such as slut, vamp,            elite, namely former NSW Supreme Court              (to apply, go to ‘Applications’; also see ‘Course Details’)
whore, addict and ‘heir head’. You can            judge Jeff Shaw who admitted he’d been              Email:
now add ‘criminal’ to the list.                   drinking before he crashed his car in               Applications close: 21st August 2007
                                                  2004.                                               The Monash Sustainability Institute Green Steps Program is supported by The Australian Government
But why is there such a witch-hunt for
young female celebrities? Just as many            As a young woman, the only sympathetic

                                                                                                                                                            HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

                         Ammo:             A conversation
                                                     with Mike Willacy
                                            The ABC’s former Middle East Correspondent talks to Louisa
                                            Macdonald about witnessing devastation and finding friends over
                                            four years covering conflict in Israel and Iraq.

                                   The allied forces stormed into Iraq in 2003    book opened by describing how the oft           home reverberated to really affect lives.
                                   in search of weapons of mass destruction.      played toppling of the Sadaam statue was        Mark said that he “was very conscious of
                                   They were roared up - ready to seize and       engineered by Americans. The authors            the fact that there were people from both
                                   destroy any nuclear weapons they found.        recounted how military spin doctors             sides of the conflict who would be looking
                                   They were not ready, however, to come          had little American flags to hand out at        very closely and listening very closely.”
                                   face to face with caches of conventional       various events to which they would then
                                   weaponry. It was the latter that they found.   take the foreign reporters. From this book      I asked him about accusations of biased
                                   Stockpiles of rifles, grenades, ammunition,    I had developed the impression that in the      reporting that were levelled against him
                                   shells and mortar launchers were stashed in    Iraq War all journalists were essentially       in a Parliamentary Committee. A Senator
                                   bunkers across Iraq. Many such stockpiles      embedded with the military. Willacy             picked up on an article in the Australian
                                   remained intact. They continue to serve        exploded that notion.                           Jewish Lobby’s newspaper attacking
                                   Iraq’s insurgents today.                                                                       Willacy for employing a Palestinian fixer
                                                                                  He assures me that as a reporter he “kept       to help with his West Bank stories. He is
To those [Australian               Just days after American troops had taken      away from military situations.” Apart           clear that “I never consciously thought
                                   the city Mark Willacy arrived in Bagdad.       from the Marine who showed him the              about [political interests] when I was
commentators] who                  US marines were not yet banned from            bunker, his only other military encounter       writing a story.” On the choice to include
                                   coming up to journalists in the street and     came when American soldiers mistook a           the story about the attack on his fixer,
attacked journalists               saying “Hey, come here and have a look         camera pointed out of the journalists’ car      Mark emphasised “I wanted to use the
                                   at this.” Following such an encounter the      for a weapon. Mike and his cameraman            example … in the book to make the point
in Bagdad for not                  ABC’s Middle East Correspondent was            were pulled out, ordered to the ground          that the various lobbies, not just the Jewish

reporting good news                led underground from a street in busy,
                                   central Bagdad into a long dark room.
                                                                                  and had guns pointed at their heads.            lobby, but mainly the Jewish lobby can be
                                                                                                                                  a little reckless in the way that they do go
                                                                                  Willacy got his stories from ‘fixers’, or
about the war, Mark                Along one wall were approximately one
                                   million rounds of ammunition – enough          locals who hooked up journalists staying
                                                                                                                                  about trying to besmirch people’s names
                                                                                                                                  and their reputations.”
                                                                                  in seedy Bagdad hotels with stories. With
simply said “the fact              to supply a regiment. Willacy recalls this
                                   incident in The View from the Valley of        help from the fixers he reported on what        Considering individuals and the way wars
is that you can’t get              Hell, a gripping account his four years in
                                   the Middle East.
                                                                                  was happening to the locals in Bagdad.
                                                                                  He is scathing about the “right wing
                                                                                                                                  are played out in citizens personal lives is
                                                                                                                                  clearly a important to Willacy. In one of the
any good news stories              Mark arrived in the Middle East in 2002.
                                                                                  commentariat” and the way they reported
                                                                                  the war. To those who attacked journalists
                                                                                                                                  book’s most striking portraits he describes
                                                                                                                                  a meeting with the mother of a Palestinian
from Iraq.”                        He covered the second Palestinian Inifada,
                                   the building of the wall as part of George
                                                                                  in Bagdad for not reporting good news
                                                                                  about the war, Mark simply said “the fact
                                                                                                                                  schoolboy shot dead for throwing rocks at
                                                                                                                                  an Israeli military vehicle only weeks after
                                   Bush’s roadmap to peace and the beginning      is that you can’t get any good news stories     he met the mother of a schoolboy killed by
                                   of the war which still rages in Iraq.          from Iraq.” He goes on - “Andrew Bolt can       a suicide bomber on a bus in Jerusalem.
                                                                                  hop on an ADF plane, follow the military        These are stories which, to Willacy,
                                   As a result his position on the 2003 Iraq      around for a week and come out saying           lie side by side in the ultimate “war of
                                   War comes from being on the ground in          ‘wow aren’t the aussies doing a real good       terminology”.
                                   its infancy. He calls it “one of the most      job,’ but he hasn’t met any real people out
                                   spectacular military victories of all time     there, real Iraqis who are suffering.”          Willacy certainly found it confronting
                                   followed by one of the great disasters of                                                      to report from the Middle East. “You
                                   all time when it comes to post conflict
                                   resolution.” According to Mark the days
                                   after the invasion were Iraq’s “the golden     “You were dealing with people who were not
                                   hour.” He borrows this phrase from US
                                   battlefield medics who use it to refer to      necessarily great humanists or great admirers
                                   the “fragment of time in which a patient
                                   can be saved if his wounds are treated         of human life.”
                                   promptly and properly.” The US lost its
                                   opportunity to treat Iraq’s wounds.            Mark’s critique of the war does not follow      were dealing with people who were not
                                                                                  a predictable path. He tells me that a lot of   necessarily great humanists or great
                                   Bush ignored top Generals’ warnings            his friends over there are Shi’ite Iraqis. It   admirers of human life,” he admitted. And
                                   about troop plans. Reflecting in 2007,         can be quite easy to forget how we opinions     what is the consequence of this? “You’re
                                   Willacy is cautious. He doesn’t want to        have shifted now that we’re in 2007, but        dealing with a lot of death, destruction
                                    give the impression that he believes Iraq     he reminds me about Iraqis “who really          and a lot of innocent people having their
                                    would now be a “modern democratic             wanted Bush to come in… [W]hen he               lives torn apart.”
                                    nation” had the planning been better.         did send the troops in they reached their
                                     However, he is confident that “[the US]      arm out. These are people who now …             Now, Mark Willacy is back home in
                                     did need extra troops in there to stop the   are really starting to question just how        Brisbane, reporting for Landline across
                                     damage to infrastructure that we saw.        basically incompetent the Americans have        rural Australia and bringing up his children.
                                      Also they needed to seal those borders      been in this whole affair.”                     Looking back, he is sure that “fate dealt
                                      and stop all these young men with a                                                         [him] the best hand available by denying
                                      very fundamentalist Islamic outlook         The View from the Valley of Hell is more        [him] the Washington posting.”
                                       from pouring over into Iraq, turning       than just a gaggle of news stories as Mark
                                       this into a holy war.”                     would have reported them at the time. It is     It’s clear as he talks about his girls and his
                                                                                  a book about being a journalist, as much        wife that he’s happy to be home. Iraq is a
                                       Before reading The View from the           as it is a book about the news.                 much more dangerous place now than it
                                       Valley of Hell, the only other book                                                        was in that golden hour. Let’s hope that
                                       that I had ever picked up about this       Mark went to the Middle East from the           there are others, just as engaged as Willacy,
                                        war was Weapons of Mass Deception,        Canberra Press Gallery. He had been             who are still there. Who knows how many
                                        an American book published in 2003        hoping to go to Washington as the ABC’s         of those bunkers are still to be emptied as
                                       which, Mike Moore style, documented        correspondent. However, in reporting            the killing goes on.
                                   the PR machine in action in Iraq. The          from Israel he found politics from back

                               REGULAR IRREGULARS

     PHIL 2235 Philosophy: Introduction to Epistemology
     Is it possible for us to know anything? If not, how do we know? Is
     knowing nothing actually knowing something, or is knowing something
     simply ignorance of nothing? Students will explore these questions and
     more through seminars and field trips. The course will culminate in a 200
     question multiple-choice exam which will allow students to demonstrate
     their knowledge of the course (or their unknowledge of that which is not
     the course).

     GOVT 6700 Fundamentals of Political Theory
     An exploration of international diplomacy, political strategy and the role
     of the Whoopee Cushion in securing a ceasefire. Students will closely
     analyse Western voting habits, and may gain extra credit by pamphleteering
     for the course coordinator’s daughter, Clover Moore. Failure to submit
     homework by the due date will be met with economic sanctions.

     ENGL 4434 English: Postmodernism
     Students are given an overview of postmodern literary theory and a guide
     to its use as a cover for total stupidity. Great postmodern discoveries will
     be discussed: the post-structuralists, for example, have demonstrated that
     the author is dead - an observation which puts YOU in the position
     to claim royalties from the publisher. Students will also receive an
     introduction to deconstructionism, and will be taught some basic self-
     defence moves that may help them avoid being deconstructed.

     MEDI 6666          Media and Communications: The Amateur
     Every sociopathic celebrity-hound has to start somewhere, and what
     better place than Sydney University? In fact, the Sydney Uni School of
     Invasive Journalism trained the people who currently stalk Cate Blanchett
     and Keira Knightley! Students will learn how to hide in a hedge without
     damaging their lens, how to take an extreme close-up two suburbs away
     from the subject, and how to use Photoshop to make it look like Britney
     Spears is bitch-slapping a baboon.

     ARSE 5643 Abnormal Psychology: A guide to becoming an
     abnormal psychologist
     Most psychology courses will teach you the fundamentals – diagnosis,
     treatment, billing, etc. This course gives you the practical know-how you
     need to run a successful practice. Learn how to scrub sweat and tear stains
     out of a leather sofa, how to sound fascinated by someone’s inadequacies
     while doing Sudoku, and where to put the clock so that only you can see
     when the ‘hour’ is up. Students will also be advised on the appropriate

     attire for psychologists: tweed, ill-fitting Polo shirts, and an unjustified
     air of self-importance.

     SWIF 1000 Satire and Satay: A Culinary Comparison
     Students will dissect Jonathan Swift’s renowned satirical essay ‘A Modest
     Proposal’. They will then dissect a plump, juicy human baby and transform
     it into a Thai green curry with coconut sauce – an easy, inexpensive and
     deliciously ironic meal for the overpopulated family.

          All courses co-ordinated by the multi-talented Daniel Selikowitz

                                             HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

drugs in
                                                                                                                  When       the
                                                                                                     Verve sang ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’,
                                                                                            they clearly weren’t referring to THG – a performance-
                                                                                      enhancing drug that has turned up in almost every major professional
                                                                                  sport since its discovery less than five years ago. The irony is though,
                                                                              that THG doesn’t work the best: it is an experimental, rudimentary drug with

                                                                           serious potential side effects. So why do elite athletes take it? Answer: it is so new and
                                                                         experimental that, until recently, it was undetectable. In short, the crusade against drugs in
                                                                       sport led by Dick Pound (yes, that’s really his name) at the World Anti-Doping Agency hasn’t
                                                                    stopped drug-taking, but it has forced athletes to take unknown, untested drugs rather than the
                                                                   tried-and-tested ones (because they have tried-and-tested detection measures). Performance-enhancing
                                                                  drugs should be allowed immediately to bring the process above board such that athletes can take safer,
                                                                                                                well-tested drugs.

    It is perhaps appropriate that we                           Not only would allowing drugs mean that cyclists could take the less dangerous kind, it would also reduce the
    describe the Tour De France - the                          risk of long-term damage. Doping is primarily used to assist recovery time, both during training and the race
    masochistic exercise of racing 3,550                       itself. The Tour is like running a marathon every day for 20 days, which puts horrendous stress on an athlete’s
    kilometres up 14 mountains in just 22                                     body. Improving recovery massively reduces the potential for permanent damage.
    days - as the ‘pinnacle of individual
    achievement in sport’. Simply put,                         Regardless, there’s no question that drug taking is rife in the Tour de France. Last year’s winner, Floyd Landis,
    there are few sports nearly as gruelling                   is fighting in court to keep his win after testing positive. This year, Michael Rasmussen’s confusing excuses for
    or as demanding on the human body.                         missing tests and lying about his whereabouts were reminiscent of O.J. Simpson. Three more prominent riders
                                                               also tested positive during the race. The ongoing Operation Puerto saga led to dozens of riders’ removal from
    It is no surprise that athletes who                                            last year’s Tour. These persistent scandals unnecessarily damage the sport.
    seek to make their name (and
                                                               Perhaps this spate of positive tests and bans proves that testing is working, and now athletes will think twice
    fortune) in this event are want of a
                                                               about taking drugs. But this is not the first time that drugs have ripped le Tour. In 1998, the field was decimated
    little chemical assistance, as they do
                                                                by revelations of widespread drug use, often facilitated by team managers. Yet the positive tests continue to
    in professional sports of all forms.
                                                                appear, nine years later. Clearly the pressure to perform combined with the increasing sophistication of the
                                                                                             drugs suggests that riders are willing to take the risk.
    With last years winner Floyd Landis
    currently challenging his positive B-                          The claim that drugs are inherently harmful doesn’t pedal with cyclists. Attempting descents of the
    sample in French courts, headlines                              Pyrenees and Alps at speeds of 90 km/h is much more dangerous. The fact that they are forced to take
    such as ‘Cycling’s shame’ and our very                            on this risk multiple times each year makes the ‘drugs are bad’ argument heavily disingenuous.
    own witty pun ‘Tour De Farce’, many
    have asked whether or not we should                                  Some argue that public opinion is strongly opposed. Sure, but the public were once outraged
    continue the fight against doping, or                                  over the professionalisation of sport, and they lambasted Ian Thorpe for his high-tech
    just concede that its part of the modern                                 swimsuit. Traditionalists will always resist change, but in the end they come around.
    game.                                                                                 And when they do, it will be a ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.

