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Golf Ball Dispenser Functions


Golf Ball Dispenser Functions

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									Golf Ball Dispenser Functions
EGM manufactures golf- ball dispensers to suit most types of application. There are two
basic modes of dispensing; the ‘tip tray’ type and the ‘single ball count’ type. The 'tip tray'
machines drop a measured volume of balls, say 25 with each tip. Depending on the
Specification requested, machines can be set to deliver more than one basket size for
                                                                                                                     The Oaks, Snipe Farm Road, Clopton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 6SL
different prices. A delivery of 100 would therefore require the machine to tip four times.
On 'single ball count' machines each ball is counted by an infra- red beam until the required
                                                                                                            t: + 44 (0) 1473 277177 f: +44 (0) 1473 277100 e: w:
number has been delivered. Operational advantages of this type are that it allows basket sizes to
be set which are not multiples of a basic tip amount, and that it allows a choice of bonus balls or
discounted price. The control mechanism and electronics are more complicated on the 'single ball
count' units and are therefore not offered as an option on lower priced machines. A summary of
the functions of each type of controller is as follows:
TYPE 1: 'Tip tray' machines only: No customer display screen; continuously- lit green panel
light indicates machine is ready to use and flashing green light indicates a fault. Four inputs,
each of which can be configured either to facilitate 1, 2, 3 or 4 tips (depending on the particular
input used) with tokens or to allow up to four cash coins to be used (each input being assigned
a fixed relative coin value) to total up a delivery price for a single programmable cash amount.
Prevalidated card reader can be connected to allow customers to bulk- purchase. A tip counter
can be fitted if required. This unit has no memory storage and no facility to retrieve log files for
print - outs. A re- settable overload button protects the unit in the event of a motor jam.

TYPE 2: Can be used on 'tip tray' and 'single ball count' dispensers: Display screen with green
and red panel lights. Up to four push buttons to enable customers to select delivery size before
inserting cash. Four token sizes also available: Pre- validated card reader can be installed: Note                    “Stand Alone” Range
reader can be installed: All transactions are logged in memory for two days and daily totals are
retained for eight days; a summary of the logged data can be printed out using a small hand- held
printer. Infra- red remote control handset available for configuration.

TYPE 3: Has all of the features of type 2. As well as all the listed means of payment it can
accommodate a swipe card and/or barcode reader and a numeric keypad. In addition it can be
                                                                                                                                                                      “Flush” Range
connected in a network of up to eight dispensers to a P.C. running Point- of- Sale software. This
allows a golf facility to issue loyalty cards to members who can then deposit funds on account in
return for preferential ball prices. Many marketing aids are featured within the software, facilitating
pre- payments, group pricing, bonuses and convenient ‘bonus periods’ to individual member
categories; analysis, audit and reporting functions are also incorporated. Members may be allowed
to top- up their loyalty accounts at the dispenser, for convenience or to save queuing at reception,
and a panel printer can be fitted to the dispenser to print a receipt for the cash deposited. The
keypad is for non- members to access balls in the same way that they can with tokens, using the
pad to enter a random number issued at the computer and printed onto a voucher. This is much
more secure for a golf facility than the token. Once a voucher has been used, further attempts to
use it will be blocked. The voucher can be set to be valid only at certain times of the day and its                             “Behind the Wall”
validity   can   also   be   programmed      to   expire   after   a      specified   number   of   days.

                                                                                CARUS GREEN



                                  STAND ALONE E22 SINGLE OUTLET


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                         BESPOKE BALL DISPENSER AT CHINGFORD -
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