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									                            Foundation degree Arts (FdA)
                            Creative Advertising Strategy

                            Brett Van Ortsmall

For more information        Level:               Undergraduate
please contact:             Study mode:          Full-time
Jo Hodges
Course Director
                            Duration:            30 weeks
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7514 9370   Start date:          October     Application:         Through
London College of           UCAS code:           UAL U65 N562 FdA/CADV
Elephant & Castle
London SE1 6SB              Course description
                            This two-year award-winning degree programme will provide the specific skills
                            needed for a career in advertising and marketing. You will also be encouraged to
                            develop your creative ideas and each of the learning units will contribute to the
                            growth of your enterprise skills. Emphasis is placed upon practical creative
                            thinking and the visual aspects of communicating ideas, products and services to
                            customers and clients.

                            On successful completion of the programme at an appropriate level of
                            performance, students that have shown commitment on the foundation degree
                            may apply for entry on to year three of the BA Honours Degree in Creative
                            Advertising. Progression would be conditional on the successful completion of a
                            bridging unit.

                            The course not only prepares you for a career in advertising or marketing within a
                            business but also encourages you to profit from your own ideas and creative
                            thinking in a wider context. Each year of the course contains learning units that
                            contribute towards the development of your own enterprise skills together with
                            others, more specific to the knowledge and understanding demanded by the
                            advertising sector. The course embeds a number of work-based learning projects
                            in each year thus allowing you to add valuable practical experience to your CV
                            whilst applying the skills from the course into practical situations in the work
The course includes a number of work-based learning projects with industry

Course structure
Year 1
The theme of your first year of studies is ‘Foundations of Advertising and
Marketing Communications’ to provide you with the necessary underpinning
knowledge of the subject and its industry context. Your studies will allow you to
place this understanding in the context of the contemporary enterprise economy
and culture. Essential marketing, advertising and communications concepts are
introduced and you will be able to recognise how these are employed in the
business environment.

Year one units: Communication, Culture & Context 1, Marketing Concepts,
Managing Information, Communications for Advertising, Personal and
Professional Development (study skills), Visualisation and Creativity.

Year 2
The second year theme concerns the management of marketing and advertising
communications and continued creative development. The focus within this
element of the course is on the application of knowledge to marketing
communications and creative problem solving.

Year two units: Communication, Culture & Context 2, Media for Advertising, Art
Direction, Creative Concepts and Copywriting, Advertising Management
and a general elective.

On completion of the course at an acceptable level of achievement, you may
wish to consider progressing onto the third year of the BA Honours degree
programme. If you are selected as a suitable candidate for the BA degree you will
be asked to complete a bridging unit to ensure that your research skills meet the
required standard for study at this level.

How do I apply?
You can apply online via the UCAS website at

Is there a deadline for applications?
You need to ensure that your application reaches UCAS in plenty of time. See to find the deadline for the year
you are applying for.

What are the standard admission requirements?
1 A level plus 3 GCSEs (A-C), or equivalent qualifications, or relevant
professional experience/experiential learning, or a combination of formal
qualifications and experiential learning.

Do I need to produce a portfolio? If so, what should it contain?
No, but it is advisable to show samples of your writing and art or art-based
projects to illustrate for passion for the subject.

Will I need to attend an interview?
No, not usually, but if you do not meet entry requirements the course director
may require one.
Are the requirements different for international students and EU students
from outside the UK?
Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate their
competence in England to IELTS Level, normally to level 5.5, or demonstrate
an equivalent level of achievement.

Students from overseas should contact Vicky Gavulic in the International Office.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7514 8138. Email:
How long is the course?
30 weeks a year for two years.

When does the course start and finish? When are the vacation periods?
September. The course follows the standard LCC vacation periods. See the
website for exact term dates for the year you’re planning on studying.

How much time would I be expected to spend in College?
You will need to spend an average of three to four days a week in College.