                                                                                                      For- Hamish Nairn
                                                  The     battle    to   stop
                                      professional athletes from using performance
                               enhancing drugs may not be pretty, easy or good PR, but its worth
                                               fighting for 2 very good reasons.
                                                          (1) Drugs kill people.
                Drugs like amphetamines are dangerous to use at the best of times, but taken in the context
              of professional sports, they are downright deadly. Not only are these athletes under enormous
            pressure to perform (and hence likely to make bad decisions about the doses they ingest) but the
           activity itself puts the body under such stress that adding drugs literally causes the body to shut down.
          This was evidenced in the case of former World Road Race Champion Tom Simpson, who died of a heart
                                 attack on the slopes of Mont Ventoux after taking amphetamines.
         Claims that legalising drug use will improve safety are wrong for two reasons. Firstly, the identity of the person
        giving you the drugs doesn’t change their chemical make up or the effects they have on your body. Even the
        best doctors still can’t perfectly predict the level of stress that will be put on the body in any given stage of the
        race. These are things determined by weather, speed, fatigue and the gradient of the track. Their job is made
        harder still by riders and team bosses pressuring team doctors for every second of advantage they can get. This
        is how overdoses happen- being ‘open’ about your drug use cannot minimise this harm. Secondly, and most
        damagingly, legalising drug use forces everyone to take drugs, placing all riders at risk. Professional cycling is a
        zero-sum game. If the use of drugs and blood doping is allowed, than anyone who wants to remain competitive
        must also take drugs - putting even more people at risk. In the status quo a few douche bags chose for themselves
        to try and get an advantage over the rest of the field, risking only their own lives and reputations. Legalise
                                              doping and you force it upon everyone.

                                                       (2) Its just not cricket
        The entire point of the Tour is that it is the ultimate test of endurance - it’s to see who is the fastest, who is the
        toughest, who can get back on the bike day after day and keep going. Adding drugs to the mix takes that away.
         When Germany’s T-Mobile team was embroiled in a doping scandal a month out from this year’s tour, German
         TV broadcasters ZDF and ARD dropped their coverage of the entire event in response to public dismay at the
          drug culture of the sport. Allowing drugs cheapens achievement. Cadel Evans was such a crowd favourite at

           this year’s tour was because you could see the effort it took- you could see the pain on his face. We don’t
            want it to look like any Joe Bloggs on a BMX could do it- otherwise what would be the point of watching
               There are some who would say that professional sports already crosses this line- $50,000 bikes,
                wind tunnel tests and tailored training regimes all make a difference in athletes performance,
                  so why not let them use drugs? The answer to this is not only did nobody ever die in a

                     wind tunnel overdose, but that these things are par for the course in professional
                         sport. They maximise the potential of the human body, but don’t artificially
                                                          inflate it.

                                        Against- Tom Robertson

                                                                                                                                 REGULAR IRREGULARS

Douglas Dingwall discusses the implications of Iran’s nuclear ambitions for the Middle East and the Western world.

                Raging Bull                       revival of long-dead diplomatic relations,      a hatred of the West but more deeply by
                                                  Iran defiantly pushes on with its civilian      internal problems. Anti-West rhetoric and
Already fixated on its disasters in Iraq and      nuclear program. This in itself makes its       the assertion of Iranian righteousness this
Afghanistan, over the next two years or           hidden intentions suspect – why lose out        nuclear program symbolises makes good
so a new crisis may fly up in the face of         so much on a nuclear program when there         distraction from the country’s heightening
the United States in the form of an Iran,         is so much to gain from abandoning it?          economic woes for the incompetent
the Middle East’s raging bull, armed with         Its economy is suffering, and it has lost       Ahmadinejad government. A pre-emptive
nuclear weapons.                                  the protection of China and Russia on the       strike by the West will rally the Iranian
                                                  UN Security Council. Iran has deceived          people behind these causes and accelerate
Last week the International Atomic                the IAEA for decades, is open about its         rather than cease Tehran’s race for nuclear
Energy Agency (IAEA) estimated that               “rightful” ambitions for nuclear power,         capability.
Iran will have built the 3 000 centrifuges        and is illegally violating the Nuclear Non-
it needs to enrich enough nuclear material        Proliferation Treaty it signed. So unlike       An empathetic study of Iran’s motives
to fuel an atomic bomb. It has declared           Iraq, this situation may at surface level       reveals that they are reactive to its fright
its intention to build 52 000. It has defied      appear to provide reason enough for a           at watching Saddam’s Iraq - its neighbour
UN sanctions and discarded the offer of           pre-emptive strike. And as 2009 draws           and fellow “axis of evil” member - get
American diplomacy in continuing its              nearer, too many Americans may be ready         clouted in the American-led invasion of
nuclear program.                                  to agree with this.                             2003. The “shock and awe” has spread
                                                                                                  beyond Baghdad, it seems, and Iran’s
A rising tide of                                           The Mexican stand-off                  political ascendancy in the region is both
                                                                                                  a reaction to this, and a result of the
alarming articles                                 The impact of a nuclear Iran reads like         power vacuum that was left to be filled in
                                                  a nightmare. Its president Mahmoud              the region afterwards.
and hyperventilating                              Ahmadinejad has made clear his

media speculation                                 hostility towards Israel, once apparently       The darker possibility
                                                  announcing that he would like to “wipe
has laid out the idea                             Israel off the map.” Israel understandably      is that this would
                                                  fears increasingly for its existence. But
of a possible war                                 shaking off this fear, it can be reasoned       trigger an arms race
                                                  that if Iran developed nuclear weapons it
with Iran among the                               would be unlikely to use them in such a         in the world’s most
                                                  manner that would ensure its own swift
American public.                                  annihilation by the US. They will probably      dangerous region.
                                                  be used instead as a deterrent to invasion
                                                  and thus to strengthen Iran’s dominance
Even Iran’s friends suspect its motives.                                                          The West’s objectives are clear enough.
                                                  in the Middle East.
With each spin of the centrifuge, its                                                             The key to preventing further conflict in
hooves plough deeper into the ground,             The darker possibility is that this would       the Middle East is to understand Iran and
digging itself further into a situation in        trigger an arms race in the world’s most        what motivates its irrational actions. If
which confrontation appears more and              dangerous region, as rival Arab states such     this is known, it is also clear that further
more unavoidable. Yet America and the             as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria would          antagonism and aggression on the US’ part
West must not dig in correspondingly. The         begin to work towards attaining their           will quickly worsen a situation that has
fearful, apocalyptic aspect of this situation     own nuclear deterrents. The Nuclear Non-        the potential to descend into unthinkable
may make an aggressive reaction easy, but         Proliferation Treaty would fall apart and       horror. What is needed instead is continued
it doesn’t make it right.                         worse yet, the resulting nuclear Mexican        communication and negotiation with
                                                  stand-off in the Middle East would be too       Iran, alongside sanctions to manipulate
The neocons in America are already                                                                its vulnerable economy, and a dignified
                                                  precarious for comfort. One false move in
shooting their mouths off about pre-                                                              exit from the hole it has dug itself into.
                                                  that nervous environment and the whole
emptive strikes. A rising tide of alarming                                                        The offer of diplomatic relations with the
                                                  circle could fall down. Whatever happens,
articles and hyperventilating media                                                               US is a great move, but only a beginning.
                                                  the real or apparent threat Iran may pose
speculation has laid out the idea of                                                              The Western threat of invasion that fuels
                                                  to Israel will shape events like no other
a possible war with Iran among the                                                                the hatred of the Iranian people must be
American public. Neither George Bush nor                                                          made to become only an exaggeration of
Condoleezza Rice has ruled out military                                                           their own weak government’s. This means
action to prevent it from getting the bomb.
                                                                                                  that if tension heightens, as it probably
Dick Cheney is more brazen. And none of           “Empathise with your enemy.” Robert             will, the US must temper its own urge for
the presidential candidates for 2008 have         McNamara, the US Secretary of State to          military action.
ruled it out either – although everyone           both John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson,
at the top, for now, favours a diplomatic         makes this his first lesson in international    The West has the upper-hand in this
solution to the issue. This initial rationality   relations in the recent documentary The         situation and can lead Iran out of this
may hold out less and less as the reality of      Fog of War. Unfortunately the US and            deepening mess by the horns. And it can
Iran’s nuclear capabilities becomes more          Iran have complete lack of empathy for          respond to this challenge with something
and more immanent. Estimates of when              each other’s motives, which might give          other than fear – that is a luxury Iran does
Iran could have nuclear weapons, if no            them both a level of understanding of the       not have, and it is the hidden consolation
action is taken, range from the alarmist          situation needed for a peaceful solution.       of a problem that looks to grow bigger
2009 to the cooler 2015.                          The US is blind to the fact that much of this   and more frightening over the next few
                                                  crazed drive towards nuclear capability         years.
In spite of UN sanctions started in
                                                  on Iran’s part is fuelled not so much by
December 2006 and America’s offer of a

                                                                                                                                                 HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

Bennett Mason gets an inside look at reality TV’s next big hit. Or flop...
The Honi editors were demanding an                slightly terrifying concept. If a girl looked   eclectic group of objects?                     to pay off my gambling debts. But that’s a
article from me for this week’s issue and         through my computer hard drive she’d find                                                      subject for an entirely different article.
they’d already rejected my idea for a 3000        old Green Lantern comic books, illegally        Culture club key ring: She either has
word tribute to Magnum PI. “Maybe you             downloaded Will Smith songs and hours           horrible music and fashion sense or sees       I’m embarrassed to say that the auditioning
could do a piece on that new MTV dating           of bestiality porn. Needless to say, I really   the unintentional humour that exists           process gave me a new found respect for
show? They’re auditioning tomorrow at             don’t want anybody looking through my           within each and every band from the 80s.       reality TV contestants. Well, some of them.
uni.” I despise reality TV. I think it’s a lazy   computer’s hard drive.                                                                         I found it incredibly difficult to come up
and exploitive way for TV networks to                                                                                                            with something interesting and witty to
pump out programs without paying actors           The producers of Meet or Delete came to         Then I was given a                             say about each of the objects within the
                                                  uni last Thursday hoping to lure students                                                      imaginary girl’s bag. Especially with a
or writers.
                                                  into auditioning for the show with the          bag full of objects and                        camera and a five-man production crew
To me, the worst elements of Western
Civilisation are Paris Hilton/Nicole Ritchie/
                                                  promise of free beer. I planned on trying
                                                  my absolute best to write this article
                                                                                                  told to imagine that                           staring down at me.

Lindsay Lohan media coverage, Peter
Andre and reality TV. So naturally I flatly
                                                  without actually having to audition. Sadly
                                                  an attractive blonde promo-girl fooled my
                                                                                                  it belonged to a girl I                        Whenever I opened my mouth to speak
                                                                                                                                                 I would freeze, then stutter and ramble
refused to write an article about MTV’s           friend David and me into auditioning. I         might want to ‘Meet                            incoherently for what seemed like hours. I
                                                                                                                                                 can’t imagine how hard it is for Reality TV
newest reality show. Then the Honi editors        filled out the registration forms, waived
threatened me with acts of unspeakable            all my rights to privacy and was given the      or Delete’.                                    contestants to think of something clever to
violence and I quickly relented.                  number “32”. Did this really mean that                                                         say when they’re constantly surrounded
                                                  31 poor souls had auditioned for Meet or                                                       by cameras and crew for week after
MTV no longer delivers “music television”         Delete before me? Dear god…                     Bananas and Pajamas toy: This girl has a       unbearable week.
as its acronym would suggest. By my                                                               disturbing fascination with fruit-shaped
calculations, MTV hasn’t actually shown           After a thirty minute wait, it was finally      dolls or a sentimental and nostalgic           When I finished looking through the
a music video for seven years. Whenever I         my turn to audition. I was greeted by one       connection with her childhood.                 bag’s objects, the show’s producer asked
switch on MTV (channel 808 on Foxtel),            of the show’s producers and told to stand                                                      if I wanted to ‘Meet or Delete’ the bag’s
I’m bombarded with shows that make my             in front of a camera. Then I was given a        Fitness First pamphlet: Could this             imaginary owner. ‘Sure, I’d love to meet
eyeballs bleed: Newlyweds (the show that          bag full of objects and told to imagine that    imaginary girl be a fitness freak? Possibly.   her,’ I lied.
gave us Jessica Simpson and ex-husband            it belonged to a girl I might want to ‘Meet     Far more likely she was like me: horribly
                                                                                                  out of shape and needs to go the gym so        The producer promised to call me within
Nick Lachey), Laguna Beach (the real OC)          or Delete’.
                                                                                                  she takes a pamphlet to make herself feel      the next seven days to tell me if I’d been
and horrible teen dating shows.
                                                  I had to pull out the objects from the bag      better but will never actually go.             picked to appear on the show. If I am
Meet Or Delete is one of the aforementioned       and explain what they said about the                                                           somehow picked to go on Meet Or Delete,
horrible teen dating shows. Basically a           imaginary girl who owned them. Inside           Poker Chip: Hopefully the imaginary girl       I will be filled with an uncontrollable rage
girl is given three computer hard drives          the bag were a Bananas `N’ Pajamas doll,        has a horrible gambling addiction. This        at the Honi editor who told me to write an
to search through. She then gets to meet          an Eskimo Joe CD, a poker chip, a culture       is something I can relate to. I put a lot of   article about the show. I don’t think I’m
the owner of whichever hard drive she             club key ring and a pamphlet for Fitness        money on Iraq losing the Asian Cup Final.      quite ready to be a Reality TV contestant
most likes the look of. I found this to be a      First. What could I possibly make of this       Now my parents have to sell their house        just yet.

