Handling difficult conversations Agenda by fdjerue7eeu


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Handling difficult conversations


Common themes
  Types of conversations
  Types of people and behaviours
  Knowing what you want

Identifying the barriers
   Aggression, passivity and its causes
   Assertiveness and why it works
   The Three Step Model

Improving your communication
   Becoming an effective listener
   Preparing to talk
   Questions, questions and more questions
   Handling emotions and feelings
   Influence and negotiation

Achieving change and results
  Focus and control
  Awareness and responsibility
  Giving good feedback
  Maintaining the relationship

Most of us say that some conversations are “difficult”.
This ranges from dealing with client problems through
to giving feedback on poor team performance. Because
we don’t handle these conversations on a daily basis
it takes longer to feel confident in this area of
This workshop aims to provide a forum to discuss
current issues, a place to learn practical techniques and a
chance to try out new skills.

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