Where is the course taught?
At LCC, Elephant and Castle.

What kind of projects does the course involve?
You will carry out set projects to develop your academic and creative thinking
skills. You will also get to follow a number of briefs from industry.

How will the work be assessed?
Assessment is made throughout the year on an on-going basis. Although there
are no formal exams, you will sometimes be given time-constrained activities that
will require you to resolve a problem within a suitable time frame. Each unit
studied will be assessed through the production of a minimum of one piece of
work which will be awarded a grade ranging from 0–100%. Work-based learning,
a compulsory element of the course in both years, will also be assessed through
the production of work based learning reports (See work-based learning section
below). Some presentations will also be awarded grades that will contribute
towards your final overall award.

What are the facilities like?
The LCC campus is well equipped with a large library and information centre
with open access computer facilities, DVDs and videos. There is also an advice
and information centre, exhibition galleries, lecture theatres, teaching areas, a
shop, refectory, coffee bar and student bar. The Enterprise Centre for Creative
Arts provides information, events and advice on becoming self-employed in the
creative industries.

What equipment would I be expected to have?
Students are advised to have a camera.

Would I be expected to have any prior knowledge of particular software or
any other technical skills?
You are advised to have a grounding in Adobe Creative Suite and save up for an
Apple Mac.

What kind of people should I expect to meet on the course?
Students on the course come from a broad range of cultural and ethnic
backgrounds and possess differing and varied experience. Creative Advertising is
a relatively new course which is already generating a wide reaching base of
interest and so you can expect to meet students of different ages, backgrounds,
beliefs and interests. A desire to work in a vibrant, dynamic and changing
environment drives most of our students and adds a diversity of interest to the
learning experience.
Who teaches on the course?
Course Director Jo Hodges possesses over 10 years of experience in the
advertising industry, having worked in top London advertising agencies as well as

What are the distinctive features of the course?
The FdA in Creative Advertising has been developed on a very solid foundation
of successful marketing and advertising courses over a long period of time. It is a
creatively dynamic, challenging course that is recognised by the industry as an
exemplar for advertising study in the retail sector. References and
recommendations given by work based learning employers can prove an
invaluable asset when seeking employment on graduation.

The central London location allows you to experience the vibrant, relentless pace
of the advertising industry.

What do students do when they leave?
Graduates from the FdA in Creative Advertising have a number of options open
to them on completion of the course. A good percentage (normally 70% to 80%)
will opt to progress onto the third year of the BA Honours degree. However a
number will secure associate and account management roles in the advertising
and marketing industries. Some will move into agencies working for example on
account handling, whilst others will move into client-side roles or even completely
new industries as a result of their skills development and career mapping over
the two years. Other graduate destinations include further study for teaching
certificates, starting own business, consultancy and work within local

What do former students say about the course?
Before coming to LCC, Brenda Adoch-Moro studied Media and Graphic Design at
college. As she remembers: “My teacher at college had told me about the
University and I knew it had a good name. I wanted a course that had a good mix
of the theory and the visual side of advertising.
“My favourite aspect of the course has been the Creative Thinking and
Communication, Culture and Context units,” she says. “We also did a project
about the Olympic Games past and present which I enjoyed because it gave me
an insight into the culture and the branding of the events.”
Over the summer Brenda completed a four-week placement at Karmarama
advertising agency and has just started a six-week placement at Bartle Bogle and
Hegarty (BBH), one of the UK’s top advertising agencies. In the future she plans
“to go on to the BA Creative Advertising course, do some more placements and
hopefully get a job in an advertising agency.”

How much does it cost? Are there any additional fees?
For information about fees visit the LCC website at or call the
Admissions office on +44 (0) 20 7514 6400.

Where can I get more information?
For academic queries contact the Course Director, Jo Hodges.
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7514 9370 or Email:

For administrative and enrollment matters, please contact the Admissions Office
on +44 (0) 20 7514 6400.

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