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       Hello this is Donavan Green. Thank you very much for requesting information on the all new 1-2-3
   Power System and how you can earn up to $4,000+ in 7 days without recruiting, joining mlm’/matrix’s,
   building down lines or talking to a single person at all. I’ve been utilizing this system for the past 4 years to
   generate big bucks, real fast. Now, I’m going to share with you the exact secret to achieving the same I did.
   You will be doing the exact same thing that I’ve been doing each and every day. And no stone will be left
   unturned. If you follow my instructions exactly, you’re going to make money, lots of it… and in 7 days or

       The secret of my success consists of using an unconventional 3 STEP method for bringing a quick cash
   infusion to a new home-business, then utilizing some of that cash to generate up to $4000 every seven days.


    Let’s face it…in order for you to start and grow a new home business you need cash to help you promote a
product or service. The problem is that most people do not have sufficient funds to really get things off the
ground. Yes, they might spend $30 to $100 buying a business opportunity, but then the individual realizes that
they have to spend another $500 to $1500 in marketing expenses. A few that manage to advertise find out very
quickly, that those half baked marketing plans don’t work and end up quitting before they start. Most plans
don’t pay you enough money up-front where it is needed the most, to help you cover your initial expenses
quickly. These unfortunate souls spend a ton of money and time in recruiting a ton of people, using worthless
advertising, filling up matrixes, etc..and all for what…to receive a $50 check in the mail from the company.
That’s INSANE if you ask me.

       Folks… all that has ENDED! I’ve come up with a simple but yet remarkable plan for turning as little as
   $30 to $60 into as much as $800 or more of working capital in a matter of a week or two. Then you place
   only a fraction of that starting capital into my other two steps, to get up to $4000 or more every seven days.
   In my professional plan, you will not only receive a quick infusion of cash to your new business, but you
   will be able to utilize an extremely low cost and innovative marketing technique, to bring in the money you
   need right now with guaranteed success every time. I will show you step by step how with only a “Shoe
   String Budget” you can have gobs of cold hard cash delivered to your mailbox easily, effortlessly and
   without talking to anyone.

       This little known and misunderstood STEP 1 of my 1-2-3 Power System can give you the cash you need
   for any new home business in no time flat. I have utilized this technique time and time again and it never
   has failed me. If I had only fifty lousy bucks and living in the middle of nowhere, this single step would get
   me out of financial suicide. It requires no selling, it’s easy, it’s fun, and best of all it can be done from your
   kitchen table the same day that you receive your package. Many people are surprised to see how simple this
   is but are earning a full time income just by doing it. YET, if you want a lot more. PLEASE READ ON…
                   STEP 2: The Power Of Internet and Fax Marketing
        Getting $1000 to $4000 within 7 days. NO COMPUTER OR FAX NEEDED!
   Once you receive your initial $200 or $800 from STEP 1, you can invest only $50-$200 into STEP 2 of the
   program. The rest you can keep or invest it into STEP 3.

   IMPORTANT NOTE: The following step does not...I repeat…DOES NOT...require any computer or
   equipment of any kind. You will only need to make a quick phone call to an 800# that I will provide, once
   or twice a week. And if you have access to a fax machine it would be helpful but NOT NECESSARY. So
   if you know absolutely nothing about computers and live on a mountain somewhere, you are able to do this

   The secret of STEP 2 consists of using a special NON SPAM email broadcasting and/or fax broadcasting
   service; but not just any broadcasting service. As some of you may already know if you’ve done any kind of
   email or fax broadcasting before, there are many unscrupulous companies out there. They take your money
   and then claim to have performed the service they were paid for when they actually haven't done a thing!
   Many of these companies don't even provide you with proof that they have sent out your broadcast. When
   they do finally send emails or faxes it is usually SPAM (unsolicited mail) which is not good and doesn’t
   work. Unfortunately, many people continue to use these types of services, throwing more good money after
   bad. If you don't know the correct email or fax broadcasting companies to use, you will be fighting an
   uphill struggle.

   However, once you do know the right broadcasting companies to use, then making a ton of money
   with email or fax broadcasting is just like taking candy from a baby! The key is finding companies
   that send emails or faxes to people that have OPT-IN for receiving information on what you are
   selling. It can be people from newsgroups, people that buy products from an internet site and are requesting
   information on other similar products etc..This equates to NON-SPAM EMALING or FAXING and BIG
   BUCKS FOR YOU. I have found just that and I will share with you my information.

