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					                                                               Introduction to University Studies

                           Introduction to University Studies

Instructor: Doris (Yu-Chih) Shih                  Assistant:
e-mail:                     To be announced
Office: SF 228
Phone: (O) 2905-2000 ext. 3821
Fall, 2008; Wednesday 10:10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Credits: 2 credits
The contents of this syllabus are subject to change

T his semester course is designed to better prepare you for the following years
in the universit y. You are encouraged to ask and answer for yourself a key

question: “What does it take to be a successful universit y student? ”During this

semester and throughout the universit y years, you might want to put your
definition into practice. To help you realize your goals being a successful
universit y student, this course shall be conducted in a way that is as practical as
it is philosophical.

T his course shall provide you information about the English department and the
Universit y. You will learn to use academic and extra -curricular resources on and
off campus in the following units. These units shall help you to become effective
and independent learners who are ready to enjoy fruitful universit y years and a
successful future after you graduate from universit y.

教材 Textbooks & Teaching Materials

Chang, Doris, Ed. Introduction to University Studies Worksheets and Information, Fall, 2008.
Reader. (Revised and compiled by Doris Shih)

Fu Jen Catholic University, Department of English Language and Literature. Dept. Brochure.

Fu Jen Catholic University, on line materials (

FJU Introduction to University Studies website:

FJU History Office:

輔仁大學大學入門課程委員會主編 《大學入門》 台北:輔大出版社,1998。                                                      (You can

                                                                Introduction to University Studies

get the book from your school brothers/sisters or buy one copy at Caves bookstore 敦煌書局 in
the basement of SF building.)

輔大學生事務處主編。《學生手札》Fu Jen Catholic University, Student Handbook, 2008.

輔大學務處主編。《學生活動暨學習護照》。Extra-curricular Activities and Learning Passport,


1. Participation………………………………………………………………… 15%
2. Attendance (see explanation below)
3. Assigned Activities and FJU Passport                               40%
4. One 10 min. Group Reports (GR) on a topic chosen from the syllabus 20%
(You need to find group members, sign for the topic)
5. Four-Year University Plan (See student samples in the coursepack)             25%

Attendance and Punctuality
Please come to class each time and on time. This is respect to yourself and your classmates.
Each late absence will result 3% and unexcused absence will result a 5% deduction from the
final grade. If you are or will be absent for medical or personal reasons, please inform me in
advance and show evidence (e.g. medical excuse notes).

Plagiarism is forbidden. You must obey the principles of academic integrity. Please respect other
people’s work. If you quote or refer to certain people’s work, remember to give credit to the
author(s). A plagiarized product will result in a 0% of your assignment.

Use your FJU passport sheets to guide your participation in different activities (even for
fieldtrips). You will also be asked to attend at least ONE extra speeches (BESIDES the one we
attended with the class together) with guest speakers invited by Office of Student Affairs (verify
by a stamp in your FJU passport), tour of club exhibition (社團博覽會), explore the university
library, and possible tours to Office of Student Affairs and American Cultural Center.

      Note: The instructor will work with the students to re-schedule the course on certain weeks
      for speeches and tours to offices within or outside the university.

Worksheets: Besides the 11 worksheets assigned in the coursepack, when you go for speeches
or fieldtrips, do put down some reflections in the two blank sheets provided in the coursepack (p.
21 & 22). The TA and instructor will read them and give bonus points.

Groups Presentations
You will be divided into groups and be responsible to present one topic to the class. Due to the
time limitation, we won’t be able to work on the gender issue (兩性關係) this semester.
Therefore, I would like to ask you for the one extra speech you need to attend for fulfilling the
FJU passport activity (see instruction under the item Activities), try to go to the speech about

                                                             Introduction to University Studies

gender issues.
Group 14 and 15 will need to present the topics of e 世代男女 and 溝通與兩性關係 on video
(we don’t have enough time in class). Check out the digital cameral from our secretary Julie.

                                                                          Introduction to University Studies


No.        Date                                Activities                                     Due
 1         9/17     Unit 0: Orientation Questionnaire & Debate: Pros. & Cons     *Reader p. 1-10
                    of the Course.                                               *work on WB0
                    Activity 1: Fill out the orientation questionnaire           *Start Passport Tour
                    Activity 2: Introduction to the course, meet your group      社團博覽會: 9 月 15 日~ 9 月
                    mates & register for group reports                           19 日: 9am-5:30pm
                    Activity 3: Debate on the pros & cons of the course          地點:輔園前面空地。

 2         9/24     學輔中心演講:樂活人生.悠活生命
        LM B1       她歷經了跆拳國手、主播、自創手工香皂品牌等不

 3         10/1     Unit 1.1: Be a Part of the SA 擁抱大學生活--英文系學會                  Read p. 29
                                                                                 *Reflection of WB. 1.1
                    與英文系啦啦隊介紹                                                    * Download and start working
                    Video: Introduction to Fu Jen Catholic University 輔大簡        on 活水 booklet file online

                    Activity: Introduction from the staffs of the Students’
                    Association & Cheer Leading Squad

 4         10/8     Unit 2.1: Explore Academic Resources on Campus   *Work on your weekly
        SF901       Get to know search of multimedia materials       schedule WB. 1.2
                    Speech given by personnel of Media Center 視聽教材使用 Refer to p. 32-34
                    說明會 (1 period)