Bennett Mason then went and interviewed a band. Bennett had a busy week.

Adrian Deutsh fronts Sydney indie band            Death From Above. We played with them           Musical powerhouse? I like that. You’re        bass player started playing when he joined
the Red Riders – he’s also the spitting           at a small place. We were bringing our          biggest hit, “Slide In Next To Me” made it     the band.
image of a youthful Bob Dylan. The Red            stuff in from the car outside. They were        onto the Triple J Hot 100. How was that
Riders have already had a song on the             like “Are you going to close that door? We      song written?                                  Yeah. I had piano lessons when I was a kid
Triple J Hottest 100 and have toured with         don’t want all our shit getting stolen.” So                                                    so that helped. Even though I don’t play
some of the music industry’s biggest acts         we closed the door.                             It started as a Taxman rip off.                any piano for the band. I didn’t enjoy it at
(Franz Ferdinand, Youth Group, End of                                                                                                            the time but it comes in handy now.
                                                  What song do you wish you had written?          So you don’t need to have written the
Fashion and pals Dappled Cities Fly).
                                                                                                  original Taxman because you’ve got a
Adrian and his band performed at uni last
                                                  Something by the Beatles.                       successful rip off anyway.
week for the new MTV show “Meet Or
Delete” and stole hundred of spectators           You’d make millions in royalties.               We worked it around a couple ways and
from Thursday lunchtime Theatresports.                                                            then it just ended up like that.
I handcuffed Adrian to a car door and             Taxman. We really like that.
refused to let him go until he answered a                                                         How do you know when a song is ready?
few questions for Honi.                           What are you listening to at the moment?        When do you stop playing around with
The first question I ask whenever I meet a        I’m listing to Crosby, Stills and Nash solo
musician is: could you beat Daniel Johns          albums. I’m in that vibe.                       You never really stop. But I guess when
in a fight?                                                                                       you start playing it live. You sort of get
                                                  What annoys you the most about the
                                                                                                  into a routine and find out what works.
No. Maybe if we played chess. Physical            music industry?
fight, I don’t like my chances. I reckon he’d                                                     You’re here as the official Meet & Delete
                                                  Just the way it’s organised. It’s very hard
play dirty.                                                                                       band. Who do you want to meet and
                                                  for bands make money. Especially in
You and your pal Andrew both sing for the         Australia where there’s such a small base.
band. Is there any seething, hidden hatred        Music becomes just a product.                   Racists. Maybe criminals too.
and jealousy?
                                                  How are the Red Riders going to transform       I’m guessing you want to Delete and not
Oh yeah. We’re very competitive. His              from up-and-coming Sydney band to               Meet them. If you were running MTV for
people talk to my people                          global superstars?                              one day what would you do?

That’s what I like to hear. You’ve toured         Start by going overseas. We’re going over       I’d play all my favourite videos and then
with a whole bunch of bands: Franz,               in the start of next year. We’ve got a couple   tape them.
Dapple, Youth Group. Who were the                 side projects too. Just try and be a musical
biggest jerks you’ve toured with?                 powerhouse I guess.                             You’re guys are relatively self-taught. Your

10     HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07
                                                                                                                                                    VOX POPS

Chatting to the boys at

Vox Pop q an claimed he
     ast we


               ek a U
                  p fried
            to chip
                         S m
       d a dee . What’s the w d?
  of pota er found in yo
                                  ur foo

                            rl woul
                                    in his p g
                                      orst thi

                                    d you b

                                             e and
                      e Gi
             ch Spic
   2. Whi
       . What
                            the  new Q
                                        antas l
                 en?                               hed
      have be                            y finis
                            has   recentl out of a
                   artist               ents
       4. An                   S presid              ho
               ting t hree U ddar cheese. W d
        sculp                  che               t, an                                                                      1. Probably someone’s hair from down
                    lock of like to sculp
         3 18 kg b           ost                                                                                            there. It was in my yoghurt while I was
                   you m use?
         would                 u                                                                                            at boarding school.
                    ould yo
          what w                          bit?                                                                              2. Sporty! She is athletic and doesn’t care
                                   er Rab
                      kil led Rog                                                                                           that she is the ugly one.
           5. Who                                                                                                           3. They should have kept the old Qantas
                                                                                                                            logo but added a pouch to the kangaroo
                                                                                                                            4. Chuck Norris, I’d sculpt him out of
                                            Richard                1. Quite recently, a piece of broken glass. Can          gold.
                                                                                                                            5. I think Lindsay Lohan ran over him.
                                                                   anyone recommend me a lawyer?
                                            James                  2. Baby – she had the sense to quit while she
                                                                   was ahead. Although I may have spoken too
                                                                   soon given this dreaded reunion in the works.
                                                                   3. The same as the old one. I don’t see how a
                                                                   mutant foot is supposed to make a kangaroo
                                                                   look more contemporary.
                                                                   4 How about a cheese version of Mt Rush-
                                                                   more for NSW as a tribute to the fine political
                                                                   leaders of our state: Iemma, Sartor, Tripodi
                                                                   and Costa. After a few days in the sun the
                                                                   stench would create an excellent metaphor.
                                                                   5. It’s news to me that he’s even dead. Some-
                                                                   one must have animated Lee Harvey Oswald.

         Clarke                        1. Car
                                              bo  h
                                      rated fa ydrates and s                                                                                    O smond
                                                ts ...              atu-                                                       hair in food,
                                      2. Posh
                                               Spice, s                                                 1. Finding strands of
                                                                                                                                  found a
                                     singer r
                                                          he’s the
                                                                   good                                 though my friend once
                                     3. Opti ht?                                                                                 he was having
                                             mus pr                                                     cockroach wing when
                                    than m             im                                               Chinese food.
                                            eets the e, he’s more
                                                                                                                                  ice. She was
                                   4.Mr F
                                                        eye.                                             2. Definitely Ginger Sp
                                  burg, a ebook Mark Z                                                   knew to jump ship be
                                                                                                                                fore it started to
                                           nd I wo
                                  out of              uld scu ucker-                                     sink.
                                          all the              lp
                                                   time he t him                                                                    n.
                                 me was
                                          te.                ’s helpe                                    3. A giant ‘For Sale’ sig
                                 5. Com                               d                                                         orial to the
                                          puter a                                                        4. A permanent mem
                                                   nimatio                                                                        er we’ve ever
                                                              n.                                          greatest foreign minist
                                                                                                                                    er. I’d construct
                                                                                                          had - Alexander Down
                                                                                                          it out of fishnets.
                                                                                                                                    kills everything.
                                                                                                          5. Reality television. It

                                                                                                                                     HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

 I participated in an exchange at the                         delights. The best part of this relaxed
 University of Arizona (UofA) in Tucson                       approach is that you can take those
 during the second semester of 2006.                          interesting and bizarre sounding courses
 Tucson is a small city of about one                          that you might not gamble on at home.
 million in the southern Arizonan desert
 (not a great locational decision) and                        Unsurprisingly, the best part of exchange
 only a forty minute drive from the                           at the UofA was experiencing American
 Mexican border. If you are looking for                       college culture. Previous exchange

 an exchange that is culturally enriching,                    goers had described it to me as ‘just
 then Tucson is the wrong place to go.                        like the movies.’ I assumed that this
 The city consists of identical one story                     was an exaggeration, but after my
 houses, innumerable fast food chains                         exchange I would offer you the same
                                                              description. Many of the sorority girls

 and the University. Tucson is surrounded
 by mountains which are visible from                          were indistinguishable in appearance
 everywhere in the city and which provide                     and locution. Their frequently matching
 a beautiful panorama. The city’s weather                     outfits didn’t help matters (it is the
 is also hugely appealing with a very hot                     policy of many sororities to wear certain
 dry summer and winter days of about 23                       clothes on certain days of the week).
 degrees.                                                     The frats also conformed pretty closely
                                                              to their stereotypes. Often you’d hear
 The cultural vacuum of Tucson is, in                         guys at parties yell something insightful
 fact, a windfall for university students                     like ‘chugging contest!’ or ‘beer rocks.’
 because it renders the university the
 cultural, social and monetary centre of                      It is the policy of
 Tucson by default. The UofA’s campus is
 larger than Sydney University’s by half
 and well funded and well maintained.
                                                              many sororities to                                                                                                           University of
                                                              wear certain clothes
 There is a 70,000 seat stadium, an
 extravagant sports centre and many
 state of the art faculty buildings.                          on certain days of
 The UofA’s academic standing, although                       the week.
 not equal to Harvard or Cornell, is
 solid. Its academic offerings are certainly
 not sufficient in themselves to warrant                      Also, many may wonder how much the
 an exchange. Still, you’ll find a few                        Aussie accent helps. Well it does for both
 interesting classes.                                         sexes … a lot! Frankly at home my dating
                                                              game isn’t great. At the UofA, however, I
 One upside is that the UofA has a                            was catapulted out of dating mediocrity
 more relaxed approach to exams and                           into competency.
 assignments. One of my lecturers added
 5% to our final mark because he was                          I had a great time and I would recommend
 ten minutes late to our exam. He also                        an exchange at the UofA to anyone.
 negotiated the time limit of the exam
 on the day. There are no ID checks, no
 examiners or any other of USYD’s exam
                                                              Jack Power

                                                                                                                                                                         lic is a
                                                                                                                                                                 in pub take it to
                                                                                                                                                 ed it. P           ns just
     Sciences-Po, Paris
                                                                                                                                       T hey ne t the Parisie to pick up d r,
                                                                                                                         isian               ot, bu             needs      that m
                                                                                                                 y. Par an              a ho              Who
                                                                                                         Sunda                                   r level.           it for            will
                                                                                            ing on he business ir
                                                                                                                           m            anothe any other sh of Chanel
                                                                                  anyth and t                        o be fa                     r                   y               ?
                                                                   openin is art,                           l-out. T ou get              shit, o st one spra wrongdoer
                                                                                                   is a sel                                                            l
                                                                    bus  iness              rofit                 hen  y                  w hen ju any potentia
                                        ien.                                    rns a p                  rofit w             ater,                 ate
                               s paris                               who tu who needs p rent, food, w ...                                aexculp
            e rien   , je sui                                                    ,                       or                  or
                                                                      though ent subsidy f act, except f
                                                                                                                           lic is
 Je n’ai
                                                                                                                     in pub risiens just
                                s.                                                m                      nf
                hat  es Pari                           ere  is         govern t anything i
                                                                                                            Pissing t the Pa
  Ev  eryone                                fact, th ave               just  abou               to yo   u.
                                    ve. In              h                          et back
                         y of lo               omen                     we’ll g
               the cit hat many w e alarms                                                                      of
                                                                                                                     u               el.
                                                                                                            hoot, b another lev
   Paris i             e, t                    rap                                                  rocosm
             ch lov ary to make bag items.                                           is   a mic olerance
    so mu necess                              nd                         Paris                      s t
                                     ple ha s, the frogs                                  eligiou              ony,   to
                                                                                                             take it
     found         e spr   ay sta         p lin  e              al        Fr  ench r acial harm
               ac                     ku                   ion                        nterr                  blacks                                                                          ing.
      and m comes to pic the internat                                      and i s the Jews,                                                                                         f smok
                                         f                                                                         ck                                                        r out o ntil they
      When itely in front
                                       o                                                  a
                                                                           as long lims keep th d at
                                                                                                              e fu                                                   e cance do. U
                                                                                                                                                             take th          y
       ar e defin                                                ng          and     Mus              y’re   goo                                 Pa risiens ey think the
                                                      , a you                            nl ess the               ever                ines                st th
        pack.                                 metro               ch         out (u                      , who rong with l s’                     At lea 48.                                 ctural
                                    arisian             ems su                                 Indeed              w                    n                  d                         archite
                  lling   on a P ar original g ’ (you                          so  ccer).         u cou    ld go       uve n   os sillo )         die age                   for its
         Trave ound to he                           x yeux êtes                             t yo                  abre                elds’                         wned
                     b                    s beau                                though n sang impur rigate our fi ter                                       s reno
         lady is avez de trè s) and ‘vous ng)                                    like ‘  qu’u                  d ir               ie s af           Paris i                                       an
                    us                     ye                     i                                  re bloo           Centur orities                                                     is as
          as ‘vo y beautiful e e very charm ne                                    (‘ma    y impu al anthem?                        in               penis.                   men   d Par
                      er                    ’r                    O                                                          y, m                                     recom
           have v mante’ (you ny one trip. for                                                nation ch monarch wed, and
                       ar                     a                   y                in the               ren                scre                      We     highly ination.
            très ch five times in wed by a gu she                                   the fal
                                                                                               l of F g royally                       wn th
                                                                                                                                                               ge dest
                       t                     llo
             at leas ends was fo asked her i old
                                                                   f                                    ttin               red do
                                                                                              till ge e been pou rse, no-one                          exchan                              anoosh
              of m   y fri           efore   he
                                                         hen s   he t                are s
                                                                                                  ns   hav
                                                                                                                ue. Of
                                                                                                                                    lded a
                                                                                                                                             n y
                                                                                                                                                                   ilbour     d & Iy
                          hour b                                                      squillio
                                                ink. W
              a half o go for a dr assured her an
                                                                     : ‘it’s
                                                                                       hatc  h on
                                                                                                       the iss his has yie collect
                                                                                                            ther   t           ist’ to
                                                                                                                                                        Joel G
                            t                    re                 alf                                                                                             ter
                wanted uck off, he
                   im to een follow             ing yo
                                                         u for h                                  ll whe
                                                                                        can te : it’s official
                                                                                                                     ly ‘rac
                            eb                                                           progre on racism.                                 inated
                 ok, I’v                                                orld’s           statisti
                                                                                                    cs                            s dom
                  hour   .’                                    he w                                                     Paris i cosmetics.
                                                      asts t                nic                                r why es and
                                           nce bo               it’s iro a                            wonde               ri
                               th  at Fra economy,                       ei  s             It’s no end perfume
                    Given oductive                          s . Franc eek                   by h   igh
                               pr                  zy fuck rking w
                                         uch la               o
                                ey’re s              our w otined for
                     that th ere the 35 h et guill
                                 h                    g
                      land w l and you’ll
                       is go   spe