                             Here's how this STEP 2 system works:
   1. You call any of our recommended email or fax companies and order a broadcast..
   2. You order a 25,000 to 100,000 email blast or 1000 to 2000 fax blast.
     . You should receive an average of 40-100 responses.
   3. Use my powerful system to turn 10-30 or more of those 40-100 responses into orders.
   4. Collect your money! Then send your customers the package they have ordered.
   5. Repeat this process as many times as you like! Each order will earn you $200!
      If you receive 20 orders this equates to $200 X 20 orders = $4,000 in 7 days!

Naturally you may do more. In most cases you will. The least amount of orders I've received has been 6
orders in a week (during December – Christmas Time - $1200) with the most being 40 orders from a 1000
to 2000 piece fax blast or a 25,000 to 100,000 NON-SPAM email blast! Why does this system get such
fantastic results when other programs are lucky just to get 2 or 3 orders? For, starters, by using the broadcasting
services that I use, you can rest assured that your ad will be going to people who have not received this offer
before. Secondly, the fax or email broadcasting services I use have fax numbers or emails addresses generated
from sources that have not been advertised to death with hundreds of programs. So they are very receptive to
this offer, especially when they see what I can provide. Combine all of these things together and success is
guaranteed for anyone who uses this system!

       I will provide you with the very special letter that you send to people that respond to the emails or faxes.
   Simply follow the simple directions that are included with the letter and start generating money! Please
   note that this special letter is designed to generate a lot of serious cash for you very quickly so please don't
   waste a minute putting it into use! REMEMBER: You do not need a computer or fax machine.
                        STEP 3: Getting Up To $21,000 Month
                 Mailing A Few Letters…Using A WHOLE NEW TWIST!

   If you really want to skyrocket your income without spending a fortune then please read on. This is
   especially true for all those mail order junkies out there that think they are involved in a winning program.
   Most of these people spend a small fortune to get a meager ½ percent to 1 percent response rate mailing
   company flyers and only receiving a few lousy bucks a month..

   Most mail order dealerships, MLM, Etc… don’t work. There are three BIG reasons for this:.
   1) Most dealerships don’t pay you enough up-front (PER SALE). If you only get $10 to $50 upfront then it
      takes over a 3% response rate to cover your marketing. Most sales letters from those company flyers,
      booklets etc. can barely pull a 1 percent.
   2) Most dealerships don’t pay you quickly enough. Companies tend to keep your money as much as 1
      month after a sale has been made before they send your first pay check. What good is that?
   3) Dealers mail to the wrong people. They send to an overworked and unproductive mailing list.

   I am making a fortune by mailing only a few of my letters a week for the 1-2-3 Power System. How much
you may ask? Well to be on the conservative side, I am getting an average of 1% to 3% order rate. In fact, I’ve
never have received less than 1 %. I’ve even received as much as 5% order rate.

     For those who need help with the math… Here are the figures…

    200 Letters Mailed @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR EARNINGS $400 TO $1200
    500 Letters Mailed @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR EARNINGS $1000 TO $3000
    1000 Letters Mailed @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR EARNINGS $2000 TO $6000
    2000 Letters Mailed @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR EARNINGS $4000 TO $12000

   Get This…Even If You Only Get A ½ of A Percent Which Is Unlikely, When You Follow My
   Footsteps...You Will Still Make Killer Profits.

   HERE IS THE TWIST: If you follow my simple instructions, you will able to send as many letters as
   you would like to without paying a dime out of your own pocket. You’ve read correctly.

   You will be able to use part of the money that you’ve gained from STEP 1 and utilize it to do your mailings.
   But pay attention… I will also show you how to get free supplies for your mailings. THIS LEVERAGE

   Every technique I use to get amazing response rates will be shown to you...including how to find the best
   types of mailing lists for this program, envelope tricks, how to avoid common mistakes etc…


                                        Get Paid $200 for every order
                 Drastically Lower Or Completely Do Away With Out Of Pocket Mailing Costs
                           Learn The Secrets Of Getting Tremendous Response Rates
               Learn How To Get Paid In As Little As 2 to 5 Days From Mailing Your First Letters
                       How To Get Free Supplies For Your Mailings…Including Postage
                     How To Earn up to $21,000 a Month Without Doing Any Of The Work
                How To Have A Company Do All Your Mailings…Drastically Saving On Postage
                          Have Use Of All My Tested And Proven Marketing Materials
                                            And much, much more
If you become my associate in the 1-2-3- Power System, you will also receive
information about the following bonus private programs that will earn you even more
money. I will share with you my JEWELS of “REAL” opportunities. It took me a long
time to find these reputable and reliable programs.

