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									                            UNIVERSITY OF IOWA
                 Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
       Probability and Statistics for the Engineering and Physical Sciences
                               22S:039 Spring 2007

                                Course Information and Tools

Purpose This course develops probabilistic reasoning and statistical solutions for problems in
engineering and the physical sciences.

Time and Location 12:30–1:20 MWF in LR2 VAN

Instructor Blake Whitten
Main Office: 261 Schaeffer Hall      Phone: 335-0647    Email:

Office Hours:

   • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 2:00-3:00 p.m. in 261 SH

   • Monday and Wednesday 9:15-9:45 p.m. in C207 PBB

Teaching Assistants

   • Monika Aggarwal Email: 348 Schaeffer Hall                  335-0815
     Office hours: See website.

   • Jun Hu Email: 350 Schaeffer Hall             353-2297
     Office hours: See website.

Course Website∼blake/s39
Find all information for the course at this site, including useful links and PDF files.

Required Materials

   • Text: Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers 4th Edition, Montgomery and Runger.
     (Available at IMU Bookstore.)

   • WileyPLUS online component for the text (Bundled at IMU Bookstore or use the e-book
     contained in WileyPLUS as substitute for the hardcover text.)

   • Calculator: Your calculator must be able to calculate one-variable statistics and two-variable
     statistics. Use the Calculator Help link on the Stat 39 website to check whether your calculator
     will do the job.
     Some calculators which are recommended: TI 83 Plus, TI 86, TI 30XIIS, TI 36X, TI 36XII.
     (Some of these have elaborate spreadsheet-type displays, and some do not.)
     The following calculators will not do the job (no two-variable statistics) and should not be
     purchased: TI 30STAT, TI 30X, TI 30Xa.

Course Policies Course policies are governed by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Disabilities Please see me in my office as soon as possible if you have any disabilities which
require alternative arrangements for lectures or exams.

Department Chair Luke Tierney, 241 Schaeffer Hall, 335-0712,

                                       Course Features
  1. Students complete reading assignments before class. Please Note: Students are respon-
     sible for class notes, and must get them from other students in case of absence.
  2. Use textbook + supplementary notes in class.
   • Homework is assigned with due dates, but is not collected. Quizzes over homework are given
     instead. Completing homework on time is absolutely vital to success in Stat 39!
   • Students compare their homework answers to homework solutions (posted on website), then
     work to overcome incorrect answers. This overcoming adversity pays off on exams!
Weekly Discussions
   • Homework Quiz (similar to problems on HW assignment due that week.)
   • Worksheet with practice problems to help with the next HW assignment.
Homework Help
   • Primary sources: Textbook reading, WileyPLUS, course notes, Discussion worksheets
   • TA’s and Prof. Whitten’s office hours
   • Stat Dept. Tutor Lab (free help beyond office hours) — See course web site for a link to Lab
     weekly schedule and location.
   • Students who work together with a study partner or in a study group tend to do better than
     students who work alone in Statistics courses. (Although don’t rely on a study group to avoid
     doing the homework problems yourself!)

Computer Projects The course includes two projects in which computers are used to perform
statistical calculations on data. We use MINITAB Version 14 statistical software, available at all
ITC’s on campus and in the College of Engineering, or for personal download for $30. Students
write a project report to describe their conclusions.

   • Two midterm exams and a (comprehensive) final exam
   • Multiple-choice format, closed book
   • For Midterm Exam 1 and Midterm Exam 2, students may use one standard sheet of paper
     (8.5 by 11 ), front and back, of handwritten or word-processed formulas and notes.
   • For the Final Exam, students may use three standard sheets of paper, front and back, for
     formulas and notes.
   • Exams practice questions are available on the website which show the general exam style.
     But the content of new exam questions will differ.

ICON Students can access exam and Discussion quiz scores on ICON. (See ICON link from
website.) Online quiz scores are accessible on WileyPLUS.

Email Professor Whitten sends emails to the class containing important or useful information.
Please keep your UI email account clear (under quota) so that you will receive such messages.


Grades in Stat 39 are calculated according to the noncompetitive scale shown below. (This means
that your grade is based on individual performance rather than forced into a category by the
arbitrary percentages of a competitive scale.)

Professor Whitten reserves the right to liberalize the grading scale (reduce required minimum course
percentages) at the end of the course, in case such an adjustment is warranted by unusual and rare

   • Discussion HW quizzes are time-sensitive, and no makeup quizzes are given. But as an
     allowance for necessary absence (university-sanctioned events, illness, family emergency, etc.),
     the two lowest Discussion HW quiz scores are dropped from the calculation of the course grade.
     (No online HW Quiz scores are dropped.)

   • If your Final Exam score exceeds either the Midterm Exam 1 score or the Midterm Exam 2
     score, the smaller of the two midterm scores is replaced with the Final Exam score in the
     calculation of the course percentage. (At most one midterm score is replaced.)