12     HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

           University, Montreal
                                                       I’d n applying
                                                                ever                to go
                                                       do so             rea
                                                                methi lly challe on exchan
                                                     me to               ng th              nged               ge,
                                                               ta                at                 my
                                                     hadn’t lly out of scared me self to                                 in a to
                                                               t                    m                 o
                                                    conve aken a GA y comfor r took                                              wnho
                                                                                                                                         use no
                                                            rsatio                P yea            t zon                                          t far f
                                                  left fo             ns in              r,                e.           One o                             rom c
                                                           r spon               foreig had any h I                              f the                           ampu
                                                 with                 taneo             n lan             uge          told m           first t                         s.            other
                                                                              us ext            g                                               hings
                                                                     g but           ended uages, or                  out-th
                                                                                                                               e was
                                                                                                                                          that a        my h                         studen than com
                                                         or                     my sa          adv                           in                                ousem
                                                me, ex t. I hadn’t                       vings entures               plus t k you, the t McGill,                       ates                   t life.          pletel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       y im
                                                          chang               even                and m                     here’s             n we             ‘first                                                           merse
                                               of tha               e was            li                             called          al                 ou               w           I can                                               d in
                                                        t a go              just ab ved alone.             y                ice ho ittle somet t-drink yo e                                  now
                                                                 .                   out gi             For        struck            ckey.            hing o           u’,         have              finally
                                                                                              ving s                         me m            It’s             n th                        liv                  s
                                                      te ch                                           ome         - the               ost a this that p e side                    battle ed throug ay I’ve se
                                                                                                                          level                                                          d my               h -25
                                            could             oo                                                                 of           bout             robab                              w                C mo en snow,
                                                      try to sing Cana                                           (for t
                                                                                                                         he mo dedication my excha ly
                                                                                                                                                                                 to tre
                                                                                                                                                                                        e on t ay to uni                    rnings
                                           Frenc                                   d
                                                    h as p speak as m a partly s                                                 nth b
                                                                                                                                         efore to assessm ge
                                                                                                                                                                    n           losing          he foo            sl
                                                                                                                                                                                                          tpath. iding from nd
                                          the ‘M             ossibl
                                                                                 uch (Q             o I  I love                                   final           ents                   b
                                                                                                                                                                               blown attle, like                  Often               tree
                                          purely Gill ghetto I ended up ebecois)
                                                                                                                d                                        exam                                             th                th
                                                                                                        snow living in th
                                                     Englis             ’, whi              living
                                                                                                                                                               s, the         knees off my fee e day I wa is was a
                                         didn’t                                 ch is                                                                                                  onto             t onto              s liter
                                                             h spe                                   in                                                                      lectur            the ic             my h               ally
                                                   e                   a
                                        or le xperience king. Even ctically
                                                                                                               and w       e                                                         e                 e,
                                                                                                                                                                            living notes blow and watch ds and
                                                ar                   a
                                       excha n a new huge cultu hough I
                                                                                                       up to         aking                                                 fresh
                                                                                                                                                                                      in the
                                                                                                                                                                                   layer snow and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 But I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ed all
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         still lo y
                                                nge is                langu            ral sh
                                                                                                       of pow fresh layer
                                      and e               still th            age,              ock                                                                        was d           of pow              wakin              ved
                                              xcitin                                 g
                                                       g deci e most ner oing on                                                                                                   efi               de
                                                                                                                                                                          cross- nitely a no r over ever up to a
                                                               sion I
                                                                         ’ve ev ve-racking                     d
                                                                                                      everyt er over
                                     I arriv                                                                                                                                      count              velty              ything
                                              e                                  er ma                                                                                   in the           ry                 to w                . It
                                    term p d in Montr                                    de.                                                                                       centre skiing thro atch peop
                                   in the
                                             lans a
                                                                eal w
                                            city (e d without k out any lo
                                                                          ith                                hing.                                                     dragg
                                                                                                                                                                                ed           of th
                                                                                                                                                                       prams along on e city, bab e park
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ugh t
                                  to me              xcept                 nowin             ng-                                                                                ,                  s                ie
                                                              th                   g                   librar                                                         waist and little k leds rathe s being
                                  busin on the pla e father of anyone                                  day) a
                                                                                                              y is o
                                                                                                                        pen 2                                        down
                                                                                                                                                                               like m            ids tie
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  r than
                                         es                  n                    fo                                                                                                    i                                      i
                                 and m s card ‘in c e who gav ur next                                          n              3 hou                                           the st ni Micheli ogether at n
                                         y boy               ase of              e me                 orient d to unive                rs a                                           reet.              n-men              the
                                 up liv          s                      e                 h                  at               rsity l                                                                              to wa
                                        ing w will help yo mergency, is                              in a c ions, two                 ife.                          And a                                                    lk
                                                ith th
                                                         ree C         u out’            me
                                                                                                                      tent o     week With facul                            t
                                                                                                                                                                   excus the end of
                                                                   anadi       ). I en                     an                n             long            ty              e for              the da
                                                                           an stu ded              arena ds of peo the front                        partie
                                                                                                                                                            s     havin
                                                                                                                                                                          g the dropping
                                                                                                                                                                                                       y, it’s
                                                                                                            for M
                                                                                                                             ple p             o
                                                                                                                                     acked val and                                time o             everyt ot a bad
                                                                                                          es, it’s           R                 in                                          f your             hing
                                                                                                                     impos edman ice to the                     Eugen                               life ov
                                                                                                                                                                                                             erseas nd
                                                                                                                            sible                hocke                       ie Bat                                  .
                                                                                                                                    to be
                                                                                                                                             anyth y

           University of North
I walked into the football stadium on my            A peek into any undergrad’s wardrobe                           news from around the world and glass
first Saturday afternoon in Chapel Hill             will reveal an entire collection of UNC                        cabinets housing the pictures and awards
without grand expectations. Although                paraphernalia, from t-shirts, to jumpers,                      of famous alumni. Students there have
I was told the games were one of the                writing pads and even Carolina blue and                        the opportunity to contribute to weekly
best parts of college life, I wasn’t overly         white basketball shoes. In Chapel Hill,                        radio broadcasts, bi-weekly TV news
excited about the idea of sitting in a stand        college isn’t just a place you visit four                      bulletins broadcast from the campus’ own
for four hours watching a game I didn’t             times a week to attend class. It defines                       television studio and a daily newspaper.
understand. How wrong I was.                        who you are.

Greeted by a sea of 80,000 blue and
white fans, I felt like I might blow off the       A peek into any undergrad’s wardrobe
stands with the noise. Screams of ‘TAR’
and ‘HEEL’ echoing from opposite sides
                                                   will reveal an entire collection of UNC
of the ground, mixed with the steady
beat of the marching band and a flurry
                                                   paraphernalia ...
of blue and white from the cheerleaders
below produced the most amazing                     The throngs of alumni who flood back                           They have free access to two gyms,
scene. Drinking lemonade and eating                 into the university to watch their team                        countless clubs and sporting teams, two
hotdogs (Chapel Hill is a ‘dry’ campus),            play basketball or football every weekend                      24 hour libraries and even a bowling
the students and alums barely sat down              see their alma mater as a family, they                         alley! The opportunities were seemingly
during the four hours of play, busily               wear graduation rings so that everyone                         endless.
cheering and waving streamers above                 they meet will know where they come
                                                                                                                   Although I only spent a semester at
their heads.                                        from and they speak with glowing pride
                                                                                                                   Chapel Hill, it was enough to appreciate
                                                    about their beautiful tree-lined campus.
I never grew to appreciate the complexities                                                                        what a different experience college is in
of American football, but the games,                This pride is entirely justified. For an                       America. I love Sydney uni, but it was
like everything else in the university,             aspiring journalist, Chapel Hill was                           nice to be a part of the Tar Heel family
were part of something much bigger.                 the perfect destination. On entering                           for a while.
The students at the University of North             the journalism school, one is greeted
Carolina live and breathe their college.            by a wall of plasma screens showing                            Ashleigh McArthur

                                                                                                                                                                                          HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07
     IT’S YOUR SRC...

Profiting from Human Come on mate, Give the
Rights Violations    students twenty bucks!
Report of the President Angus McFarland                                                         Report of the General Secretary Lucy Saunders
At the time of writing this report the                                                          I saw one of those Centrelink ads the
University was considering entering into a                                                      other day. You know, the one with the
research agreement with Rio Tinto for a                                                         guy on Youth Allowance who’s working
new Centre for Mining Automation. Rio                                                           a minimum wage café gig to fill in the
Tinto are putting in $21million over five                                                       gaps. This soulless bastard apparently
years which will fund approximately 28                                                          had the gall to not report all of his tips to
full-time staff and 10 students for up to                                                       Centrelink, meaning that he got a higher
ten years.                                                                                      payment than the government has decreed
                                                                                                he deserves. Fortunately for all good
As is generally the case, there are often                                                       Australians, the Centrelink goons found
serious concerns when the University                                                            him out. Now he’s paying back the extra
engages in external partnerships. This                                                          money and has welfare fraud branded on
case is no different.                           violation of international law; c) Rio Tinto    his permanent police record.                    breach people and stop their payments.