1) I will show you where and how you can earn an enormous income, while having someone else do all the
work! The private, high-income programs that I will reveal to you can make you financially secure in just a
few months to a year. For get about gifting programs, matrix programs, mlm programs, print and mail
programs, birthday clubs, the famous 2 up programs, etc! With the effect of compound interest you can
turn a few dollars into thousands a year while sitting as a couch potato. This is the same private
programs that some of the wealthiest people in the world use to make there millions; except you will
be able to start at a much lower scale.

2. I am also going to tell you where to invest $16.00 and turn it into over $4000 in as little as 30 to 90
days without lifting a finger! Now don't laugh. I know that this sounds unbelievable. In fact, I didn't
believe it either until I saw it with my own two eyes! It's 100% true. This is not a scam, nor is it a money
scheme. . Now, thanks to the genius of one man, you will have the opportunity to use this technique too.
This is a great hands off opportunity.

3. I will show you how to rake as much as $17,000 a WEEK in cash by providing a simple much
sought after service that over forty million people desperately want and need! Believe me this is an
unbelievable money maker because this simple service is something that people need and want and that
means that you will always have a lot of customers who are eagerly lined up and ready to give you their
money! Whoever thought that making a lot of money could be so easy? And just think, you're going to be
the one cashing in big just for providing this simple service! This Is The Best Money Maker So Far!

    This is why 20 or more people out of every 40-100 responses who receive this offer, don't waste a
minute sending their order in! It would be like committing financial suicide to ignore. And if you're
wondering, I am presently involved in all of the programs listed above. So you're getting first hand
knowledge that every one of these programs actually works! Remember, I'm not sending you something that
some person told me was working. I'm already reaping the benefits personally. And don't forget, I'm going
to send you proof of everything I have just said with your package. I want you to be completely confident
that everything that I have stated in this letter is absolutely 100% true! I know form past experience, that
there is nothing worse than depending on a program to deliver only to find out that it doesn't work! Well
that's not going to happen to you! I won't let it!

Want more? How about this - if you place your order in the next 48 hours, I'm going to include the
following additional bonus information. These are really going to knock you socks off! If you need to grab a
bottle of Tylenol and a glass of water please do so. Are you ready? Ok, here it goes.

   “How To Use Classified Advertorials To Increase Your Sales” This is the same method I used to
   bring in 912 inquiries to my voice mail box in a two week period with tiny classifieds. And I only spent
   $159 to do it. This is no joke or hype. I almost went ballistic. I was selling a $49.95 book. I sold 237
   books that month for a total of $11,383.. You definitely don’t want to miss learning these methods that
   will absolutely guarantee you make money, even when you are almost broke.

   “Turn $100 into $3091, Then, $1000 to $30,913, Then $10,000 Into A WHOPPING $1,531,519”
   Yes you read that right. With the power of “arbitrage”, a phenomenal company will let you earn the
   above amount simply by sending one email a day. By opening a special account, and sending only
    one email a day, you can virtually turn any computer into a CASH COW. The company has been
    around for ages and is willing to show you how it is done. No Selling, No competion, NO RISK.
    Even though this business has been running perfect since I started, recently I added some features to it that
has increased my response rates by as much as 42%. If you order WITHIN SEVEN DAYS, I will give you
the following items and services (Sold Separately at $695) for FREE! With the “NEW ENHANCED
VERSION” you will be able to:

   -   Receive Payment The Same Day You Start: Why wait a week for the orders to come to you by
       snail mail? With my Check-By-Fax Software you can convert faxed checks into real checks in less than
       5 minutes. This is the system that phone or electric companies are using to take checks by phone or fax.
       It’s totally awesome. Once the faxed orders start flooding in, you simply take their account information (
       acct. #, routing #, check # etc…) , type it in into the fields the computer tells you to, then simply print to
       a special check paper (Cost 5 cents a sheet). PRESTO, you have a real check ready for deposit.                (
       Sold For $295 ) YOURS FREE

   -   Accept Major Credit Cards Without Getting A Merchant Account:
       By accepting credit cards you can increase your ‘order rate’ by 30%. I’ve increased my orders
       dramatically just for doing this. The problem is that most people for some reason or another cannot
       obtain a merchant account. I will share with a few companies that will let you use their merchant
       account for only a small fee.. This way you can expect greater amount of orders to come your way while
       not initially investing in a $1000 contract with a merchant account provider. INVALUABLE

