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									                                                                                      UCL Fire Technical Note No: 026

        Fire Safety
      Technical Guide

                                     FIRE EXTINGUISHER MONTHLY
                                   CHECK SHEET – USER DEPARTMENT
1.        Generally, fire extinguishers are only tested and inspected annually by a Service Engineer.
          Therefore, any damage or problems may leave the extinguisher unserviceable for some
          considerable time before being rectified. This then becomes a potential life safety issue.

2.        A suitable ‘Departmental Responsible Person’ should ensure that a regularly (at least once a
          monthly) check the fire extinguishers in the building or their area of responsibility is undertaken.
          This visual inspection will ensure that the equipment is serviceable, available for use and
          unobstructed. Reporting promptly any suspected defects or malicious discharges to the UCL Fire
          Officer or his staff, so that a Service Engineer can attend site to rectify as soon as reasonably
          practical. A visual inspection should look at the following:

     1.   Are the extinguishers located on the Fire Point / Wall Bracket - not missing or moved?
     2.   Are there signs of accidental or malicious discharge, or having been used?
     3.   Are the Safety Pins or Tamper Seals disturbed, missing or broken?
     4.   Are there any visual defects (i.e. dents, corroded body or leaking)?
     5.   Are they unobstructed & visible, with their operating instructions facing outwards?
     6.   Are the indicator gages (where fitted) in the Green segment (if in Red – call Engineer)?

3.        Record the type & number of extinguishers on each ‘Fire Point’ (collection of fire extinguishers
          possibly located with a fire alarm break glass point / fire action notice) below:

Type of Fire           Water                           Foam            Carbon
                                     Hose Reel                                        Dry Powder      Fire Blanket
Extinguisher:      Extinguishers                   Extinguishers    Dioxide (CO2)

Numbers of

4.        Carry out a weekly/monthly inspection and then initial & date the form below, keeping it in a safe
          place, note any remedial action taken (by whom & when):

     Month/Year   Signature     Month/Year    Signature     Month/Year    Signature     Month/Year      Signature

                                          [Please Photo Copy]
Date Last Amended: 04 Apr 07                                                                                 1.
                    Issued by the - Fire Officer, UCL, Estates & Facilities, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT.

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