One of the most concerning elements             engaged in racial discrimination against                                                        Some quick advice for dealing with
of this partnership is that Rio Tinto has       its black workers at Panguna by paying
                                                local black workers lower wages that
                                                                                                Fortunately for all                             Centrelink – make a copy of everything
requested that they receive an “exclusive                                                                                                       you give them and receive from them,
royalty free licence to use the results of      white workers. The case, filed in 2000, is      good Australians,                               dated and signed if possible. If you do stuff
                                                still being heard.                                                                              over the phone, always ask for a receipt
the project in the field of mining.” What
this means is that if the mining centre’s       Regardless of the eventual outcome of
                                                                                                the Centrelink goons                            number for the call. They have to give you
                                                                                                                                                this – all the calls are recorded, so it means
research becomes profitable, the staff or
students working in the centre (or even the
                                                the case against Rio Tinto, to engage           found him out.                                  you’ll be able to prove the conversation
                                                in such a significant research venture                                                          happened if – gosh – something fucks up.
University generally) will not be able to       with a company currently under intense
profit from it. This is a clear contradiction   international human rights investigations       I’m glad they caught him. Never mind
of the University’s Intellectual Property
policy which is meant to allow research
                                                is surely a bad PR move on the part of the
                                                University (let alone how it could look if
                                                                                                that the maximum rate of money you
                                                                                                can receive while working and on Youth          Some quick advice
staff and students to retain the copyright
on their research. The principle is a clear
                                                the allegations are proved correct).            Allowance puts you 30% below the
                                                                                                poverty line. Never mind that this guy
                                                                                                                                                for dealing with
one – no matter where the money is
drawn, a public university should be the
                                                Apparently there is no overriding
                                                ethics policy our University uses when
                                                                                                – and the thousands of other students
                                                                                                and young people who do the same thing
                                                                                                                                                Centrelink – make a
one to financially benefit from its own
research so that the funds can return to
                                                assessing the appropriateness of research
                                                                                                – probably needed the money to pay for
                                                                                                rent, or food other than instant noodles.
                                                                                                                                                copy of everything
further study and research.
                                                I expressed these issues to the Vice-
                                                                                                Ignore the fact that students can’t work
                                                                                                full time – apparently students have
                                                                                                                                                you give them and
Just as earlier this year the University
compromised its commitment to academic
                                                Chancellor personally on Friday, and while
                                                he conceded he had concerns regarding
                                                                                                classes or something, who knew – and so         receive from them,
                                                                                                get forced into unstable, unreliable and
freedom when it banned stem cell research
in a new medical research centre on the
                                                the University’s IP policy, he did not see      underpaid casual employment. No, this           dated and signed if
                                                it appropriate to ever have an overriding       guy’s clearly out living the high life on
request of the Catholic Church, in this         ethics policy as it would be too rigid. I       government money.                               possible.
case Rio Tinto is forcing the University to     agree that it could be a rather complicated
compromise its IP policy.                       and controversial process to create such        I also really like how the government
                                                                                                seems to believe that everyone who’s not        The debts students can accrue to Centrelink
                                                an overriding ethical framework. Despite                                                        through these kind of fuckups are enormous.
The other concern I have about this             this, in certain cases it is black and white.   reporting properly to Centrelink is doing
partnership is that the University is                                                           it purposefully, as part of a conscious,        Sometimes it’s the individual’s fault, often
                                                A company under investigation for serious                                                       it’s the bureacracy’s fault. Either way, the
engaging in a research venture with a           human rights violations should not be the       masterful fraud plan. Because as we
company that currently stands accused of                                                        know, Centrelink is of course the most          SRC can help you. Our caseworkers have
                                                first place the University turns for research                                                   gotten debts of hundreds of thousands of
gross human rights violations. Residents        support and partnerships. It’s as simple as     accessible, reliable and well-organised of
of the island of Bougainville in Papua                                                          government departments. They’d never            dollars wiped. They can also help you set
                                                that.                                                                                           up a reasonable repayment plan, and try
New Guinea have alleged that: a) Rio                                                            lose records, or misfile documents, or fuck
Tinto was complicit in war crimes and           NOTE: By the time you’re reading this           up somebody’s payments in every single          and make sure you still receive some kind
crimes against humanity committed by the        report, the University would have decided       possible way. They’re also really friendly,     of payment. But only if you join. Come
PNG army during a secessionist conflict         whether or not to go ahead with the             too – of course they’re interested in           on, it’s free.
on Bougainville; b) the environmental           partnership. Read next week’s Honi to           helping people and understanding difficult
impacts from Rio Tinto’s Panguna Mine           find out the decision they made.                situations. Centrelink wouldn’t randomly
in Bougainville harmed their health in

                                        Ask Abe...

                                                                                                                                                 IT’S YOUR SRC...

This Is What A Feminist                                                                           Hungry for Change!
Looks Like
Report of the Women’s Collective By Jess Cleave                                                   Report of the Education Officer Michael Vaughan
Some think the movement burnt out with          tutorials, our relationships, or our homes.       Week three of second semester has
our fore-sister’s bras, and with a flurry of                                                      rolled around, and by now the swing of
action and a spattering of progress our         Some of us bake cunt-shaped cookies, and          familiarity has kicked in; we all have our
demands were met so we sat back down            that’s awesome too!                               books, have been to class and the novelty
and shut back up. Some think ‘feminists’                                                          of that fantastic subject has started to
these days are so wrapped up in the             Not only is feminism alive and well, it is        wear off. So while the routine is sinking
glamour of the past that we haven’t looked      diverse, exciting and dynamic.                    in, here is just a reminder of what is to
around to see it’s all over.                                                                      come to shake things up because we can’t
                                                This semester the Women’s Collective
                                                                                                  be complacent with the state of our higher
But we are not few. We are not out-dated.       is beginning a campaign to increase the
                                                                                                  education system.
We’re everywhere and we’re still fighting.      visibility of feminism on campus. There
                                                will be all kinds of fun … discussion,            The demand a better future campaign is up
We fight in different ways.                     entertainment, graffiti, t-shirts, maybe          and running this semester, with the pillars
                                                even cunt-shaped cookies. We’re calling it        of no full fees, no HECS increases, no
Some of go to big rallies, like International   ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like.’ I’m         student poverty, and no VSU. I’ve spoken
Women’s Day, which was earlier in the           excited.                                          before about the Howard government’s
year, and Reclaim the Night which is                                                              changes that have see full fee places and
coming up on October 26th.                      We want people hearing the word ‘feminist’        HECS increases introduced, and student
                                                again. But not just the word. We want             poverty and VSU are stand out issues that
Some of us go to forums and discussions,
like the one on Disability Politics (this
                                                people discussing the ideas, debating the
                                                theories. ‘This is What a Feminist Looks
                                                                                                  affect students that this current government   For the past week and
                                                                                                  has had harmful influence over. We could
Monday, the 6th August, 5pm in the              Like’ is about being excited and inspired.
                                                It’s about letting people know that they are
                                                                                                  very likely be in the last hundred days of     for weeks to come
                                                                                                  a Howard government, and this campaign
Some think ‘feminists’
                                                surrounded by feminists. It’s about letting
                                                people know that they can be feminists.
                                                                                                  is targeted at the election hoping to ensure   you may have seen
                                                                                                  student concerns are heard in the critical
these days are so                               Ideas? Artistic flare? A deep desire to leaflet
                                                                                                  time.                                          the SRC on campus
wrapped up in the
                                                down on Eastern Avenue?                           For the past week and for weeks to come
                                                                                                  you may have seen the SRC on campus
                                                                                                                                                 giving out free
glamour of the past
                                                Interested in any of the projects or
                                                campaigns mentioned above, or want to
                                                                                                  giving out free breakfast and lunch as         breakfast and lunch
                                                                                                  part of the student poverty pillar of the

that we haven’t
                                                get one of your own up and running? Come
                                                to Women’s Collective, 1pm Thursdays,
                                                                                                  campaign. Just your friendly SRC ensuring      as part of the student
                                                                                                  students are eating properly because of the
looked around to see
                                                Manning Women’s Room. It’ll be fun! J             appalling state of Centrelink that is 33%      poverty pillar of the
                                                                                                  below the poverty line if you qualify in
it’s all over.                                                                                    the first place. The prevalence of students    campaign Just your
                                                                                                  sacrificing their studies to work just to
                                                                                                  keep up with the expensive costs of living     friendly SRC ensuring
Manning Women’s Room) or the one on
the Politics of Women Rights (Monday
                                                                                                  is an issue that should be looked at more
                                                                                                  carefully; the government needs to make        students are eating
13th 5pm in the Holme Reading Room).                                                              youth allowance fair.
                                                                                                                                                 properly because of
                                                                                                  So to get more involved, come along to
Some of us listen to the struggles and
the needs of women overseas, like the                                                             the national day of action on the 22nd         the appalling state of
                                                                                                  of August. That whole week will be
Revolutionary Association of Women in
Afghanistan (RAWA) or Sappho, a lesbian                                                           devoted to the SRC with forums, fair           Centrelink.
support group in India, both of which exist                                                       days, BBQ’s and parties so there will no
despite their governments’ best efforts to                                                        doubt be one event that everyone can
shut them down.                                                                                   attend. More information about the SRC
                                                                                                  week will follow soon, and if you want
Still more of us make brave and wonderful                                                         to get involved in organising the rally or
decisions to live our lives the way we want                                                       demonstration, then come along to the
to live them, to fight for control over all                                                       education action group which meets at
aspects of our bodies, and refuse to tolerate                                                     1pm, Tuesday on the front lawns.
sexism and inequality in our lectures, our

   Th e S eS!                                                           MEETING TIMES :
   oL Lec                                                                Queer Action Collective                  Monday 6 pm, Manning Loggia Room (Level 1)

 c      SRC      Collectives are a place for
                                                                         Women’s Collective                       Thursday 1 pm, Manning Women’s Room
        passionate, like-minded students to                              Enviroment Collective                    Monday 1 pm, Sunken Lawns (Manning)
        meet, share experiences and get active.
        If you’re interested in learning more or                         Education Action Group                   Tuesday 1 pm, Front Lawn
        becoming more involved, come along
        to any of the group meetings. We’d love
        to see you there!                                                Anti War Action Group                    Wednesday 1 pm, Chancellor’s Garden (Fisher)

                                                                                                                                                 HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07
     IT’S YOUR SRC...

 SRC Elections 2007                                                                Are you a Student at
 Postal Voting                                                                     Risk? At Risk of What?
 Application Form                                                                  The Faculty thinks you might not be able            4. Identify problems and strategies to
                                                                                   to complete your degree. If you are at                 avoid fails in the future. Discuss these
                                                                                   risk often enough you can get excluded                 with an academic adviser if you can.
                                                                                   from your degree. The SRC can help you
                                                                                   understand what this means and what you             5. Make proactive decisions that’ll help
     POSTAL VOTING                                                                                                                        you be a great student in the future.
                                                                                   can do about it.
     If you wish to vote in the 2007 SRC elections but are unable to vote                                                                 Would deferring, going part-time or
     EITHER on polling days Wednesday 19th or Thursday 20th September at           There are 4 stages and each time you’re ‘at            studying something else be a good
     any of the advertised locations, OR on pre-polling day (on main campus)       risk’ you move along a stage – a stage closer          idea?
     Tuesday 18th September, then you may apply for a postal vote. Fill in this    to being excluded. Use being identified as
     form and send it to:                                                                                                              Stage 2 is the 2nd time you’re ‘at risk’.
                                                                                   ‘at risk’ as an incentive to make changes
                                                                                   so you will pass everything from now on             The more help you get the better – you
                Electoral Officer                                                                                                      don’t want to get to Stage 3. At Stage 3
                Sydney University Students’                                        and do not move along a stage.
                                                                                                                                       the faculty is seriously concerned and are
                Representative Council
                                                                                   Stage 1 is the first time you are considered        thinking of excluding you. You must write
                PO Box 794
                                                                                   ‘at risk’. What should you do?                      a letter to ‘show good cause’ why you
                Broadway NSW 2007.
                                                                                                                                       should be allowed to continue. At Stage
                                                                                   1. Check you agree that you are at risk?            4 the Faculty can automatically exclude
     Please note: postal vote applications MUST BE RECEIVED AND IN OUR                They may have got it wrong.
     PO BOX by Tuesday the 4th of September at 5:00pm or they will not                                                                 students who have Shown Cause before.
     be considered, no exceptions.                                                 2. Do what they say - attend a ‘Staying             You can appeal.
                                                                                      on Track Information Session’ and                Contact the SRC on
     You may use a photocopy of this form.                                            complete an attendance slip. Complete
     Christine Kibble, Electoral Officer (for more information phone                                                                   au for more information, help or a winge.
                                                                                      a ‘Staying on Track’ survey. If you              (Postgraduates should contact SUPRA on
     9660 5222 or email at
                                                                                      don’t it will be noted on your file.             9351 3715. Things are slightly different.)
     Name of applicant:                                                            3. If you’re concerned about privacy and/
                                                                                      or personal issues, speak to an SRC
                                                                                      caseworker and/or a counsellor at the
                                                                                      Counselling Service or ISSU.
     Phone Number: (         )

     Student Card Number:

     Email:                                                                                                                              Cheapest
                                                                                                                                         books on
     I require a copy of the election edition of honi soit:

     yes / no
     I hereby apply for a postal vote for the 2007 SRC elections. I declare that      • We buy & sell textbooks according to demand
     I am unable to attend a polling booth on any of the polling days, OR on          • You can sell your books on consignment
     any of the pre-polling days, for the following reason:
                                                                                      • We are open to USYD students & the public
                                                                                      Become an SRC Supporter for only $25 and receive a
                                                                                      supporter pack including savings at SRC Books and other
     (please be specific. Vague or facetious reasons will not be accepted. The
     Electoral Officer must under section 20(a) of the Election Regulation con-
                                                                                      goodies; in addition to SRC student support services.
     sider that the stated reason justifies the issuing of a postal vote.)            PLUS every new supporter goes into the draw to...

     Please send voting papers to the following address:

                                                                                                                                             Courtesy of STA Travel & Intrepid.
                                                                                                                                             *Conditions Apply. No permit required.