   -   I will Show You How To Fax Out A Letter In The Evening And Have Orders Come
       Pouring In At Night ! I will send you a FREE Fax Broadcasting Software valued at $200 complete
       with step-by-step set of instructions showing you how to use it to set up your own fax-blasts in 5
       minutes. This and the check-by-fax software will allow to receive payment in as little as 24hours from
       starting. Now that’s what I call a FAST CASH FLOW. This is no bull either. It has been happening to
       others I gave these programs to, especially when promoting the 1-2-3 Power System YOURS FREE

   -   Fax Broadcast To THOUSANDS For FREE - I will share with you a service which will allow you
       to fax broadcast to thousands of eager prospects for FREE. You will only pay for the list, which usually
       runs from $30 to $90 per thousand. Just one sale and you are already making money. How is that for
       leverage? Now remember this program can get up to 5 to 20 orders or more for a 1000 fax-broadcast.
       Turn a $30 to $90 marketing expense into $1000 to $4000 in less than a week or two.

   -   Free Marketing Rights To This Exact Same Offer! I am getting a ton of orders just by making
       this simple change to the 1-2-3 POWER SYSTEM. I will allow you to use this exact same offer so you
       can succeed in your new business just like I am doing. You will undoubtedly get better results than
       other distributors out there. GUARANTEED!

       In closing, let me say right now that I can’t think of a reason for anyone not to order this system.
   The special bonuses alone make this program well worth you investment. Even if you never do any of the
   steps mentioned above and only took advantage of the bonus program offers, you can make a tremendous
   amount of money. The 1-2-3 Power System, the business tools that come in your package, my special
   contacts, as well as the extra special bonus programs I am providing to you are worth a whole lot
   more than the $200 I’m asking you to pay.

      Just by following ONE of my steps in my 1-2-3 Power System can earn you up to $4000 a week
   and usually no less $1000 a week. To be perfectly honest, it’s probably going to be a whole lot more.
However, I’m purposely low keying this so that you don’t think that this program is some type of get rich
quick scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if you received $7000 in a single week! This system is that good.
I am sharing with you my complete 1-2-3 Power System. You will receive the same tools, contact names
and phone numbers and step by step marketing instructions that I use to obtain the same fantastic
results that I’ve been getting. There is absolutely no way that you can fail. It’s simply impossible! You’ll
never have to do any phone work, period. You’ll never have to join another hocus pocus chain letter, gifting
program, MLM or matrix program or recruit a single person-period! Just follow instruction in an easy step
by step fashion and then collect you money. And you will collect money…lots of money!

With new enhancements made to the 1-2-3 POWER SYSTEM, you will be able to receive payment in
as little as 24 hours from starting, cut your marketing by 50%, increase your sales by 42%, leave you
with a higher profit margin, thereby giving you an edge that will astound you. A $695 VALUE

    But you must order WITHIN 7 DAYS. Your reservation code for this invitation is CQ6755.
I can only give this FREE OFFER to a limited amount of individuals who are serious to work with me and
who know a good thing when they see it.

             1-2-3 POWER SYSTEM ORDER FORM
                        Any Questions Call (618) 482-5621

 I am faxing or mailing in my application for the 1-2-3 POWER SYSTEM and understand that I will be
    receiving all of materials and tools needed to start the same day I get the package.

 BONUS #1! I am ordering within 48 hours. Please make sure that you include Secret Bonus

 BONUS #2! I am ordering WITHIN 7 DAYS. My reservation code is CQ6755. Please
    send me the Business Tools and extra Bonuses. Please also include the CHECK-BY-SOFTWARE

    Name ___________________________________________ Phone __________________________

    Address __________________________________________________________________________

    City/State/Zip Code ________________________________________Fax# _____________________

 Attached is my Check Payment of $200: ( TapeYour Check to the top of this page and fax this page
    to (618) 215-0711 . Make your payment payable to the associate JACKSON MARKETING.
    You can also mail payment checks or money orders to JACKSON MARKETING PO BOX 802
    O’FALLON 62269 it will take one week longer to fulfill.

  Payment by Credit Card – Please bill my credit card the full amount of $200.  Visa  MC

    Account Number: _________________________________________________ Exp. Date____/____
                                                              Important: Luscent Solutions
                           __________________________________ will appear in your statement
                               Card Holder Must Sign Here

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