   • Weights for course percentage:
        10%      Online (WileyPLUS) HW Quizzes
        10%      Discussion HW Quizzes
        10%      Computer Projects
        22%      Midterm Exam 1
        22%      Midterm Exam 2
        26%      Final Exam
   • You can calculate your own course percentage as follows:

         1. Drop your two lowest Discission HW quiz scores. From the others, calculate a Discussion
            quiz percentage. Similarly, calculate an Online HW quiz percentage (with no drops) and
            a Computer Project percentage.
         2. Replace your lowest midterm Exam score with your Final Exam score only if such
            replacement improves your score (at most one such replacement.)
         3.      Course % = (0.10)(Disc HW Quiz) + (0.10)(Online HW Quiz) + (0.10)(Computer Project)
                 + (0.22)(Exam 1) + (0.22)(Exam 2) + (0.26)(Final Exam)

   • Course grades are earned according to the following minimum course percentages:

     A        92%     A−   90%     B+     88%
     B        82%     B−   80%     C+     78%
     C        72%     C−   70%     D+     68%
     D        62%     D−   60%
     F        Below 60%

     For instance, a course percentage of 87.99% earns a grade of B in Stat 39.

                    Tentative Schedule     Spring 2007    (updated 1/10/2007)

                                                                               Written HW
        Monday’s                                                             Assignment Due
Week    Date            Mon             Wed            Thurs       Fri      Following Monday?
 1      Jan. 15          —               —                         Ch1              No
 2      Jan. 22         Ch1              Ch2                       Ch2              Yes
 3      Jan. 29         Ch2              Ch2                       Ch2              Yes
 4      Feb. 5          Ch2              Ch3                       Ch3              Yes
 5      Feb. 12         Ch3              Ch3                       Ch3              Yes
 6      Feb. 19         Ch4           Q/A Session      Exam 1    No Class           Yes

        Exam 1: Thursday, Feb. 22, 5:30-7:30 p.m. in SHAM LIB (Chapters 1–3)

  7     Feb. 26          Ch4           Ch4                         Ch4             Yes
  8     Mar. 5           Ch5           Ch5                         Ch6             Yes
  9     Mar. 12              Spring Break
 10     Mar. 19          Ch6           Ch7                         Ch7             Yes
 11     Mar. 26          Ch8        Q/A Session        Exam 2    No Class          No

        Exam 2: Thursday, Mar. 29, 5:30-7:30 p.m. in SHAM LIB (Chapters 4–7)

 12     Apr.   2         Ch8              Ch8                      Ch9             Yes
 13     Apr.   9         Ch9              Ch9                      Ch9             Yes
 14     Apr.   16       Ch10             Ch10                     Ch10             Yes
 15     Apr.   23       Ch11             Ch11                     Ch11             Yes
 16     Apr.   30    Teach Evals,   Course Overview,             No Class          No
                     Q/A Session      Q/A Session

Final Exam: Monday, May 7, 7:30-9:30 a.m. location TBA
(Final Exam is comprehensive but with greatest emphasis on Chapters 8–11)

  Important Note: A corresponding Online HW Quiz (WileyPLUS) is due the
  Wednesday following the Monday due date for each HW Assignment.

  (Online Practice HW Quizzes (ungraded) will also be posted on WileyPLUS.)

  MINITAB Projects

      • Project 1: Data Description (Released Mar. 19, due in class Mar. 30)

      • Project 2: P -Values (Released Apr. 16, due in class Apr. 27))

          Discussion Schedule     Spring 2007         (updated 1/10/2007)

Week   Monday’s Date    Worksheet        HW Quiz          Other

 1     Jan.   15            —               —
 2     Jan.   22            Ch1             —
 3     Jan.   29            Ch2            Week   2
 4     Feb.   5             Ch2            Week   3
 5     Feb.   12            Ch3            Week   4
 6     Feb.   19            —              Week   5       Q/A before Exam 1

                                  Exam 1

 7     Feb. 26              —              Week 6         Review Exam 1
 8     March 5              Ch4            Week 7

 9     March 12                 Spring Break

 10    March 19             Ch6          Week 8
 11    March 26             —            Week 10          Q/A before Exam 2

                                  Exam 2

 12    Apr.   2             —              —              Review Exam 2
 13    Apr.   9             Ch9          Week 12
 14    Apr.   16            Ch9          Week 13
 15    Apr.   23          Ch10/11        Week 14
 16    Apr.   30            —            Week 15          Q/A Session before Final Exam

                         WileyPLUS and First-Day Assignment

WileyPLUS Online component for Montgomery text

  1. Purchase options:

       • IMU Bookstore: text and WileyPLUS, $128.00 ISBN 0470-05476X
       • Iowa Book: text not sold
       • Beat the Bookstore: same package as IMU Bookstore, $125.44 but no books in stock?
       • Buy text elsewhere, or avoid hardcover by buying WileyPLUS directly from Wiley for
         $49.95 (
         When you register WileyPLUS, do NOT opt out of Wiley emails, then in 2 weeks receive
         an offer to purchase hardcover from Wiley for $62.

  2. Students register to use WileyPLUS. Follow instructions in textbook or go to the
     Student First Day of Class website:

  3. WileyPLUS website for our course (bookmark this site):

    Alternatively, log in with user name (email address) and password at the main Wiley site:

  4. Technical support (help) for WileyPLUS:

First-Day Assignment for Stat 39 (Complete prior to Friday’s class)

  1. After registering WileyPLUS, go to Student First Day of Class website and run the various
     “two-minute tutorials.” (Tutorials require Quick Time software.)

  2. Complete WileyPLUS Assignment 0 in Chapter 1.

  3. Read and be ready to discuss Chapter 1 (pages 1–15) in Montgomery.


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