     State:                             Postcode:

                                                                                      Where to find SRC Books...
                                                                                      Level 3, Wentworth Building NOW OPEN!
                                                                                      Walk over City Rd footbridge to level 3
                                                                                      Open: Mon - Fri 9am - 4.30pm
                                                                                      phone: 9660 4756 e:
                Authorised by Christine Kibble, SRC Electoral Officer 2007.
                                                                                                                                   The SRC’s operational costs, space and administrative support are financed
                 Students’ Representative Council, University of Sydney                                                            by the University of Sydney.
                        phone: 9660 5222

16     HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07
                                                                                                                                 REGULAR IRREGULARS

Bec Santos attends the RAWA lecture and discusses the importance of having a forum to discuss such issues in our democracy
Of course there was the usual activist            Strikingly, the same statistic for Australian   ‘If you are freedom loving and anti-           Officers) concluded with the comment that,
crowd but this time it was also peppered          women is in currency. While I do not wish       fundamentalist, you are with RAWA’ is the      ‘Afghani women don’t need Howard and
with older people and members of the              to discuss reasons for why statistics might     organisation’s tagline. Honestly, I baulk at   Bush to liberate them. They are more than
general student population. RAWA, the             be analogous, (it’s the universal patriarchy,   something so encompassing and jingoistic.      capable of doing it themselves’ which was
Revolutionary Association of the Women            stupid) I think similarities between the        But thinking about what this means for an      met with applause. This kind of comment
of Afghanistan, was a crowd puller. I feel        plights of women here and in the Middle         underground community of women who             brings Australian involvement to the fore
bad about saying that this surprised me,          East offer us a more nuanced understanding      have had to endure so much, the ‘freedom’      as it is easy to think about these atrocities
but the barrage of leaflets with which            of problems as opposed to saying that our       of which they speak sounds something           as removed from our experience of late
the unsuspecting uni student is typically         lifestyle and Australian values (whatever       more desirable than anything that comes        night essay writing and coffee with friends
confronted is usually left dumped in a bin.       they may be) are qualitatively better.          of, say, Bush’s mouth. Perhaps freedom is      but but it was just this experience which
Yet, this time, something stuck.                                                                  one of those amorphous, relative entities      Sohalia saw as enviable. She addressed us
                                                  Now let us not be too hyperbolic and            that looks different depending on your         ‘You, the students, are the lucky ones’.
The public forum took place on the 26th of        equate Sydney to Afghanistan. But any           point of perception. How can we judge
July, and it centred on a speaker, Sohalia (a     real discussion of the impact of the War        objectively whose version of freedom is        The average uni student seemed to be
pseudonym, using her real name would be           on Terror and the prevalence of extremism       right? Who is a freedom fighter? And           just the kind of person to whom she most
at the risk of death), who discussed RAWA’s       and fundamentalism must acknowledge             given the release of differing Seton Hall      desperately wanted to hear her message.
work in Afghanistan and Pakistan.                 their various manifestations. Sydney is not     and West Point reports on Guantanamo           Ultimately, Sohalia said, education is
                                                  devoid of extremism or political repression.    Bay, who is an evil terrorist?                 central. She noted that the only way
According to its website (www.rawa.               It just looks different.                                                                       people can be inspired to change or to
org) RAWA is ‘the oldest political/social                                                         It was this question of relativity that        fight back is through becoming equipped
organisation of Afghan women struggling
for peace, freedom, democracy and
                                                  Perhaps freedom                                 was made salient in the forum. Sara            with knowledge. So too should this be the
                                                                                                  Haghdoosti (one of the SRC Women’s             case here in Australia.
women’s rights in fundamentalism-blighted         is one of those

                                                                                                     Want some
Afghanistan since 1977’. The audience was
confronted with stories of the atrocities of      amorphous, relative
living under the Taliban only to deal with
US occupation. Sohalia travels, with the          entities that looks
aid of RAWA’s international supporters,
                                                  different depending
to various places outside Afghanistan and
Pakistan to speak about the impact of
fundamentalism and the War on Terror.             on your point of
Hearing these stores from an alternate,           perception.
non-government sanctioned perspective
informs debate. However, this does not            The role of these political forums - often
automatically mean that it was somehow
                                                                                                          Polling Booth Attendants
                                                  held in cramped university lecture halls,
devoid of ideology or political motivation.       community centres or even coffee shops,
Of course they were present: but this is not      is to exist adjacently to the ‘sanctioned’
a bad thing. I am interested in extending
the scope of examination of civil liberties
and political debate to look at the creation
                                                  mainstream form of debate. I think that
                                                  the issue is not so much what opinions are                      Required.
                                                  expressed in these spaces, but that these
of spaces for a plethora of opinions.             spaces exist at all. The educational capacity
                                                  of forums should be paramount if we are
                                                                                                        The SRC is looking for about 20 people to
One in three                                      all to make informed decisions about what
                                                  is right or wrong. When debate is silenced,           work on the polling booths for its elections
Afghani women will                                democracy is dead. When the right to
                                                                                                         this year. If you can work on Wednesday
                                                  protest is restricted, democracy is dead.
experience violence                               Even when forums like RAWA are used
                                                                                                          19th September and/or Thursday 20th
                                                  to educate people of true atrocities, things
(sexual or physical) in                           look pretty apocalyptic for us freedom                  September, we want to hear from you!
                                                  loving, democracy living Aussies.
her lifetime.                                                                                                          $18.57 per hour.
                                                  As the coming of APEC hangs above
                                                  Sydney’s head, the role of these political
I learnt a lot from the RAWA forum but            forums is pushed to the fore. Civic
what struck me most was the similarity            discussion of APEC has largely centred on
                                                                                                       Application forms are available from the SRC Front
between the situation in war torn countries       the inconveniences this forum will place on            Office (level 1 Wentworth). For more info, call
and our own war propagating country. For
example, after the audience was shown
                                                  Sydneysiders and one really has to search             9660 5222 or email:
                                                  out the kind of discussions which question
graphic images of women who had been              or compare APEC’s politics as these kinds                    Applications close 4th September
burnt by their husbands, I commented              of questions do not take place in popular
during question time how striking the             public discourse.
images of domestic violence were and how
it cuts across all class, race and geographical   And yet, is inevitable that debate
boundaries. In response, Sohalia affirmed         (mainstream or otherwise) becomes a
that domestic violence was prevalent              battle of language. Where death and
before fundamentalism. One in three               degradation and their cause are all a
                                                                                                                Authorised by Christine Kibble, SRC Electoral Officer 2007.
Afghani women will experience violence            matter of nomenclature we have to look                         Students’ Representative Council, University of Sydney
(sexual or physical) in her lifetime.             at beyond the words to get the full picture.                          phone: 9660 5222
                                                                                                                                                  HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

DOCUMENTARY:                                   CONCERT:                                         FILM:                                              THEATRE:

“Just so you know, we’re on the good           Bloc Party have come a long way since            When Edith Piaf died in 1963, aged 47,             Previously only performed within the
side with y’all. We do not want this war,      releasing their first major album in 2005.       she was denied a Roman Catholic funeral            United States, Love Lies Bleeding has raised
this violence, and we’re ashamed that          The London-based indie quartet have              by the church because she had led such             the anchor on its inevitable international
the President of the United States is from     seemingly conquered the world, achieving         a life of degredation. Nonetheless, her            voyage from the wharves of the STC. Don
Texas.”                                        top-20 status across Europe, the US and          funeral procession to a graveside ceremony         DeLillo’s play canvasses universal themes
                                               Australia. Their popular appeal was              stopped the traffic in Paris.                      of betrayal, commitment to family, and
Natalie Maines, Dixie Chicks 2003.             evidenced on Saturday night when the                                                                death. These themes are explored through
                                               band tore up Hordern Pavilion in front of        Edith Piaf was a national icon. La Vie en          the story of the family of Alex Macklin
There has always been a strained                                                                Rose is a perfect response to that: a superbly
                                               a sold-out crowd.                                                                                   (Max Cullen), a comatose geriatric.
relationship between politics and music,                                                        French film in her honour. It is stylish. Piaf’s   Macklin’s wife Lia (Paula Arundell),
recalling for instance, Crosby Stills and      Not having listened to much Bloc Party           life, which the film follows from age six to       former wife Toinette (Robyn Nevin), and
Nash during the Vietnam war or more            prior to attending their concert, I was          forty-seven when she literally wasted away,        mutinous son Sean (Benjamin Winspear)
recently Pink, whose scathing attack on        blown away by their intense energy and           was certainly dramatic. It could have been         must decide between them whether to
George Bush, “Dear Mr President” has           musicality. Songs that I had never heard         presented as tragic. But director, Olivier         euthanise him. The play explores these
topped the charts right before the US          before had a seductive pull that kept me         Dahan, fashions the story with elegance,           characters’ relationships, and delves across
election.                                      wrapt in what was happening on stage.            unconventional beauty and a fabulous               time into Macklin’s past.
                                               One thing that distinguished Bloc Party          French wit. The misery in Edith Piaf’s is
The Dixie Chicks, three all-American
                                               from others I’ve seen was their immense          palpable at times, but this a miserable film       There is no denying the desire of the director
girls from Texas, until 2003 practically
                                               stage presence. There weren’t many               because of those three attributes.                 to engender a feeling of contemplative
embodied the conservative spirit of the
                                               antics from the band – the light show                                                               pathos in the audience. This is achieved
deep south in the United States.                                                                La Vie en Rose does not assume knowledge.
                                               complemented the music well and added                                                               by a combination of desolate set, bleak
                                               atmosphere, but the band were simply             You can go and see it if you know nothing          musical accompaniment, and the portrayal
Shut up and Sing documents the fallout
                                               playing their instruments for most of the        about Piaf, or even the French. Dahan, who         of a young Macklin as a bon vivant. Yet
from lead singer Natalie Maines’s
                                               time. Regardless, they still kept the entire     wrote the film as well as directing it, does       the play carries DeLillo’s trademark brand
comment on tour in London, expressing
                                               audience on their feet for the whole set.        not tell a linear story. The episodic nature       of wry humour (remember the professor
her opposition to the invasion of Iraq
                                                                                                of the narrative means that an uniformed           of Hitler studies who didn’t speak German
and in doing so, her distaste for President
                                               Musically, Bloc Party were very tight.           viewer has some idea from the outset of            in ‘White Noise’?); nowhere is this more
                                               The driving beat that typifies a lot of their    where the film’s going which certainly             apparent than Toinette pondering why the
An unprecedented number of had-been-           music was as loud and defiant as ever. The       keeps you watching.                                idea of a horse called Mr Ed is so erotic, or
fans crushed The Dixie Chicks CD’s in the      guitar was spiky and strong, with catchy                                                            Sean’s telling her that he will probably be
                                               riffs and a moving emphasis. The vocals          Some critics (at least according to the sign
street, one even sent a death threat in the                                                                                                        taking Macklin to her funeral.
                                               were outstanding, with no quality lost in        outside the Academy on Oxford St,) have
mail, while radio stations boycotted their
                                               the acoustically challenging venue. Lead         already started calling Marion Cotillard           The casting of STC CEO Robyn Nevin
music, all in the defense of patriotism.
                                               singer Kele Okereke’s distinctive voice was      the 2008 Oscar winner. Certainly, she              in a lead role is testament to both the
For three otherwise inoffensive country
                                               even stronger and more compelling than           takes on an incredibly difficult role and          high expectations of the producers, and
musicians, it became a career-defining
                                               on the albums. The band’s trademark              makes the film passionate. She owns this           the subtlety of the characters. Love-Lies-
moment, plunging them deep into a media
                                               sound was harsher and more pronounced            film as much as her performance convinces          Bleeding is not a spectacular, but rather
frenzy they had never dreamt of.
                                               live, with the drums and guitar producing        you that Piaf owned the stages on which            is a quietly discomposing play that asks
Most of us try to avoid anything to do with    a gripping mish-mash of competing                she sang. It is actually quite extraordinary       more questions than it answers.
country music, particularly the American       melodies and rhythms, creating a rawness         to watch.
strain of country music, but Shut up and       and constant movement within the songs.
                                                                                                That said, I think that Cotillard’s                                           Jordan Walsh
Sing can offer a little more than boot
                                               The show was well conceived, with a mix          performance is spectacularly complemented
scooters and barn dancers. Directors
                                               of songs from their most recent album,           by the two child actresses in the flim. These      What is your cup of tea? Movies? TV
Barbara Kopple and Cecilia Peck capture
                                               ‘A Weekend in the City’ and their debut          little girls, along with Dahan, present the        Shows? Novels? Concerts? CDs?
the girls as musicians, mothers, friends and
                                               album ‘Silent Alarm’. Songs from AWITC           life a disjointed child through a ten year
lovers as they grapple with their newfound                                                                                                         When you finish watching or reading
                                               were easily distinguishable for their darker     old’s eyes. As she settles into life in her
and not-so-fond attention.                                                                                                                         you can soak another 1/2 hour of
                                               themes and deeper intensity, with Okereke        grandmother’s whorehouse the sights and
                                                                                                                                                   procrastination out of any of these
You watch them develop as a group and          citing “silent rage” as a driving force behind   sounds are overwhelming, but she does
become stronger as individuals as they re-     the album. For example, recently released        not perceive of the prostitutes of anything
adjust their musical style and invest more     single ‘Hunting for Witches’ deals with          but alternate mothers.                             Write a review for Honi!
of themselves in their art. These elements     the reaction to terrorism in the Western
                                                                                                Even Piaf’s death is remarkable. During            Just send 400 words to:
alone make for quite a captivating piece.      World, and themes of drug abuse and
                                                                                                the period of long decline Coutillard is  and your
                                               depression permeate the other songs. The
Shut up and Sing also tries to explain                                                          made up to look, as the chanteuse herself          opinions could appear on these
                                               band moved seamlessly between slower
something about American nationalism                                                            did, closer to eighty than to forty seven.         illustrious pages!
                                               songs such as ‘Waiting for the 7.18’ and
and one of its important breeding grounds,                                                      Just through use of make-up it is brought
                                               dancy hits like ‘Banquet’, ending with the
the deep south. Beyond that, the film is                                                        home to the cinema that this woman has
                                               high-octane ‘Helicopter’. The progression
not excessively thoughtful and it becomes                                                       had to grapple with losing lovers, with
                                               of songs interspersed with only a small
frustrating that the girls never actually                                                       morphine, with a childhood of horror and
                                               amount of banter from the band made the
explain their politics in any meaningful                                                        she still sings je ne regrette rien. That is
                                               show a fast-paced success, so that when
way.                                                                                            what will ring in your head – just as it rang
                                               the show was over it felt like it had only
                                                                                                in the heads of the people who followed
                                               just begun.
The chosen footage also seemed quite kind                                                       Piaf’s procession through the streets of
on the girls, who never fought, behaved        Bloc Party put on a spectacular show,            Paris. Having watched this movie, I can
badly, had bad hair days or sung out of        infusing their audience with energy and          understand why the traffic stopped for
tune. This made we wonder if the film was      making even the most unqualified fans tap        Edith Piaf.
somewhat disingenuous.                         their toes. Okereke describes the band’s
That said, the girls are fun to watch and
                                               fuel as “The swell of excitement, the surge                                                         Honi is looking for a gaggle of reviewers
                                               of the crowd and the clang and clank of                                                             for the upcoming revue season, including
the music is actually quite good, even
                                               distorted drums and guitars,” and it was
coming from someone who hates anything
                                               all of these things that made their concert
                                                                                                                                                   the law revue Shred, Med revue R*A*S*H
involving a fiddle or a banjo.                                                                                                                     and more. Contact us at the SRC for
                                               an explosive, riveting success.
Shut up and Sing is playing at the Chauvel.                                                                                                        information and tickets by Friday 10th
                         Maggie Lloyd                                      Edwina Burn                                 Louisa Macdonald            August.


