Value added and distance travelled for 16-19 learners

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					       Value Added and Distance
       Travelled for 16-19 learners
                   June 2005

Purpose of VA and DT for
16-19 learners

  Reflection and improvement:
     • LSC: Learner Achievement Tracker (LAT)
     • LSC: three-year development plans

  Institutional accountability:

     • Inspectorates: informing pre-inspection and
       inspection judgments
     • DfES: VA for 16 – 19 Learners included in the
       SCAAT pilot
Overview (1)

 •   Measures the progression in qualifications of 16-19
     learners from their prior attainment
 •   Cover the majority of larger, approved qualifications
     taken by 16-19 learners, including vocational and
     un-graded qualifications
 •   Apply across the whole sector
 •   Minimise extra bureaucracy or data collection
Overview (2)

 • VA for 16-19 learners will measure achievement in Level 3
    graded qualifications, for example:
        •GCE A and AS level
        •BTEC National Diploma

 • DT for 16-19 learners will include other approved
    Qualifications at Levels 1,2 and 3 for example:
        •Foundation and Intermediate GNVQ
Learner Achievement
Tracker (LAT)

 •   Produces reports for use by learners, teachers,
     managers, inspectors and LSC
 •   Covers majority of significant qualifications,
     including vocational and ungraded
 •   Uses most robust statistical methods available
 •   Builds on proprietary systems currently available
 •   Software and data free of charge to all LSC funded
     providers and Local Authorities
Data source

VA Data:
  •   Awarding bodies data matched to SERAP data by Bath
  •   Further processing by Forvus, including prior attainment
  •   National lines generated by MLM software
  •   National lines and Forvus data fed into the LAT

DT data
  •   Same process, including an additional data source from
      the ILR
Data issues

•   Scope of learners included
•   Checking the accuracy of the data
•   Range of prior attainment
•   Learners with no prior attainment
•   Learners outside England
•   When will the data be available?
•   When will the prior attainment of the current cohort of
    learners be available?
Output reports

 Available at different levels for different groups of staff
 and managers, including:
    • Individual Qualification/subject level
    • Qualification type by Area of Learning
    • Qualification type
    • Individual learners
Summary report: A level
provision by subject
                                       Output type: Value Added Summary graph of a qualification type
                                       Organisation: Anonymous Organisation
                                       Qualification: A level
                                       Subject/Area of Learning: All
                                       Data source: outcome attainment from 2003/04
Value Added Score (0= national line)
                                     Average difference in expected achievement rate


                       Sciences and




                                                                                                                        Summary Report: NVQ



Area of Learning
                    Information and
                                                                                                                        provision by Area of Learning




                   leisure, sport and

                         and beauty



                                                                             DT score

                                                                                                  positive DT


                                                             negative DT
Value Added national
comparisons report
Value Added Chances Chart
Issues for further

     •   Fails

     •   Use of success rate for DT

     •   Context variables

     •   Softer indicators and customising the LAT
Pre-piloting consultation
and testing
  Over 100 providers from across the sector consulted on:
        •   How can we best provide information to meet
            providers needs?
        •   What sorts of staff development will providers
        •   How should we communicate the new
            measures to the full range of providers?

  Around 50 providers from across the sector have tested
  versions 1, 2 and 3 of the pre-pilot Learner Achievement
The pilot and launch

During June 2005 – summer 2007:
 • The inspectorate will pilot the use of the measures during
    the planning of inspections and inspections

 •   The DfES will pilot the inclusion of the VA for 16 – 19
     learners measure in the post 16 SCAAT pilot
During June 2005 – summer 2006:
•    The LSC will pilot the use of the LAT and the use of the
     measures in discussions about three year
     development plans
The LAT piloting timetable

 July 2005       LAT reports sent to all LSC funded
                 providers and local LSCs
 July 2005       Quality Improvement Packs sent to all
                 LSC funded providers and local LSCs

 November 2005   LAT software sent to all LSC funded
                 providers and local LSCs

 November 2005   Updated Quality Improvement Packs sent
                 to all LSC funded providers and local
The pilot LAT
 • Based on pre-piloting LAT concept

 • Secure web-based user interface

 • Built on ‘existing’ functionality and will incorporate
   additional functionality through phased development

 • Contains VA and DT data for 16 – 19 learners
   completing in 2004/05

 • Further consultation with providers during the pilot
   year through user group network
Staff development
 1. Quality improvement pack containing information
     • the three measures piloted Sept 05
     • how the inspectorates and local LSCs will use the
       data during the pilot year
     • effective practice guides on the application of the
       measures for quality improvement
     • FAQs
     • specific information about each measure
 2. The LAT will have a help function and an interactive