                    Unit 1.2 Embrace University Life 第一單元:擁抱大學生
                    Activity 1: Discuss ―You Can Survive Your Freshmen Year‖
                    Activity 2: Check your time management skills
                    Activity 3: Write a one-paragraph reflection in class on
                    today’s topic (WB1.2)

 5       10/15      Visit Taiwan International Cooperation and Development       Map look at:
                    Fund 財團法人國際合作發展基金會
        meet at                                              * put your reflection in WB
        校門口         目前國合會對外援助主要業務包括:(1) 以自有資金及孳息 blank sheet
                    的技術協助 (包括專家顧問諮詢、功能提升、專案研究、海
                    外志願工作團、國際人力資源發展計畫及人道救助);(2) 接

                                                                        Introduction to University Studies

6       10/22      Unit 1.3: The History of University: Past & Present (大學教 GR 1-5 present
                                                                               * 活水 booklet file due
                   Activity 1: 2 of 10 min. Group reports on Chapters 1 & 2
                   Activity 2: 3 of 10 min. Group reports on an overseas
                   university you find on line
                   Activity 3: Overall discussions on the missions of an ideal

     Important!    10/27-11/7 (Monday to Friday for 2 weeks):      * Refer to p. 57 for instruction.
      10/27-11/7   12pm-2pm 自行參觀校史室 (野聲樓 4F)
                   Attendance counted for the 12/24 class (記得於簽名表中

7       10/29      (Doris may be away for a conference)                         *work on WB2 (as a group):
                   Library Activity: Library Tour and Treasure Hunt             Remember to put a photo in
                                                                                WB 2!

8       11/5       Unit 2.0: Comparison of English Departments—國內外英             GR 6-10 present
                                                                                * work on WB 3
                   Activity: 1: 5 of 10 min. group reports on curriculum of
                   local & American English Departments
                   Activity 2: Discuss and reflect on today’s topic

                   P.S. 導師時間大一系週會

9       11/12      Midterm Week;                                                1. GR 11-13 present
                                                                                2. Bring Dept. brochure
                   Unit 2.2: Be a Happy English Major 我要如何上大學--英
                                                                                * work on WB4.1 & 4.2
                   文系簡介、訓練、適應方法、師生互動、如何擬定學習 To start prepare for your
                   策略                                                           complete 4-year plan, refer to
                                                                                p. 35-36 for instruction; p.
                   Activity: 1: Explore the English Dept. Homepage before
                   Activity 2: 3 of 10 min. group reports on results of the
                      exploration & interviews about the characteristics of the
                      English Dept. at Fu Jen
                   Activity 3: Work on your semester survival schedule &
                   reflection on today’s topic

10      11/19      Unit 5.1: Successful University Life 創造成功的大學生涯 1.                Prepare questions for the
     13:40-15:30                                                            *work on WB5
                   Activity: Alumni Forum (Get your questions ready for the
     理圖劇場          distinguished alumni on how they achieve their goals).

11      11/26      宗輔中心使命特色單元 (meet in 淨心堂 1F)


                                                                        Introduction to University Studies

12      12/3        Unit 5.2 創造成功的大學生涯                                            Read p. 37-44.

                    Guest Speaker: 學生輔導中心教師:自我探索與生涯規劃
                    Activity 1: Career Planning Test, Evaluation, and
       焯炤館          Implementation

13      12/10       Visit American Cultural Center 美國文化中心                         Visit site:
      10:10am                           11:00am-12:30pm                 
       meet at
       校門口                                                                        accenter/accrs/default.asp
                                                                                  * put your reflection in WB
                                                                                  blank sheet

14      12/17       Unit 2.3: Making the Most Out of University Education 學 Read p. 30-1 – 31-10
     13:40-15:30 長姊學習祕笈大公開                                             *work on WB6
     Place to be Unit 3: FJU Resources: Minor, Double Major, Education *work on WB7
      announced    Program, Graduate School 各學院介紹,輔系、雙學位、
                    Activity 1: Interview senior classmates with minors, double
                      majors or in educational program, graduate school
                    Activity 2: Write a one-paragraph reflection on today’s

                    Unit 4.2: Resources Provided by the Office of Students 課

15      12/24       No Class –

                    Today’s activity is replaced by the visit of 校史館 during
                    10/27-11/7 & 校園單位參觀

16      12/31       Unit 6: University Study & My Life Pursuit 大學和我的生 GR 16 present
                                                                               * work on WB8 & Overall
                    命追求                                                        Review
                    Activity 1: 1 Group Report on Chap. 7-8 of University
                    Activity 2: In class reflection on what is important in my
                    Activity 3: Course Evaluation

17       1/7        Individual Conference on Four Year Plan 生涯規劃分享討 FJU Pass,
     Doris office                                                        Activities, & Plan due
       SF228        論
                    (Sample 4-year plan is on p.45-56 of the coursepack)
18      1/14        Final Exam week                                 FJU Pass,
     Doris office   Individual Conference on Four Year Plan 生涯規劃分享討 Activities, & Plan due
                    (Sample 4-year plan is on p. 45-56 of the coursepack)