In The Simpsons episode ‘A Streetcar            contemporary inspiration. With this in           – the characters sing about coke, cold                                   power struggle
Named Marge’, Marge is cast as Blanche          mind the emotions of Streetcar can be            cuts, and cherry soda. Stanley memorably                                 between Stanley
opposite Ned Flanders’ Stanley in a             easily identified as the mainstay of operatic    scolds “you’ve been swindled, baby, and         and Blanche, Stella and Mitch seem
musical version of Tennessee Williams’          music: desire, madness, desperation              when you’ve been swindled, seems to             somewhat peripheral, but both are given
famous play. With lines like “Stella, Stella,   and anger. Indeed as Michael Halliwell           me like I get swindled too.” The urban          interesting musical parts and Antoinette
can’t you hear me yell-a, you’re putting me     pointed out during discussion, the work of       setting is effectively enforced musically       Halloran and Stuart Skelton flesh out
through hell-a”, this parody in fact gives a    Tennessee Williams is often described as         with jazz elements, abrupt punctuation          the characters very successfully. It is
sense of the real difficulty in transforming    ‘opera without music’.                           from a snare drum and a repeated freight        wonderful to have the opportunity to see
a serious play like A Streetcar Named                                                            train-like wail.                                an Australian production of this intriguing
Desire into a musical production without        However, adapting such a well known                                                              modern American opera.
robbing it of its quiet power, or becoming      piece of literature is no easy matter. Not       Unusually, a large part of the opera is
entirely ridiculous.                            only did the estate of Tennessee Williams        recitative – rhythmically sung dialogue         A Streetcar Named Desire by Andre Pevin
                                                place considerable restrictions on the           – and this allows the orchestra to              Playing at the Sydney Opera House
On the 29th of July the Sydney                  use of the play, but the opera also has          introduce many musical themes, and in           2nd -29th of August.
Conservatorium of Music hosted a                to contend with the expectations of the          a way it is a pity that more of these can
Symposium on the musical adaptation             audience. Beresford acknowledged the             not be developed further. However, the                                    Carolyn Burns
of literature in Opera Australia’s new          legacy of the famous 1951 film adaptation        comparative lack of set pieces displays the
production of Andre Previn’s 1998 opera         staring Marlon Brando and Vivian Leigh.          subtlety of Williams’ play more effectively
A Streetcar Named Desire. Richard Mills,        While the production doesn’t particularly        than if each piece of interesting dialogue
Michael Halliwell, David Malouf and             reference the iconic film, there are cinematic   was milked for an aria.
Penny Gay were on the expert panel in           overtones to the production. A montage
addition to several members of the cast,        of images projected onto the set mark the        Yvonne Kenny is fantastic as Blanche,
conductor Tom Woods and director Bruce          looming spectre of the sisters’ ranch, Belle     moving easily between light humour and
Beresford (more widely known for his film       Rive, and accompany Blanche’s memories           desperate fragility as the character’s hold
direction: Puberty Blues, Driving Miss          of the loss of her sensitive husband. The        on reality gradually slips away. It is a
Daisy, Breaker Morant).                         revolve of the monochromatic set is also         demanding vocal role, featuring in all
                                                evocative of a camera pan, while smooth          scenes, and also given the most modern
The great majority of opera is adapted from     scene transitions and comparatively              musical motifs of the piece. The other
literature, be it ancient myth, Shakespeare,    naturalistic acting also contribute to a         main roles are also played exceptionally
or in this case, 20th century theatre. While    sense of filmic inspiration.                     well. Teddy Tahu Rhodes’ Stanley is no
the grandeur of opera might be considered                                                        cartoon villain, with artful expression of
better suited to Shakespearian tragedy          There is something strange and slightly          anger and frustration as Blanche openly
than domestic conflict in Louisiana,            comical about hearing the southern               taunts him and tries to convince his wife
modern opera increasingly draws upon            vernacular of the play sung operatically         to leave. In comparison to the overarching

I’ve waited my whole life for this? THIS?!      helped foster these traits within us.            but part of what makes the show great are       earned $11.50. The jokes were clever
                                                                                                 the various townspeople of Springfield.         - albeit many of them I’d seen before in
The Simpsons Movie wasn’t terrible. It          The Simpsons is at its best when it’s evenly     The plot itself dragged the action away         the scores of Simpsons trailers. And the
wasn’t bad. It wasn’t even below-average.       focused on each member of the family.            from the town and its pepole. Where were        movie does deliver two genuinely moving
No, the movie I’ve been eagerly anticipating    At times in the past we saw much too             Skinner, Krusty and the aforementioned          moments (when Marge tapes over her
for the last twenty years was merely            much attention to Bart and the character         Burns? Did we really need valuable screen       wedding tape and her embrace with
disappointing. More disappointing than          eventually became stale and boring.              devoted to the ample bosomed Native             Homer when he finally redeems himself).
Spiderman 3. More disappointing than            Recently, we’ve had a Homer overdose.            American mystic? She had more lines than        I saw the movie with millions of 14-year-
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.           Too many of the recent episodes’ plotlines       Moe, Lenny and Carl combined. Kelsey            olds in white hoodies. After the film one
More disappointing than I am to my poor,                                                         Grammar’s Sideshow Bob was supposed             hoodie-clad teenager turned to his friend
long-suffering parents.
                                                The movie felt too                               to be in the film but ended up being cut
                                                                                                 out. He couldn’t have been squeezed in at
                                                                                                                                                 and asked, “So what did you think?”
                                                                                                                                                 “Worst movie ever,” replied his friend and
My special-lady-friend loves Friends and
some of the guys I work with swear by
                                                much like an 87-                                 the expense of Lisa’s pointless and boring      they both smirked. The Simpsons Movie
                                                                                                 love story with the Irish environmentalist?     wasn’t the worst movie ever - that title is
Seinfeld but I will argue to the point of
nausea that The Simpsons is the greatest
                                                minute episode. It                                                                               still held by The Blair Witch Project 2 - it
                                                                                                 The movie felt too much like an 87-minute
TV show of all time. The combined efforts       could easily have been                           episode. It could easily have been told in
                                                                                                                                                 just wasn’t what I wanted from the greatest
                                                                                                                                                 TV show of all time.
of Channel Ten and Foxtel mean I’ve seen
each and every episode at least seven times.    told in The Simpsons’                            The Simpsons’ usual 22 minutes. There
                                                                                                 was nothing in the story that needed the
                                                                                                                                                                          Bennett Mason
I still find them funny and constantly
discover new jokes that I’d never quite
                                                usual 22 minutes.                                freedom of a full-length feature film. The
                                                                                                 two-part episode “Who Shot Mr Burns?”
noticed before.                                                                                  was originally dreamed up to be the
                                                are based around Homer’s “zany antics”.          Simpsons Movie but the plans eventually
The Simpsons has had bigger impact on
                                                The Simpsons Movie fell into this very           fell through. That episode was brilliantly
our generation that anything else from
                                                same trap. Another criticism of recent           written and had enough moments for all
the realm of popular culture. Bart was
                                                Simpsons offerings has been the over             five family members plus the townsfolk of
the only fictional character to make Time
                                                reliance on guest stars. The movie had           Springfield. In many ways it was lot closer
Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential
                                                the same problem. The Albert Brooks              to what I wanted from a Simpsons Movie:
People of the 20th Century. What would
                                                voiced character Russ Cargill just wasn’t        a slightly nostalgic look back at the show’s
we be like without The Simpsons? Perhaps
                                                necessary. Did we really need a new villain      greatest characters and a story that was
Generation Y was just born with a unique
                                                when The Simpsons has already given us           too good and too long for just a 22 minute
steak of sarcasm and ironic cynicism.
                                                the greatest pop culture villain not named       episode.
Maybe we would have felt the need to
                                                Darth Vader in C. Montgomery Burns?
constantly question our surroundings                                                             As I said earlier, the movie wasn’t dreadful.
anyway. But The Simpsons certainly              We adore the Simpsons family themselves          It was not a complete waste of my hard
                                                                                                                                                  HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

 Do You Want To Be A Flesh

VV        Eating
      Student Zombie?
Nicole Cini talks to Mikey Slesak and Ben Jenkins, instigators of a zombie outbreak on campus.
They have no soul and are devoid of any
human emotion or basic instinct except
for the drive to kill and feed. They are
                                                2. What measures are you taking to
                                                facilitate this film?
                                                                                                  people that can’t come to meetings, all the
                                                                                                  work that gets done is put on the wiki and
                                                                                                  everyone in the world is encouraged to
zombies, the undead. The undead are                                                               edit, comment and discuss it.
created by being bought back to life by
unnatural means. Once zombies, they then                                                          4. What are you favourite Zombie films
                                                Mikey: I guess there’s two parts to doing
attack and once bitten you become part of                                                         and how have they inspired you?
                                                this kind of a project. The first, as you
the outbreak of the undead. As zombies          say, is facilitating the collective effort. The
grow in numbers so does the threat they         other side is actually taking part in that        Ben: I guess you’ve got to go back to the
pose. Zombies are slow moving creatures         effort, and the two are not totally separate.     start with Romero, but two recent films
with minimal intelligence and resilient         I mean, a big part of facilitating the            have really changed the way I’ve looked at
to most injury; only a blow to the upper        collective effort is just doing it and asking     the genre; Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days
spinal chord or brain can kill them.            others to join you. So that’s what we’re          Later. (And before you point out that 28
Throughout cinematic history zombies            doing. Ben’s running writer’s meetings            Days Later is not a zombie film... well... it
have been used in many Hollywood films          that are advertised on the wiki, on the           is. so there)
including Romero’s classic Dawn of the          facebook group and on an email list. For
Dead and more recent thrillers Resident         people that can’t come to meetings, all the
                                                                                                  Mikey: I’m somewhat of a purest when it
                                                                                                  comes to zombie films. I don’t want any           Get involved by
Evil and 28 Days Later. Satire has also         work that gets done is put on the wiki and
come into play with Shaun of the Dead.          everyone in the world is encouraged to
                                                                                                  of this “zombies can run” bullshit. The
                                                                                                  point of zombies is that they are easy to
Zombies are a classic and simplistic type       edit, comment and discuss it.
of horror that have led to a cult like
                                                                                                  kill in small numbers. The danger comes
                                                                                                  when you are trapped with thousands of
following including coordinated ‘zombie         We’ve got a music director who’s doing
walks’. Zombie walks take place as two or       a similar thing on the music side. Alon           zombies around you.                                  org/wiki
more zombie fans, occasionally hundreds,        Ilsar (from such projects as Keating: The         5. What would you do if there was a
organise over the internet a zombie march/      Musical, Darth Vegas and much more) has           zombie out break on campus, Resident
crawl/walk through urban areas. The fans        written a theme tune and is encouraging           Evil style?
arrive dressed in zombie costume, meet          people to remix/rewrite/rework and
and take to the streets through shopping        generally fuck with it. Eventually, we want       Ben: Oh God, where to begin. Well first
centres, main roads, parks and cemeteries.      the theme tune redone to suit each scene in       I’d set up camp at Manning Bar. As far as
                                                the film. Kinda like how in The Simpsons          a Zombie fortress goes, the Golden Rule
How often have you found yourself,              or James Bond the one theme recorded to           is if it can stand a college party then it can
after watching a zombie film, chatting          suit all different moods.                         stand a Zombie Apocalypse. Next, with
with your friends about what you would
                                                We’re also facilitating the Special FX side       the help of a few friends, I’d steal a car, a
do if an outbreak were upon you? This
                                                of the film via workshops throughout              big 4WD, and ram raid local supermarkets
conversation is what led to the creation of a
                                                Verge. We’ve got professional make-up             and electronic stores. After that it’d be
low budget, student zombie film right here
                                                artists and the idea is that they’ll train up a   and issue of protecting the fortress using
at Sydney University. Mikey Slesak Ben
                                                bunch of people who can come on the big           makeshift weapons including gas cylinders,
Jenkins, as well as countless others, have
                                                zombie march day and make-people look             table legs and the construction of some
realised this idea and will be organising a

                                                really, really dead and hopefully, slightly       kind of corpse-wall.
zombie out break of over 1000 students
during Vege Arts festival. The only             decomposing.                                      Mikey: First thing: you need a sweet team
problem is, there is still a lot of work to                                                       of chumps. You can’t survive alone. Well,
do. Many students have become involved          And of course, we’re organising the
                                                zombie march/lurch/crawl. Actually, we’re         you can, but it’s less likely. Then you need
in this project over recent weeks and the                                                         to find a fortress. That’s going to be limited
creators are encouraging many students to       hoping to make it the biggest one ever!
                                                Currently the record is 894 undead. We            by how far the zombie outbreak has gone.
join in. So what exactly is this zombie film                                                      The sooner you know what’s happening,
and how can students get involved? Honi         want to bust that record right open. We’re
                                                aiming for 1000. The plans for this year’s        the more choices you’ll have of locations.
talked to Mikey Slesak and Ben Jenkins to                                                         You want somewhere with high, sheer
find out.                                       lurch are still being made but the idea is
                                                that it will eventually enter campus on city      walls that aren’t made of wood. Secure the
                                                road, walk down to the quad and with              fortress and then half of the team holds
1. What inspired you to make a Zombie                                                             the fortress while the rest goes and finds
                                                some great guerrilla filming, it’ll constitute
film and how did the idea come about?                                                             some transport. I’ve always liked the idea
                                                the climax scene in the film. It’s happening
                                                on September 22. Keep an eye out for              of getting a bus. There’s heaps of visibility
Ben: Both Mikey and I had had the idea
                                                promo.                                            and they’re heavy and you can carry lots
to make a campus Zombie film but neither
                                                                                                  of supplies in them... Most importantly
of us knew until Mikey spoke to me. Both         3. How are you involving students and            remember: to kill a zombie you need to
ideas came from the same place though,           has there been a positive response?              remove or destroy the brain. It’s the only
long drinks after work discussing what to
                                                                                                  way. And if you get bitten, kill yourself
do when the Zombies attacked Manning
                                                Ben: So far we’ve involved students in the        immediately.
Bar. It was never IF the Zombies attacked...
which looking back is a bit weird.              writing process and the response has been
                                                great. It seems that Mikey and I weren’t           The Verge Arts Festival runs from
Mikey: We would plan how to survive a           the only ones to have this idea!                   Monday 3 September - 21 September.
zombie attack on campus and occasionally                                                           Continue to watch this page in Honi in
talk about how sweet it’d be to make a          Mikey: Ben’s running writer’s meetings             the lead up as we showcase what this
student zombie film.                            that are advertised on the wiki, on the            wild and whacky festival has to offer.
                                                facebook group and on an email list. For

                                                                                                                     PRESS RELEASE

Wednesday 8 August


                   “Bollywood meets bad Australian musical … it’ll have you gagging…” - Dainik

                   “There’s enough power and corruption to woo the masses.” – The Mumbai

                   “Haneef in drag - he’s never looked better! - New Dehli Daily

        After premiering to a packed cinema in Mumbai, the The Boy from Oz is expected to be the next big Bollywood
        blockbuster to take India by storm. Starring the graciously overqualified, once suspected terrorist, Mohamed
        Haneef, the story is a realist yet melodramatic take on Australia’s anti-terror legislation. The plot follows the
        humble life of Haneef, from his life as a quiet doctor on the Gold Coast, to becoming a new father, before his
        height of fame as an international terror suspect. The movie then depicts his dramatic return to his native
        country India, where he longs to 'still call Australia home'.

        Following the success of previous West/Bollywood fusions such as Bride and Prejudice, The Boy from Oz is
        expected to cater to India’s newfound appetite for colourful musicals concerning Western themes of civil
        liberties, due process and Islamophobia. Director Aishwarya Rai explains ‘India went pirating crazy when
        Hugh Jackman most recently reinvented the The Boy from Oz. He further commented that ‘With the touch of
        the local, and such cheap, annoying songs so easily transformable, India will go wild for Haneef – our very own
        'Boy from Oz!'

        Haneef explains that this parody of a much-loved Australian musical and the esteemed Australian judicial
        system is an attempt to display his innate understanding of Australian humour. ‘It is The Castle meets The
        Chaser meets Bollywood ... It shows I am in touch with Australian values! I hope that by showing myself to
        the Australian Government to be the self-depcrecating, multicultural larrikin I am, it will speed up my visa
        application. Plus, my experience as a movie star will add a much needed extra 'skill' qualification to my CV!'

        Highlights of the film include Haneef’s nostalgic rendition of the Qantas ad: ‘I’ve been to detention centres that
        never close down, from airports to prisons, to all Brisbane town, but no matter how far or how wide my sim
        global roams, I still call Australia home.’

        Equally warming is the rousing closing number, ‘I go to Rio’, that begins ‘When my baby, when my baby gets
        quite ill, I go to Brisbane/ International, my-oh-me-oh/ I get strip searched and then I have to be detained/ And
        defamed.../ Now I’m not the kind of person with a passionate persuasion for terrorism/ Or hatred/ But I give in
        to the stereotypes/ And my feet follow the beatin’ of my hear-eart ... Wo-a-oh! When my baby ...'

        The Boy from Oz runs from August 8 - August 31. Tickets are expected to sell out VERY fast. For bookings
        call: +31999788506243.

                                                                                                                   HONI SOIT | EDITION XV | 07

                                     GUIDE TO
                                     lesser known
                                          Daniel Selikowitz

                                                  P&O Cluedo
                                                  It was no one with the GHB in the shower. Enjoy a quiet
                                                  evening exercising your right to stunned silence.             Diplomacy: Middle
                                                                                                                East Special
                                                        Squabble                                                Nut out the world’s messiest conflict with
                                                                                                                friends and family. Destroy infidels and
                                                        Quiblaz. Munglefat. Are they counted as words?          reclaim the Holy Land in the privacy and
                                                        Who cares! What matters is that you’re beating your     comfort of your living room!
                                                        grandmother senseless with a rhyming dictionary.

                                                             Life begins at 80
                                                             A sequel for the ageing population. Try to
                                                             liquidate your assets and dump them in a high
                                                             yield super fund before your kids stick you in a   Big Trouble
                                                             budget Alzheimer’s Ward.
                                                                                                                Keep clicking that plastic dice-roller in the
                                                                                                                middle of the board until your mum wakes
                                                                                                                up and comes downstairs. Then you’re in
                                                                                                                big trouble!

                                                                    Monopoly: Speed

                                                                                      DO NOT PASS GO.

                                                                                                                Operation for the less co-ordinated…
                                                                                                                Discover the cause of death before the stench
                                                                                                                overwhelms you.

                                                                             One player thinks of a non-existent object. They must
                                                                             then help their partner guess what it is using telepathy and
                                                                             interpretative dance before the time for their partner expires.

                                                                                    Migraine Headache
                                                                                    Same Rules as original headache except a speaker at the centre
                                                                                    of the board emits a high pitched screaming noise for the
                                                                                    duration of the game.

                                                                                            Hungry Hungry Hiltons
                                                                                            Paris and Nicky are starving - and that’s how they like it! Hold
                                                                                            their mouths shut so no food can get in. First to three calories

                                                                                                                                                                      LECTURE NOTES

 Top 50 Most Populous
 Nations in the World
  i   b a        n     g     l      a d         e s          h     g     h     a n a              r      i m
  a   a n        a     a     u      n i         t e          d     k     i     n g d              o      mf    China
  n   r i        t     d     e      u o         b t          u     r     k     e y e              a      mg    India
  n   g h        s     h     n      u u         r a          i     r     e     g i n              e      o n   Indonesia
  p   e c        i     e     k      a o         n t          r     l     t     r t x              a      a o   United States
  n   n c        k     r     n      mg          a s          h     a     h     e i s              l      n u   Brazil
  p   t r        a     q     a      o i         u d          s     k     i     c h g              a      a a   Pakistan
  d   i i        p     n     a      wd          l e          a     v     o     d e d              y      y e   Bangladesh
  n   n l        i     z     a      r b         n t          a     r     p     r u n              n      f a   Russia
  e   a a        u     n     j      n i         k i          s     s     i     s e a              r      n r   Nigeria
  n   mt         l     e     a      p d         n n          o     a     a     k ma               s      a m   Japan Solution from last week
  a   r u        s     i     p      n a         a u          u     p     n     r n o              l      c a   Mexico
                                                                                                                       2                      3                            4                 5
                                                                                                                           M O D I                F    Y                     C O M P A C T         D I    S C            O

  r   u s        s     i     a      z z         t i          t     e     e     c i e              o      l a   Philippines
                                                                                                                                                  U                                            A                         U
                                                                                                                       6                                   7               8
                                                                                                                           U R B A                N      D                   U N D E R M I         N E                   T
                                                                                                                                                  D      I                                     P                         H
                                                                                                                                                                           9                  10              11

  e   b a        l     l     n      h h         i i          h     g     e     r u l              l      ma    Vietnam
                                                                                                                                                  A      G                   V                 A   R G U E               E
                                                                                                                                         A        M    O R P H               O U S             N            X            R
                                                                                                                                                                                           13        14
                                                                                                                                                  E      E                   L              Y         P     A            N

  g   a i        o     a     n      a t         s i          k     e     b     z u a              i      j e   Germany
                                                                                                                                                  N      S                   U     G U T E N       B E R G               B
                                                                                                                                                  T      S                   M      I       A         T     G            A
                                                                                                                                                  A            K             E Y B O A R D            T     E            P

  y   h p        t     r     f      a h         mp           o     i     e     mc o               n      g o   Egypt
                                                                                                                                    S I           L    O                           B        N         Y     R            T
                                                                                                                                                           18                                              19
                                                                                                                                                  I         B U              S T E D                        A      N T   I
                                                                                                                           F I      N E           S    S E                         R                        T            S

  p   a g        a     r     l      c n         g e          r     n     b     a e y              d      t a   Ethiopia
                                                                                                                                                                               21                       22
                                                                                                                           A                      T                             F I C K L E              D E       D U C T
                                                                                                                                        23            24       25
                                                                                                                           B  A   L    W                                           S
                                                                                                                                  26                                              27   28                29                  30
                                                                                                                           ES N E A K E R                                          H I G H D       E F I N I T I O N

  t   mz         i     y     r      i r         b f          e     i     p     s p a              i      n g   Turkey
                                                                                                                           R  N   N    B                                                 I               G         A
                                                                                                                                                                                                     31      32
                                                                                                                           G  U   D    B                                                B             G L O B E    N
                                                                                                                           E  A   S    R                                     J          R                O    A    O

  o   c c        o     r     o      ms          a v          a     i     s     y a l              a      my    Iran
                                                                                                                              L   C    O R                                   I G I N A L                 O    S    M
                                                                                                                                  A    W                                     N          L                     H    E
                                                                                                                                  P    S                                     G     C U T L A       S S         I   T

  l   a p        e     n     v      u u         e a          u     r     c     n s b              u      s i   Thailand
                                                                                                                       36                                                                               37
                                                                                                                        C H E Q U E    E                                     L          A                D I R G E R
                                                                                                                                       R                                     E     L Y R I C       S               E
                                                                                                                      Created with EclipseCrossword —

                                                                                                               United Kingdom

  Puzzle 1 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.59)
                                                                                                               South Korea

      3                                                           2          1                                 Columbia
                                                                                                               South Africa
                                          1                       3          9           8
      1                                                           8          3           4           6
                  3                       2                                                                    Poland
      2                                               7                                              4         Kenya
                                                                  5                      9                     Cananda

      4           8           3           5                                                          9

                  7           1           4                       9

                              6           3                                                          5

  Generated by on Thu Jul 26 06:52:32 2007 GMT. Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                                                       HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07
                     SRC Petition
                                                                                                            Cut this ou

                                                            We, the students of Sydney Univ
                                                            condemn the university     Senate for passing
                                                                                                     Over the
                                                            HECS increases at its last meeting.
                                                            last  ten years the burden of debt on stud
                                                            has almost doubled, and     yet the standards
                                                            of the education we receive are slipp
                                                             We belie  ve that public education is a public
                                                                                                    ding the
                                                             good. Despite the rhetoric surroun
                                                             latest budget,   education spending is still
                                                                                                   gnise the
                                                             at record lows, and students reco
                                                             need for greater investme    nt in the university
                                                              sector. However, passing these HEC
                                                              incre ases on a campus level shifts the
                                                              burden of an impoverished tertiary
                                                              system on to stud   ents who receive less and
                                                                                                     Senate to
                                                               less benefit from it. We call on the
                                                               repeal the latest round of HECS increases.

                                         Mobile #   Email
                  First Name   Surname


                                                                                             2007 SRC President.
                                                            Authorised by Angus McFarland,

Complete this petition with your friends in class. Hand it in at the
SRC Bookshop (Level 3, Wentworth Building) or at the Access Office
(Manning Building) for a SURPRISE GIFT.
                                                                  Authorised by Angus McFarland, 2007 SRC President.

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